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Memoir of Robert Swain. Boston: James Munroe & Co. 1817. 16mo. pp. 259.

Critical and Miscellaneous Essays. By Alexander H. Everett. Second Series. Boston : James Munroe & Co. 1846. 12mo. pp. 475.

A System of Intellectual Philosophy. By Rev. Asa Mahan, President, and Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy, in the Oberlin Collegiate Institute. Second Edition. New York: Harper & Broth

1847. 12mo. pp. 330. First Lessons in Geometry, upon the Model of Colburn's First Lessons in Arithmetic. By Alpheus Crosby. With an Introduction, by Stephen Chase, Professor of Mathematics in Dartmouth College. Boston : J. Munroe & Co. 1847. 16mo. pp. 164.

A Report on the Trees and Shrubs growing naturally in the Forests of Massachusetts. Published agreeably to an Order of the Legislature, by the Commissioners on the Zoological and Botanical Survey of the State. Boston. 1846. 8vo. pp. 547.

Eulogy on John Pickering, LL. D., President of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences ; delivered before the Academy, October 28, 1846. By Daniel Appleton White, Fellow of the Academy. Cambridge: Metcalf & Co. 1847. 8vo. pp. 106.

Sparks's American Biography. Vol. XXII. Life of Commodore Edward Preble, by Lorenzo Sabine; Life of William Penn, by George E. Ellis. Boston: Little & Brown. 1847. 12mo. pp. 408.

The Practical French Teacher; or a New Method of Learning to read, write, and speak the French Language. By Norman Pinney, A. M. Hartford : Robins & Smith. 1847. 12mo. pp. 377.

Exercises and Illustrations on the Blackboard, furnishing an Easy and Expeditious Method of giving Instruction, designed for the Use of Common Schools. By John Goldsbury. Keene, N. H.: George Tilden. 1847. 12mo. pp. 144.

The North American Spelling-Book, conformed to Worcester's Dictionary, with a Progressive Series of Easy Reading Lessons. By L. W. Leonard. Keene, N. H.: George Tilden. 1847. 16mo.

An Inquiry into the Views, Principles, Services, and Influences of the Leading Men in the Origination of our Union. By Thaddeus Allen. Boston: Printed by S. N. Dickinson & Co. Nos. 3 and 4. 1846. 8vo.

A Statistical View of the Population of Massachusetts, from 1765 to 1840. By Jesse Chickering. Boston: Little & Brown. 1846. 8vo.

Chambers's Cyclopædia of English Literature: a Selection of the Choicest Productions of English Authors, from the Earliest to the

pp. 178.

pp. 160.

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Present Time, connected by a Critical and Biographical History. Nos. 2-6. Boston: Gould, Kendall, & Lincoln. 1847. 8vo.

A Discourse delivered before the Maine Historical Society at its Annual Meeting, September 6th, 1846. By George Folsom. Portland: Published for the Society. 1847. 8vo. pp. 80.

On Three Several Hurricanes of the Atlantic, and their Relations to the Northers of Mexico and Central America, with Notices of other Storms. By W. C. Redfield. New Haven: B. L. Hamlen. 1846. 8vo. pp. 118.

Report of the Case in the Matter of George Kirk, a Fugitive Slave, heard before the Hon. J. W. Edmonds, Circuit Judge ; also, the Argument of John Jay, Counsel for the Šlave. New York: Legal Observer Office. 1847. 8vo. pp. 20.

A Discourse on the Evangelical Alliance. By William P. Tilden, Minister of the Second Congregational Church in Concord, N. H. Concord. 1846. 8vo. pp. 16.

A Discourse delivered before the Rhode Island Historical Society, January 13th, 1847. By Hon. Job Durfee, Chief Justice of the State. And a Poem recited on the same Occasion, by Sarah Helen Whitman. Providence: Charles Burnett, Jr. 1847. 8vo. pp. 42 and 6.

The One Progressive Principle, delivered before the Literary Societies of the University of Vermont, August, 1846. By J. T. Headley. New York : John S. Taylor. 8vo. pp. 32.

Congregationalism : a Discourse delivered before the Massachusetts Convention of Congregational Ministers, Boston, May 28th, 1846. By Alvan Lamson, D. D. Boston: Crosby & Nichols. 1846. 8vo. pp. 30.

A Sermon preached in the Church of the First Parish in Dedham, January 10, 1847, the Sunday after the Death of Ebenezer Fisher, Jr. By Alvan Lamson, D. D. Boston. 8vo. pp. 19.

Statute Laws of his Majesty Kamehameha III., King of the Hawaiian Islands; passed by the Houses of Nobles and Representatives in the 21st Year of his Reign, and the 3d and 4th Years of his Public Recognition, A. D. 1845 and 1846. Honololu, Oahu : C. E. Hitchcock, Printer. 1846. 8vo. pp. 382.

Transactions of the Worcester County Horticultural Society. By George Jaques. Boston. 1847. 8vo. pp. 84.

Progress: an Address before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Dartmouth College, July 29th, 1846. By Joel Parker, Chief Justice of New Hampshire. Hanover. 1846. 8vo. pp. 26.

An Exposition of a Book published by D. Appleton & Co., called Hazlitt's Translation of Guizot's History of Civilization.

By R. W. Haskins, A. M. Buffalo. 1846. 8vo. pp. 55.

Contributions to the Natural History of the Alligator, (Crocodilus Mississippiensis,) with a Microscopic Addendum. By Bennet Dowler, M. D. New Orleans: B. M. Norman. 1846. 8vo. pp. 30.

Experimental Researches on the Post Mortem Contractility of the Muscles, with Observations on the Reflex Theory. By Bennet Dowler, M. D. New York. 1846. 8vo. pp. 39.

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North-American Review.

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queen, 353 – merits of his trag.

edy, ib. — objects to Pope's lam-
Adams, John, Gibbs's Memoirs of

poon on Dennis, 355 inquiry in
the Administration of, reviewed, io his relations with Pope, 356 —
161 — quarrels with the Federal: his remark on the Rape of the
ists, 170

opposes Hamilton, Lock, 357 - on the translation of

the Iliad, 359 — not the author of
Addison, Joseph, Miss Aikin's Life Tickell's version, 361 – openly in-

of, reviewed, 314 – grace and hu- sulted by Pope, 362 — his last in-
mor of, 315 — purity and gentle- terview with him, 363 — sacred
ness of, 316 — his style character. poems of, 364 — not intemperate
ized, 317 — an advocate of pure in wine, 365 - other slanders on,
morals and religion, 318 – slan- refuted, 366 — marriage of, 367 -
dered by Pope and Spence, 319– his will cited, 368 — alienated from
early life of, 320 — bashfulness of, Steele, 369 -- dying scene of, 370
321 — becomes the friend of Steele, religious faith of, 371 – not
322- bis habits at Oxford, 323 - faultless, but deserves high praise,
literary projects of, 324 -his Eng.

372. See Pope.
lish and Latin verses, 325 - trav. Agamemnon of Æschylus, by C. C.
els in France, 326 - visits Male- Felton, noticed, 522.
branche, 327— and Boileau, 328 – Age, the present intellectual aspect
travels in Italy by, 329—Dialogues

of, 273

mechanical inventions
on Medals by, 330 — offers to act in, 274– tendency of philosophy
as travelling lutor, 331 — his poem

in, ib.

-- imagination supplanted
on Blenheim, 332
goes abroad as

in, 275- boastfulness of, 276 —
secretary to Halifax, 334 — his op- utilitarian aspect of, 277 — false
era of Rosamond, 335 — made sec. estimate of art in, 278 lack of
retary to Wharton, 336 — liberal,

independent thought in, 279
but just, 337— his conduct towards worthless publications in, 280
Steele, 338 — loved and trusted by profound and philosophical works
Swift, 341 — writes the Whig Ex- neglected in, 281

poetry in, 283
aminer, 342 — assists Steele in The Sadducism of, 284 — advantages
Tatler, 344 – - a reformer of man- for mental progress in, 286 – work
ners and morals, 345 — writes for for philosophy and imagination in,
The Spectator, 347 — great merits 287.
of, as an essayist, 348 – writes for Aikin, Lucy, Life of Addison by, re-
The Guardian, 349 — his Cato, 351 viewed, 314. See Addison.

refuses to dedicate it to the Alberic, vision of, 113.

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men, 89.



Alexander, James, life and character ural history, 86 - makes a voyage
of, 435.

with Captain Cook, 87 — made
Alexander, William, 435. See Stir. president of the Royal Society, 88

renders services to scientific
Amari, Michele, History of the Sicil-

ian Vespers by, reviewed, 500 Barron, Commodore, duel of, with
his views of this event, ib.

Decatur, 236.
count of John of Procida by, 505 Becket, Thomas à, Life and Letters
- on the cruelties of the insur- of, by J. A. Giles, reviewed, 118-
gents, 507 — examination of au. Translation of, ib., note --- discord.
thorities by,

509. See Sicilian ant opinions about, 120 — great va-

riety in his life and employments,
America, the English language in, 121

- doubts about the parentage
179 — Edinburgh Review on neol. of, 123 — legend about Matilda,
ogisms in, 181 grounds of this the mother of, 124 — this legend
charge against, 184 - small power disproved, 125 — ante-natal histo-
of song in, 460 — birth of a na. ry of, 126 — studies of, at Merton
tional literature in, 461 — bustle and Paris, 127 — admitted to the
and hurry in, 462 – talkativeness court of Archbishop Theobald, 128
in, 463—making of speeches and made chancellor of England,
phrases in, 464 — literature imita-

130 · personal appearance and
tive in, 465.

habits of, 130 – diplomatic mis-
American Biography, Sparks's Libra- sions of,' 132 — his splendor and
ry of, 217.

munificence at Paris, 133 — gains
Americanisms, mode of discounte. renown in the wars, 134 — his pri-

nancing, 180 — alleged frequency vate life and character, 135 — suc-
of, 182 – Pickering's Vocabulary ceeds Theobald as archbishop,
of, 183 — number and nature of, 137 - revolution in his way of

life, 138 — resigns the great seal,
Americans, manners of, 242 - inde. ib. attempts to resume grants of

pendence of, 243 — cultivation of church lands, 139 — quarrels with
literature by, 251 - public speeches the king, 140 — supported by the
of, 252.

church, 142 — and by France, 143
American writers, Gilfillan's sketch refuses to give up the privileges

of the clergy, 144 -

- assents to the
Ancients, visions of a future world Constitutions of Clarendon, 145 -
among the, 98.

withdraws this assent, 146 — his
Anne, Queen, high spirit once shown goods confiscated, 147 — goes into
by, 334

attached to her brother, exile, 148 kindly received by
the Pretender, 350.

Louis, and the pope, 149 — obliged
Annual Review on Americanisms, to shift his residence, 150.

Bernard, Saint, sufferings of, 118.
Anthology, The Monthly, design of, Berwick, Marshal, siege of Gaeta

by, 3.
Antiquities, American, Schoolcraft Black, Dr., defrauded of fame by La-

voisier, 75.
Architecture in America, 246. Blenheim, battle of, sung by Addison,
Art, false taste in modern, 278.

A, sounds of the vowel, 197.

Boileau, Addison's interview with,

326, 328.

Boisdale of Clanranald meets Charles

Edward, 8.

Bossuet, pulpit eloquence of, 392.
Bainbridge, Midshipman, duel fought Boston, Warburton's account of, 249.
by, 226.

Boswell praised by Brougham, 63.
Banks, Sir Joseph, Brougham's life Brandenburg, adventure of the Mar-

of, 85 — his early devotion to nat- quis Hugues of, 114.

of, 290.

on, 303.

med, 432.

Brandywine, battle of, 451.

years of, 2 serves under Marshal
Brendan, Saint, vision of, 111.

Berwick, 3- his favorite amuse-
British Critic on Americanisms, 182. ments, ib. — secretly leaves Italy,
Brooks, Charles T., poetical transla- 5 - delayed and disappointed in

tions by, reviewed, 402 — modesty France, 6 - embarks for Scotland,
and good sense of, 423 – transla- 7- lands at Moidart, 8- persuades
tion from Schiller by, 424 - from the Highland chiefs to join him, 9
other German poets, 425.

— raises the royal standard, 11
Brougham, Lord, Lives of Men of receives many adherents, 12 — ad-

Letters and Science by, second se- vances to Stirling, 13 – enters Ed.
ries, reviewed, 59 — merits and inburgh, 15 - defeats Cope at
faults of, ib., 96 — complaints made Preston, 18 — bold intentions of,
of, 60 — unjust to Dr. Johnson, 61 19 — advised to stay in Scotland,

praises Buswell, 63 — his criti- 20 — his habits while there, 21 -
cisms on Johnson's works, 62 - determines to invade England, 22
on Johnson's character, 66 — his - marches over the border, 23-
life of Adam Smith, 67 - of La- captures Carlisle, 24 — farther suc.
voisier, 72— of Gibbon, 77— of Sir cesses of, 26 - compelled to retreat
Joseph Banks, 85--of D'Alembert, from Derby, 28 — reënters Scot.

land, 29 — invests Stirling, 30
Browne, Frances E., Poems by, re- defeats Hawley at Falkirk, 31
viewed, 402 – judged by a speci- causes of his delay at this time, 34

- becomes attached to Miss Wal.
Burgoyne's expedition, 244.

kinshaw, 35 – gains possession of
Burns, festival in honor of, 492. Inverness, 37 — resolves to fight
Burr, conduct of, towards Hamilton, Cumberland, 38 - defeated at Cul.

loden, 39 — his adventures as a fu.
Bute, Lord, Stirling's acquaintance gitive, 43 — puts off for the isle of
with, 440.

Skye, 44

- his wanderings among
Bulton's coffee-house, origin of, 339. the Hebrides, 45 — assisted by Flo-

ra MacDonald, 47 - hardships suf-

fered by, 49 — lives in a cave, 52

protected by outlaws, 53 — re-

turns to France, 54 sorrows of
Campbell, Dr., on technical words, his later life, 55 - death and char.

acter of, 56.
Canada, trouble and disaffection in, Chemistry, discoveries in, 73.

Christian Consolations, by A. P. Pea.
Carlisle besieged and taken by body, noticed, 521.
Charles Edward, 24.

Christianity, the doctrine of a future
Cato, Addison's tragedy of, 351. life in, 105.
Channing, William E, Poems by, Christmas, celebration of, 495.

reviewed, 402 — a feeble imitator, Church, strength of the, in the Mid.
414 — citations from, with coin- dle Ages, 142 — its weakness and
ments, 415 - attempts of, in lyric dangers, 143.
poetry, 417 - discourses 'on poli- Cicero, the Dream of Scipio by, 100.
tics and religion, 418-on scenery, Clarendon, Constitutions of, 145.
419 defies the critics, 421 Classical learning, decline of, 279.
praised by Miss Fuller, 423. Clergy, power of the, in the Middle
Charles of Anjou made king of Sici.

Ages, 141.
ly, 502 – defeats his opponents, Colman, James F., poems by, review-
503 — tyrannical conduct of, 504 ed, 402 — correct, but tedious, 431

enemies of, 505 — attempts to - The Island Bride by, ib. — other
crush the rebellion, 507 —

poems of, 432.
successful, 508.

Conrad, king of Sicily, 501.
Charles Edward, the Pretender, A. Constance, queen of Aragon, 505.

Pichot's life of, reviewed, 1 – early Constitution, Federal, origin of the,

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