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Smart, wife of Mr.

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At Bromley Park, Maria, wife of Mr. Alshould be glad to obtain memoirs of this dis. cock, 22.

tinguished and very useful character, for a At Scafford, Mrs. Smith.

fucure number; and also to see a publication At Haywood, Mr. Thomas Bagnall. of some very curious and original papers, At Fenton Hall, Mr. William Thorley, 70. which it is supposed he possessed. At Hopton, Mrs. Ford, 39.

At Coventry, Mr. Samuel Weston, many Ac Wolverhampton, Mr. Francis Pool.. years clerk to the Coventry Canal Company. Miss Evans.

Mrs. Gibbs, wife of Mr. G. surgeon. At Newcastle, Mrs. Hassels, wife of C. H. At Henley in Arden, Mary, wife of Mr. esg. 74.

John Hadley.

At Speedweil Mills, near Birmingham, From the medical report of the Birming, Mr. Thomas Anderton. ham Dispensary for ibe last year, ending the At Rock Mills, near Warwick, Mrs. 29th of September, it appears that 2541 pa. tien s received medical relief at their own At Solihull, Mrs. Wood, 82. houses, of which number 2205 were sick, and At Balsall Heath, Mary Anne, eldest. 330 were midwifery patients, and also that daughter of Mr. Joseph H. Reddell, of Bir. 1756 have undergone vaccine inoculation. mingham. The expenditure during the same period At Enville, Mr. William Hammonds, 44 amounts to 10681. 13s. 10d, the subscriptions years in the service of the Earl of Stamford to 6121. 183 6d, which, with donations, col. and Warrington, 64. lection at the New Meeting, arrears, and At Guy's Cliff, the seat of Bertie Greatcharity box, makes a total of 9171. 48. 6d. of head, eso. Mrs. Patterson, 76. which sum, 8231. 15s. 6d, has been paid into At Kenilworth, Mr. Joseph Littleton, the treasurer's hands.

At Warwick, Mr. George Fullwood, 57. Marrid.] At Birmingham, Mr. S. Ensor, At Birmingham, Sarah, daughter of the draggist and apothecary, to Miss Richards.- late Ederton Allcock, esq. of Bromley Park, Mr. W. Brunton, of Butterley iron-works, Staffordhire, 25.-Mr. Daniel Hughes, 60. to Miss Bution.Mr. Thomas Simmons, to - Mrs. Cattell, 22-Mrs. Alice Holmes, 76. Aliss Maria Fielder.---Mr. Bradshaw, to Miss - Mrs. Ann Skeiding, 52.-Mr. Edward Taylor, both of Wolverhampton.--Mr. Jol- Lowe, brother to Mr. L. attorney - Virs, lifte, of Warwick, to Miss Chamberlain, of Harrold, wife of Mr. William H. 33. Mr. Henley in Arden.

Robert Adcock, 62.-Mrs. Whitehouse, wiie At Wasperton, Ms. Hiron, surgeon, of of Mr. Isaac W.77.-Martha, eldest daugbWarwick, to Miss Archer.

ter of Mr. John Manton.--Mr. John Goes. At Coventry, Mr. John Wilson, to Miss bury, 65.-- Mrs Pettitt, wife of Mr. Charles

P. 45.-Mrs. Sarah Cheney, wife of Mr. Richard Crockett, erg. of Little-en, to Peter C. Miss Singleton, of Kilsail.

SHROPSHIRE. At Nuneaton, Mr. Robert Cleaver, to Miss A society called “The Sick Man's Friend," Jane Grice, of Upton, Leicestershire. has been formed in Shrewsbury, The objects

Died.] At Brandon-house, near Coventry, proposed areto afford relief to the sick pois, in his 30th year, the Right Hon. Henry Yel. and to furnish them with religious tracis. verton, Lord Grey de Ruthyn, Baron Has. The plan originated among the congregation tings, Wyford, and Vaiance, Lieutenant- belonging to Swan-hill chapel; but che rules colonel Commandant of the 4th regiment of of the society disavow any religious partialities Warwickshire Local Militia, and an active in the admission of its members, or the dis. magistrate for the county of Warwick. His tribution of its benefits. lordship was grandson to the third and last Married ] The Rev. John Horseman, Earl of Sussex, who left issue an only daugh. reccor of Heydon, Essex, to Emma, youngest ter, viz. Lady Barbara Yelverton, whü married daughter of the late Mr. Jones, surgeon, of E. T. Gould, esq. and died 1784 leaving his Whitchurch. Jordship an infant, who succeeded to the baro. Alexander White, esq. to Mary, eldest nies and estates, the Earidom of Sussex being daughter of the Rev. Mr. Davenport, of extinct. His lordship was married in June, Glazeley, near Bridgnorth. 1809, to Maria, daughter of William At Eaton, Mr. Corfield, of Soudley, aged Keilam, esq. of Ryton, by whom he has 71, to Miss Jane Morris, of Halton, 19. left an infant daughter, who succeeds to the At Oswestry, Mr. Edward Davies, of Eltitles and estates. His lordship passed three lesmere, to Mrs. Bromfield, of Woodland weeks in Coventry with his regiment, during Cottage. which period he had a slight attack, but had At Goldstone, Mr. W. Holden, of London, immediate relief. After his return to Bran. to Miss H. Martin. don house, he was again seized with a vi- Died.] At Dryton Cottage, near Wroxeter, olent hemorrhage, which terminated his Elizabeth Johanna, third daughter of Mr. existence in five days.

Symonds. At Tamworth, at a very advanced age, 'At Ludlow, Mr. Samuel Davies, son of Mr. Mr. Waltire, the celebrated lecturer on D. of Ashford, 21. natural philosophy, chemistry, &c. We At Polesworth, Mr. W. Lythall.




At Grimmer, near Worthen, Mr. T. Row in husbandry, and for maintaining large fami. son.

lies without parochial assistance. At Shawbury, Mr. Harrison, of the Ele. Died.] At Stretton Court, Mr. Thomas phant and Castle, 06.

Pearce, 43. At Ollerton, Mr. Robert Pratchet, 79. At Ross, Mrs. Wear, relict of Thomas W. At Bolas, Miss Ann Slack, 19.

esq. of Goodrich, Ac Dudstone, Mrs. Morris.

At Kingsland, Mr. Thomas Woodhouse, At Broadway, near Bishop's Castle, Mr. who for $4 years faithfully discharged his Dunn.

duties as a servant at the rectory-house there. At Roden, Mrs. Grice.

He has bequeathed about 6001, to trustees to Ac Shrewsbury, Mrs. Stanier, 71.--Mr. be applied to charitable purposes within that John Hams, junior.-Mr. Robert Anderson, parish. of Bristol, many years a vender of Scot's Pills, At Hereford, Mrs. Pritchard, wife of Mr. and other medicines, 77.

William P. 56.---Mr. Jones, 91.--Mrs. At Bridgnorth, Mr. John Hazledine, an Preece, wife of Mr. P. governor of the gaols eminent engineer and iron. master.

of this county.--Mrs. Monk, 77. At Buildwas Bridge Inn, Mrs. France. At Bromyard, Mr. Timothy Colly Jenks,

At Pool, Mrs. Griffiths, wife of Robert late surveyor of taxes in this county, 76. G. esq.-Mrs. Frost, housekeeper to Mr. Hol At Brockhampton, Mrs. Collins, relict of land, at the paper-mills, near Ludlow, 47. Richard C. esq. 83. She was returning home from a neighbour's, At Withington, Mrs. Apperley, wife of where she had spent the evening, apparently John Havard A. esq. 58. in good health, when she expired before her At Monnington Stradel, Mr. John Webb. companions could convey her home.

At Credenhill, Mrs. Hardwick.
At Clunton, Mr. John Thomas, who by an At Merecourt, Mrs. Brewer,
active medical profession at Chelsea, had At Clirow, Mr. Cymon Bynon, 89.
acquired considerable property.


A new line of road is at length completed, Married.] At Moseley, Sir Thomas Ed. ant opened, for the accommodation of the ward Winnington, bart. of Stanford Court,, public, between Blakeney and Lidney, in M.P. to Joanna, second daughter of John this county. By it the traveller from NexnTaylor, esq. of Moseley-hall.

ham to Chepstow not only avoids the steep At Ripple, w. Taylor, esq. of Chalford, ascent and descent of Gurshill-hill, but shortGloucestershire, to Caroline Ann, daughter ens his stage more than 500 yards. of the Rev. Dr. Lucas.

Married.) At Westbury on Trim, J. M. William King, esq. of Lemington, to Miss West, esq. of New House, Glamorganshire, Mary Wilkes, daughter of E. W. esq. late of to Miss De la Pole, only daughter of the late Broom.

Sir John de la P. bart, of Shute-house, M. A. Gorman, esq. of New Broad.street, Devon. London, to Catharine, youngest daughter of At Kingscote, the Rev. John Haggitt, of Mr. William Chare, of Samborn.

Ditton, to Miss Peyton, sister of Sir Henry Died.] At Thorneley Place, near Wor. P. bart. cester, Mrs. Lee, reliet of Launcelot L esq. At Alderly, the Rev. Martin Richard of Coton Hall, Shropshire, 86.

Whish, prebendary of Salisbury, and vicar of At Dudley, Mrs. Boughey.

St. Mary, Redcliffe, Bridol, to Elizabeth, At Stourport, Mr. Bold.

youngest daughter of the late Jobn Blagden At Worcester, Mrs. Eastland.

Hale, esq.
At Birtsmorton, Mrs. White, relict of Mr. At Awre, Mr. W. Wallis Morgan, co Miss
John W. 77.

Elizabeth Reese, both of Blakeney.

Died.) The Rev, W. Roskilly, vicar of The late anniversary meeting of the He. Kempsford, refordshire Agricultural Society was nume. At Cheltenham, Mrs. Lara, wife of Abra* rously and respectably attended at Hereford, ham L. esq. and a finer exhibition of prime cattle has At Glocester, Mrs. Wheeler, relict of Mr. seldom been witnessed. In the absence of William W. Mrs. Lawrence, a maiden lady. Colonel Foley, M P. the Hon. Andrew Foley -Mr. Jonathan Lee, 85,--Mr A. E. Walker, took the chair ; when nearly one hundred of London.-Mr. Thomas Palham. gentlemen sat down to dinner at the hotel. At Westerleigh, Mr. W. Stibbs, 47. The premiums awarded were as follow : For At Leonard Stanley, Mrs. Biggs, we the best pen of fine-woolled ewes (not less Mr. Thomas B. than six) to P. Jones. esq. of Sugwas. . For At Tetbury, Miss E. Hooper. the best two-year old beifer, to T. A. Knight, At Tewkesbury, Mr. Charles Moore. esq. For the best three-year old ditto, to At Pyrton, near Tewkesbury, Aliss FT** Mr. Stevens, of Brinsop. The premium for ter, daughter of Mr. John P. the best variety of apple was not awarded. A

OXFOR DSRIRT. kumber of premiums from one to three gui. Married.] At Oxford, Mr, Solomon Hom, neas each, were also awarded for long services to Miss Grace Hutton.


post office.


Died.] At Souldern Cottage, Mrs. Gabell, pole of enormous length, he on one occasion relict of the Rev. Henry G. rector of Stand. struck terror into the hearts of enemies. Take in this county, 71...

Success having crowned the whigs, our At Witney, Kesiah, wife of Mr. Richard hero gave vent to his joyiin a truly Cromwel.. Lardner, 71.-Mr. William Osman, 43. lian strain: The Lord of Hosts be praised!

At Oxford, Mr. Wareham.Mrs. Mea. these tory devils he hath delivered into our dowcroft, wife of Mr. John M. 54.- Mrs. hands ! glory to God! By his particular deGreen, many years nurse at the Radcliffe sire the writer of this account is to have inInfirmary.-Mrs. Joyce Corbet, 86.-Maria, scribed on his tombstone, “ Here lies a true eldest daughter of the Rev. Joseph Parsons, whig, and a staunch friend to the Plumer fa. rector of Holwell, Bedfordshire.-Ann, wife mily." ef Mr. William Marsh.-Mary Ann, daugh

BEDFORDSHIRE. ter of Mr. Barratt, 16.-Mr. G. Hancock, a Married.) At Turvey, Mr. Thomas Small, partner in the firm of Ward, Holland, and of Bedford, to Anne, second daughter of the Hancock, coal merchant.--Mr. Loder, senior late Mr. T. Pincherd. member of the corporation, who served the At Ampthill, Mr. P. Small, surgeon, to office of chamberlain in 1764.

Mary, only daughter of the late G. Exton, At Beckley, Mrs. Fruin, wife of Mr. Wil esq. liam F.

Died.] At Bedford, the Rev. John Hook, At Woodstock, Mrs. Lewngton, of the master of the free grammar school.-Mrs.

Allison, relict of Mr. George A.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Married.] At Buckingham, Mr. Bennett, There is now living in the gardens belonge of London, to Miss Hawkins.

ing to the Bishop's Palace, at Peterborough, a At Aylesbury, Mr. Curtis, to Miss Eliz. land tortoise, which is ascertained to have Turpin.

been there 200 years and upwards. The up. Mr. James Fisher, son of Mr. William F. per shell is about twelve or fourteen inches ef Aylesbury, to Miss Winter, of Long Cren. long, and about nine broad, the neck has all

the appearance of extreme old age : the sight Died.] At Shardeloes, W. D. Т. Drake, of one of its eyes is gone, the other seen.s esq. M.P. for Agmondesbam. He was first bright and lively; the inside of the mouth, elected in 1795, and sat during four parlia. as well as the tongue, is a full pink colour ; ments.

it has no teeth, but masticates with its gums, At Hartwell, of a dropsy, after having which are of a bony substance ; the legs and lingered several years in a very bad state of feet are covered (like the head) with scales, health, the Countess de Lisle, consort of and are so strong that it will walk, or rather Louis XVIll. titular king of France. She dis- crawl, with a considerable weight on its back, played in her last moments that firmness, and seemingly with case. In the early part piety, and resignation, which are the charac. of summer it in general feeds upon lettuces ; teristics of the house of Bourbon. Her death and when the init becomes ripe, it crawls bed was attended by the Count de Lisle, and under the gooseberry bushes, and picks off all the princes and princesses of the royal what is on the lower branches, and the fruit blood, of whom she took the most affectionate it cannot reach is amply supplied by the free leave.

quent company and the gardeners, from whose The Rev. Alexander Cromclholne, rector hands it receives wish great gentleness what of Sherington and Beachampton, 74.

is given it. Towards Michaelmas, and someHERTFORDSHIRE.

times earlier, it buries itself in the earthi, Married.] At Ware, Mr. William Payne, where it remains till the following spring; in of Water Hall, Suffolk, to Elizabeth, second a few days after it hath made its annual de. daughter of the late Mr. John Cobbam. scent, by finding the depth with a stick, a

Died.] Ac Bushey, Mrs. Capper, widow tolerably accurate judgment can be formed of of R. C. esq.

the mildness or severity of the ensuing winAt Theobald's Park, Mrs. Taylor, 77. ter. This extraordinary animal is about

Ac Bishops Stortford, Mr. Stephen Negus, twenty pounds in weight. maltster, aged 83, an eccentric character, al Married.] At Daventry, Mr. J. Smith, of though possessed of considerable property, Rugby House, Warwickshire, to Miss S. living in dirt and celibacy, inhabiting a litile Cowley, youngest daughter of C. C. esq. of tenement, having for a long time scarcely a Wilton. - Francis Doxatt, esq. of London, to utensil to use, and his sleeping room, or ra. Selina, youngest daughter of Charles Wat. ther hole, being half filled with dirty bottles, kins, esq. wood, and an infinite variety of lumber. A At Dallington, Mr. Allen, chemist and zealous nonconforinist and most resolute whig, druggist, of Northampton, to Miss Harriet he signalised himself at the elections for the "Earl. town and county; astride an immense At Kettering, Mr. W. Stevenson, of Med. charger, himself a Hercules, with a visage bourn, Leicestershire, to Miss L. Vice. suongiy marked, grasping in his hand a huge At Oundie, E. J. Compton, esq. of Water



Newton, Hunts, to Miss Maydwell, third

XOR TOLK. daughter of the late J, M. esq. of Fothering. Married.] At Yarmouth, Miss Douglas,

daughter of Admiral Billy D. to Captain Adye, Died.] At Peterborough, Mr. John Tayler. of his Majesty's ship Briseis. Mr. Thomas

Mrs. Whitsed, 65. John Hetherington, Davison, of Sunderland, to Miss C. Barrett. gent. 83.

Died] At Thorpe, near Norwich, the Rer. Ac Walton, near Peterborough, Mr. Ro.. Samuel Newton, opwards of thirty years mi. bert Mantor, 26.

nister of the dissenting congregation, called At Hardington, near Northampton, Benja-' the Old Meeting, 78. min Lever, esq.

At Rougham, Fountain North, esq. At Harleston, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Ar Earsham House, Joseph Windham, esg. Flayell, 16.

At Norwich, Mrs. Smith, relict of the At Northampton, Robert, eldest son of R. Rer. Joshua S. rector of Holt, 61. Fleetwood, esq. of the Victualling Office, At Theriord, Mr. Joseph Durrant, many London, 14 - Mr. Buccutt. Mr. Levi, 66. years book-keeper to the Norwich mail--Mrs. Battin.Mr. Marriot. Mr. Alder- coach, 15. man Hall. He thrice served the office of At East Harling, Mr. Watson, of the Swan mayor a circumstance unprecedented in the inn, 43. annals of that corporation.

At Oxburgh, Mary Margaret, only sare At Mears Ashby, Mr. John Church, 87. viving daughter of the Rev. joshua Whic,

At Courtenhall, Miss Wake, daughter of rector of that parish. Sir William W. Bart. 16.

At Wymondham, Mr. Robert Bowier. At Pitsford, Miss Freshwater.

Mr. James Large.--Mrs. Coates, of TilAt Hardinston, Benjamin Lever, esq. ney, near Yarmouth. At Weiford, Mr. Spencer, of the Talbot

SUTTOLE, lan, 77.

Application is intended to be made to par. AC West Haddon Lodge, Miss Elizabeth liament in the next session, for a bill for diHeygat", 14.

viding, alloiting, and inclosing, the half-year At Harpole, Mr. Valentine Smith. lands, whole-year lands, commons, heaths, HUNTINGDONSHIRE.

and wastes in the several parishes of Acton, Married] At Yaxley, Mr. John Bird, of Great Waldingfield cum Chilton, Newton, West Walton, Norfolk, to Miss Warwick, and Great Cornard, in this county, and also of Stanground, near Peterborough.

for an act for better paving, likewise for At St. Ives, Mr. Edward Shinfield of Wis. lighting, cleansing, and watching, and other bech, to Mrs. Wilson.--Mr. Bull to Miss wise improving the town of Bury St. Ed. Dancer.

munds. At Hemingford Grey, Henry Fowler, esq. Married.) At Kersey, the Rev. W. }. youngest son of the Rev. Mr. F. rector of Bird, to Sarah, only daughter of the late $. Warboys, to Miss Holgate, daughter of the Hawtrey, recorder of Exeter. Rev. George H. late rector of Eyscon, Essex, At All Saints, near Bungay, Mr. Fisberg

Died.] At Godmanchester, Mr. Henry aged 76, to Mrs. Toungate, 73. Halfpenny.--Mr. Veasly, 90.

At Bury, Mr. John Cocksedge, to Miss At St. Neots, Mrs. Sturtie, 76.

Mary Bryant, At Sawtry, Mr. Isaac Wheatley, 59. At Ipswich, Mr. George Bush, co Mrs.

At Huntingdon, Mrs. Cranwell, relict of Dorkin.' the Rev. John C. late rector of Abbot's At Hopton, Francis Turner, esq. of Lone Ripton.

don, to Miss Sayers, eldest daughter of James CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

S, esc: Married.] Mr. Charles Dodson, of Peter Died.) At Lavenham, P. Burton, esq.. borough, to Miss Eliz. Bellamy, of Gedney. At Bury, Mrs. Hasted, wife of the Rer.

At Cherry Hinton, Mr. John Reynold Ly. Henry H. lecturer of St. Mary's, and only on, son of Mr. William L. of Cambridge, to daughter of the Rev. Dr. Ord, of Fornham SG Margaret, second daughter of Mr. Thomas Mary.John Mills, gent. a man of the Sumpter H.

strictest integrity, and who possessed consiAi Ely, William Carter, esq. of the Inner derable abilities as a self-taught matbemaTemple, London, to Janc, youngost daughter tician, optician, and astronomer, 76... of the late Matthew Brackebury, esq.

At Bungay, Mr. R. Moure. Mrs. Spall. Died. At Royston, Mrs. Nas., wife of At Wiek ham Market, Mrs. Churchyard, Mr. N. attoruey, 63.-Mr. Noiris, of the Mrs. Steward, wife of Mr. S. governor of Cross Keys Inn.

Tattingstone house of industry. At Cambridge, Mr. R. Hopkins, cook of At Malton, Mrs. Heatb.' Trinity Hall and Caius College, 47-Mr. At Mildenhall, Mr. Thomas Dyson. Richard Betsoil, upwards of 40 years keeper

ESSEI. of Trinity College Library, 64. Mrs. Eliza Great improvements are making in Har: beth Rogers, 74.

wich, under the direction of the Board of At Litileport, Mrs. S. Crump, 03.

Ordnance. Workmen are busily employed At Marsh, Mr. John Elwes, 54.

in erecting a battery before the Angel gate, near the Slip-yard A great number of At Rivenhall, Mrs. Hutley. warehouses, workshops, &c. have been re. Ac Springfield, Mr. Partridge. moved, and several houses are immediately At Stratford, Thomas Daire, esg. undere to be pulled down to make room for further sheriff of the county, improveients, and for the erection of a At Birdbrook, Mr. Samuel Fitch. steam-engine, to be employed in grinding

KENT. and pulverizing the stones found under the About ten o'clock in the morning of the Beacoa cliff, which have lately been dis- 24th of September, one of the powder-mills covered to possess a quality that will render at Dartford, together with some adjacent a cement composed of them, as durable as buildings, blew up; the report was cremenstone itsell. The corporation is said to have dous, and was heard for several miles around; selu-ed 15,0001. for the stones of this kind indeed, so terrific was its explosion, that it now lying under che clift. The light-houses shook the earth at a distance of about a mile will shortly be pulled down and rebuilt, and and a half, with as much force as an earth. that now lighted by sea-coal, will afserwards quake could have done. Two persons lost be furnished with lamps, with reflectors like their lives. This is the third time withia the other. The spire of the steeple recently these six years, that accidents of this kind taken down, on account of its decayed state, have happened at Dartford. will not be rebuilt, the Trinity-house con. The project of an archway through part of sidering it of no consequence as a sea-mark. Shooter's hill, has been revived, and formal

Married.] At Colchester, Mr. Peter De notice given of an intended application to vall, jan. to Miss Mary Taylor, daughter of parliament for a bill to carry it into effect. the late Mr. James T.

At the last general quarter sessions of the At Chelmsford, Mr. Richard Parr, of the peace, for the western division of chic Whire Horse, co Miss Sarah Field, second county, the magistrates finally decided on the daughter of Mr. F. of Great Waltham. scite on which the new county hall, county

Ar Great Badduw, John M.Lachlan, esq. faol, and other public buildings are to be of London, to Anna, daughter of Abraham erecced, and the ground, fourteen acres, un Bullen, esq.

the norih side of Maidstone, extending nearly At Braintree, Mr. T. Nash, to Miss Sarah froin Week.street to the barracks, has been Lambert, youngest daughter of the late Mr. stumped out, and approved of. These pubJosephel.

lic edifices are to be on a grand and extensive At Maldon, Mr. Henry Wells, to Miss scale, with a spacious road round the walls to Mary Ellis.

connect with the public roads, and will he in At Woodham, Walter Edward Perry, esq. every respect creditable, as well as ornamental of Maldon, to Miss Hance, daughter of John to the county.

Application will be made to parliament ia Died.] At Chingford Hatch, William the ensuing session, for an act for making a Bell, esq.

navigable canal from Brandbridges, in the At Stanford le Hope, aged 46, Mr. George parish of East Peckham, in this county, to Evans. He was on board the unfortunate the river Roller, in the parish of Iden, Sus. Grosvenor East Indiaman, when she was sex, with a collateral cut 10 certain chalk wrecked on the coast of Caffraria, on the 4th hills, near Wye, and a cut, or railway, as of August, 1982, and was one of the few who, shall be deemed most expedieat to Cranafter experiencing unparalleled sufferings, bronk. during a journey of 117 days continuance Married.) At Chatham, Lieutenant Jeans, across the deserts of that in hospitable coun- R.N. to Eleanor, daughter of William Madtry, arrived at their native home, and is sup dock, esq. of Sheerness. posed to have survived that catastrophe the At Wingham, the Rev. John Taddy, to longest of any of those unfortunate suf Catharina, third daughter of Samuel Laferers.

tham, esq. of Dover. At Sandon, Mr, Sewell.

Ac Tcnterden, Mr. Hughes, of Cooling, At Colchester, Mrs. Winnock, relict of second son of Edward H. esq. of Mersham, to Mr. Samuel W.-Mr. Codsell.-Mrs. Ram, Charlotte, youngest daughter of the late widow of fames R. gent. late of Monkwick William Mantell, 459. of Kench-hill, Ten. Berechurch.--Mr. Samuel Bullock, of Great terden. Wigborough, 41.-William Hearn, gent. Died.) At Ramsgate, Sir Alexander Mon. comptroller of the customs of this port. ro, of Novar, N.B. a commissioaer of hiš

At Chelmsford, Mr. William Hayward. Majesty's customs, 83. -Miss Howlett, daughter of Mr. H. late of Ac Sydenham, Josiah Dornford, esq. a London, apothecary.--Mrs. Martha Summers, justice of the peace for this county, 76. widow of Mr. S. whom she survived but At Margate, Mr. G. Reaslead, of the Sfreen months, 28.

house of Hugs, Readhead, and Co., Philpot At Great Baddow, Mr. Charles Moss. lane, London, A Great Waltham, Mrs. Goodeve.

Ac Dover, John Knap, esq. captain and At Mountnexing, Mr. Robert Barker, of paymaster of the Royal Miners' light inthe Gcorge jan.


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