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Thornby End, to Miss Esther Wiggin; and Kewley, minister of St. Matthew's Chapel is at the same time, Mr. Joseph Dand, of that town, Monk's Low, to Miss Frances Wiggin, sister in his 591h year, James Quirk, esq. of of the above lady.

Knockalloe-mnoar, Isle of Man, a member of At Carlisle, Mr. Christopher Rohson, of the House of Keys. Abbey Lanercost, to Miss Mary Cowan, At Powter How, Keswick, Mr. Joseph Mr. John Johnson, of Holm Cultram, to Gibson, 60. Miss Ann Bowman.-Mr. Thomas Bell, of At Patterdale, the Rev. John Bushby, 50. Thursbv, to Miss Mary Bailey.

At Orton, Mr. Robert Teasdale, 59, . Died. At Beckermont, Mrs. Frances Ai Kirkdale, Mr. Joha Ainsworth ; and 2 Caddy, 68.

few days before, bim John, his only song At Allonby, Esther, wife of Mr. John aged 12.

At Alston, Mr. John Lee, of Penrith. "At the Lodge, near Workington, Mr. George Hudson, who, after residing thirty

YORKSHIRE. years in the West Indies, had just returned Thirty-four vessels from the port of Hull, amongst his friends.

were engaged in the wbale fisiveries last seaAt Workington, Captain John Jenkinson, son. The total number of fish taken was of the ship Bacchus.--Mrs. Falcon, wife of 448-210 tons of fins-1257 butts of blubber Mr. Michael F. and daughter of the late and 5120 tons of oil. Henry Fawcett, esq.

Married.] At Marton, B. Budd, esq. onc At Eskat, near Whitehaven, Miss Jane of the Justices of the Peace for the North Stainton, daughter of Mr. Thomas S. of that Riding, to Miss M. Clifford. place, in her 26th year. It is remarkable . At Ripon, J. H. Askwith, esq. to Miss that Mr. Stainton has buried two sons and a Catherine Harrison, daughter of the late daughter within the last three years, all in Dr. H. their twenty-sixth year.

At Kirkleavington, John Tearby, esq. of At Sutton, near Wigton, Mr. John Poppleton Lodge, near York, to Miss Jolly, Fell, 40.

of Worsall, near Yarı. At Hutton, aged 56, of a plevretic com At Whitby, Thomas Weatherall, esq. of plaint, the Rey. Solomon Lewthwaite, rector Trinity College, Cambridge, to Mary, eldest of that parish.

daughter of Colonel Brown, of Newton At Dissington, aged 66, the Rev. Timothy House. Martin, 33 years assistant minister of St. At Doncaster, W. J. E. Adlam, esq. of the Nicholas Chapel, Whitehaven.

Royal Fusileers, son of Lieut-colonel A. to At Crosby, near Maryport, Miss Mary. Miss E. H. Birdsall.-- James Yorke, esq. of Nicholson, daughter of Mr. John N. 16. Oundle, Northamptonshire, to Miss Shipton,

At Lakerigg, near Kendal, Mr. Thomas of Selby.-William Moore, esq. of the Gaskell, whose abilities as a bone-setter were Breek, eldest son of Colonel M. of Brooke universally acknowledged.

well, to Harriet, youngest daughter of the At Carlisle, Mrs. Hannah Dixon, 63.- late Daniel Dyson, esq. of Willow Hall, des Mr. Edward Roads, 41,--Mr. Thomas For. Halifax. ster, 69.-Mrs. Sarah Latimer, 60.--Mr. Died.) At Darley Mill, near Pately Bridge, John Simpson, 73,-- Frances Turner, 78.- Mr, Henry Clint, 97. Elizabeth Riddley, 71.-Elizabeth, wife of At Austwick, Mr. J. Willis, 92. John Greenup, 74.--Mrs. Ann Jefferson, 68. A: Sheffield, Mrs. Goodwin, wife of Mr. -Mr. John Coulthard, 79.--Mr. Nicholas John G.-Dir. Thomas Nicholson.-Nrs. Bailiff, 48.-Jane, wife of Mr. Robert Hodg. Calver.--Thomas Oliver, son of Mr. Samuel son, 59.-Elspet Jordon, 80,-Mr. Wm. Harmar, 17.-Mr. Jonathan Crosland.-Miss Melvin, 64 ---Margaret, daughter of Mr. Downs. Mr. Christopher Ibbotsog. Ms. James Rate, 18.

John Middleton, 43.-Miss Mary Bra'ttAt Kendal, Mrs. Gaskell, wife of Mr. waite, daughter of Mr. George B. Thomas G.-Mr. T. Armislead, 26.

At Sowerby, Miss Consett, daughter of the Ac Penrith, Mrs. Elizabeth Todd, wife of late Peter C. esq. of Brawith. Mr. Isaac T. 61.-Ann, wife of Mr. John At Leeds, Mrs. Parkinson, relict of Mr. P. Ireland, 70.--Mrs. Ann Manham. -Mr. surgeon. John Henderson, father of Mrs. Blyth, of the At Halifax, Catherine, youngest daugbier Salı t.tion inn, 78.-Mary, wile of Mr. Jo- of Capt. Hawker, of the 15th regiment. siah Wilkinson, 68.-Mrs. Elizabeth Knub. At Barnesley, Joha Cawood, esq. 90. ly, 76.-Mrs. Davison.--Catherine, daugh At Sutton in Holderness, Mr. Nimes ter of Mr. Joseph Routledge.

Moore, 78. At Whitehaven, Mr. Josiah Lewthwaite, Ac Richmond, John, only remaining child attorney,--Miss Isabella Scott, 25.--Robert of Mr. Thomas Smith, bookseller, 19.

Barrow, cq. master of the Defence revenue At Chapel Allerton, near Leeds, Mary · cutter, 72.--Mr. John Lancaster, 71. . Coape, second daughter of Samoel Hamer

At Douglas, Isle of Man, the Rev. John Oates, esq. 29.

At Malton, Mr. Edward Barnby, jun. of Ann, only daughter of Captain Simmons, of the firm of Walker and Barnby, 31.

Barton. Mr. Thomas Duxbury, at!orney, ta. At Loftus, near Whitby, aged 101, in the Miss Baron, of Cheethan-bill. full possession of her faculcies, Mary Toas, At Liverpool, Edward Crudgington, esq. of that place, who was not more remarkable to Miss Pusey.-Capcain John Hewartson, of as an instance of longevity, than as being the Ulverston, to Miss Towers, only daughter of stock from whence have sprung a numerous Mr. James T. of Newland, near Ulverston. and healthy race ot descendants ; she being at The Rev. Richard Fidley, son of Sir Mat. the time of her decease, the mother, grand- thew White R. bart. to Miss Johpson, only mother, great, and great great grandmother daughter of the Rey. R. P. Jolinson, of Ashof upwards of one hundred individuals, all of ton upon Mersey. whom are now alive.

At Childwall, Thomas Kilburn, esg. of At York, Mrs. Garth, relict of William London, to Miss Ward, second daughter of Bowler G. esq. of Blackwell, near Darlington, Joseph W. esq. of Summerhill. 30.--Thomas Plummer, esq. solicitor, 69. Died. At Liverpool, Mr. Timothy Bates, Mr. Thomas Richardson, of the Falcon Inn, eldest son of Mr. B. of Sowerby-bridge, near 48.- Mrs. Mary Harrison, 75.-Mrs. Stabler, Halifax, iron-founder. He was conversing 48.-Mrs. Elizabeth Brook,84.-Mrs. Sted. with a gentleman on the Exchange, when he hart, 71,--Mr. William Jenkinson, 71.. suddenly fell down, and immediately expired,

At Thorpe, the Rev. Samuel Newton, Mr. Robert Cowell, 72.-Rachael, wife of upwards of 50 years minister of the dissenting Mr. George Robinson, S1.--Miss E. Meta congregation called the Old Meeting, 78. calfe.--Mr. William Coulbourn, 64. Mrs.

At Wood End, near Thirsk, $. Crompton, Curran, 84. Mrs. Hamilton, widow of Ro60.

bert H. esq. of Manchester, -John ThompAt Doncaster, Mrs. Doncaster, 65.-Mr, son, esq. Captain R. Winter. -Mr. Thomas Moorhouse, 43.

Taylor, 33. Mr. William Fleetwood, 58. -At Hull, Mrs. Wray, wife of Captain Mr. John Toft, junior, 20 - Mr. Thomas William W -Mr. James Wright, 57.-Mrs. Marsden.--Mrs. Margaret Matchews, 96.Mary Bellamy, of London, 39.-Mrs. Barker, Captain Harper, of the 4th West India regiwidow of Mr. Thomas B. 75.-Mrs. Ste- ment, 45.-Mrs. Gibson, formerly of Whitephenson, wife of Mr. S. chemist and druggist, haven, 87.-Mrs. Dorothy Smallwoord, 69,28.--Mrs. Cheny, wife of Mr. Edward C. 40. Mr. John Fletcher, formerly master of a

-Mr. William Shillico, 60._Mrs. Soulsby, vessel out of Maryport.--Mrs. Gerard, 54. wife of Mr. Edward S. 26.-Aged 85, Mr. At Rufford, Mr. Thomas Norris, 34. Thomas Turner, collector of the dock dues at At Little Bolton, Mr. William Carter. this port. The early part of Mr. Turner's At Blackburn, Mis. Chew, wife of Mr. life was spent at sea, he having entered into Abraham C. surgeon. the service as clerk on board a King's vessel, At Everton, Miss Martha Greene. in 1735, when only ten years old. He was At Moffat, on her return from a visit in eighteen years clerk on board different ves. Scotland, Mrs. Turner, of Warrington, relict sels ; and afterwards purser, seven years in of William the Sapphire, and fifteen in the Juno, of 32 At Birch Hall, near Manchester, Jolia guns each. He went into the William and Dickenson, esq. 84. Mary yacht, as clerk, in 1740, and was on At Goosnargh, Mr. George Eccles, 62. board her when the mother of his present At Bootle, Martha, wife of Thomas Went, Majesty was brought over and landed at esq. of Barbadoes, 29. Greenwich. In July 1755, he went clerk At Walton Breck, Henry Waite, esq. of in the Royal Caroline yacht, which, in the Jamaica, 40. succeeding May, took his late Majesty on At Bank field, near Poulton in the Fylde, board, at Harwich, and landed him at Hel- Mrs. Harrison, wife of Richard H. esq. voetsluys, and in September brought him At Preston, Captain Grundy, of the 32d back to England, being the last time his Ma. regiment of foot.--Mr. Thomas Litherland, jesty visited his continental dominions. He engineer, 37.-Mr. William Miiner, at was also on board the same yacht when she torney.-Robert Fletcher, esq. late lieutebrought over her present Majesty to England. nant-colonel of the 3d regiment of Lancashire At the commencement of the works for a militia.-Mrs. Fisher. dock at Hull, in 1771, Mr. Turner was ap- At Warrington, Mr. R. Smith, of the pointed collector of the dock dues; an office house of Smith, Snowden, and Co.-39. which he filled up to the time of his death, At Manchester, Mr. George Peel, of the in a manner highly honourable to himself, house of Peel, Williams, and Co --- Jane and satisfactory to his employers.

Norton, eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr. BayLANCASHIRE.

ley, 23. Married.] At Sepbion, the Rev. Thomas At Padibam, Mr. Hugh Baldwin, the Turner, of Childweil, to Miss Moss, of Great younger, late professor of music in Liverpool. Crosby,

He had been, like his father, completely At Manchester, Thomas Brown, esg. of blind for many years; he was educated at the Maidenhead Thicket, Berkshire, to Mary Blind Asylums of that town, was of an ami

able able disposition, and died after a short illness, performed extraordinary feat: of valour at the azed 23.

battle of Culloden. He was supposed to be CHISHIRE.

the last man of that honourable regiment. Married. At Astbury, Mr. Thomas Hall, At Norwell, near Newark, by a fall from of Hull, to Judith, youngest daughter of the his horse, Mr. Strutt. His son died about six Jate Thomas Cartwright, esq. of Ramsdell, months ago, in consequence of being thrown near Congleton.

by the same animal. At Northwich, Mr. Ralph Clay, of 1.;

LINCOLNSHIRE. Ferpool, to Margaret, daughter of Mr. The high wind which prevailed on Satur. Robert Weston.

day, November 10, may in its consequences Died.] At Chester, Lieutenant-colonel be regarded as the most awful visitation with William Handfield, formerly of the 38th which this county has ever been afficted. regiment, 98.-Mrs. Vaughan, mother of The ruinous calamity produced by the gale Mrs. Hughes, of the Blossoms Inn, 85.-- has been two fold : at sea and on shore its Thomas Barnes, esq. one of the eldermen of effects have been so extensively fatal, that in the corporation-Mr. John Brown.--Mr. the estimate of injury suffered, it is impossiMelior, senior.

ble yet to say whether the adventurous mariAt Middlewich, the Rev. William Heron, ner or the peaceful husbandman bas the greates vicar of that place.

weight of affliction to sustain. The accounts At Farndon, Mr. Thomas Vaughan. from all the towns in the cast of the county

The R:v. George Taylor, rector of Alford are of a very melancholy cast, but the seat and and Church Eaton,

centre of distress seems to be the town of At Nantwich, Mrs. Bibbington, wife of Boston. A tremendous gale from the east Mr. Thomas B. senior.

was experienced there throughout Saturday: At Stockport, Mr. Michael Walters, at. it set directly into the mouth of the haven ; torney.

and the consequence was, that the evening DERBYSHIRE.

tide camein with that irresistible force which Married l At Bakewell, T. Bourne, esq, an accuinulated impetus of twelve hours' to Miss Maria Swain, both of Rowsley. continuance must necessarily give it. Whac

At Buxton, Mr. William Carter, of War. is called the eagre of the tide, although exrington, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. pected to be stronger than usual, astonished George Wood.

thuse who saw it come up the chagvel, and At Mappleton, Mr. Higton, of Ashborne, was the harbinger of dreadful mischief. By to Miss Williamson.

seven o'clock che tide had risen higher by Died.) At New Brampton, near Chester four inches than upon any preceding occasion Seld, Mi. William Briddon, 58.

upon record, and had filled the houses in At Aston upon Trent, Mr. Cox.

many streets to a considerable depth with | At Chesterfield, Mr. T Hawkins.

water. At this keight it continued for about At Sudbury, Mrs. Parkes, 75.

an hour, without perceptible change. The At Chaddesden, Ellen Millington, aged 97. cause of this extraordinary effect was, that the She could see to spin and sew without spec- tide had overtopped its barriers, the banks of tacles, and retained the whole of her faculties the channel were insufficient to hold it, and till within a few days of her death; and she being invaded by the overfalling surge on the bas two surviving sisters older than lierselt. - land side, yielded to the action of the food.

Ac Matlock, Mrs. Wilson, wite of the Friskney and Leverton new sea banks were Rev. Mr. W. dissenting-minister.

broken in many places; Friestan new bank NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

entirely swept away, and the old bank in that

parish demolished in various parts; as alsa Married. At Nottingham, Mr. William are boston east old bark, and the banks of Trentham, to Miss Tacham.--Mr. Robert Skirbeck Quarter, Wyberton, Frampton, and Sbelton, to Miss Sarah Norion.

Fosdyke. By these several breaches of banks At Stenton, near Retford, Mr. William the tide got vent in a new and less straitched Soans, of Nottingham, to Ann, daughter of channel, and the whole surrounding country the late John Lister, gent. of Stenton House. was deluged by the sea. Had the banks beca

Died. At Notuingbam, Mrs. Farley, wife sufficiently high to have confined the tide 1 of Mr. F.--Mr. David Hutchinson.-Mrs. its accustomed course, the town of Buston, Buxton.--Mrs. Mann, wife of Mr. M. a po. is probable, would have been utterly ruined, thecary.--Mr. S. P. Goodall, junior, 20. for the water would have risen some feet

At Beckingham, near Newark, the Rev. higher in it, and have washed down and deRichard Hackett, rector of that place, 72. stroyed every thing. The distress which At Masnfield, Mrs. Parsons.

this fierce and unlooked for invasion of the At Newark, Mr. Jonas Lawton, 21.--Mr. neighbouring lands occasioned, is beyond all J. Turner.

description. The food swept cattle and At Tuxford, Valentine Stocks, bricklayer, every thing before it in its progress to fod of that place, aged 87. In the rebellion in level ; and the bursting of the water through 17 46, he volunteered his services in the Duke the apertures of the banks, as those barrich of Cumberland's segiment of light korse, and accessively gave way, added a naise


thunder to the horrors of the night. The two feet deep on the lands, in general and inhabitants of many farin-houses were ene when it will be got rid of can hardly be cat vironed by the water before they knew of culated. Not less than 20,000 acres of the danger, and escape was impossible, had the richest land in England are in this situation. formation of the country permitted any ex. The water runs over the London road in emption from the inundation : owing, how. Several places within seven miles of Boston: ever, to its unvariable flatness, there is not, it is in some situations a foot deep on the road. in several parishes, a foot of ground unflooded. Almost all the land to the right of that line, The consternation and affliction produced by and some on the left, is fouded; and the wind this event can scarcely he imagined, and gives the vast expanse of water an undulatory pluch less adequately described: the whole motion, which makes it in every thing resema Country about Boston, to the north and south ble a sea. The performance of divine sera of char cown, has experienced this overwhelm vice, on Sunday, in the parish church an ing calamity; the lands on the eastern side Boston, was prevented, by the cide on the Hare been saved, in consequence of chose capa. preceding evening having completely fooded cious drains, Hob-hole, and Maud Foster, the extensive area appropriated to public (heretofore condemned as useless,) having worship. The water from che river, entering received the weight of waters. It is impos. chiefly at the western door, and partly at the sible yet to be very accurate in stating the Southern, covered che wirole favor of the beads of loss sustained; but the number of church, as far as the steps into the chanceli sheep drowned in the distressed tract of and in the northern aisle, to a considerable country between Wainfleet and Sutterton (to depth. The heiglit of the water against which latter town the inundatioa extended the western end of the steeple, was two feet southwardly) is computed at 15,000; besides eigbt inches and a half. That beautifal many horses and other cattle. Implements fabric, the steeple, has sustained no injury of every description have been swept in a ge- from the gale; or the church, part of the Deral wreck; stacks of corn and nay to a florid parapet on the external roof, between great amount carried like litter over the coun- the body of the building and the chancel, has fry; and the hopes of the husbandman blasted, been blown down: the injury is not extensive. not merely for the present, but, on account In October, 1793, the tide at Boston flowed of the ponds, weils, and ditches, being, with: remarkably high; on the 30th of September, gat exception filled with salt water, for a con- 1307, it flowed seven inches higher than at siderable time in the future. At Fosdyke that time; and on Saturday it attained a the tide came upon the lands so xuddenly, height exceeding by four inches and a half that a servant maid of Mr. Birkeit, of that the tide of 1807. A barge drifted over the place, was surrounded by the sea, whilst bank near the Scalp, and may now be seen milking the cows in a pasture not far from in the midst of the pastures, with the sheep the house, and perished before assistar.ce grazing round her. Three vessels of burden could be given. Another person of that pa- were driven up the Wathway by the tide, Tish an elderly woman, was in the course of nearly as far as Fosdyke Inn; one, the Ann, the night washed out of an upper window of (Cartwright, master,) was carried into the her cotrage, and drowned. At Fishtoft, Marsh, balf a mile from the Fosdyke ChanMr. Smith lessop lost his life in endeavouring nel. A large hay.stack, on the farm of Mr. wo rescue some of his fatber's sheep. His Day, of Frieston, (near the shore-houses,) death was not less extraordinary than that of wai moved entire by the tide, from one end the other two persons above mention of a pasture to the other, a distance of 3 or ed. About seven o'clock in the evening, 400 yards,) and now scands crect and perhis father, looking out into the storm, mis. fect! At Wisbech the gale was severely took the approaching deluge from the sea for fel: : the tide rose ta an unusual height, and a fall of snow on the pastures, and exclaimed flowed with such rapidity, that several crafc to his son, that care should be taken of some loaded with grain broke from their moorings, Sheep. The latter immediately went forth, and sunk. The banks in several places were and before he had recovered from his asto. overftowed, and thc lanjs near the town Dishment at the coming waters, fell a sacri. inundated. Several of the inhabitants have nce to then, by getting out of his depth sustained a scrions loss, as the warehouses Piomer's hotel at Frieston shore, was for and other buildings, near the river, were a long time expected to be completely filled with salt water. It is computed that Washed away. The great bow-window was there are nearly 300 trees blown down by Torced from the building by the water, and the side of the road between Leicester and carried to the distance of several fields. Startord; and trees in Burghley, Grimsthorpe. The houses of Mr. Keall and Mr. Dick, Exton, and Walcot parks, to the nun ber of inson, of Wyberton, have been neurly demo- several hundreds. The losses at sea have Jished; and many others much damaged. been truly dreadful all along the cuase; the Small tenements, and barns and sheds, have number of vessels wrecked between the Shared a common destruction in several Humber and Boston Deeps only, being parishes, The water continues to be as last estimated vt no bess than forty.


Married. At Glentworth, T. Dungworth, ciety. The committee reported a proceeding esa, steward to the Earl of Scarborough, to relative to a ploughing match at Ketton, in Mrs. Bassett, widow of Richard B. esq. the last spring, and that proceeding, having

At Grimsby, Ms. J. Milner, surgeon, to seceived the unanimous approval of the meetMiss H. Johnson

ing, adjudged-To Mr. John Burgess, of At Boston, Mr. Joseph Clarenshaw, of Ridlington Lodge, for the best work by his Lonion, to Martha, daughter of John Lane, ploughman, 5 guincas. To Mr. Amos Butt, esc -- The Rev. John Bourryan Spooner, of Horne Lodge, for the second best, 3guineas. rector of blyborough, to Dorothy, youngest At this meeting, a piece of plate of the value

daugiter of the late John Lawrence, esq. of of 20 guineas; was ordered to be presented to · Lincoln

Colonel Crump, for his experiment and stateAt Alford, Mr. Hewson, aged 24, to Mrs. ment concerning the destruction of ant bilis. * Bryon, 70.

Two guineas was adjudged to the shepherd of Died.) At Gainsborough, Mrs. Watson, Henry Coleman, esq. for his good conduct - widow of Mr. Francis W. 68.-Mrs. Farmery, and attention to the ewes in the lambing • 80-Mr. Thomas Brown, 50.-William, season. 1 sun of Mr. Shipham, 18.-Mr. Thomas Lang Married. At Leicester, Mr. M. Gregory, ley, 82.

to Miss Ford. T. Walker, esq. of Standan, At Grimsby, Mrs. Hall, wife of Mr. John Staffordshire, to Miss Coulson, only daughter H. senior.-- Mrs. Waters, wife of Mr. John of the late Rev, Mr. C. rector of Ab-Kettleby W.-Mrs. Elizabeth Weatherhead, 82. and Hougliton, in this county.

At Stamford, Mrs. Pearse, wife of William Ac Kilworth Beauchamp, Mr. John Smithy P. eso, and daughter of the Rev. Dr. Thomas, to Miss Sarah Mitchell. rector of Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire. John John Wright, gent. of Leicester, to Miss Hodson, gent. 73.- Mrs. Crane, 80.

Coleman, of Queneborough. At Boston, Mr. Adkins, 63.Mrs. Dean, Mr. Thomas Howcutt, of Leicester, to 75.

Miss Beale, of Ashby Magna. At Louth, Mrs. Chapman, 52. Mr. Hewa At Kelby, Lieut. W. Oswin, of the Glen son, of Ludney, 63.-Mr. Willows, of Yar. Volunteers, to Miss Joyce, of Bupbrook, borough, 70.

Warwickshire. At Lincoln, Mr. Gray, 80.--Mrs. Verget, Died,] At Melton Mowbray, Mrs. Bright. 70.--Mrs. Marshall.

In the 72d year of his age, the Rev. Robert At Horncastle, Mr. George Douthwaite, Miller, B.C.L. rector of Kimcote, vicar of superintendant of the navigation to that town. St. Nicholas, Warwick, Chaplain to the Right

At Stainby, near Bourn, Mrs. Elizabech Hon. the Earl of Warwick, and late of St. Eldred, whose funeral was rendered inupres, Mary-hall, Oxford. sive by the circumstance of twelve children At Leicester, Mrs. Kirke, wife of Mr. John K. following her to the grave, 55.

- Miss M. A. Noble, 16. Mr. W. J. Clare, ; At Brigg, Mrs. Ann Bradley, 75.

apprentice to Mr. Marshall, home-surgeon At Spalding, Mr. John Harmstone, junior, to the Leicester Infirmary.-Mr. Williars S6.-Mary Holmes, many years one of the Keightley.--Mr. Higginson.--Mrs. Ann Bar. tenants of the Church-street alms-houses, low, 96.-W. Booth, gent. 66. Mr. Joha98.

son. At Corby, Mrs. Collingwood, wife of Mr. At Leesthorpe, John Suffield Browne, esq. C. senior, 81.

a justice of the peace for this county.
At Burgh, Miss Young.Mrs. Toyne,
wife of Mr. Richard T.


Married.) At Newcastle, Mr. Thomas At the last meeting of the Leicestershire Key, to Miss Shaw, only daughter of Mi. and Rutlandshire Agricultural Society, held at Charles S. of Standon.-Mr. William Bettethe Crown Inn in Leicester, the following pre ley, to Miss Mary Daniel. miums were adjudged: to Mr. Robert Carver At Keel, Mr. Samuel Shaw, of Scockport, of Leicester Forest, 10 guineas, for a pen of Cheshire, to Miss Birgin, of Rosemary Hill, five fat Mear-hogs. To Mr. Nixon, of Bel. near Newcastle. grave, 5 guineas, for a pen of five two.shear At Stoke upon Trent, Mr. Adams, of sheep. Colonel Noel exhibited three pens' of Etruria, to Miss Ann Taylor, of Hanley. fire sheep, each of the Merino Ryland breed, Ac Stafford, Mr. Thomas Fenton, of Hanone of which was slaughtered and weighed ley, to Miss Beckett. 1941bs. per quarter, and a brighter carcase of The Rev. Thomas Scales, of Wolverhampmution was never exhibited. Mr. Wright, ton, to Christiana, eldest daughter of the of Exton, exhibited some ewes of the South: Rev. Robert Simpson, of the College, Hox. down breed; William Boultbee, esg. of Ket. lon ton, a very fine pig; and Mr. Whitby, of Died.] At West Bromwich, Thomas, Osbaston, a variety of pigs. For these ani. third son of the late Rev. Dr. Stevens, af muis no premiums were offered, the several Panfield, Essex.-Mrs. Frances Brett, 85. gentlemen having sent them gratuitously, in At Burton on Trent, Mr. Joseph Lawrence, Jurtherance of the xcoerul object of the sou and Mary, his wife, cach aged 6

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