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Leading Churches in the City of New York

Source: Official Denominational Records

Among other places of worship in Manhattan Armenian Apostolic-Holy Cross Cathedral, 580 are: All Night Mission, 8 Bowery, Bowery Mission, W. 180th St.

227 Bowery; Broome st. Tabernacle, 395 Broome Baptist-Central, 92nd St. and Amsterdam Ave., St.; Church of the Strangers (Deems Memorial), Riverside, 122nd St., and Riverside Drive; First,

307 w. 57th St.; De Witt Memorial, 280 Rivington W 79th St., corner Broadway; Judson Memorial, St.; Divine Inspiration (Spiritualist), 20 W. 91st 55 Washington St. So.; Madison Ave. Church, cor.

St. Doyers St. Midnight Mission, 5 Doyers St.; E. 31st st., Metropolitan, W. 128th st. and 7th Eighth Ave. Mission, 290 8th Ave. Gospel Taber. Ave., Mount Morris, 5th Ave., near W. 127th St.

nacle, 44th St. and 8th Ave.; Labor Temple, 2nd Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist)-

Ave. and 14th St.; McAuley Cremorne Mission. First, Central Park West and 96th St.; and the

434 W. 42nd St.; McAuley's Water St. Mission, Second, 10 W. 68th St.

316 Water St.; New Jerusalem Church (SwedenCongregational-- Tabernacle, Broadway and 56th

borgian), 114 E. 35th St.; Pentecostal Glad Tidings, St.

325 W. 33rd St.; Spiritualists', 123 W. 94th St.: Disciples of Christ-Central Church, W. 81st

Society of Ethical Culture, 2 W. 64th St., TheoSt., near Columbus Ave.

sophical, 22 E. 8th St. Friends' (Quaker)--Meeting Houses: (Hicks

BROOKLYN ite), E. 15th St. and Rutherford Pl.; and (Orthodox), 144 E. 20th St.

Baptist- Temple, 3d Ave. and Schermerhorn St.: Jewish-Temple Israel, W. 91st St., near B'way;

Emmanuel, Lafayette Ave. and St. James Pl.: Congregation B'nai Jeshurum, 88th St, and West

Hanson Place, at So. Portland Ave.;

Sixth End Ave.; Shearith Israel, Central Park West and Ave., at Lincoln Pl. 70th St.; Rodeph Sholom Temple, W. 83rd St., near Christian Science-First, New York Ave, and Central Park West; Temple Emanu-El, 5th Ave.

Dean St. and 65th St.; Ansche Chesed, West End Ave. and Congregational-Central (also St. Paul's), Han100th St.; Central, 55th St, and Lexington Ave.;

cock St., near Franklin Ave.; Clinton Ave., at LaWest End, 160 W. 82nd; Free Synagogue, Carnegie fayette Ave.; Flatbush, Dorchester Rd. and E. Hall: Institutional Synagogue, 120 W. 76th St. 18th St., Pilgrims, Henry and Remsen Sts.; Ply

utheran-Advent, Broadway and 93d St.; Holy mouth, orange St., near Hicks St., South, Presi. Trinity, Central Park West and 65th St.; Im

dent and Court Sts.; (In 1934 the Church of the manuel Lexington Ave, and E. 88th St., St. Peter's

Pilgrims and Plymouth Church merged into the Lexington Ave. and 54th St.; St. Luke's, 46th St.

Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims. near Eighth Ave.

Disciples of Christ-Flatbush, Dorchester and Methodist Episcopal-Calvary, 1885 University

Marlborough Roads.

Friends-(Hicksite). 110 Ave.; Christ, 60th St., and Park Ave.; Church of

Schermerhorn St., All Nations, '9 2nd Ave.; Grace, 131 W. 104th St.;

(Orthodox), Lafayette and Washington Aves.

Jewish-Beth-El, 15th Ave. and 48th St., Beth John St., 44 John St.; Metropolitan Duane, 58 7th Ave.; Park Ave., at 86th St., St. Paul's, West End

Judah, 904 Bedford Ave.; Beth Sholaum, 399 9th Ave. and 86th St.; Union, W. 48th St., near Broad

St.; Eighth Ave., at Garteld Pl.; Mt. Sinai, State

and Hoyt Sts.; People's Temple, Bay Pkway and way, Broadway Temple, 174th St.

85th St. Presbyterian-Brick, Park Ave. and E. 91st St.,

Lutheran-Emmanuel, 421 7th St.; Evangelical, Broadway, at W. 114th St., Central, Park Ave. and 64th St., Fifth Ave., at 55th St; First, 5th Ave.

Schermerhorn St., near Court St.; Good Shepherd,

4th Ave. and 75th St.; Redeemer, Ditmas Ave.. and 11th St., Fourth, West End Ave, and 91st St., Madison Ave., at 73rd St.; Rutgers, W. 73rd St..

at E. 21st, St.; St. Luke's, Washington Ave., near

DeKalb Ave., St. Peter's Bedford Ave., near Denegr Broadway; Scotch, Central Park West and

Kalb Ave., Trinity. 4th Ave. and 46th St.: Zion, 96th St.; West End, 165 W. 105th St.

Henry St., near Clark St. Protestant Episcopal-Cathedral of St. John the

Methodist Episcopal-First, Henry and Clark Divine, W. 111th St., between Amsterdam and

Sts.; Grace, 7th Ave, and St. John's Pl.; Hanson Morningside Avenues.: Ascension, 5th Ave. and

Place Central, at St. Felix St.; New York Ave, at 10th St.; Christ Church, 71th St. near Broadway; Eglise du Saint-Esprit (French), 223 E. 61st St.;

Dean St.; Simpson, Clermont and Willoughby

Aves. Epiphany 74th St, and York Ave.); Grace, Broad

Moravian-Jay St., near Myrtle Ave. way. Broadway and 10th St.; Heavenly Rest, 5th

Presbyterian-Bedtord, Dean St. and Nostrand Ave, and 90th St.; Incarnation, 205 Madison Ave., "Little Church Around the Corner' (Transfigu

Ave.; Central, Marcy and Jefferson Aves.; First, ration), 5 E. 29th St.; St. Andrew's, 127th St. near

Henry St., near Clark St.; Lafayette Ave., at So. 5th Ave.; St. Bartholomew's, 109 E. 50th St.;

Oxford St.; Memorial, 7th Ave. and St. John's St. George's, Stuyvesant Sq., St. James', Mad

Pl.; Spencer Memorial, Clinton and Remsen Sts.: ison Ave. and 71st St.; St. Luke's, Convent Ave.

Throop Ave., at Macon St.; Westminster, Clinton

St. and 1st Pl. and 141st St.; St. Mark's-in-the-Bouwerie, 2nd Ave. and 10th St.; St. Paul's Chapel, Broadway

Protestant Episcopal Christ, Clinton and and Vesey St.; St. Thomas's, 5th Ave. and 53d St.;

Harrison Sts.; Grace, Hicks St. and Grace Court; Trinity Church, Broadway at Wall St.

Holy Trinity, Clinton and Montague Sts., Messiah, Reformed Church in America-Middle Colleg

Greene and Clermont Aves.; Redeemer, Pacific late, Second Ave., at 7th St., Marble Collegiate,

St. and 4th Ave., St. Ann's, Clinton and LivingFifth Ave., at 29th St.; Collegiate Church of St.

ston Sts., St. John's, 7th Ave. and St. John's Nicholas, Fifth Ave. at 48th St.: West End Col

Pl.; St. Luke's, Clinton Ave., near Fulton St. legiate, West End Ave. at 77th St.; Fort Washing

Reformed Church in America-Bethany, Clerton Collegiate, Fort Washington Ave., at 181st St.

mont Ave., near Willoughby Ave., First, of Roman Catholic-St. Patrick's Cathedral, Fifth

Williamsburgh, Bedford Ave. and Clymer St.; Ave., at E. 50th St., Ascension, 107th St., near

First, Flatbush and Church Aves.; Old First, 7th Broadway; Holy Trinity, 205 W. 82d St.; Notre

Ave. and Carroll St. Dame, Morningside Drive and 114th St.

Roman Catholic-Holy Name of Jesus, Pros

St. Agnes's, 143 E 430 St.; St. Andrew's, Duane St.

pect Ave. and Prospect Park West; Our Lady of and Cardinal Place; St. Brigid's, 123 Ave. B: St.

Lourdes, De Sales Pl., near Broadway; Our Lady Cyril, St. Mark's Pl.; St. Francis Xavier, 42 W.

of Mercy, Schermerhorn St., near Bond St.; Queen 16th St., St. Ignatius Loyola's, Park Ave. and

of All Saints, Lafayette and Vanderbilt Aves., St. E. 84th St., St. Leo's, 11 E. 28th St.; St. Patrick's.

Augustine's, 6th Ave. and Sterling Pl., St. Charles Mott and Prince Sts., St. Paul the Apostle's, Co

Borromeo, Sidney Pl. and Livingston St.; St. lumbus Ave. and W. 6th St.; St. Peter's, 20 Bar

Francis Xavier's, 6th Ave. and Carroll St., St. clay St.

James Pro-Cathedral Jay and Chapel Sts. Russian Orthodox-Cathedral of Holy Virgin

Seventh Day Adventist--Washington Ave., at Protection, 105 E. Houston St.

Gates Ave. Salvation Army_Centennial Memorial Temple, Swedenborgian-Church of the New Jerusalem. 120 W. 14th St. There are other meeting places. Monroe Pl. and Clark St.

Seventh Day Adventist-City Temple, 564 W. Syrian Orthodox--St. Nicholas Cathedral, 355 150th St.

State St. Synodical Church of Russia-St. Nicholas Ca- Unitarian-Saviour, Pierrepont St. and Monroe thedral, 15 E. 97th St.

Pl.; Second, Clinton and Congress Sts. Unitarian-All Souls, Lexington Ave. and 80th Universalist-All Souls', Ditmas and

Ocean St.; Community, Park Ave, and 34th St.

Universalist--(Fourth), Church of the Divine Miscellaneous-Brooklyn Spiritualist

58 Paternity, Central Park West and 76th St.

Irving Pl.; Brooklyn Tabernacle, 17 Hicks st.; Greek Orthodox-Holy Trinity Cathedral, 319 E. Christian and Missionary Alliance, 1560 Nostrand 74th St.

Ave.; Ethical Culture Soc., Academy of Music,


Hospitals in the City of New York

Source: World Almanac Questionnaire (Municipal and State Hospitals are printed in Bold-face Type, State Hospitals are marked .. They are under the supervision of the State Department of Mental Hygiene and care for patients suffering from mental diseases.)

MEDICAL CENTERS There are five corporate units of the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center (Broadway-Riverside Drive, W. 165th St. to W. 168th St.), as follows:

1. The Presbyterian Hospital in the City of New York, including: The Presbyterian Hospital, The Sloane Hospital for Women, the Vanderbilt Clinic, the Squier Urological Clinic, the Stephen v. Harkness Private Patient Pavilion, The Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing; The Institute of Ophthalmology

2. The Columbia University Group, including: The College of Physicians and Surgeons, the School of Dental and Oral Surgery, the School of Oral Hygiene, the DeLamar Institute of Public Health.

3. The Babies Hospital of the City of New York. 4. The Neurological Institute of New York. 5. The New York State Psychiatric Institute and Hospital. The Herman Knapp Memorial Eye Hospital has been merged in the Columbia-Presbyterian group.

The New York Hospital (York Ave., East 68th St. to East 71st St.; office, 525 East 68th St.) includes in its group the Lying-in Hospital, Manhattan Maternity and Dispensary, Nursery and Child's Hospital, Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic, and is associated with Cornell University Medical College; also Bloomingdale Hospital for Mental Diseases and Convalescent Hospital for Children at White Plains, N. Y.

MANHATTAN Babies, Broadway at 167th St.

N. Y. Eye and Ear Infirmary. 218 Second Ave. Beekman Street, 117 Beekman St.

N. Y. Foundling and St. Ann's Maternity, 130 E. Bellevue, 26th St. and First Ave.

69th St. Beth David, 161 E. 90th St.

N. Y. Infirm. for Wom. and Child., 321 E. 15th St. Beth Israel, Stuyvesant Park East,

N. Y. Ophthalmic, 1 East 105th St. (Affiliated with (William) Memorial, 314 E. 5ti

the N. Y. Medical College and Flower Hospital.) Broad Street, 125 Broad St.

N. Y. Orthopaed. Disp. and Hosp., 420 E. 59th St. *Central Islip State (Mental Clinic, Dispensary N. Y. Polyclinic Med. Sch. and Hosp., 341 W.

of N. Y. University and Bellevue Hospital Medi- 50th St. cal College), 26th St. and First Ave.

N. Y. Post-Graduate, 303 E. 20th St. City, Welfare Island, East River. The new clinic N. Y. Skin and Cancer, 2d Ave. and 19th St.

for the City and Metropolitan hospitals is at East *N. Y. State Psychia. Inst. and Hosp., W. 168th St. End Ave. and E. 80th St.

N. Y. University and Bellevue Hospital Medical City Home, Welfare Island.

College, Dispensary, 463 First Ave.
Columbus, '226 E. 20th $t.; Ext. 457 W. 163d St. People's, 203 Second Ave.
Community. 8 St. Nicholas Pl.

Presbyterian Hosp., Sloane Hosp. for Women and Convalescent Day Camp, Welfare Island.

Vanderbilt Clinic, 168th St, and Broadway. Flower-Fifth Ave., 105th, 106th Sts. and Fifth Ave. *Psychiatrie Institute and Hospital, 722 West

(unit of N Y Medical College and Flower 168th St. Hospital).

Reconstruction, 395 Central Park West. (A unit of French, 324 W, 30th St.

the N. Y. Post Graduate Medical School and Gouverneur, Gouverneur and Front Sts.

Hospital.) Harlem, 136th St. and Lenox Ave.

Riverside (contagious), North Brothers Island. Harlem Eye and Ear, 2099 Lexington Ave.

Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, York Herman Knapp Mem. Eye, 57th St, and 10th Ave. Ave. and 66th St. Hospital for Joint Diseases, 1919 Madison Ave., Roosevelt, 9th-10th Aves., 59th St. Dispertsary, 41 E, 123rd St.

St. Elizabeth's, 689 Fort Washington Ave. Hospital for Ruptured and Crippled, 321 E. 42d

St. John's Guild, 1 E. 42nd St. (with float. hosp.). St. (N. Y. Society for Relief of Ruptured and

St. Luke's, 113th St. and Amsterdam Ave. Crippled.)

St. Rose's Free Home, Incur. Cancer, 71 Jackson St. Jewish Memorial, Broadway and 196th St.

St. Vincent's, Seventh Ave. at 12th St. Knickerbocker, 70 Convent Ave.

Seton, Spuyten Duyvil Parkway.

Sloane. for Women, 168th St. and Broadway, Lenox Hill, 76th-77th Sts, and Park Ave. Lutheran, 341 Convent Ave.

Speech Disorders, Irving Pl. and 18th St.

*State Dept. of Mental Hygiene, N. Y. City Office. Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat, 210 E. 64th St.

State Office Bldg., 80 Centre St. *Manhattan State, Ward's Island. Memorial Hospital for Treatment of Cancer and State Dept. of Social Welfare, N. Y. City office.

205 E. 42nd St. Allied Diseases, E 68th St. and First Ave., adja

Stony Wold Sanatorium, Office. Rm. 407, 598 cent to the Rockefeller Institute.

Madison Ave., N. Y. City.
Metropolitan, Welfare Island.

Sydenham, Manhattan Ave. and W. 123d St.
Midtown, 309 E, 49th St.
Misericordia, 531 E. 86th St.

Tonsil, 153 E. 62nd St.

Tuberc, Hospital Admiss. Bureau, 105 Walker St. Mt. Sinai, Fifth, Madison Aves., 98th-101st Sts.

Tuberculosis Preventorium for Children: Office. Municipal Sanatorium (tuberculosis), Otisville,

171 Madison Ave., N. Y. City. Orange County.

U. S. Marine Hospital, 67 Hudson St. Nazareth, Spuyten Duyvil Parkway.

U. S. Marine Hospital, Ellis Island. Neurological Inst., of N. Y., Fort Washington Ave. Welfare Hospital for chronic diseases on Welfare and W. 168th St.

Island. It is also a teaching and research center, New York, 525 E 68th St.

Welfare Island Disp., 80th St. and E. End Ave. New York Cancer, Welfare Island.

West Side Hosp, and Dispensary, 446 W. 43rd St N. Y. City Cancer Institute, Welfare Island, East Willard Parker (contag, diseas.). Foot E. 16th St River.

Woman's, in the State of N. Y., 141 W. 109th St

THE BRONX Beth Abraham Home for Incurables, 612 Allerton Lebanon, Westchester, Cauldwell and Trinity Aves Ave.

A new 12-story building is to be at Grand ConBronx Eye and Ear Infirmary, E. Tremont Ave., course and Mt. Eden Ave. and Echo Place.

Lincoln, East 141st St. and Concord Ave. Bronx, Fulton Ave. at 169th St.

Montefiore, Gunhill Rd. near Jerome Ave. Bronx Maternity and Women's Hosp., 1072 Grand Morrisania, 168th St. at Gerard Ave. Concourse.

Mother Cabrini Memorial, 611 Edgecombe Ave. Calvary House of Featherbed L., McCombs Road. St. Francis'. East 142nd St. and Brook Ave. Fordham, Southern Blvd. and Fordham Road, St. Joseph's, for consumptives, E. 143rd St, and Hebrew Home for Chronic Invalids, 1776 Clay Ave. Brook Ave. Home for Incurables. 183d St. and 3d Ave.

Union Hospital Assoc. of the Bronx, 260 E. 188th House of the Holy Comforter, 196th St, and Grand St. Concourse.

U. S. Veterans Admin., 130 W. Kingsbridge Road,

BROOKLYN Bethany Deaconess, 237 St. Nicholas Ave.

Brooklyn Hebrew Home and Hosp. for the Aged. Beth-El, Rockaway Parkway and Ave. A.

Howard and Dumont Aves. Beth Moses, 404 Hart St.

Brooklyn Home for Blind, Crippled and Defective

Children, 283 Hicks St. Brooklyn, De Kalb Ave, and Ashland Pl.

Brooklyn Home for Consumptives, 240 Kingston Brooklyn Eye and Ear, 29 Greene Ave.


*Brooklyn State (Mental Clinic), Clarkson and Kingston Ave. (Contagious), Kingston Ave. and

Albany Aves., Brooklyn. (Polhemus Memorial Rutland Rd.

Clinic), Long Isl. Coll. Hosp., Henry, Amity Sts. Long Island College, Henry and Amity Sts. Brooklyn Women's, 1395 Eastern Parkway.

Lutheran, East New York Ave. and Junius St. Bushwick, Putnam and Howard Aves.

Methodist Episcopal, 506 Sixth St. Caledonian, 132 Parkside Ave.

Norwegian Lutheran Deaconess Home and Hosp. Coney Island, Ocean Parkway and Ave. Z.

Fourth Ave, and 46th St. Cumberland, North Portland Ave. and Auburn Pl. Peck Memorial, Albany Ave. and Crown St. Evangel. Deaconess and Hosp. Soc., 623 Chauncey Prospect Heights, Washington Ave. and St. John's

P1. St.

St. Catherine's, 133 Bushwick Ave. Faith Home for Incurables, 546 Park Pl.

St. Cecilia Women's, 472 Humboldt St. Greenpoint, Kingsland Ave. and Bullion St.

St. Charles, for Crippled Children, 277 Hicks St. Harbor, 2265 Cropsey Ave.

St. John's, 480 Herkimer St.
Holy Family, 151 Dean St.

St. Mary's, St. Marks and Buffalo Aves.
House of $t. Giles the Cripple, 1346 President St. St. Peter's, 380 Henry St.
Israel-Zion, 4802 Tenth Ave.

Samaritan, main division, Fourth Ave. and 17th St.

Clinic at Jewish, Classon and St. Mark's Aves., at Pros-Swedish, Bedford Ave. and Dean St.

Sterling Place and Rogers Ave. pect PI,

Trinity, 1835 East New York Ave. Jewish Sanitarium for Incurables, 86 E. 49th St.

U. S. Naval, Ryerson St. and Flushing Ave. Kings County, Clarkson Ave.

Unity, 1545 St. John's Pl. *Kings Park State (Mental Hygiene Clinic, New Victory Memorial, 1469 Shore Rd. Cumberland Hosp.), N. Elliott Pl., Auburn Pl. Wyckoff Heights, 142 St. Nicholas Ave.

QUEENS Children's (N. Y. City), 65 Kissena Boulevard, Queens General, 161st St. and 82nd Drive, Jamaica. Flushing.

Rockaway Beach, and Dispensary, Beach 85th St.. *Creedmoor State, Queens Village.

Hammels. Flushing Hosp. and Dispensary, Parsons Blvd. and St. Anthony's, Woodhaven Blvd., near 91st Ave., Forest Ave.

Woodhaven. Jamaica, Van Wyck Ave., Richmond Hill.

St. John's Long Island City, 12th St. and JackMary Immaculate Hosp. Assoc., 152-11 89th Ave. son Ave. Jamaica.

St. Joseph's, Broadway, Far Rockaway. Neponsit Beach (tuberculosis), Neponsit Beach.

Triboro (tuberculosis), Parsons Boulevard and 82 Queensboro, Lott's Lane, Jamaica,

Dr., Jamaica..

RICHMOND Farm Colony, W. New Brighton.

Staten Island, Castleton Ave., Tompkinsville. Richmond Borough, for Communicable Diseases, U. $. Marine Hospital, Bay St., and Vanderbilt Castleton Corners.

Ave., Stapleton. Richmond Memorial, 393 Prince Bay Rd., Prince *Pilgrim State, Brentwood, L. I. The mstitution Bay.

receives patients from Manhattan and the Bronx. St. Vincent's, Bard and Castleton Aves.. W. New

An appropriation has been made for a new State Brighton,

Hospital on Long Island at Deer Park, near Sea View, Castleton Corners.

Pilgrim State Hospital.

Leading Theatres in New York City
Source: New York City Fire Department; figures in parentheses are seating capacities.

MANHATTAN Adelphi (1,434), 152 W. 54th St.; Alvin (1.387). Madison Square Garden (18,903), 825 Eighth 250 W. 52d St.; Ambassador (1,200), 215 W. 49th

Ave.; Majestic (1.752), 245 W. 44th St., Loyal (800), St., Astor (1,141), 1531 Broadway.

600 W. 185th St., Mansfield (1,050), 256 W. 47th St. Belasco (1,000), 115 W. 44th St., Biltmore (1.000).

Martin Beck (1,189), 302 W 45th St.; Maxine 261 W. 47th St.; Booth (708). 222 W. 45th St.,

Elliott (924), 109 W. 39th St.; Mayfair (1,700) Broadhurst (1,118), 235 W. 44th St., Broadway Seventh Ave., at 47th St. (1.900), 1681 Broadway.

Metropolitan Opera House (3,418), 39th Capitol (4,845), 1639 Broadway; Carnegie Hall


and Broadway; Morosco (893), 217 W. 45th St.; (2.760), 880 Seventh Ave., Center (3,438), 1234

Music. Box (1,000), 239 W. 45th St.
Sixth Ave.

National (1.164), 208 W. 41st.
Cort (1,043), 138 W. 48th St.; Criterion (1,700),
Broadway at 44th St.

Palace (1,745). Seventh Ave. at 47th St.; Para

mount (3,665), 1489 Broadway; Playhouse (878), Empire (1,099), 1428 Broadway: Ethel Barrymore

137 W, 48th St.; Plymouth (965), 236 W. 45th St. (1.115), 243 W. 47th St. Fifty-First (1.609), 1655 Broadway.

Radio City Music Hall (5,945), 1260 Sixth Ave.; Forrest (1,075), 226 W. 49th St.; Forty-Fourth Rialto (594), Seventh Ave. at 42d St.; Rivoli Street (1,463), 224 W, 44th St.

(2,122), 1620 Broadway. Forty-Sixth Street (1,413), 226 W. 46th St.; Roxy (5,920), 133 W. 50th St. Fulton (931) 210 W. 46th St.

Shubert (1,395), 221 W. 44th St., St. James Golden (1,118), 252 W. 45th St.; Nora Bayes (1.503). 246 W. 44th St, (860), 216 W. 44th St.; Guild (915), 245 W. 52nd St.; Strand (2,989), 1571 Broadway. Henry Miller (946), 124 W. 43d St.; Imperial

Town Hall (1,476), 113 W. 43d St. (1.450), 249 W. 45th St. Loew's State (3,327). 1540 Broadway; Longacre

Vanderbilt (771), 148 W. 48th St. (1.019). 220 W. 48th St.; Lyceum (957), 149 W. Windsor (981), 157 W. 48th St., Winter Gar45th St.

den (1.671), 1642 Broadway.

BROOKLYN Academy of Music (2,207), 30 Lafayette Ave.; (3,690), 1029 Flatbush Ave., Melba (2,256), Albee (3.274), 1-7 DeKalb Ave.,

300 Livingston St.; Metropolitan (3,618), 394 Albermarle

Fulton St.; Oriental (2,753), 86th St. & Bay (2.700), 973 Flatbush Ave.; Bushwick (2,208), 1396

19th Palace (1.629): 1823 Douglas St. Pitkin Broadway.

(2,817), 1501 Pitkin Ave.; Premier (2,560), 505 Flatbush (1,695), 2213 Church Ave.

Sutter Ave.;' Valencia (3,544), Jamaica Ave. Fox (4,089), 10-40 Flatbush Ave.; Halsey (2,262); & 166th St., Queens; Warwick (1,446), Fulton 928 Halsey St.; Kenmore (3,025), Church Ave, &

and Jerome Sts. Kenmore Pl.; Kingsway (2,212), 946 Kings High- Majestic (1,829), 651 Fulton St.; Mayfair (1,791).

912 Avenue U.; Orpheum (1,874), 578 Fulton St. way Loew's Theatres-Alpine (2,158). 6817 5th

Paramount (4,126), 385 Flatbush Ave.; Patio Ave.; Bay Ridge (1,899), 3d Ave. & 72d St.; (2.609), 574 Flatbush Ave., Prospect (2,448), 329 Bedford (1,931). Bedford Ave. & Bergen St.

Ninth St.; Republic (2,728), 426 Keap St., Sanders Boro Park (2.391), New Utrecht Ave., Brevoort (1,5011), 188 Prospect Park West; Savoy (2,438). (2,039) 1274 Bedford Ave., Broadway (2,033),

1507 Bedford Ave.; Star (1,487), 389 Jay St. 912 Broadway: Coney Island (2,387) 1301 Surf Strand (2.870), 647 Fulton St., Tilyou (2,264), Ave.; Gates (2.868), Broadway & Gates Ave.: 1607 Surf Ave., Tivoli (1,910), 365 Fulton St. Kameu (1,465), 530 Eastern Parkway; Kings Walker (2,312), 6401 18th Ave.

Museums in New York City

Source: World Almanac Questionnaire American Academy of Arts and Letters-Broadway. 5:30 P.M.; closed Sundays. During summer

between 155th and 156th Streets. Art exhibitions closed Saturdays and Sundays (May 15 to Oct. and museum; Terrace entrance. Closed from 15). Free. June 15 to Sept. 15 Open weekdays, 1 to 5 P.M.; Hamilton Grange-Home of Alexander Hamilton Sundays and holidays, 2 to 5 P.M. Free.

built in 1802, at 287 Convent Avenue, near 141st American Museum of Natural History--Central

St. A museum of Hamilton and his time, by Park West at 79th St. Open weekdays and holi

The American Scenic and Historic Preservation

10 days, ex pt

Society. Open weekdays, except holidays, specified, 10 AM to 5 P.M.; Sundays, New Year's and Independence Day,

A.M. to 5 P.M.; Saturdays 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. Thanksgiving and Christmas, 1-5 P.M. Free.

Free. American Numismatic

Hayden Planetarium-81st Street

Central and Society-Broadway


Park West. Several demonstrations daily. Ad156th St. Open daily 2-5 P.M., except Sundays

mission charged. in July and August. Free.

Hispanie Society of America--Spanish museum Bache Collection, The 814 Fifth Ave. Admission

and library, Broadway between 155th and 156th by card on written application to the Custodian.

Sts. Museum open 10 A.M. to 4:30_P.M. daily: Free.

Sunday, 1 P.M to 5 P.M., except Thanksgiving Botanic Garden, Brooklyn-(Gardens within & and Christmas. Library open 1 P.M to 4:30 P.M. Garden), 1000 Washington Ave., Brooklyn. Gar

except Sundays, Mondays and holidays, and den hours: 8 AM to dusk; Sundays and holidays,

during August. Free. 10 A.M. to dusk. Library hours: Monday to Jewish Theological Seminary Museum of CereFriday, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.; Saturdays, 9 A.M. to monial and Historical objects—N. E. corner Noon. Library closed Saturdays, July 1 to Sep- Broadway and 122nd St. Open daily. except tember 15.

Friday and Saturday, 10 AM to 5 P.M. Botanical Garden, N. Y.-Bronx Park, north of Jumel Mansion-(See Roger Morris House, Jumel

Pelham Parkway, and at south terminus of Mansion). Bronx River Parkway; also at Bronx Park Station Master Institute of United Arts-310 Riverside of Third Avenue Elevated R.R. and at Botanical Drive. School of all arts, including painting, Garden Station of Harlem Division of NY. music, drama, dance and allied arts; lectures, Central R.R. Open daily until half hour after recitals, plays and general cultural events; sunset. Conservatories open 10 A.M. to 4:30 Riverside Museum-Exhibitions of contemporary P.M. (Mar. 1-Nov. 1) and 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. American art, also foreign exhibitions, Collec(Nov. 1-Mar 1). Free.

tion of oriental art and art objects. Open daily Bronx Zoo (See Zoological Park).

and Sundays, 1-5 P.M. Closed during June, July Brooklyn Museum-Eastern Parkway and Wash

and August. Free. ington Avenue. Open daily, weekdays, 10 A.M.

Metropolitan Museum of Art-Fifth Ave. at 82d to 5 P.M.; Sundays, 1 P.M. to 6 P.M.



Open 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. daily, including Brooklyn Children's Museum, 185 Brooklyn Ave.

holidays, except Christmas, then 1-5 P.M.; SunOpen daily, 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.; Sundays, 2-5 P.M.

days, 1-6 P.M. Free. Free.

Morgan Library--(See Pierpont Morgan Library.)

Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation Cloisters, The-(a branch of the Metropolitan Mu

-Broadway and 155th St. Open daily, 2 P.M. to seum of Art devoted to mediaeval art). Fort

5 P.M. (except Sundays and holidays). Closed Tryon Park. Open daily 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.,

during July and August. Free. including holidays, except Christmas, then 1-5

Museum of the City of New York, Inc.--Fifth Ave P.M.; Sundays, 1-6 P.M. Mondays and Fridays,

at 103rd St. Open daily, except Tuesdays, 10 25 cents; other days free.

A.M. to 5 P.M.; Sundays, 1 PM to 5 P.M.; open Conference House-Hyland Boulevard, Tottenville,

every holiday from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M., except Staten Island Open daily, except Monday. 10

Christmas, when closed. Free. A.M. to 6 P.M. Free. (Erected in 1680 by

Museum of Living Art-New York University, 100 Christopher Billopp); Peace Conference held on

Washington Square, east. A. E. Gallatin collecSept. 18, 1776, among Lord Howe, British, and

tion of 20th Century paintings. Open 8 A.M. to Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Edward

10 P.M. weekdays; 8 AM to 5 P.M., Saturdays: Rutledge, American.

closed on Sundays and legal holidays. Free. Cooper Union Museum for the Arts of Decoration- Museum of Modern Art-11 West 53rd Street. FreCooper Square and 7th Street. Oct. I to April

quently changing exhibitions of painting, sculp30. Monday through Friday, 9 A.M. to 10 P.M.; ture, photography, architecture, industrial design Saturday, 9 AM to 5 P.M. May 1 to Sept. 30, and the film. Open weekdays, 10 A M. to 6 P.M Monday through Saturday, 9 AM to 5 P.M. (Wednesdays, 10 AM to 10 P.M.); Sundays, 12 Closed New Year's, Memorial Day, Independence noon to 6 PM. Admission, 25 cents; children 10 Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. cents at all times. Reduced admission rate for

Closed Saturdays during July and August. Free. groups of ten or more. Dyckman House--Broadway and 204th St. Last New York Historical Society Gallery and Museum remaining farmhouse of the Dutch Colonial Central Park West, between 76th and 77th Period, furnished and arranged as was the cus- Streets. Library open weekdays 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. tom in that period. Open daily, except Mondays, and on holidays 1-5 P. M.; closed Sundays. Mu11 AM to 5 P.M. Free.

seum: 10 AM to 5 P.M., Sundays, 1-5 P.M.; Folk Arts, The Museum of-Has been acquired by

closed Mondays; also closed during month of the New York Historical Society.

August and on July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christ. Fraunces Tavern-Broad and Pearl Sts.; Museum

mas and New Year's; open on other holidays, 1-5 of Revolutionary relics and paintings.

P.M. Free.

Open 10 A.M. to 4 P.M every day except Sunday. Free.

New York Museum of Science and IndustryOn December 4, 1783, General George Washing

RCA Building, Rockefeller Center, Open 10 AM ton bade the officers of the Continental Army

to 10 P.M, every day in the year. Admission, farewell here. The building was erected in 1719

adults, 25 cents: children under 16, 10 cents.

Over 2.000 exhibits, most of them operated by by Stephen De Lancey, bought in 1762 by Samuel Fraunces, who conducted it as a tavern.

push buttons, demonstrate and explain the latest developments and achievements

of modern Frick Collection-1 East 70th St. Home of the

science and industry against a background of late Henry C. Frick, enlarged and opened 1935

their historic origins. as a museum of paintings, sculpture, Limoges New York Public Library-5th Ave. and 42nd St. enamels, French and Chinese porcelains, period

(Paintings, etchings, prints, rare books, etc.; furniture, etc. Closed Monday, May 30, July 4

reference library of over 2,800.000 books.) Open and December 25, Hours 10 to 5 on weekdays;

daily, 9 A.M. to 10 P.M.; Sundays, 1-10 PM 1 to 5 on Sundays and holidays, Staff lectures

Free. October to June; Sunday guest lectures and

Old Merchant's House (Seabury Tredwell residence) chamber music concerts during the winter. All

29 East 4th St., between Lafayette St. and Bowfree.

ery. Built 1836. Unaltered example Georgian Gracie Mansion-Carl Schurz Park, facing the East

period architecture with original contents. Open River between 88th and 89th Streets. Furniture daily 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. Sundays and holidays. by Chippendale, Duncan Phyfe, and early em- 1 to 5 P.M. Admission 50c. pire, up to 1830-35; paintings by English and Pierpont Morgan Library--33 East 36th Street American artists. Open daily, except Mondays, -Open to the public, 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. Daily, 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. Free.

except Sundays, Legal Holidays and month of Grand Central Art Galleries--Sixth floor, Grand August. The Reading Room is open daily except

Central Terminal, East 42nd Street. Fifth Ave- Saturday afternoon, Sundays, legal holidays, and nue Branch Gallery, Hotel Gotham, Fifth Ave. the month of August, 9 AM to 4:45 P.M. Free. at 55th St. Open daily all year, 9:30 A.M. to (Illuminated manuscripts, master drawings, bindings, etchings and mezzotints, printed books, ascend interior to crown of statue. Boat leaves from the 15th to the 19th century, authors' Battery hourly, 9 AM to 6 P.M., (Memorial Day autograph manuscripts, historical letters and to Labor Day, inclusive; other times, 9 AM to documents, etc.)

4 P.M.; returns 9:30 AM to 5:30 P.M.), returns Poe Cottage-Poe Park, Kingsbridge Road and hourly, 9:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. Round trip. Grand Concourse, Bronx. Open daily from 10 adults 35 cents; children 20 cents. A.M. to 1 P.M. and 2 P.M to 5 P.M. except Van Cortlandt House-Van Cortlandt Park, BroadSundays. 1 P.M. to 5 P.M. Closed all day Mon- way and 242d St., Bronx. Free (except Thursday. Winter, closes 4:30 P.M. Free.

days, 25c). Closed during the month of FebRiverside Museum (See Master Institute of United ruary. From Nov. 1 to Mar. 31, open from 10 Arts.)

AM to 4:30 P.M. Other times, 10 AM to 5 Roger Morris House (Jumel Mansion) (Washing- P.M.; Sundays, 2 P.M. to 5 P.M.

ton's Headquarters in 1776)-Edgecombe Aye. and Whitney Museum of American Art-10 West 8th West 160th Street. Interesting pieces are the St. Open from 1-5 P.M. Tuesday to Sunday original chandelier, clock made in 1760, Duncan inclusive. Closed Mondays. Holds exhibitions of Phyfe table and chairs, Aaron Burr's desk and contemporary American painting, sculpture and linen squares embroidered by Martha Washing- the graphic arts. Free. ton. The Hall Room contains many old and Zoo, Brooklyn-Prospect Park. This collection ocinteresting maps of New York and vicinity. Open cupies quarters on the Flatbush Avenue side of daily except Mondays, 11 AM to 5 P.M.; 4:30 the park, near Empire Boulevard. Animal houses PM. during winter months. Free.

open from 11 A.M. to 6 P.M., Monday to Friday; Roosevelt House-28 East 20th St. (restored birth- 10 A.M. to 6 P.M., Saturdays, Sundays and holi

place of Theodore Roosevelt). Open weekdays, ex- days during Daylight Saving months; during cepting Mondays, 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.; Sundays winter season, 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. (10 AM., Satand holidays, 1 P.M. to 5 P.M. Closed on Mon- urdays, Sundays and holidays). Free. days, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's. Zoo, Central Park-Fifth Ave. and 64th St. Open Wednesdays and Fridays, 25 cents; other times daily, 11 A.M. to 5 P.M.; summer months to free.

7 P.M. Exterior cages open 24 hours. Free. Staten Island Historical Society, Museum of-Court Zoological Park-Bronx Park, See page 442.

and Center Streets, Richmond, Staten Island. Zoological Society, Staten Island-Barrett Park Collections portraying life of the Island-social, Zoo. West New Brighton, Staten Island. А economic, political Open daily. 10 A.M. to 5 modern, educational zoo in a charmingly land

P.M.; Sundays and holidays, 2-5 P.M. Free. scaped 8-acre park exhibiting small mammals, Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences birds, reptiles and tropical fish, with facilities

Stuyvesant Place and Wall St., St. George. The for school classes, children and adults natural public museum is open on week days, 10 A.M. history groups. Hours: Every day, 10 A.M. to to 5 P.M.; Sundays, 2 P.M to 5 P.M. Free.

5 P.M.; during Daylight Saving Time, Sundays Statue of Liberty-Bedloe's Island. Visitors may and holidays, 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. Free.

[blocks in formation]

Amer. Alpine.
Block Hall.
Brook, The.
Brooklyn Engineers
Century Ass'n.
City Athletic
City History
Crescent Athletic.

1915 23 Park Ave.
1889 200 Fifth Ave.
1902 140 E. 46th St.
1923 24 E. 39th St.
1915 120 Broadway
1894 221 W. 57th St.
1928 23 So.- William St.
1903 111 E. 54th St.
1896 117 Remsen St., Bklyn.
1884 121 W. 68th St
1903 Hotel Waldorf-Astoria
1873 Hotel Waldorf Astoria
1847 7 W. 43d St.
1898 52 E. 41st St.
1887 Ambassador Hotel
1908 48 W. 54th St.
1892 55 W. 44th St.
1897 5th Ave. & 103d St.
1903 564 Park Ave.
1901 4 W. 43d St.
1889 107 E. 48th St.
1909 122 E. 66th St.
1888 129 Pierrepont St.,

1926 30 E. 37th St.
1930 19 West St.
1905 Hotel Ambassador
1888 32 W. 40th St.
1905 10 W. 72nd St.

47 E, 60th St.
1852 4 E. 60th St.
1865 27 W, 44th St.

250 Park Ave. 1871 2 E. 62nd St. 1874 130 W. 44th St. 1887 1115 Broadway


1916 36 E. 62nd St. Lotos.

1870 110 W. 57th St. Manhattan.

1865 32 E. 26th St. Masonic

1894 71 W. 230 St. Metropolis

1879 105 W. 57th St. Metropolitan

1891 1 E. 60th St.

1889 25 8th Ave., Bklyn.
Nat'l Democratie. 1906 233 Madison Ave.
Nat'l Republican. 1886 54 W. 40th St.
New York Athletic 1868 180 Central Park So.
New York Railroad 1872 30 Church St.
New York Yacht. 1844 37 W. 44th St.

1905 161 W. 93d St.
Players. The

1888 16 Gramercy Park Princeton

1899 Park Ave. at 39th St. Racquet & Tennis 1875 370 Park Ave. Rotary

1909 Hotel Commodore St. Nicholas.

1875 379 Park Ave. Salmagundi

1871 47 Fifth Ave Soldiers and Sallors 1922 283 Lexington Ave Technology

1861 22 E. 38th st. Town

1931 230 W. 74th St. Turf and Field.

1895 250 Park Ave. Turn Verein

1850 Lexington Ave, at 85th


1836 701 Park Ave
Union League 1863 38 E. 37th St.

1865 1 W. 45th St. Uptown.

1918 60 E. 420 St. Vätel

1913 349 W. 48th St. Whitehall Lunch. 1910 17 Battery Place Wiliams

1913 24 E. 39th St. Women's City

1916 Rockefeller Center Women's University 1889 Hotel Biltmore Yale..

1897 50 Vanderbilt Ave.

Dartmouth College.
Downtown Athletic
Dutch Treat.
Lambs, The.

Old N. Y. Subtreasury Building a Historic Site

Source: The National Park Service The old subtreasury building at Wall and Broad tion. He arrived in New York, by ferry, April 23. Sts., New York City, was set aside in April, 1939. Prior to its use as the first seat of the new Fedas a historic site and was dedicated on Feb. 21, eral Government, Federal Hall, or as it was known

before such use, City Hall, it had been used as 1940 as a national historic shrine Federal Hall

the meeting place of Congress under the articles of Memorial. The site is under the administration

Confederation since 1785. Before that, as far back of the National Park Service, Department of the

as 1642, a barn-like structure occupied another Interior.

site nearby at Coenties slip, on Pearl St., until Under the new Constitution, Congress was to 1697, when fears for the safety of the Dutch burmeet at the Federal Hall March 4, 1789, but owing gesses caused them to refuse to use it further. to the absence of a quorum, it did not formally During 1699 the foundation of a new State House assemble until April 6. On that date the votes in was laid on the present site of the subtreasury, and the Electoral College were opened and counted, was finished the following year. and George Washington's election was confirmed. In the present building is contained in a bronze, It was not until April 30 that Washington took glass covered frame, the brown slab upon which the oath because of the distance that had to be Washington stood out on the balcony of the covered by coach and four from Mount Vernon, building facing Broad Street, when he took the where the President-elect awaited formal notifica- oath of office.

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