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SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisious, Mileage, and Operating


General Officers. Colorado and Southern

Chairman of the Board, G. M.

Dodge, New York; President, Railway.-" The ColPueblo Dist., 134.05 m.; Trinidad Dist.,

Frank Trumbull, New orado Roud."

York; 55.24 m.; New Mexico Dist., 149.69

Vice-President, A. D. Parker; (Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico.] ni.; Clear Creek Dist., 65.94 m.;Ft.

Secretary, J. S. Mackie, New Collins Dist.. 142.30 m.;

Platte York. General Otlices, Denver, For year ending June 30, 1907. Total earnings..


Cariou Dist., 102.36 m.; Leadville Col. ; New York Offices, 71 Broad

Dist.. 74.30 m.; Gunnison Dist., way. Operating expenses 9,346,918

164.31 m.: Wyoming Dist., 153.68 m. Fort Worth and Denver City Ry.Net earnings. $4,204,571 Total mileage, 1,042 13.

President, Frank Trumbull, New Other income.... 111,102 Fort Worth and Denver City Ry.,

York; Vice-President, D. B, Kee. Total net income. $4,320.663 454.49 m.

Jer, Fort Worth, Tex. : Secretary, Total payments.. 2,22*,794 EXPRESS Co.-Wells, Fargo & Co.

W.8. Streater, Fort Worth, Tex.

General Oflices, Fort Worth, Tex.; Surplus... $2,091,859

New York Otlices, 71 Broadway

Colorado Midland Rail

way. Colorado. )

President, Frank Trumbull; ViceFor year puling June 30, 1907. Colorado Springs, Col., to Graud President, C. H. Schlacks; GenTotal earnings... $2,454,614

Junction, Col., 303 m.; Aspen Br., 18 eral Manager, Geo. W. Vallery; Operatiugexpenses 1,785,601

n., Jerome Park R.R., 15 m, Total Secretary, James S Mackie, New Vet earnings..... $669,000 mileage, 336.

York. General Offices, Denver, Other income... 49,690 EXPRESS Co.--Wells, Fargo & Co.

Col.; New York Offices, 71 and 195 Total Det income $718,690

Total payments. 531.708


Delaware and Hudson

Railroad. (Pennsylvania, New York, Pennsylvania Div., 130.09 m.; Sara-President, L. F. Loree; Vice-Presi. Vermont.) toga Div., 250.64 m.; Champlain

dent, Chas. A. Peabody; 20 Vice

President, C. S. Sims, Albany, For your ending Dec. 31, 1906. Div., 230.69 m.; Albany and Sus. Total earnings.. 236,669,235 quehauna Div., 233.34 m.

N Y.; Secretary, F. M. Olyphaut,

Total Operating expenses 28,337,957

New York. General Onlices, 32 mileage, 844.76.

Nassau Street, New York.
Net earnings.... $8,331,378 EXPRESS Co.-National.
Total payments... 3,175,140


Delaware, Lackawanna

and Westero Railrond. Main Line, Hoboken, N. J. to Bus-
[Vew York,
New Jersey,

falo, N. Y., 409.85 m.; Morristown Pennsylvania. )

Line., 34.46 m.; Sussex RR. 30.55 Fin' year ending June 30, 1907. m.: Bangor and Portland Ry. President, W. II. Truesdale; Vice. Total earnings... 4,072,806 38.38 m.; Bloomsburg Br., 79.66 m.; Presidents, B. D. Caldwell and E. Operating expenses 18,760,270 S. B. N.Y.R.R., 80.95 m.; Oswego E. Loomis; Secretary, Fred. F. & Syracuse Div., 34.98 m.; Utica

Chambers.' General Offices, 90 Net earnings..... $15.813,536

Div., 106,51 m.; Ithaca Br., 34.41 in.: West Street, New York.
Other income....... 4,802,807

ot ber branches 108.44 m. Total
Total net income. $20.615,343 mileage, 957.19.
Total payments.... 17,117,47 EXPRESS CO.-United States.


Denver and Rio Grande

Chairman of the Board, George Railroad.

Denver to Grand Junction, 449.88 m.; J. Gould, New York; President, (Colorado and New Mexico.] Salida to Grand Junction, 208.63 m.; Edward T. Jeffery, New York; For year' culing Jun 30, 1907.

Cuchara Junction to Silverton, Vice-Presideut, Charles H. Total earnings.

$21,409,041 329.47 m.; Antonito to Santa Fe, Schlacks, Denver, Col.; Sec. Operating expenses 13,252,112 135.79 m.i

Pueblo to Trinidad, retary, Stephen Little, New Net earnings, .... $8,156,929 91.05 m.; Carbon Junction to Farm- York. General Offices, Denver, Oulier income

243,379 ington, 47.66 m.; other branches, Col., and Salt Lake City, Utah;

567.81 m. Total net income. $8,400,308

Total mileage, 1,819.78. New York Otlices, 195 and 335

Broadway. Total payments.... 6.630,364 EXPRESS Co.-Globe,

Surplus........... $1,762,944

Detroit and Mackinac

Bay City to Cheboygan, 195.44 m. ; President and General Manager, (Michigan.)

Prescott Div., 11.8 m.; Rose City J. D. Hawks; Vice-President, For yeitt enling June 30, 1907.

Div., 31.8 m.; Lincoln Br., 14.4 m; G. M. Crocker; Secretary, C. B.
Total earnings. $1.311,274 Au Gres Br., 8.33 m.; Jogging Colebrook, New York. General
Operating expenses 1,010,092 branches, 81.49 m. Total mileage, Offices, Detroit, Mich. ; New York
Net earnings.... $301,15

Oflice, 40 Wall Street.
Total payments... 295,919 EXPRESS Co.-- American,



SYSTEMS, LOCATIOX, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating


Express. Detroit, Toledo and

Irontón -. Ann Arbor System.” (Michigan and Ohio.)

President, E Zimmerman: Vice. For year ending June 30, 1907. Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Ry, 436

Presidents, F. A. Durban, Zanes. Total earnings $4,299 924

ville, O., and Bervard J. Burke. m. ; Ann Arbor R.R., 292 m. Total Operating expenses 2.978,604

New York; General Manager, mileage, 728. Net earnings..... $1,320,320 EXPRESS Co.-Pacific

Geo. K. Lowell. General Offices, Other income...... 24,136

Detroit, Alich,
Total net income $1.349,456
Total payments... 1,343,537

$5,819 Duluth, Sonth Shore and Atlantic Railway.

President and General Manager, (Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota.)

W. F. Fitch, Marquette, Mich. ;

Ist Vice-President, Walter R. Main Line, 517.44 m.; other branches, For year ending June 30, 1907, Total earnings....... $3,311.878

63.60 m. Total mileage, 581.04. Baker, Montreal, Can. ; 2d ViceOperating expenses 2.320,857 EXPRESS CO.-Western,

President,George H.Church, New

York; Secretary, James Clarke, Net earnings........ $991,021 This road is now controlled by the

New York. General Offices, MarOther income....... 13,654 Canadian Pacitic Ry.

quette, Mich.; New York Ofice, Total net income. 81,004,675

44 Wall Street, Total payments... 1,060,210


Erte Diviston: New York Div., 198 Erie Railroad.

m.; Delaware Div., 104 m.; Susque(New York, New Jersey,

hanna Div., 138 m.; Jetterson Div., Pennsylvania, Ohio, In.

43 m.; Tioga Div., 65 m.; Rochester diana, Ilinois.) Div., 147 14.; Butlalo Div., 177 m.; President, F. D. Underwood; Ist

Vice President, G. F. Brownell; Allegheny Div., 132 m.; Bradford For year ending June 30, 1907. Total earnings,

ed Vice-President, G. A. RichardDiv., 84 m.; Wyoning Div., 100 m. $53,914.827

son; 3d Vice-President, H. B. Operating expenses 38,167,039 Ohio Division: Meadville Div., 225

Chamberlain; m.; Cincinnati Div., 204 m.; Mahoni

4th Vice-Presi. Vet earnings..... $15,747,788

dent, J. M. Graham; General ing Div., 167 m.; Lima Div., 127 m.; Other income... 2,720,714 Chicago Div., 125 m,

Manager, J. C. Stuart; Secretary, Total net income $18,468,502 Greenwood Lake Div.. 53 m.; North- David Bosman. General Offices, Total payments.... 16,762,519

ern RR, of New Jersey, 26 m. 11 Broadway, New York.

New Jersey & N. Y. R. R., 38 m. Surplus............. $1,705,933 Total mileage of Erie R.R., 2,152.

EXPRESS Co.-Wells, Fargo & Co. Florida East Coast

Railway. (Florida. )

President, H. M. Flagler, New

York; Vice-President and GenFor year ending June 30, 1906. Jacksonville to Homestead, 894 m. i eral Manager, J. R. Parrott; 28 Total earnings.. $2,471,152 branch lines, 158 m. Total mile

Vice-President, R. W. Parsons, Operating expenses 1.767,617 age, 552. Also connects with

New York:31 Vice-President, J. Net earnings....... $703,505) Steamship Lines from Miami to E. Ingraham; Traffic Manager, Otherincome....... 1,761 Key West, Havana, and Nassau

J. P. Beckwith; Secretary, J. C.

Salter, New York. General Total netincome, $:05,266 EXPRESS Co. -Southern. Total payments....

Offices, St. Augustine, Fla.; New 843,340

York Office, 26 Broadway.
Deficit.............. $138,074
« Frisco System."
(Illinois, Indiana, Missouri,

Kansas, Arkansas, Okla-
loma, Texas, Tennessee, St. Louis & San Francisco R.R , 4.737 President, A.J. Davidson: Ist Vice-
Mississippi, Alabama.) m.; Fort Worth & Rio Grande Ry.,
For your enting June 30, 1907.

President, Robert Mather, New 195.88 m.; Chicago & Eastern Illinois (Exclusive of Chi. & E. III.

York; d Vice President, c. R.
R.R., 947.67 m.; St. Louis, San Fralja
Ꭱ.Ꭱ. )

Gray; 3d Vice-President, w. B. Total earnings...

cisco & Texas Ry., 124.61 m.; Paris $38,621,067

Bidule; 4th Vice-President, A. & Great Northern R, R., 16.94 m. Operating expenses 24,872.579

Douglas; Secretary, F, H. HamTotal mileage, 6.022.10.

illon; Freight Trailie Manager, Net earnings. $13,748,488 EXPRESS Co.- Adams; Southern;

J. A. Middleton, General Offices, Other income.. 1,540,860 Wells, Fargo & Co,

St. Louis, Mo., New York Offices 'Total net income.$10,284,354

71, 401 Broadway. Total payments... 11.130,771 Surplus.

$1,168,583 Georgin Railroad. (Georgia) For year ending June 30, 1907. Augusta, Ga., to Atlanta, Ga., 171 m.; Total earnings.. $3,016, 108 Macon Br., 78 m.; Athens Br.,40 m.; Operating expenses 2.743,674 Washington Br.. 18 m.; White General Manager, Thos, K. Scott. Net earnings.

General Offices, Augusta, Ga.;
Plains Br., 14 m. Total mileage,

Other income...... 7,879

New York Office, 290 Broadway.
Totul net income 78480,663 EXPRESS Co.--Southern,
Total payments....

618,955 Deficit........... 8138,242

SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating


General Officers.

Georgia Southern and

Florida Ry, - ' Sulwanee River Ronte." (Georgia and Florida.) Ibr year ending June 30, 1907. Macon, Ga., to Palatka. Fla., 286 m.: President, w. W. Finley, WashingTotal earnings.... $2,273,345

Valdosta, Ga., to Grand Crossing, ton, D. C.; Vice-President, S. F. Operating expenses 1.880,209

Fla., 106.61 m. Total mileage, Parrott; Secretary, Ben.C. Smith, Net earnings....,


General offices, Macou, Gla.
Other income.... 15,679 EXPRESS CO. - Southern.

Total net income 8408,715 Total payments..... 379,839 Surplus............


Grand Rapids and In

diana Railway. (Indíana and Michigan. ) For ye ending June 30, 1907. Richmond, Ind., to Mackinaw City, President, Joseph Wood, PittsTotal earnings... $4,062,280 Mich., 460 m.; Traverse City Div.,

burgh, Pa. ; Vice-President, W.R. Operating expeuses 3,287,431 26 m.; Muskegon Div., 37 m.; Har

Shelby; General Manager, J. H. bor Springs Br., 6


P. Hugbart; Secretary, R. R. Net earnings...... $774,849 branches, 50 m. Total mileage, 579.

Metheany. General Offices, Other income.. 31,376

Grand Rapids, Mich. Total net income. $80+5,205

EXPRÉSS Co.-Adams, Total paymeuls..... 704,738

Surplus .............. 8101,467

Grand Trunk Railwny. (Maine, New Hampshire,

President, Chas. Rivers Wilson, Vermont, Quebec, Ontario,

London, Eng.; Vice-President, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan

A. W. Smithers, London, Eng. For 6 mos ending June 30, 1907. Eastern Div., 938 m.; Ottawa Div.,

2d Vice-President and General Total earnings, £3,881,259 466 m.; Middle Div., 1,490.25 m;

Manager, Chas. M. Havs; 3d Northern Div., 888.36 m.; Western Operating expenses 9.496,514

Vice-President, E. H. Fitzhugh; Diy , 859.73 m. Total mileage, 4.642 Net earnings...... £894,715

Ath Vice-President, W. WainEXPRESS Co.-Canadian. On Grand wright. Other income...... 131,077

General Offices, MonTrunk Western Ry., National. treal, Quebec; New York Office, Total net income £1,025,792

290 Broadway. Total payments.... 710,474 Surplus...

........... £315,318|

Gront Northern Rail.

way. (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Neal braska, Montana, Idaho,

President, L. W. Hill; 2d ViceWashington, Wisconsin.) Great Northern Ry., 6,489 m.; Mon- President, R. I. Farrington; 3d For year ending June 30, 19177.

tana Central Ry, 249 m.; Wilmar Vice-President and Secretary,

and Sioux Falls Ry.,437 m.; Duluth, Total earnings. $50,048,041

E T. Nichols, New York; Watertown and Pacific Ry., 70 m. General Manager, F. E. Ward. Operating expenses 31,484,729 Total mileage, 6,249.

General Offices, st. Paul, Minn. ; Net earnings. ...

EXPRESS Cu. Great Northern.

New York Ofices, 32 Nassau Other income...... 3,414.798

Street, 379 Broadway.
Total net income. $21.978,110
Total payments.... 19 822,407

Surplus ............ $2,165,703

Hocking Valley Rail

way. (Ohio. ) Toledo, O., to Pomeroy, 0., 252.1 m.;

President, N. Monsarrat; 1st ViceFor yrar ending June 30, 1907,

Athens Br., 26.9 m.; Jackson Bri' President, R. W. Hickox, CleveTotal earnings... .$6.907,048 17.5 m.; other branches, 50.5 m.

land,0.; 2d Vice-President, J. H. Operating expenses. 4,709,809 Totai mileage, 347.

Hovt. Cleveland, 0.; Secretary Net earnings......$2,197,239 EXPRESS Co.-American North of

and Treasurer, W. N. Cott; AS. Other income... 448,428

sistant Secretary and Treasurer, Columbus, O.; Adams South of A.H.Gillard, New York General Total net income. $2,643,677 Columbus, O.

Offices, Columbus O.
Total payments.... 2,320,618


Main Line, 337.98 m.; Western Br., President, R. S. Lovett; Vice-Presi. Houston and Texas Cen- 115 m.; Waco Br., 54.77 m. ; Austin

dent, T. Fay; Secretary, W. H. tril Railroad.

Div., 129.45 m.; Ft. Worth Br., 52.83 (Texas.) m.; Lancaster Br., 4.75 m. Nelleva

Field. General Onices, llouston,

Tex. : New York Office, 120 Financial report included Mexia Cut-otr. 94 m. Total mile

Broadway in Southern Pacific Co.

age, 788.78.
EXPRESS Co. -Wells, Fargo & Co.

SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Officers. FINANCIAL DATA..


Illinois Central Kail. road.

President, James T. Harahan; [minois, Indiana, Wisconsin,

Vice-President, I. G. Rawn; Vicelowa, Minnesota, South Ilinois Central R. R., 706,50 m.; Chi- President and Secretary, A. G. Dakota, Kentucky, Ten

cago, St. Louis and New Orleans Hackstafl, New York; Assistant nessee, Jississippi, Louisi

Secretaries, D. R. Burbank, New R. R., 1.506.19 m.; Dubuque and ana, Missouri, Alabama.)

Sioux City R. R., 759.89 m., other York, and W.G. Bruen, Chicago, For year ending June 30, 1907.

branches, 1,577.50 m. Total mileage, Ul. General Offices, Chicago, Total earnings.....$56.610.633 1,349.07.

M.; New York Offices, 115 and Operating expenses 40,065,524 Yazoo and Miss. Val. R.R..1,239.14 m. 336 Broadway.

Net earnings..... $16,515,109 Indianapolis Southern R. R., 179.26m. General Offices Yazoo and MissisOther income.... 2,818,575 EXPRESS Co.-American,

sippi Valley R. R., Memphis,

Tenn., and Chicago, Ill.
Total net income 819,363,684
Total payments.... 19,317,325

Surplus...... $46,359

Intercolonial Railway. Halifax and Montreal Line, 836.73 m.; (Nova Scotia, New Bruns- St. John Br., 89.36 m. ; Truro and wick, Quebec.)

Sydney Line, 214.17 m.; Oxford and General Manager, D. Pottinger. For 9 mos. ending M112.31.1907. Pictou Br. 69.10 m, ; ('anada Easteru Total earnings.......$6,248,311

General Offices, Moncton, N. B. Br., 125 m.; other branches, 114.20 Operating expenses. 6,030,321 Total mileage, 1.448.62.

Surplus....... $217,990 EXPRESS Co.-Canadian; Dominion.


International and Great
Northern Railroud.

President, George J. Gould, New (Texas. )

York; 1st Vice-President, Frank For year ending June 30, 1907.

J. Gould, New York; 2d ViceTotalearnings..

$8,826,959 Gulf Div., 408.9 m.; Fort Worth Div., President and General Manager, Operating expenses. 6.876,949 372.7 m.; San Antonio Div., 422.9 mi. L, Trice; Secretary, A. R. How

ard; Assistant Secretary, H. B. Total mileage, 1.159.5. Net earnings. .$1,950,010

Henson, New York. General Other income.. 4,530 EXPRESS Co. -Pacific,

Ofices, Palestine, Tex.; New Total net income..$1,954,540

York Offices, 195 and 335 BroadTotal payments..... 1,780,811

way. Surplus............ $173,729 Iowa Central Railway.

President, Edwin Hawley, New

F. H.

York; Vice-President, (Iowa and Illinois.) For year ending June 30, 1907.

Davis, New York; Vice-PresiTotal earnings $3,132,048 Albia, la,, to Albert Lea, Minn.,

dent and General Manager, L. F. Operating expenses 2,150,207 205.32 m.; Oskaloosa, Ia., to Peoria,

Day, Minneapolis, Minn.; Sec

retary, A. C. Doan, New York; Net earnings.. $981.841 Ill., 188.90 m.; other 'branches,

Freight Traffic Manager, J. N. Other income..

164.21 m. Total mileage, 558.43.

Tittemore, Minneapolis, Minn. Total net income. $1,041,695 EXPRESS Co. -Adams,

General Offices, Minneapolis, Total payments... 694,100

Minn; New York Office, 25 Broad Surplus.

Street. $445,595

Kansas City Southern

Kansas City Southern Ry.-Presi. Texarkana and Fort

dent, J. A. Edson; Vice-Presi. Smith Railway.

dent, H, R. Duval, New York; [Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma,

Secretary, R. B. Sperry, New Louisiana, Kansas City, Mo., to Port Arthur,

York. General Offices, Kansas Texas.) Tex., 789 m.; Fort Smith Br., 16

City. Mo.; New York Office, For year ending June 30, 1907. m. ; Lake Charles Br., 23 m. ; Air

25 Broad St. Total earnings. $9,084,331 Line Branch, 6 m. Total mileage, Texarkana and Fort Smith Ry Operating expenses 5,339,518 839.

President, J. A. Edson, Kansas Net earnings..... $3,744.813 EXPRESS CO.-Wells, Fargo & Co. City, Mo. ; Ist Vice-President, Other income.... 78,134

W. L. Estes, General Offices, Total net income. B3,822,947

Texarkana, Tex. Total payments.... 1,367.608

Surplus.... $2,455,339

Lake Erie and Western

President, W. H. Newman; ViceRailrond.

Main Line, 415.48 m.; Indianapolis Presidents, W. C. Brown, E. V. (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois. ) and Michigan City Div., 160.25 m.; W. Rossiter, J. Carstensen, C, F. For6 mos, onding June 30, 1907. Fort Wayne and connorsville Dir., Daly, A. H. Harris, New York; Total earnings. 42,432,538 109,57 m.; Rushville Br., 24.13 m.i C. E. Schatt, Chicago, Ill.; Secres Operating expenses. 1.441.117 Minster Br.,9.95 m.; Northern Ohio

tary, D. W. Pardee, New York ; Net earnings..

$391,421 Ry.,161.75 m. Total mileage, 880.13. General Manager, E. A, Handy, Other income...... 3,658 EXPRESS Co.-American.

Cleveland, O. General offices,

Grand Central Station, New Total net income. $594.959 This road is controlled by Lake

York; Cleveland, O., and InTotal payments.... 594,507 Shore & Mich. Southern Ry.

dianapolis, Ind. Surplus............


SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisious, Milence, and Operating

General Officers,

Express. Lake Shore and Michi.

(hairman of the Board, Chauncey gan Southern Railway

M. Depew, New York; President, [New York, Pennsylvania,

W.H. Newman, New York; ViceOhio, Michigan, Indiana, Eastern Div., 183 m.; Toledo Div., 190 Presidents, W. C. Brown, E. V. Illinois)

m.; Michigan Southern Div.,' 417 W. Rossiter, C. F. Daly, A. H. For 6 mos, ending June 30, 1907. m.; Western Div., 101 m.; Frank- Harris and John Carstensen, Total earnings. $21,589,537 lin Div., 179 m.; Detroit Div., 160 New York; C. E. Schaft, Chicago, Operating expenses 16,313,271 m.; Lansing Div., 290 m. Total Ill; Secretary, D. W. Pardee, Net earnings.. $5,276,200 mileage, 1,520.

New York; General Manager, Other income... 1,950,000 EXPRESS Co.-United States; Amer

E. A. Handy, Clevelaud, 0.; ican,

General Superintendent, J. J. Total net income $7,25,266

Bernet, Cleveland, O. General Total payments.... 7.174,657

Onces, Grand Central Station, Surplus... $51,609

New York, and Cleveland, O.

Lehigh Valley Railrond. (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

New Jersey and Lehigh Div., 237.83 For year ending June 30, 1907. m.; Mahanoy and Hazleton Divs., President, E. B. Thomas: 1st ViceTotal earnings.....836,068,431 159.94 m. ; Wyoming Div., 185.06 m.; President, J. A. Middleton, New Operating expenses 23,114,252 Pennsylvania Div., 327.32 m.; All- York; 24' Vice-President, T. N. Net earnings.

burn Div., 302.30 m.; Buffalo Div., $13,954,179

Jarvis, New York; Secretary, D. Other income.


131.07 m. Branches, 52.07 m. Total G. Baird, General Ollices, Philamileage, 1,395.59.

delphia, Pa.; New York Office, Total net income. $14,899,316 EXPRESS Co.-United States.

143 Liberty Street, Total payments.... 8.874,363 Surplus..


Long Island Railroad. (Long Island, New York. )

Main Line-Long Island City to For year ending Dec, 31, 1906.

Green port, 94.74 m.; Long Island

City to Total earnings.

Montauk, 115.13 m.; $9,595,596

branches owned, 106.48 m.; branches Operating expenses 7,481,162

leased, 63.75 m.; New York and President and General Manager, Net earnings. $2,114,434 Rockaway Beach Ry., 11.74 m, Ralph Peters, General Ottices, Other income..... 406,507 Total mileage, 391.84.

Long Island City, New York,and Total net income.$2,520,941 EXPRESS Co.-Long Island,

128 Broadway, New York. Total payments, .... 2,549,300 This road is now controlled by the Deficit.............

$28,359 Pennsylvania R, R. Louisville and Nashville

Railrond. (Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois,

l'resident, Milton H. Smith; ChairGeorgia, North Carolina, Cincinnati to Louisville, 114 m.; man of Board, Henry Walters, Virginia, Tennessee, Ala- Louisville to Nashville, 187 m.; New York; Ist Vice-President, bama, Florida, Louisiana, Nashville to New Orleans, 625 m. : W. L. Mapother; 2d Vice-PresiMississippi.)

Memphis Junction to Memphis, 259 dent, A. W. Morriss, New York; For year ending June 30, 1907. m.; St. Louis to Nashville, 320 m.; 3d Vice-President, A. R. Smith; Total earnings.. 848,263,945 Louisville to Lexington, 94 m.; 4th Vice-President, G. E. Evans; Operating expenses 36,701,302 Cincinnati to Marietta, 496 m.; Secretary, J. H. Ellis; General Net earnings.....$12,482,613

other branches, 2,247.56 m. Total Manager, B. M. Starks; Tratlic Other income.....

Gen1.561,755 mileage, 4,342.56.

Manager, c. B. Compton.

eral Offices, Louisville, Ky.; New Total net income $14,041,398 EXPRESS Co.-Adams; Southern,

York Offices, 71 and 290 Broadway. Total payments... 7,593,875 Surplus...... $6,450,523

Maine Central Railroad. Portland to Vanceboro, via Augusta,
Maine, New Hampshire, 250,90 m.; Cumberland Junction to
Vermont, Quebec.)

Skowhegan, 91.20 m.; Bath to Lewis-
For year' ending Jun 30, 1907. ton and Farmington, 76.30 m.; Bel-
Total caruings. $8,348,139 fast Br., 33,13 m.; Dexter Br., 30.77 President, Lucius Tuttle; Vice-
Operating expenses 5,664,172 m.; Mt. Desert Br. (including Steam

President and General Manager, Net earnings..... $2,683,967 Ferry), 48.83 m.; Portland to Lunen

George F. Evans, General Offices, Other income...

burg, 109.10 m.; Quebec Juuction to
Lime Ridge, 108.18 m.; Bath to

Portland, Me.
Total net income. $2,781,097 Rockland (including Steam Ferry),
Total payments.... 2,620,002 49,09 m.; branches, 107.17 m. Total


mileage, 931.40.

EXPRESS CO. --American. Michigan Centrul R.R. (New York, Ontario, Michi. Main Line, Buffalo to Chicago, 536.4 Chairman of the Board, H. B. Led. gan,Ohio, Indíana, Illinois.] m. ; Toledo Div., 58.9 m. ; St. Clair

yard, Detroit, Mich. ; President, For 6 mos. Culing June 30, 1907. Div., 66.4 m. ; Graud Rapids Div.,

W.H. Newman, New York; ViceTotal earnings.....$13,833,981 94.5 m.; Mackiuaw Div., 182.3 m.;

Presidents, W. C. Brown, New Operating expenses 11,331,423 Air Line Div., 101.2 m.; Saginaw

York; C. E. Schatf, Chicago, Ill; Div., 115.3 m.;

E. V. W. Rossiter, John Carsten.

Bay City Div., Net earnings..... $2,009,558

ser, C. F. Daly and A. H. Harris, Other income..... 250,637

108.9 m.; Saginaw Bay and N. W.
Div.,27.4 m.; other branches, 481.5 m.

New York; Secretary, D. W. ParTotal net income $2,753,195 Total mileage, 1,745.32.

dee, New York, General Offices, Total payments.... 2,677.659

Grand Central Station, New York; EXPRESS Co.-American. Surplus..... $70,536,

Chicago, Ill. ; Detroit, Mich.

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