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- Won by J. J. McLaughlin, B. A. A., 46 ft. 5 1-2 in.; F. J. Hiney, B. A. A., second, 44 ft. 6 1-4 in.; W. B. Colleary, 1. A. A. A., third, 43 It. 2 3-4 in. 16-pound shot put--Won by J. C.'Lawler, 1. A. A. A: 46 1 4 5-8'in.; L. A. Whitney, B. A, second, 46 it.2 1-4 in.; R. A Sheppard, 1. A. A. A:: third . 8 in.

by A.131 inMeagher, I. A. A. A., second, 129 ft. 1 3-4 in.; W. Lynch, I. A. A. A., third, 120 ft. 2 in. Discus throw - Won by L. A. Whitney, B. A. A, 111 ft. 41-2 in.; J. C. Lawler, I. A. A. A., second, 111 ft. 4 in.; R. A. Sheppard, 1. A. A. A., third, 111 lt. 3 1-2 in. Javelin throw-Won by F. J. Rourke, B. A. A., 147 ft. 5 1-2 in.; W. B. Colleary, 1. A. A. A., second, 143 ft. 1-2 in.; Carl Lender, B. A. A., third, 141 ft. (New record.) 56-pound weight-Won by William Lynch, I. A. A. A., 29 it. 3 in.; J. H. Hedlund (unattached), second, 27 it. 7 in.; J. C. Lawler, 1. A. A. A., third, 27 it. 3 in. Middle Atlantic Championships, held at Philadelphia, Pa., September 7. Point score:

Germantown Boys' Club 57. Pittsburgh A. A. 23, Shanahan c. 6. 20, Mercury A. A. 20, Victrix C, C. 18, Marquette A. A. 16, Philadelphia Turners 5, St. Patrick's C. C. 3, Artisans' A. A. 3, Unattacbed 4. Summaries: 100 yards--Final won by Bostock, P. A. A.; McMasters, P. A. A., second: Dorsey, Sharahan C. C., third; Schul, Artisans, fourth. Time-108. 880 yards ---Won by Carson, Germantown B. C.; Cross, P. A. A., second; Dougherty, Victrix A. C., third. Time-2m. Shot put-Won by Pike, Mercury A. C., 42 it. 6 in.; Comberford, Shanahan C. C., second, 41 ft. 10 3-4 in.; Devereaux, Germantown B. C. third, 38 ft. 2 1-2 in. (New Middle Atlantic A. A. U. record.) 120yard high hurdles-Final heat won by Smalley, Germantown B. C.;

Barron, Mercury A. C., second; Warren, Germantown B. C., third. Time--16 1-5s. One mile-Won by Lafuna, Victrix C. C.; Entwisle, Germantown B. C., second; Giorgana, Marquette. A. C., third. Time-4m. 36s. 440 yards - Won by Hayes, Victrix C C.: Dorsey, Shanahan C. c., second; Steele, Germantown B. C.. third. Time--50 3-58. One-mile walk-Won by Erwig, P. A. A.; Root, Mercury A, C., second Vase, Germantown B. C., third. Time-7m. 22 1-58. 220 yards-Final heat won by Bostock, P. A. A.; Jones, Germantown B. C., second; J. B. Bunting, Germantown B. C., third. Time---21 4-58. Javelin throw-Won by Brechemin, Marquette A. C., 146 It. 11 in.; H. Rutter. Jr. (unattached), second, 145 ft. 6 in.; Barck, Artisans' A. C., third, 145 ft. 6 !n. Five miles-Won by La Funa, Victrix C. C.; Williams, St. Patrick C. C., second; E. Bunting, Marquette A. C., third: McKernon (unattached), fourth. Time-27 m. 23s. 220-yard low burdles-Won by Fryckberg. Shanahan C. C.; Barron, Mercury A. C., second; Burgess, Germantown B. C., third. Time-25 2-58. Running broad jump-won by Fryckberg, Shanahan c. C.. 221t. 1-2 !0. Hough, Marquette A. C.. 21 ft. 8 1-2 in., second; Bertlett, Germantown B. C., 21 ft. 8 in., third. Running high jump-Won by Farrier, Germantown B. C., 5 ft. 8 in.; Hallet, Germantown B. C., 5 ft. 8 in., serond; Thibault, Germantown B. C. 5 ft. 8 in., third. Central Association Indoor Championships, held at Chicago, Ill., February 28.

Point score: Chicazo A. C. 34, Illinois A. C. 24, Votre Dame University 17, University of Chicago 16, ứnattached 8, Northwestern University 5, First Regiment A. A. 1. Summaries: One mile--Won by Waage, Notre Dame; O'Donnell, Illinois A. C., second; Stout, University of Chicago, third. Time-4m. 375. Putting 16-pound shot-Won by Fletcher, Chicago A. A.: Šichenlaub. Notre Dame, second: Bachman, Notre Dame, third. Distance-42 ft. 1 in. 60 yards-Won by Loomis, Chicago A. A.; Barancik, University of Chicago, second: Bergman, Notre Dame, third. Time-6 3-5s. 60-yard high hurdles-Won by Ward, University of Chicago; Burgess, Illinois A. C., second; Kuh, muinois A. C.. third. Time -88. 440 yards ---Won by Lindberg, Chicago A. A.; Blair, Chicago A. A., second: Henehan, Notre Dame, third. Time--558. 880 yards-Won by Osborne, Northwestern University: O'Donneh. Dlinois A. C., second: Schriver, Illinois A. C., third. Time-2m. 1 1-5s. 60 yard low hurdles-Won by (ory, unattached; Burgess, Illinois A. C., second: Ward, University of Chicago, third. Time-7 1-5s. Two miley-Won by Ray, Illinois A. C.; Copeland, Chicago A. A., second; Cameron. Illinois A. C., third. Time9m. 31 3-5s. One-mile relay-Won by Chicago A A. (Ward, Irons, Blair, and Lindberg); University of Chicago, second: Notre Dame, third. Time-3m. 398. Five miles-Won by Ray, Illinois A. C.; Christensen, unattached, second; Boyce, Chicago A. A., third. Time-29m. 34 3-58. High jump-Won by Porter, Chicago A. A.; Simenson. First Regiment, second: Loomis, Chicago A. A., third. Height-5 ft. 11 in. Pole vaultWon by Rockne, Notre Dame; Thomas, University of Chicago, second; Murphy, Chicago A. A., third. Height -12 it. 4 in.

Central Association Outdoor Championships, held at Dayton. Ohio, July 4. Point score: Illinois A. C. 57, Chicago A. A. 45. University of Illinois 30. University of Wisconsin 15, Detroit Y. M. C. A. 6, University of Chicago 5. Summaries: 220-yard low hurdles-Won by H. Goelitz, Chicago A. AJ. (. Loomis, Chicago A. A, second; G. W. Burgess, Illinois A. C.. third. Time 24 3-5s. Discus throw-Won by I. M. Mucks, Wisconsin; C. F. Cross, Detroit Y. M. C. A., second: A. W. Koehler, Mlinois A. C., third. Distance--133 ft. 2 1-5 in. 880 yards-- Won by F. Henderson, Illinois: C. V. O'Donnell, Illinois A. C., second; A. D. Alexander, Cleveland A. C., third. Tine-im. 56 4-5s. Running high jump--- Won by A. W. Richard, Nidots A. C.; J. G. Loomis, Chicago A. A., second; E. R. Palmer, Chicago A. A..; H. F. Porter, Chicago A. A., and H. Solomen, Dayton, tied for third. Height-6 ft. 2 in, Two miles-Won by J. W. Ray, hlinois A. C.; F. S. Cameron, Illinois A. C., second: W. Watson, Chicago A, A., third. Time_9m. 46 1-5s. Shot put--Won by A. W. Koehler, Illinois A. C.; H. C. Kranzler, Chicago A, A., gecond; A. N. Mucks, Wisconsin University, third. Distance-45 ft. 2 1-2 in. 120-yard high hurdles --Won by M. Keown, University of Chicago; H. Goelitz, Chicago A. A., second; B. W. Brodt, Illinois A. C., third. Time--15 3-58. 100 yards.-Won by E. P. Holman, Illinois, J. G. Loomis, Chicago A. A., second; C. B. Smith, Wisconsin, third. Time-lois. One mile--Won by J. W. Ray, Illinois A. C.; W. J. Noonan, Illinois A. C., second; N. A. Wright, Mlinois, third. Time--4m. 218. 440 yardsWon by Dismoni, University of Chica:o; F. Henderson, Illinois, second; R. Jansen, Chicago A. A., third. Tie-48 3-58. 220 yards-Won by C. B. Smith, Wisconsin; R. S. Bond, Illinois A. C. second; C. 0. Parker, Illinois A. C., third. Time--22 3-5s. One-mile relay-Won by University of Illinois: Chleago A. A. second, University of Wisconsin third. Time-3m. 22 4-58. Pole vault Won by M. W. Phelps, Chicago A. A.; G. W. Shaw, Chicago A. A., second; E. Knourek, Illinois A. C., thir. Height - 12 ft. Running brond jump-Won by H. A. Pogue, University of Illinois; D. T. hern, Illinois A. C., second: L. Karimo, Detroit Y. M. C. A., third. Distance-23 it. 4 in. Hammer throw-Won by A. W. Kowhier, Illinois A. C.; N. F. Talbot, Chicago A. A., second; H, Franz. Ilinois A. C., third. Distance-164 ft. 6 in.

Central Association All-Round Championships, held at Chicago. III., August 29. Point score: A. Brundage, C. A. A., 6,671; H. Goelitz, C. A. A., 5,859; A. Hutchinson, unattached, 5.580; D. Howett, C. A. A., 3,340; C. Christenson, D. A. A. A., 3,063; S. Heiss, First Regiment, 2,545. Summaries: 100 yards-First heat--Won by H. Goelitz, Hutchinson second. Brundage third. Time-10 2-5s. (estimated). Second heat--Won by S. Heiss, Howett second, Christenson third. Time--101-55.

16-pound shot Won by Brundage. 39 It. 8.1-4 in.; Goelitz, second, 39 st. 3 in.; Howett. third, 31 ft. 4 in.; Hutchinson, fourth, 30 ft. 7 in.; Heiss, fifth, 27 !t. 4 1-2 in.; Christenson, sixth, 23 ft. 7 in. High jump-Brundage and Hutchinson tied, 5 ft. 8 in.; Goelits and Howett tied for third, 5 ft. 6_in.; Heise, fifth, 5 ft.; Christenson, sixth, 4 ft. 8 in. 880-yard walk-Won by Christenson, A. Brundage second, Hutchinson third, Goelitz fourth, Howett Ath. Heiss sixth. Time-3m. 558. 16-pound hammer-Won by Brundage, 119 ft. 2 in.; Goelitz, second, 99 it.;

Hutchinson, third, 99 ft.; Howelt. Heiss and Christensoo threw less than 55 ft. and failed to score. Pole vault--Won by Brundage, 9 it. 6 in.; Hutchinson and Coelitz tied, 8 it.; Christenson, 7 ft. 2 in; Howett and Heiss tied, 6 it. 7 in. 120-yard hurdles-Won by Goelitz, Hutchinson second, Brundage third. Time-16 1-58. Second heat-Won by Howett, Heiss and Christenson tied. Time-19. 56-pound weight-Won by Brundage. 26 it. & in.; Hutchinson, second, 24 st. 5 in.; Goelitz, third, 19 ft. 3 in.; Howett. fourth. 17 It. 9 in.; IIeiss fifth, Christenson sixth. Broad jump-Won by Hutchinson, 21 ft. 2 in.; Goelitz, second, 19 ft. 4 1-2 in.; Brundage, third, 19 ft. I in.; Howett, fourth, 19 ft.; Heiss Aith, Christenson sixth. One-mile run--Won by Christenson, Hutchinson second, Goelitz third, Heiss fourth, Brundage oth; Howett did not Anish. Time--4m. 568.

OTHER EVENTS. Championships of England, held at Stamford Bridge, London, July 3 and 4. The following Americans competed: J. F. Simons Princeton; James C. Patterson, University of Pennsylvania; W. F. Potter, Yale University: Harry J. Smith, Bronx Church House. New York; Homer Baker. Thomas Paton, and H. Harbison, all of the New York A. C. Summaries: 100 yards-Won by W. R. Applegarth, Polytechnic Harriers (the holder); C. W. Taylor, Surrey A. C., second; V.H A. d'Arcy, Polytechnic, third. Time--108. 220 yards-Won by W. R. Applegarth. Polytechnic Harriers. Time--21 1-56., equalling the record. 440 yards-Won by C. N. Seedhouse. Blackheath Harriers; A. P. Mitchell, London University, second; Homer Baker, New York A. C.. third. Time--50s. 880 yards-Won by Homer Baker, New York A. C.; A. G. Hill, Polytechnic Harriers, second; R. E. Atkinson, Cambridge Unlversity, third. Time-lin. 51 2-58. 120-yard hurdlesWon by G. H. Gray. Salford Harriers (the holder); W. F. Potter, Yale University and New York A. C., second: K. Powell, Cambridge University and London A. C., third. Time--154-58. Brond jump-Won by P. C. Kingsford, London A. C., 23 ft. 3 3-4 in.: J. F. Simons, Princeton University, was unplaced. Running high jump-Won by W. M. Oler, Jr., New York A. C., 6 ft. 2 1-2 in.; B. H. Baker, Liverpool Harriers (the holder), second, 6 ft. 2 in.; J. F. Simons, Princeton University, third, 6 ft. Four miles-Won by G. W. Hutson, Surrey A. C. (the holder): A. H. Nicholls, Surrey H. C., second; F. Price. Newport Harriers, third. Time--19m. 41 1-53. Sbot put--Won by A. R. Taipale, Finland, 44 ft. 71-2 in.; H. Harbison, New York A. C., second, 43 it. 6 1-2 in. Discus throw--Won by A. R. Taipale, Finland, 144 ft. 6 1-4 in.: H. Quinn Polytechnic Harriers, London, second, 125 ft. 3-4 in.; 0. Toldy, Hungary, third, 123 it. 4 in. One mile-Won by G.W.Hutson, 4m. 225.

Australian Championships won by Americans. George L. Parker, Stockton, Cal., won the 220-yard championship in 221-23., and also the 440-yard championship in 51 2-58. J. A. Powers, Boston A. A., won the one-mile championship in 4m. 25 4-59., while the pole vault championship was a tie between Ruric Templeton, Olympic Club, San Francisco, and M. Brake, Victoria, Australia, 11 ft. cach.

The following Australian records were established by members of the American team: J. A. Powers ran one mile on a grass track in 4m. 18 2-5s. Reginald Gaughey of the Ukiah, Cal., High School broke the Australasian shot-put record several times during the thirteen weeks, his best mark standing at 45 ft. 1-4 in. Georke Parker of the Stockton, Cal. High School made an Australasian record of 11 4-5s. for 120 yards and a new New Zealand quarter-nile record of 49 1-55. Ruric 'Templeton of Stanford University put the Australasian pole vault record up to 11 ft. 6 1-2 in.

International relay, for men each, 410 yards, February 11, at Madison Square Garden, New York City. The United State3 relay team (J. E. Meredith, University of Pennsylvania; H. E. Birker, New York A, C.; M. W. Sheppard, Irish-American A C., and Thomas J. Haloin, Boston) defeated the Canadians (J. Tressider, John Tait, H. Phillips, and G. M. Brook), 3m. 26 3-58.

IMPORTANT LONG DISTANCE AND CROSS COUNTRY RACES, April 18-St. Louis, Mo., M. A. C. Marathon. Finish of first tive: Won by Sidney Hatch, Illinois A. C., 2h. 59 m. 433,; serond. William Matthews, M. A. C., 3h. 14m. 58.; third, Charles Lobert, M.A.C., 3h, 25m. 244.; fourth. Henry Levinson, M. A. O., 3h. 30m, 11s.; Aith, Olaf Lodal, Danish-American A. C. (Chicago), 3h 25m. 188.

April 20--B. A. A. Marathon, 25 miles. Finish of first five: Won by James Duffy, Hamilton, Ontario, 2h. 25m. 1 1-53.; second, Erlward Fabre, Montreal, Quebec, 2h. 25m. 163.; third. J. M. Lordan, Cambridge, 2h. 28m. 42 1-55.; fourth, Walter Bell, Montreal, Quebec, 2h. 30m. 37 2-58.; fiti, Arthur V. Roth, Roxoury, 2h 31m. 83-55.

May 2-London, England, 12-hour walking race-Won by E. C. Horton, establishing a new re ord, 73 miles 145 yardis; second, Van Meurs, 70 miles 1.662 yards; third, Hammond, 70 miles 77? yards. Vey records made during the race: il milcs in lh. 24m. 91-58. by Robert Bridge to the sixteenth mile (21. 5. n. 39 4-33.) when he retired. E. C. Horton led from the fifty-first mile; he male 60 miles in 9h 42m. 108., and 70 miles in 11h. 27m. 24 3-5%.

May 2 -- Very York City, modified Marathon, 13 miles. Finish of first ten: Won by Hannes Kolehmainen, Irish-American A. C., lh. 9m. 1-58.; second, Gaston Strobino, unattached 11. lim. 25.; third, Harry Smith, Bronx Church House, 1h. 12m 55 1-58.; fourth, Willie Kyronen, Kileva A C., Th. 12 m. 585.; tifth George Holden, Yonkers Y. M. C. A., Th. lim. 275; sixth, i. Morris, Sinart Set A. C., 1b. 1110. 28s.; seventh, C. de Stefano, Ozanam A. A., Th. 16m. 59. eighth. H. Lonahan, New York A. C., lh. 16 m. 98.; ninth, F. Travelena, Mohawk A. C., Th. 16m, 125.; tenth, W. Horton, New York A. C., ih. !6m 34s.

June 20-Loudon, Enland, annual Marathon from Windsor Castle to Chelsea football grounds for a trophy valued at $2,500), under the a 13pices of the Polytechnic Harriera-Won by Djebela, Frenre, 2n. 10m. 50 4-58.; second. Westbury, Sweden; third, Grumer, Sweden. Forty-three conpetitory started They were sent away by King George.

Julys i Chicago, Ill., Portage Park. 10-mile road race. Finish of first five: Won by S. Hatch, I. A C. Th. 1:3m. lls; second, J. Piateck, Park A. C., 1h. 11.; third, G. Hankel, Danish-American A.C., Th. 16 m. 12.; urth, 1. Erickson, Palmer Park, lh. 17m.; fifth, J. Martin, I.A.C. Th. 17 m. 125.

July 15 -London, England, run to Brighton and return, distance 156 miles-C. W. Hart, Enziand, covered the distance in 4 stage: in 4+b. 415.

September 20 -Chicago, III., modified Marathon held by Chicago llebrer Institute, 12 miles. Finish of fri fye: Won by Siluey Hatch, Illinois A. C., 1h. 13m. 433.; serond. Curtis Booth, Purtate Park A. A.. lh. 11m. 278.; third. W. J. Kennedy, unattached. lh. 14m. 369.; fourth, J. J. Kosaltki. Illinois 4. C.. lh. 17 m. 54%; fifth, Manel Cooper, Portage Park A. A., Th. lin. 5s.

September 26 --Chicago, Ill., 10-mile road run--Won by C. Christensen, Danish-American A. C. 5 233

October 2--Brockton, Mass. 25- intle Marathon Trom Boston, Mass.-Won by F. J. Madden, Dorchester, M. Tim-2. 33m. 16 3-14.

SEVEN-MILE WALK, A. A. U CHAMPIONSHIP. October 31 - Vev York City - Won by E. Renz, Mohawk A. C., 54m. 13 3-58.; second, R. F. Remir, Irish-American 1. C., 51m. 48 2-38.; third, F. Kaiser, New York A. C., 50 m. 24 1-58.; fourth, F. R. Plant, Long Island 20,58 10 2-5%.

TEX-MILE A AUCHAMPIONSHIP. October 31 - Vew Yk (ins - by u. kahina nen, Irish-Americani C., 52m. 47 3-5s.: second.. Pann nach 51m. 111-5y; thra, V. Glanakopulos, liilirose A. A., 55 mn. 078.; fourth, J. W. Pani, Long Island A. C., 55m. 26 2-5).

(For other Athletic Records, see Iudes.)

MOTOR BOAT RACINA, 1914. RACES for the Harmsworth Trophy and world's championship, although the American challenger, Disturber IV., arrived in England, had to be abandoned on account of the war. The Philadelphia-Bermuda race was declared ofl. Results of most important races follow:

March 30, St. Augustine, Fla.-Southern Cham- | New York, captured the first heat of the Class E pionship Speed Boat Races for 1914. The first event, event, 20 mlles, in 33m. 35 1-28. a hall-mile trial against time, was won by the Hydro July 4, Peoria, IlI.-Baby Speed Demon won the Bullet of Chicago, which travelled at the rate of Webb Trophy championship, the American power 43.9 miles an hour. Earl O. Deakin is the Hydro boat classic. The course was absolutely calm and Bullet's owner. The first heat in the contest for Baby Speed Demon made four l-mile trials. Up boats of the 20-foot class, six laps over a 24-knot stream, lm. 8 3-5s.; down stream, Im. 6s.; up stream, course, was won by Wisconsin Kid, owned by S. T. 1m. 8s.; down stream, Im. 6 2-5s. Because of Kitty Brock of Portland, Ore. The final event, a 15-knot Hawk's disablement Baby Speed Demon had little handicap race, was won by Hydro-Bullet in 29m. 388. trouble in winning the second heat of the Webb

March 31, St. Augustine, Fla.--The Hydro-Bullet Trophy championship event, free for all, over a won the first heat of the event for boats of the 26- 25-mile course. She made the course in 36m. 228., foot class, covering 15 knots in 25m. 41-28. The a speed of 41.30 miles an hour. This gave her same boat also finished first in the six-lap handicap the race. Shot was second and Warren Groat race over a 24-knot course. Over a limited course third. Warren Groat (W. T. Warren, Chicago) the Wisconsin Kid won the speed trial event, making won the second heat and the race in the Class an average of 45 miles an hour.

C event, 15 miles. Time-27m. 28 4-os. P. D. Q. April 1, St. Augustine, Fla.-The Hydro-Bullet IV. (A. C. Strong, Burlington, Ia.) won the second won scratch event.

heat and
the race on points

in the

Class B event, 10 April 3, St. Augustine, Fla.-Hydro-Bullet won miles. Time-21m. 159. Spot (Thomas J. Tracy, the second trial for speed boats of the 26-foot class New York) won the second heat and the race in the in the 15-knot handicap event of the Southern cham- Class E event, 20 miles. Time-32m. 268. pionship speed boat races.

July 5, New York City-Colonial Yacht Club's April 4, St. Augustine, Fla.—Final heats of the race from West One Hundred and Fortieth Street to championship handicap at 30 nautical miles were won Cornfield Lightship and return. 183 miles: by the Jane s., with the Hydro-Bullet second and the Impudence Junior third. Time-lh. 16m. 48.

Elapsed Corrected Hydro-Bullet would have won if she had not bent


Time, Time. her rudder. The Hydro-Bullet won the speed cham

H. M. S. pionship of the South and established a new record

H. M. 8. for the Matanzas course. She won every event she Flyaway III. (C. B. Taylor). 13 00 10

13 00 10 entered except the Southern handicap. The Wis- Etathay (Smith & Gardner). 24 38 30 15 49 36

Virginia (H. M. Betts)

24 29 03 16 09 26 consin Kid won the final in the 20-foot class; the

Blue Peter (V.A.Nachmann) 19 17 00 16 41 38 Hydro-Bullet won the final in the 26-foot class, and

Frances (H. G. W. Hoertel). 21 56 21 the Impudence Junior won the 15-nautical-mile

17 52 52 handicap. Time-lh. flat.

Amalia II. (C. Reinschild). 21 52 18 18 30 55 June 6, New York City-Columbia Yacht Club Tec (W. C. Wheeler).. 22 33 54 20 36 27 (Eighty-sixth Street and North River):

July 12, New York City-Columbia Yacht Club's CLASS 1, DIVISION 1-DISTANCE, 10 MILES. race from New York City to Stratford Shoal Light

and return, 112 nautical miles:


48 FEET.
H. M. S.

Elapsed Eastern Star.

0 35 43

Time. Firenze

0 51 55 Bernk III. 1 11 03

H. M. S. CLASS 2, DIVISION 2-DISTANCE, 30 MILES. Etathay (8. Gardner)..

15 48 30 Virginia (H. M. Betts).

17 35 27 Reliance Peter Pan..

1 5 30 Señorita, Jr.

1 34 29

65 FEET. CLASS 2, DIVISION 1-DISTANCE, 30 MILES. Flyaway III. (C. B. Taylor)

7 36 55 Adelaide 11 40 17 Blue Peter (V. A. Nachmann).

11 47 26 Alene III. did not finish.

Elsana III. (H. C. Pearson).

12 01 55 June 21, New York City to Block Island, R. I. - July 23, Baltimore, Md.--Race from Camden, Sir Thomas Lipton Cup was won permanently by N. J., 368 nautical miles: Class A, 43 feet and over H. Wallace's Thistle, 9h. 36m. 158. H. G. w. -Won by Caliph, Philadelphia, elapsed time, 41h. Hoertel's Frances, second, 9h. 57m. 545.; W. Thomas's 11m. 258., corrected time, 37h. 45m. 478.; MarFabius, third.

guerite II., Philadelphia, second, elapsed time, 37h. June 28, New York City to Albany and return, 55m., corrected time, 37h. 55m. Class B, under 43 235 nautical miles:

feet--Won by Flyaway III., New York, elapsed time, CRUISERS-CLASS A.

23h. 50m., corrected time, 23h. 50m., average 15%

knots; Mirna, Ocean City. Second, elapsed time.

Elapsed Corrected 45h. 32m. 48., corrected time, 28h. 47m. 40s.; Blue YACHT AND OWNER.

Time. Time. Peter, New York, third, elapsed time, 42h. 8m.

8s., corrected time, 32h. 38 m. 41s.; Hyacinth, Chester,

H. M. S. H. M. S. fourth, elapsed time, 57h. 12m. 12s., corrected time, Retta D. (Charles Dalton). 34 58 33 21 42 57 39h, 52m. 438.; Casino, Philadelphia, fifth, elapsed Respite (Dr. C. V. Pederson 28 55 24 22 45 47 time, 48h. 22m., corrected time, 39h. 41m. ils.; Etat hay (S. Gardner)

32 06 03 23 31 50 Jennie S. Camden, sixth, elapsed time, 51h. 14m. Thistle (J. H. Wallace)

23 42 22 Scratch. 328, corrected time, 33h. 18m. 53s.; Eugenia, PhilaBlue Peter (V. A. Nachmann) 27 59 43 27 25 10 delphia, seventh, disabled and did not finish. OPEN BOATS-CLASS B.

July 30, Lake George, N. Y.-30-mile race for Eastern Star (E. L. Finch)| 18 44 25 | Scratch.

championship of America: July 3, Peoria, Ill.Kitty Hawk VI., owned by

Elapsed H. H. Timken of Canton, Ohio, broke two American


Time. power boat records. She covered a downstream mile in lm. 6s., an upstream mile in lm. 83-58., and

M. S. a downstream mile in lm. 73-58. The Kitty Baby Reliance v

41 07 Hawk's records were not made in races, but in trials

Baby Speed Demon II.

41 45 against time. In the Class B event, 15 miles, the

Buffalo Enquirer.

44 11 Warren Groat, owned by W. T. Warren of Chicago,

P. D. Q. V

44 27 won the second heat and the race in 29m. 498. The

Ankle Deep

44 32 Warren Groat also won the second heat and the race

P. D. Q. IV.

48 55 in the Class D event, 10 miles, in 20m. 14 1-58., and


50 10 the Arst heat in the Class C event, 15 miles, in 29m.

Hawk Eye.

50 21 49 1-2s. The Spot, owned by Thomas J. Tracy of July 31, Lake George, N. Y.--30-mile race for

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MOTOR BOAT RACING, 1914-Continued. championship of America-Baby Speed Demon II., CABIN LAUNCH TROPHY-COURSE 21% 43m. 478.; Buffalo Enquirer, 47m. 52s. Competition

MILES. decided on points and won by Baby Speed Demon Flyaway III

1 16 41 1 16 41 II. (Mrs. Paula H. Blackton), 29 points, Buffalo *Wilfreda..

1 28 34 Enquirer (W. J. Conners), 26 points; Ankle Deep Thistle..

2 06 49 2 21 04 (Count Casimir Mankowski), 14 points.

Blue Peter.

2 02 532 21 17 August 1, Lake George, N. Y.-1-mile champion- Pandora II..

2 16 11 2 27 47 ship of America won by Baby Speed Demon II. in

• The Wilfreda had to allow time to all, and her six trials, average time, im. 20s., Buffalo Enquirer,

rating shows Flyaway a winner and Wilfreda second, average time, 1m. 24s.

second. August 2, New York City, Colonial Yacht Club Course to Poughkeepsie and return, 132 miles:





1 08 36 1 17 42 Little Gunfire..

1 13 14 1 1 13 14 H. M. S.

MOTOR YACHT CUP-COURSE, 21% MILES. Flyaway III. (C. B. Taylor).

6 32 17 Fabius (W. E. Thomas)

9 44 01
Flora del Mar..

. 1 2 18 56 Etta L. (G. Young)

10 25 09 CABIN LAUNCH TROPHY-COURSE, 2146 Respite (Dr. C. V. Pederson)

10 26 06

Amalia II. (C. Reinschild).

11 25 09
Flyaway III.

1 13 32 1 13 32 POWER BOATS CLASS BSAME COURSE. Blue Peter.

1 56 15 2 14 39 Fabius (W. E. Thomas) 12 07 47 Thistle..

2 00 09 2 15 24 Amalia II. (C. Reinschild). 13 50 25 Pandora II.

2 17 55 2 24 31 POWER BOATS-CLASS A-SAME COURSE. The point scores: Class A--Muirmaid 14, Little Respite (Dr. C. V. Pederson)

15 16 17 Gunfire 10, Eastern Star 4, Amorita 3, Adelaide 2. Etta L. (G. Young)

15 25 23 Class DFlora del Mar 3. Class C-Harpoon 1. August 26-29, Manhasset Bay, N. Y.-Carnival of

Class E-Flyaway III. 14, Blue Peter V. 10, Thistle Associated Engine and Boat Manufacturers. August

7, Pandora II. 1. Wilfreda 4. 26, International Trophy, course 30 miles-Har

August 29-Long Distance Cruising--Course, 70 poon (W. H. Young), elapsed time, 1h. 12m. 42s.

miles, to Stratford Shoal and return; Peter Pan VI. (James Simpson), defender, did not Flyaway III..

4 00 42 4 34 22 start.



Corrected Elapsed

0 52 12 1 0 52 12 BOAT AND OWNER.

Time. Time.

0 56 34 0 57 59 Eastern Star,

0 18 43 0 59 59 H. M. S. H. M. S. Little Gunfire (W. J. Brainard) 1 17 50 1 17 50

September 3-5. Buffalo, N. Y.--Buffalo Motor Muirmaid (P. A. Proal

1 13 23 1 22 29

Boat Club. September 3-25-mile race- Won by Adelaide (11. C. Cushing, Jr).. 1 29 07 1 39 21

Baby Reliance V.; Baby Speed Demon II., second; Amorita (W. T. Randolph), 1 24 18 1 43 16

Buffalo Enquirer, third. Speed of winner, 47 miles Eastern Star (E. Le Roy Finch) 1 18 04 1 59 35

per hour. September 30-mile race for $1,500, Bull Moose II. (F. J. Gregory)! Disabled.

W. J. Conners Trophy-Won by B:uby Speed CABIN LAUNCH CLASS -COURSE 21 49 MILES. Demon II., 38m. 189.; Neptune II., second, 45m. Flyaway III. (C. B. Taylor)..! 1 09 29 1 09 29 345. All other contestants retired owing to accidents. Blue Peter (V. A. Nachmann). 2 00 35 2 19 59 September 5—35-mile race for championship of Thistle (J. H. Wallace).

2 08 11 2 23 26 America and Blackton Trophy-Won by Baby Pandora II. (A. T. Vance)

2 18 48 2 25 24 Speed Demon II., 41m. 48s.average speed, 50 Kelpie II. (C. M. Prankard) Did not finish. miles per hour; P. D. Q. VI., second, 46m. 403.,

average speed, 45 miles per hour Neptune II., CABIN YACHT CLASS-COURSE, 214 MILES.

third, 51m 53s.. average speed, 39.56 miles per hour. Flora del Mar (W. J. Blaisdell)...........! 2 21 26

Buffalo Enquirer, Baby Reliance V. and Kitty AUG. 27--NATIONAL CHALLENGE TROPHY Hawk VI. retired owing to accidents. COURSE, 30 MILES.

September 15, New York City-Harlem Y. C.,

from Execution Light to Stratford Shoal and return, Muirmaid.

1 08 14 | 1 17 19

80 statute miles-Won by Flyaway III., 3h, 25m. Little Gunfre..

1 19 36 1 1 19 36

325. MOTOR YACHT TROPHY-COURSE, 2192 October 20, Chicago, Ill.-30-mile race in Lake MILES.

Michigan, two out of three-Won by Disturber IV. Flora del Mar.......

.) 2 17 42' 31m. 413.; Black Demon III., second.

BILLIARDS AND POOL. NATIONAL Amateur 18.2 Championship, played at championship of France, which began on April 15, New York City, March 15-21. Final standing: was won by Guy The series for the championship

of the world began May 4 and resulted in a victory PLAYER.

W. L. Pet. for Sels, of Antwerp, Belgium.

Only four players-Guy, Agassiz, Renaud and E. W. Gardner. New York..

6 1


Reddeer-competed for the French championship. M. D. Brown, Brooklyn

5 2 714

The winner had never before played in a tournament, F. Poggenburg. New York

4 2


and his assignment to Class A and his sucress were J. Mayer, Philadelphia

3 .500 W. Uitenheimer, Philadelphia.

unprecedented surprises. He is a young man whose .333

execution and steadiness promise a brillant future. C. Heddon, Downgine

Nevertheless, he was fortunate. His best run was E. L. Milburn, Memphis

6 1.000

76, best single average 11.11 and his grand average

8.72. National Amateur, Class B Championship. 18.2,

Agassiz, with a high run of 54 and a best single

Walter Leonard, Scranton, Pa., won by winning all five played at New York City, January 11-13.

average of 13.79, had a grand average of 9.99. Renaud games, he also won the high single average prize with

played the best billiards of the tournament. He 9 21-31: Chas. Connors, Philadelphia, second; H. A.

scored a high run of 111, a single average of 13.79

and a grand average of 12.44. Coleman, holder, third, and winner of high run prize

Reddeer, who did not with 59.

win a game, ran 61, made a high single average of

9.83 and a grand average of 7.78. National Amateur, Class C Championship, 18.2,

Guy, Agassiz and Renaud each won two games and played at New York City, January 6. Final won by lost one. Then Renaud forfeited, and in the playC. B. Terry, defender, against F. 8. Appleby, 200 to of Guy defeated Agassiz. The figures of the play. 140.

off game have not been transmitted. Foreign Championship. The tournament for the In the games for the championship of the world,




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France was represented by Agassiz, Renaud, Reddeer George Slosson 500 to 35. Average and high run: and Leverrler. Other partlaypants were Sels and Hoppe 71 3-7 and 216, Slosson 5 and 30. Koji YaRudelsheim, Belgians. Alfred Mortier, author and mada defeated Calvin Demarest 500 to 414. High artist, who had earned first honors in the interna run: Yamada 57. Demarest 60. tional tournaments of 1911, 1912 and 1913, was uo March 5-Chicago, Ill.; Willie Hoppe defeated able to compete because of close application to lit Calvin Demarest 500 to 369. Average and high erary pursuits.

run: Hoppe 23 17-21 and 106, Demarest 17 12-21 and The performances were far superior to those of the George Sutton defeated George Slosson 500 French tournament, as is shown by the appende i to 160. Average and high run: Sutton 27 14-18 and table:

93, Slosson 8 16-18 and 53.
L. H. R. B. A.G. A.

March Chicago, Ill.; George Sutton defeated

K. Yamada 500 to 361. Average and high run: Sels

5 0 132 36.66 18.34 Sutton 20 20-24 and 119, Yamada 15 16-23 and 80. Agassiz. 5 1 110 23.52 16.87

Calvin Demarest defeated George Slosson 500 to Renaud

2 169 21.05 14.25 302. Average and high run: Demarest 16-22 and Rudelsheim

3 60 9.88 8.41 106, Slosson 14 8-21 and 74. Reddeer

4 90 14.28 12.40

March 7-Chicago, I.; final game of tournament. Leverrier 0 5 57 10.431 8.75 Willie Hoppe defeated George Sutton 500 to 225.

Average and high run: Hoppe 624-8 and 157, SutPROFESSIONAL MATCHES.

ton 32 1-7 and 77. Final standings of players: 14.1 Balkline.

PLAYER. W. L. H. R. H. A G. A. January 12-16New York City; Albert G. Cutter defeated koji Yamada, Japan, in a five days' play by Hoppe, N. Y. 4 0 216 71 3-7143 22-46 2,374 to 2,368.

Sutton, Chicago. 3

119 32 1-7122 31-77 April 20-28New York City; tournament, Anal Yamada, Japan..

91 19 3-915 80-97 standing:

Demnarest, Chi'go. 3 107 22 16-22 18 58-88


W.L. H. R.

Slosson. V. Y..
G. A.

74 14 8-21 11 49-82

March 31-Montclair, N. J.; Edward W. GardHoppe, N. Y.. 7 0 303 40 25 65-109 ner defeated Morris D. Brown by 300 to 86. Demarest, Chi.. 6 1 116 22 4-18 14 132-176 April 4 New York City; J. Ferdinand PoggenMorning'r, Pitts 5 2 137 21 1-19 14 45-158 burg. defender, defeated Morris D. Brown for Sutton, Chi... 3 4 131 21 1-1913 4-160 Metropolitan Cup by 300 to 242. Yamada, Japan. 2 5 114 20 13-19 13 155-167 April 9-New York City; Morris D. Brown deCline, Phila

5 189 17 9--23/11 89-185 feated Joseph Mayer for the Arion Society's InterSlosson, N. Y.


16 16-211 9 63-195 state Challenge Cup by 300 to 232. Schaefer, Chi. 1 113 16 15-241 9 101-192 September 8("hicago, Ill.: (alvin Demarest de

feated Young Jake Schaefer 300 to 294. Average October 6-Chicago, Ill.; W. Cochran defeated and high run: Demarest 19 11-15 and 67, Schaefer Ora Morningstar 400 to 361.

18 12-16 and 100. October 7 Chicago, Ill.: Ora Morningstar de November 10-New York City: George Slosson feated W. Cochran twice, 400 to 249 and 400 to 150. defeated Firmin Cassignol, France, 400 to 334. October 9--Milwaukee, Wis.; Ora Morningstar de

POCKET BILLIARDS (POOL). feated W. Cochran 400 to 356.

January 31-Seattle, Wash., Benny Allen, of 14.2 Balkline. January 16-Watertown, N. Y.; Wille Hoppe de

Kansas City, retained 'his title as pocket billiard

champion when he defeated James Maturo, of Denfeated George Degroat, Syracuse, 400 to 229.

ver, 600 to 587. 18.1 Balkline.

March 23-27-New York City: March 17-New York City: Willie Hoppe de- Hightstown, N. v., defeated Jerome Keogh, Roches

Edward Ralph, feated Al. Jensen 250 to 61 in 15 innings.

ter, by 1,000 to 739. March 19-New York City: Willie Hoppe defeated

April 1-3-Kansas City, Mo.; Benny Allen, of A. Latchford by 250 to 30, and C. Chapman by 100

Kansas City, retained his title of world's championto 55.

ship pocket billiard player, defeating Edward Ralph, March 20_New York City: Willie Hoppe defeated

of Hightstown, N. J., in a match of 600 points. The George Sutton for championship by_500 to 228.

score was 600 to 346. Average and high run, Hoppe, 23 17-21 and 90;

June 3-5-Kansas City, Mo., Benny Allen, deSutton, 11 8-20 and 59.

sender, defeated Roy Pratt, Chicago, for champion18.2 Balkline. January 8 New York City: George Sutton de- ship by 600 to 149.

ENGLISH BILLIARDS. feated Calvin Demarest 400 to 143 (average 66.67

March 28-London, England; Melbourne Inman to 23.83).

defeated Thomas Reece for championship by 18,000 January 13 St. Louis, Mo.; Wille Hoppe d

to 12,826. feated Chas. Peterson 400 to 383 (high runs, Hopp: April 23—New York City: John Montgomery is 61; Peterson, 92).

the first titleholder of the English billiard championJanuary 17- Philadelphia; Ferdinand Poggen- ship of New

York, defeating Harry Hallquist 2.000 burg, of New York, won the Metropolitan Cup of the 'National Association of Amateur Billard Players in

to 1,740. The final block of points resulted in

Montgomery's favor by 500 to 335. a match with J. E. Cope Morton by a score of 300


January 5-7-Chicago, Ill.: Alfredo De Oro, hoider, January 27-New York City: Calvin Demarest

defeated Charles Morin for championship and Lamdefeated George Sutton by 400 to 300 (average,

bert Trophy by 150 to 131. 28 8-14 to 21 6-14; high runs, Demarest, 142; Sut

March 10-12--New York City: Alfredo De Oro, ton, 137).

holder, defeated Fred. Eames for championship and January 31-New York City; Calvin Demarest

Lambert Trophy by 150 to 107. defeated George Sutton by 500 to 438. Sutton's

September 18_St. Louis, Mo., Pierre Maupome best run was 96, and he averaged 20 8-21: Demarest

defeated Charles Peterson 100 to 69. averaged 22 16-22, best run, 98. W. Hoppe defeated

October 28-30_New York City: Alfredo De Oro José Ortiz by 300 to 186 in 14 innings. Hoppe's

defeated George W. Moore 150 to 92, winning Lamaverage 21 6-14, high run 118: Ortiz 8 12-13 and 34.

bert Trophy definitely. February 3- New York City; Willie Hoppe de

Interstate League final standing. season 1913-14: feated George Sutton for championship by 500 to 226. Average and high run: Hoppe 29 7-17 and 99,


W. L. Sutton 13 4-17 and 123. February 23-25—Chicago, Ill.; Willie Hoppe de- Kleckefer, Milwaukee.

12 2 feated George Sutton 1,500 to 734. Average and McCourt, Pittsburgh.

10 4 high run: Hoppe 55 15-27 and 250, Sutton 28 6-26 Morin, Chicago.


4 and 185.

Benson, St. Louis. March 2Chicago, Ill.; Willie Hoppe defeated Helm, Cleveland.. Koji Yamada 500 to 174. Average and high run:

Cullen, Buffalo. Hoppe 50 and 156, Yamada 19 3-9 and 91.

Maley, Detroit. March 3_Chicago, Ill.; Koji Yamada defeated Cooler, Indianapolis.

12 George Slosson 500 to 459. Average and high run: Match-Willie Hoppe against Melbourne Inman, Yamada 13 19-37 and 84, Slosson 12 23-36 and 59.

England. One half of the series to be played EngMarch 4Chicago, Ill.; Willie Hoppe defeated lish billiards, the other half 18.2 balkline. At New

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