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HE Beneficial Effects of Christianity on the Temporal Concerus of Mankind, proved from History, and from Facts. By the Right Rev. Beilby Porteus, D. D. Lord Bishop of London, 8vo. 2s. Brief Commentaries on such Parts of the Revelation, and other Prophecies, as relate to the Present Times. By the late Joseph Galloway, Esq. 8vo. 9s. The Christian Spectator; or, Religious Sketches from Real Life, 8vo. 2s. 6d. The Battle of Armageddon; or, the Final Triumph of the Protestant Cause, 8vo. 1s. . The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacrainents, and other Rites and Cereimonies of the United Church of England and Ireland, together with the Psalter or Psalms of David. To which is prefixed, an Introduction, comprizing a History of the English Liturgy; a Sketch of the Reformation of Religion in England; and a View of the English Translatious of the Holy Scriptures, with Notes, historical, explana

tory, and illustrative. By the Rev. Richard Warner, 8vo. 13s. Religion the Soul of the Body Politic; a Serinon preached at the Lent Assizes, held at Chelmsford, March 18, 1806. . By Tho. Layton, M. A. Vicar of Chigwell, 8vo. 1S. A Sermon preached before the Archdeacon of Bucks, at his Visitation, held at Stony Stratford, May 2, 1806. By the Rev. Tho. mas Lé Mesurier, M. A. Rector of Newnton-Longville, 8vo. 15. . . . St Paul's Zeal in the Ministry, and his Love for Christian Unity, a Sermon, preached at St. Peter's Church, Carmarthen, July 11, 1805, before the Society for pro: moting Christian Knowlege and Church Union, in the Diocese of St. David's. By Moses Grant, M.A. To which is added, an Account of the Society, 8vo. 1s. . . . The Importance of Right Sentiments concerning the Person of Christ, a Serinon, preached at Essex Chapel, April 10, 1896, before the London Unitarian Society

By Thomas Belsham, 8vo. 13.



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2. That the Benefactions to the Fund for Clerical Education, amounted to 326l.

3. Books ordered and received

on account, of the Society, for

Distribution, were to the number of 20,126. . . .

4. Books and Papers printed by the Society for the Use of Sunday Schools, &c. announted to 9000.

At the same Meeting, it was resolved, that for the purposes of disseminating the principles of

Christian Knowledge and Church Union, it be recommended to the , Clergy of the Diocese, that appropriate Sermons be preached annually, and at stated times, in each -Archdeaconry; viz. sir in the winter half-year from Michaelmas to Iady-day, and the same number !, the summer half year from lady-Day to Michaelmas. That it is recommended, that the six Sermons for the winter half year, in each Archdeaconry, be station'ary; that is, be preached by the Incumbents of six Parishes, which 1uay be judged to be most eligible for the purpose, at their own Parish Churches; and that the other six be cursal Sermons, and be preached by one or two beneficed Ministers in each Archdeaconry, and at places recommended by the permanent Committee. That four and twenty guineas, that is, one guinea for each Sunday, be allotted for the payment of the expences of the Cursal Parishes in the four Archdeaconries —That it be recommended, that a course of eight Sermons be preached annually, in some one principal town in the Diocese, on the eight Sundays immediately following Easter Day, on the Principles and Duties of Church Union ; on Frrors arising from unsettled Notions in Religion; and on the FXcellency of the Liturgy of the Church of England:—And that ten guineas be given to the preacher of such annual course of Scrotons. Resolved also, That a premium of twenty shillings worth of books be given to any boy under twenty years of age, at any of the licensed Grammar Schools in the Diocese, who shall poss the best examination in the Greek Testament, Epictetus, and Cicero's Ofices. That an exhibition of ten pounds a year out of the interest arising from the Benefactions to the Fund for Clerical Education, be given for the maintenance of a Scholar

at Ystradineirig School, for four

years, after the age of uineteen

years complete; and that the numcr of these exhibitions be increased in proportion as the Fund 1ncreases. That the Scholars of any of the Licensed Grammar Schools in the Diocese, be eligible to such exhibition; but that no boy be admissible as a candidate, who has not obtained a premium at the Easter Examination. That the exhibition be given to any such Scholar who shall pass the first Examination in the Greek Testament, Homer's Iliad, Epictetus, Cicero's Offices, Caesar's Commentaries, and any other elassical author which the Flectors may chuse, together with Grotius, the Bishop of London's Summary of Evidences, and Burkhardt's System of Divinity. That a premium of ten guineas be given for the best Dissertation on the “most Rational and Christian-like Means of removing the Errors of Schism and Enthusiasm; and of recalling our Dissenting Brethren to the Church Establishment.” --- That a premium of ten guineas be given for the best Dissertation on “the most Effectual Means of reviving the Spirit of Public Worship on the Sabbath, and prompting a more general and regular Attendance at Church.” That a premium of ten guineas be given for the best Dissertation on “the most Practicable and Effectual Means of diffusing Religious Knowlege among the Poor, on

some general and uniform Plan,

which may comprehend the poor of a whole Diocese; and of establishing School-Rooms for such Purpose.”

Dr. Watkins is about to publish a volume entituled Sunday Lessons for Schools and Families. Dr. Purdy intends to print an edition of Addison's Evidences of the Christian Religion, with, a translation of the Notes of M. Scigneux de Correven.

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Oxford, May 7. NHE Rev. Peter Vaughan, M. A. of Merton College, and late Proctor of this University, was admitted this day Bachelor in Divis mity. 8. The Rev. Fdward Rowden, B. A. of New College, was adruitted to the degree of Master of Arts, Grand Compounder. The Rev. George Rowley, of University College, and the Rev. Joseph Prust, of Exeter College, B. A. were admitted Masters of Arts. Albany Saville, Esq. of Christ Church, was admitted Bachelor of Arts, Grand Compounder. Messrs. Uharles Bryan, of Oriel College; Samuel. Pyle, of Exeter College; and Langley Gravenor, of Baliol College, were admitted Bachelors of Arts. His Grace the Duke of Portland, Chancellor of this University, has been pleased to appoint Mr. Wm. Rhodes, M.A. of Worcester Colege, one of the Clerks of the Market, in the place of Mr. Matthews, deceased. ... 10. The Rev. William Pulford, 3. A. of Brasenose. College, is admitted M. A.

piece on the Life and Death of St. John the Baptist, is repriuting. A portion of the Provincial Glossary, compiled by the late Mr. Boucher, and revised by Sir Fred. Eden, may shortly be expected.

14. The Rev. William Yeadon, M. A. of Lincoln College, is admitted Bachelor in Divinity. The Rev. Henry Van Voorst, of St. Edmund Ilall, and George Wray, of Queen's College, B.A. are admitted M. A.

17. The Rev. Henry Kempson, B. A. of Christ Church, is admitted Bachelor of Arts,

19. The Rev. Henry Ley; B.A.: of Christ Church, is admitted Master of Arts, Grand Compounder. 22. This being the last day of Easter Term, Richd. Hen. Cresswell, Student in Civil Law, of Trinity College, was admitted Bachelor in Civil Law. The Rev. Geo: Barnes, of Exeter College; John Godfrey Thomas, Esq. of Wadham College; and the Rev. Samuel Feild, of Worcester College, B.A. were admitted Masters of Arts. Messrs. Thomas Jarvis, of St. Edmund Hall; James Wm. Farrer, and Oliver Farrer, of Brasenose College, were admitted Bachelors of Arts. . The same day, the Chancellor's Prizes were adjudged to Edward Garrard Marsh, Bachelor of Arts,

late Scholar of Wadham College, and now Fellow of Oriel College, for the English Essay—Posthumous Eame ; and Henry Allen Johnson, of Christ Church, for the Latin verses—Trafalgar: Also the prize by a private isition, to John Latham, of Brasenose College, for the English verses—Travels of Discovery into the Interior of Africa. 23 Samuel Whittingham, M.A. of Corpus Christi College, has been chosen Fellow of that Society. * The names of the gentlemen who have distinguished themselves in the extraordinary examinations of the present year, are announced in the following order—Charles Lloyd and John Russel, of Christ Church; and Nathaniel Ellison, of University College. The Vice-Chancellor has received from Sir Roger Newdigate, Bart. twenty guineas, with a request that the same may be given as a premium to an under-graduate, who has not exceeded four years from the time of his matriculation, for the best composition in English verse, not exceeding fifty lines, to be reeited in the theatre, after the other prize compositions, at the next commemoration. The subject—“A Recommendation of the Study of the Ancient Remains of Grecian and Roman Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting.” ".

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Civil Law; and James Rickard Barker, Esq. of Trinity College, and Mr. Joseph Thackery, Fellow of King's, to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. The subscriptions for, the intended University Statue of Mr. Pitt, now amount to 7363}, 6s. -The Rev. Charles Hyde Wollaston, M.A. of King's College, Cainbridge, is instituted by the Jord Bishop of Norwich, to the Vicarage of East Dereham, in the county of Norfolk, vacant by the death of the Rev. George Thomas. The Rev. John Bristow, B. D. formerly of Clarehall, Cambridge, is empowered by a dispensation, to held the Rectory of Cotgrave, in the county of Nottingham, with the Vicarage of St. Mary in th town of Nottingham, both on the presentation of the Rt. Hon, the Earl Manners. The Rev. John Luxmore, D. D. Dean of Gloucester, and Rector of St. George the Martyr, Queen 'Square, is inducted into the valuable Rectory of St. Andrew, Holborn. This living is in the presentation of the noble family of Montague, the present representative of which is the Duchess of Buccleugh, daughter of the late Duke of Montague. The two livings have not been held by the same person since the celebrated Dr. Sacheve. rel, in whose time St. George's was made a separate rectory. . The Bishop of Bristol is elected Canon Residentiary of Chichester Cathedral, and the Rev. the Dean Custos’ of St. Mary's Hospital, both in the room of the late Rev. Mr. Courtail. The Rev. M. D'Oyly, Rector of Buxted, and Vicar of Pevensey, in Sussex, is presented by the Bishop of Chichester, to the Archdeaconry of Lewes, vacant by the 'death of the Rev. Mr. Courtail. The Rev. Nathaniel Humfrey, of Lincoln College, Oxford, has been instituted by the Bishop of

Peterborough to the Rectory of Thorpe Mandeville, in the county of Northampton, on the presentation of Robert o o

* The Rev. Francis Edward Ar-,

den, late of John's College, Cambridge, is presented by Lord Visscount Anson, to the Vicarage of Paston, in Norfolk. . . The Right Hon. Earl Grey has appointed as his domestic chaplain, the Rev. H. Hodges, M. A. Vicar ef Embleton, Northumberland. - The Rev. Edmund Outram, B.D. Public orator of the University of Cambridge, and privato tutor to Viscount Merton, is appointed Domestic Chaplain to Earl Nelson. ... The Rev. Philip Duval Aufrere, is instituted to the Rectory of Eccles St. Mary next the Sea, in Norfolk, on the presentation of Sir ..John Lombe, Bart. * The Rev. J. W. Pawsey, M. A.

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T Swafield, near North Walsham, in Norfolk, the Rev. Thomas Meux, Rector of Swafield, and Vicar of Paston and Barney, aged 68. His death was occasioned by a dreadful cancer in the face and throat, the severe pain of which he for several years endured with such fortitude and resignation, as could only be the effects of a pious mind and good conscience. He was the only brother of Richard Meux, Esq. the eminent porter-brewer of London. The Rev. Joseph Walcam, one . of the junior Canons of Bristol Cathedral, and Ordinary of Newgate in that city. - - The Rev. Henry Charles Davis, Rector of Minchinhampton, in the county of Gloucester.

of St. John's College, Cambridge, is appointed Domestic Chaplain to his Royal Highness the Duke of York. * * *

Sir Hugh Smyth. Bart. has presented the Rev. Israel Lewis, A.M. Vicar of Long Ashton, to the Rectory of Foxcote, near Bath, vacant by the decase of the Rev. Mr.


Colonel Leigh has presented the Rev. Frederick Gardiner, to the Living of Combhay, also void by the death of the Rev. Mr. Merewether.

The Rev. Christopher Bird has

been licensed to the perpetuul Curacy of Allendale, and the Lectureship of Allenheads, on the joint, nomination of Colonel and Mrs. Beaumont.

The Rev. H. J. Hutchesson, B.A. is appointed Domestic Chaplaim to the Duke of Dorset.

The Rev. Joseph Watson, Vicar of Godmanchester, near Huntingdon. The vicarage worth about 4001 a year is in the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster.

At Hildersham, in the county of Cambridge, in the 86th year of his age, the Rev. Thomas Salt, M. A. Rector of Hildersham, Vicar of Nasing in Essex, and formerly of St. John's College, Cambridge.

The Rev. Simon Adams, Rector

of Owsden, Suffolk, and formerly

of Caius College, Cambridge, B.A. 1771, M. A. 1774. . . The Rev. William Draper, Rector of Orchard and Weston-Supermare, in Somersetshire.

The Rev. Francis Merewether, Rector of Combhay and Foxcote, near Bath.


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