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(To use it 'ould be holdin' on 't tu cheap,) They listen wal, don' kick up when you scold 'em, An' ef they've tongues, hev sense enough to hold 'em ;

Though th' ain't no denger we shall lose the breed,
I gin❜lly keep a score or so for seed,

An' when my sappiness gits spry in spring,
So 's 't my tongue itches to run on full swing,
I fin' 'em ready-planted in March-meetin',
Warm ez a lýceum-audience in their greetin',
An' pleased to hear my spoutin' frum the fence,
Comin', ez 't doos, entirely free 'f expense.
This year I made the follerin' observations
Extrump'ry, like most other tri'ls o' patience,
An', no reporters bein' sent express

To work their abstrac's up into a mess

Ez like th' oridg'nal ez a woodcut pictur'
Thet chokes the life out like a boy-constrictor,
I've writ 'em out, an' so avide all jeal'sies

'twixt nonsense o' my own an' some one's else's.

(N. B. Reporters gin'lly git a hint

To make dull orjunces seem 'live in print,

An', ez I hev t' report myself, I vum,

I'll put th' applauses where they'd ough' to come!)

MY FELLER KEBBIGE-HEADS, who look so green, I vow to gracious thet ef I could dreen

The world of all its hearers but jest you,

't would leave 'bout all tha' is wuth talkin' to, An' you, my ven'able ol' frien's, thet show

Upon your crowns a sprinklin' o' March snow,
Ez ef mild Time had christened every sense
For wisdom's church o' second innocence,
Nut Age's winter, no, no sech a thing,
But jest a kin' o' slippin'-back o' spring,
[Sev'ril noses blowed.]
We've gathered here, ez ushle, to decide
Which is the Lord's an' which is Satan's side,
Coz all the good or evil thet can heppen
Is 'long o' which on 'em you choose for Cappen.
[Cries o' "Thet's so ! "]

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Aprul's come back; the swellin' buds of oak
Dim the fur hillsides with a purplish smoke;
The brooks are loose an', singing to be seen,
(Like gals,) make all the hollers soft an' green;
The birds are here, for all the season 's late;
They take the sun's height an' don' never wait;
Soon 'z he officially declares it 's spring
Their light hearts lift 'em on a north'ard wing,
An' th' ain't an acre, fur ez you can hear,
Can't by the music tell the time o' year;
But thet white dove Carliny scared away,
Five year ago, jes' sech an Aprul day;
Peace, that we hoped 'ould come an' build last


An' coo by every housedoor, is n't here, -
No, nor wun't never be, for all our jaw,

Till we 're ez brave in pol'tics ez in war!

O Lord, ef folks wuz made so 's 't they could see


The begnet-pint there is to an idee !
Ten times the danger in 'em th' is in steel;

They run your soul thru an' you never feel,
But crawl about an' seem to think you're livin',
Poor shells o' men, nut wuth the Lord's forgivin',
Tell you come bunt ag'in a real live fect,
An' go to pieces when you'd ough' to ect!
Thet kin' o' begnet 's wut we 're crossin' now,
An' no man, fit to nevvigate a scow,

'ould stan' expectin' help from Kingdom Come, While t' other side druv their cold iron home.

My frien's, you never gethered from my mouth,
No, nut one word ag'in the South ez South,
Nor th' ain't a livin' man, white, brown, nor black,
Gladder 'n wut I should be to take 'em back;
But all I ask of Uncle Sam is fust
To write up on his door, "No goods on trust";
[Cries o' "Thet 's the ticket!"]
Give us cash down in ekle laws for all,
An' they 'll be snug inside afore nex' fall.
Give wut they ask, an' we shell hev Jamaker,
Wuth minus some consid'able an acre;

Give wut they need, an' we shell git 'fore long
A nation all one piece, rich, peacefle, strong;
Make 'em Amerikin, an' they'll begin
To love their country ez they loved their sin;
Let 'em stay Southun, an' you've kep' a sore
Ready to fester ez it done afore.

No mortle man can boast of perfic' vision,
But the one moleblin' thing is Indecision,
An' th' ain't no futur' for the man nor state
Thet out of j-u-s-t can't spell great.
Some folks 'ould call thet reddikle; do



'T was commonsense afore the war wuz thru ; Thet loaded all our guns an' made 'em speak So 's't Europe heared 'em clearn acrost the creek; "They're drivin' o' their spiles down now," sez


"To the hard grennit o' God's fust idee;
Ef they reach thet, Democ'cy need n't fear
The tallest airthquakes we can git up here."
Some call 't insultin' to ask ary pledge,
say 't will only set their teeth on edge,
But folks you 've jest licked, fur 'z I ever see,
Are 'bout ez mad 'z they wal know how to be;
It's better than the Rebs themselves expected
'fore they see Uncle Sam wilt down henpected;
Be kind 'z you please, but fustly make things fast,
For plain Truth's all the kindness thet 'll last;
Ef treason is a crime, ez some folks say,
How could we punish it a milder way
Than sayin' to 'em, " Brethren, lookee here,
We'll jes' divide things with ye, sheer an' sheer,
An sence both come o' pooty strong-backed dad

You take the Darkies, ez we 've took the Paddies;
Ign'ant an' poor we took 'em by the hand,
An' they're the bones an' sinners o' the land."
I ain't o' them thet fancy there's a loss on
Every inves'ment thet don't start from Bos❜on;
But I know this: our money 's safest trusted
In sunthin', come wut will, thet can't be busted,
An' thet's the old Amerikin idee,

To make a man a Man an' let him be.

[Gret applause.]

Ez for their l'yalty, don't take a goad to 't,
But I do' want to block their only road to 't
By lettin' 'em believe thet they can git
Mor 'n wut they lost, out of our little wit:
I tell ye wut, I'm 'fraid we 'll drif' to leeward
'thout we can put more stiffenin' into Seward;
He seems to think Columby 'd better ect
Like a scared widder with a boy stiff-necked
Thet stomps an' swears he wun't come in to sup-

She mus' set up for him, ez weak ez Tupper,
Keepin' the Constitootion on to warm,
Tell he 'll eccept her 'pologies in form:
The neighbors tell her he 's a cross-grained cuss
Thet needs a hidin' 'fore he comes to wus;
"No," sez Ma Seward, "he 's ez good 'z the best,
All he wants now is sugar-plums an' rest";
"He sarsed my Pa," sez one; "He stoned my


Another edds. "Oh wal, 't wus jes' his fun." "He tried to shoot our Uncle Samwell dead." "'T wuz only tryin' a noo gun he hed." "Wal, all we ask 's to hev it understood You'll take his gun away from him for good; We don't, wal, nut exac❜ly, like his play, Seein' he allus kin' o' shoots our way. You kill your fatted calves to no good eend, 'thout his fust sayin', 'Mother, I hev sinned!"" ["Amen!" frum Deac'n Greenleaf.]

The Pres'dunt he thinks thet the slickest plan 'ould be t' allow thet he's our on'y man,

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