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not able to do any thing else, because they are attending to their business and busily engaged and can not afford to give the time and attention to it, and it is those we look to for an increase of membership.

I was very much pleased to hear COLONEL LEVERING make the suggestion about the reduction of dues, and that it would depend upon our having sufficient menibership to enable us to pay expenses. It is a very pertinent idea, and I am glad the Society agreed to it at. once. Now, therefore, my purpose in saying these words here was to suggest that the members from all the states bestir themselves to pick out officers who are live men and let the Committee have them.


I want to ask the Secretary to read out the list of the names of the members of the ('ommittee on Orators. I did not hear the



I would suggest that the Secretary read the names of all the Committees.

GENERAL Cist here read out all the Committees.


I would suggest that if any members of the Society have any names to suggest as the place of the next meeting, our Committee would be glad to receive them.


Will all the members on the Committee on Nomination of Officers be kind enough to meet me in this room, at the side here, after this meeting?


If there is any other business-miscellaneous business, that is--to be submitted to the Society, now is the opportunity to do so. There are some announcements to be made by the chairman of the Local Committee here before we adjourn.


I wish to bring up a matter. You remember, Mr. President, that it has been pronounced by some authority that the fame of the soldier is to be killed on the battle field, and have his name printed on the list in a newspaper. In looking over the list of the members of the Society as published in the volume, I was attracted by an error in one of the names, and it led ine to looking over the list, and I took the pains to compare the menubers of the Society from the State of Ohio with the official report as published, and I found that there are thirty-seven errors, some of them pretty serious ones, in the membership list of the Society-names wrongly spelled, wrong regiments or wrong commands given.

It seems to me a matter that ought to be corrected. I, for one, feel enough pride in the Society to feel that our record should be as perfect as possible, and I therefore move that the Treasurer and the Recording Secretary be appointed a Committee to revise the list of the members of the Society, to see that the names, rauk, title, and commands to which they belong, are properly printed in the list of names.


I would suggest that COLONEL STONE should be added to that Committee.


I am ready to co-operate with that Committee, as I am on all Committees to which I am assigned.


I move that COLONEL STONE and GENERAL Cist be added to that Committee.


Mr. President-As far is the motion is concerned, I would say that COLONEL STONE was appointed a member of the Committee on Publication, last year, for the sole purpose of correcting the proof of our last volume, and if these errors which he now complains of appear in the list of members, he is responsible for them, as he had the last say in correcting the list. If the errors are there, he should have corrected them when he read the proof.

COLONEL STONE is a member of the Committee on Publication this year, and if he will be kind enough to correct those errors that. appear in the list, that is all that is necessary to be done.


The motion put, I think, includes three members. Is there any desire to amend that according to the suggestion of GENERAL Cist? If not, I will put directly the resolution offered by COLONEL STONE, to appoint a Committee consisting of the Treasurer, the Recording Secretary, and amended by adding Colonel STONE to it, to make the corrrections in the names on the membership list.


I would most urgently appeal to all the members of the Society to look at the list which is annually published, and see if any name is incorrectly given, the name, the rank or command to which the member belonged, and his place of residence. In that way we can get a correct list, and I don't see how we can in any other way. I fiud in looking it all over, that there are several names of which we have no

record at all. They are not in the official record, the list of the volunteer soldiers of the State of Ohio, and it will be necessary to depend upon something of that kind.


It is my custom every year to send out circulars to members who are in arrears for dues. I send them the circulars, with my name on the back of the letter. Wherever the letter has been returned, I know that the party has not been found, and the name is scratched off of my book. The persons whose names are on that book receive those letters and accept those addresses, as their names. Now I don't know how we shall arrive at the correct names, if they accept them as their own.


I think the Society does not care how they arrive at it. What they want to do is to confide in the ability of the members they appoint to take hold of this business, and leave it 10 their good sense to find out the correct names.


Mr. President-I would ask GENERAL FULLERTON what pects a man to do when the name comes written like he generally writes, so you can't read it?


I would say, as to what GENERAL FULLERTON said, that I very often get letters addressed to GENERAL W. S. “ ROSENCRANS," but tbat I don't take the trouble to correct it. It is moved that a Revisory Committee, consisting of the Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and COLONEL STONE, be appointed to attend to the correction of the

names, titles, rank, and commands appearing in the membership list of the Society.

The motion was carried.


Now, miscellaneous business is in order. If any body has any other business, I am ready to lay it before the Society.


Mr. President-We have learned since reaching here that an arrangement has been made for the Secretary of War to visit the battle field of Chickamauga within the next few days, or early next month. I thiuk that it is fitting that this Society should take some notice of it--some action. I therefore offer this resolution :

Resolved, That a Committee of five members, of which MAJOR W. J. COLBURN shall be chairman, be appointed in behalf of the Society to meet the honorable Secretary of War at Chattanooga, Tennessee, when on his contemplated visit to the battle field of Chickamauga, and extend to him the courtesy due to his official position and to the occasion.


Mr. President - Is there any provision made for paying the expenses of this Committee, or is it to be voluntary?


I would say that I mentioned MAJOR COLBURN, who resides in Chattanooga, and I had in mind members who reside near Chattanooga.

GENERAL THRUSTON lives in Nashville, and might be a member of that Committee. GENERAL Wilder is there.

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