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CURLING Continued. The Canadians won thirteen of the whole number of games, although the visiting curlers showed & marked Improvement over last year. The three Country Club rinks from Boston made a particularly good showing, winning two of the three games played on Montreal Ice, although they were down on the aggregate score on that rink by 5 shots.

Col. Sherwood's Rideau rink of Ottawa won from the Mohawks of Schenectady, who were skipped by J. O. Carr, by 15 shots. Frank Stocking of Quebec defeated Utica rink on St. Lawrence ice by 8 shots.

March 20, at Boston, Mass. The Boston Curling Club defeated St. Andrew's Golf Club of Mount Hope, N. Y., for the Royal Caledonian Medal. Two rinks were played, Boston players winning both, with a total score of 33 to 18.

March 21, at Boston, Mass. Grand National Association Medals.--The St. Andrew's Golf Club of Mount Hope, N. Y., won over the Brookline Country Club curlers. The scores were 16 to 11 in the first rink, and 26 1.0 14 in the second. Totals for both matches, 42 to 25.

ICE YACHTING. THE principal events of the season follow:

January 18-Red Bank, N. J. Independent Yacht Club, six-mile event. First race won by Henry Applegille's P. D. Q. II., 17m. 38.; second, E. Agay's Streak, 17m. 558. Second RaceP. D. Q. II., 18m. 205.; Streak, 18m. 28s.

February 15, Red Bank, N. J. Independent Yacht Club. Henry Applegate's Vim won two six-mile races, E. Asay's Streak second.

February 16 and 17—Red Bank, N. J. Championship of America, two twenty-mile races. Results: Imp. owned by R. Hellemeyer, North Shrewsbury Club, sailed by Reuben white, corrected time, 40m. 58. and 52m. 504.; second, Tyro, 41m. 50s. (withdrew in second race); third, Princeton, time, 44m. 509. (broke down in second race).

February 21-Red Bank, N. J. Ten miles, won by the Imp; second, the Scud (allowing all other boats 7m. handicap).

February 22-Red Bank, N. J. Eight mlles. Result: Won by H. Applegate's Vim, 42m.; E. Asny's Streak second, 48m. 38.; R. Sickle's P. D. Q. II., third, 49m. 9s.

February 23-Port Washington, L. I. Manhasset Bay Yacht Club, ten mlles. Won by J. O'Brien' Jack Frost, time, 24m.; second, J. W. Alker's Snow Flake, time, 24m. 30s.

February 23-Long Branch, N. J. Fifteen-mile race for the Heltemeyer Cup. Final won by W. Content's Blanche, time, 35m. 358.; second, E. Fiedler's The Drub, time, 35m. 41s.

February 28-Port Washington, L. I. Manhasset Bay Yacht Club, ten mlles. Won by J. O'Brien's Jack Frost, time, 18m.; W. Gardner's The Cold Wave, second.

For record of races for the Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant of America, see 1914 ALMANAC.

CYMNASTICS. AMATEUR Athletic Union Champlonships, held by New York A. C., New York City, April 22. All-Round Championship-Won by Franz Kanis, Newark Turn Vereln, 342.85 points; second, Henry Moeckly, New York Turn Verein, 293.9 points; third, Hugo Schoetlin, Swiss Turn Verein, 287.1 points. Rope Climb, 25 Feet-Won by Edward Lindenbaum, Young Men's Hebrew Association, time, 7 1-58.; second, Frank Siebert, Grace Church A. C., 7 4-59.; third, T. Bud Lissring, New York Turn Yereln, time, 9 4-58. Long Horse-Won by Franz Kanis, Newark Turn Verein, 86.8 points; second, Hugo Schoetlin, Swiss Turn Verein, 84.3 points; third, F. Kriz, Bohemian Gymnastic Association, 81.5 points. Flying Rings-Won by J. Duncan Gleason, New York A. c., 83 polnts; second, Otto Paul, National Turn Verein, Newark, 77.8 points; third, J. A. Campbell, New York Turn Verein, 67.3 points. Side Horse-Won by Franz Kanis, Newark Turn Verein. 84 points; second, Anton Klar, West Side Y. M. C. A., 79.5 points: third, Louis Schade, Jr., West Side Y. M. C. A., 67.3 points. Indian Club Swinging-Won by Ray W. Dutcher, New York A. C., 26.5 points; second, J. Lester McCloud, New York A. C., 26.3 points; third. John P. Phillips, New York University, 24.7 points. Tumbling-Won by Melvin J. Bedford, National Turn Verein, Newark, 85.5 points; second, J. F. Dunn, New York A. C.. 32 points; third, W. A. Yost, Harlem Y. M. Ć. A., 70.5 points. Parallel Barg-Won by Franz Kanis, Newark Turn Verein, 86.3 points; second, Hugo Schoetlin, Swiss Turn Verein. 75.6 points; third. H. S. Schoonmaker, West side Y. M. C. A., 73.4 points. Horizontal Barg-Won by Franz Kalns, Newark Turn Verein, 85.7 points; second, T. Bud Llagring, New York Turn Vereln, 75.25 points; third, L. Gehl, Newark Turn Verein, 72.75 points. Point Score: Newark Turn Verein, 27; New York A. C., 17; Swiss Turn Verein, 13; National Turn Verein, 9; West Side Y. M. C. A., 8.

Metropolitan Championships, held by New York Turn Verein at New York City, March 31. Rope Climb-Won by Edward Lindenbaum, Young Men's Hebrew Association; second, Frank Siebert, Grace Church A. C.: third, T. Bud Lissring, New York Turn Verein. Time-6 4-58. Tumbling-Won by M. J. Bedford. National Turn Verein, 85 points; second, J. F. Dunn, New York A. c., 72% points; third, W. A. Yost, Metropolitan League, 63% points. Indian Club Swinging-Won by R. W. Dutcher, New York A. C., 27 polnts: second, Alex. Wilson, Swiss Turn Verein, 24% points; J. L. McCloud, unattached, and F. Meyer, Anchor A. C., 24 points each, tied for third. Long Horse-Won by Frank Saforda, Bohemian-American Association, 85% points; second, Peter Hol, Norwegian Turn Verein, 7944 points; third, Frank Loetterle, New York Turn Verein, 75 % points. Parallel Bars-Won by Hugo Schoetlin, Swiss Turn Verein, 844 points; second, Peter Hol, Norwegian Turn Verein, 83% points; third, Henry Moeckly, Swiss Turn Verein, 83%4 points. Side Horse-Won by Joseph Oessey, unattached, 86 points; second, Louis Schade, Jr., West Side Y. M. C. A., 82% polnts; third, A. Klar, unattached, 79 points. Flying RingsWon by J. D. Gleason, unattached, 85 points; second, Otto Paul, National Turn Verein, 83 points; third, J. A. Campbell, New York Turn Verein, 75 points. All-Round-Won by Peter Hol, Norweglan Turn Verein, 303 % points; second, Henry Moeckly, Swiss Turn Vereln, 301% points; third, Hugo Schoetlin, Swiss Turn Verein, 285 points.

COLLEGE AND INTERSCHOLASTIC MEETS. January 31-Lawrenceville, N. J. Lawrenceville tied with High School of South Orange, 26 to 26.

February 7-Annapolis, Md. Naval Academy 34, New York University 20.
February 13-New York City. Princeton 42, Columbia 14.
February 21-Annapolis, Md. Naval Academy 34, Pennsylvanla 20.
February 27-Philadelphia, Pa. Princeton 29, Pennsylvania 25.

February 28-New Brunswick, N. J. Yale 29, Rutgers 25. Amherst, Magg. New York University 33, Amherst 21.

March 6- New York City. New York University 33%. Yale 20%.

March 7-Annapolis, Md. Naval Academy 37 Ý, Columbia 13%, Rutgers 3. Providence, R. I.

Brown 32, Harvard 22.


March 13-Princeton, N. J. Yale 30, Princeton 24. Haverford, Pa. Pennsylvania 34. Haverlord 20.

March 14-Philadelphia, Pa. Pennsylvania 35, New York University 19. New Brunswick, N. J. Rutgers 35, Columbia 19.

March 18-New York City. New York University 39, Columbia 15.
March 20-New Haven, Ct. Yale and Pennsylvania tled, 27 each.

March 21-New York City. New York University 26%, Rutgers 14%. Amherst 11, Columbla 2.

INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONSHIPS. March 26-New Haven, Ct. Won by New York University, 17 points. Univers!ty of Pennsylvanla was second with 15 points, Princeton third with 8%. Other point winners were Yale 8, Haverlord 6, Rutgers 5, Amherst 14, and Harvard 1. Cremer of New York University won the Individual all-round championship, with Clark, Pennsylvanla, second, and Waples, Haverford, third.

WESTERN INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONSHIP. April 4-Chicago, Ill. Won by University of Wisconsin; second, University of Chicago. Individual champ!onshlp won by Replinger, Wisconsin.


AMERICAN BOWLING CONGRESS. FOURTEENTH annual tournament was held at Buffalo, N. Y., ending March 26. First five in each competition, with scores and prize money:

Five-Men Events-Monko Club, New Haven, Ct., 2,944, $500; Dimlings No. 2, Pittsburgh. Pa., 2,931, $450; White Elephants, Philadelphia, Pa., 2,897, $400; Mineralltes, Chicago, Ill., 2,396, $325; State League, Syracuse, N. Y., 2,896, $325.

Two-Men Events-Negley-Van Ness, Newark, N. J., 1.245, $300; Schenkel-Smith, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1,242, $236; Peter George-Rodems, Buffalo, N. Y., 1,242, $236; Ralston-Miller, Detroit, Mich., 1,238, $200; Owen-Suttin, Louisville, Ky., 1,230, $175.

Individuals -- William Mwler, Detroit, Mich., 675, $200: R. Comn, Bradford, 670, $170; J. F. McCullough, Indianapolis, Ind., 665, $140; N. Owen, Louisville, Ky., 659, $125; J. C. Ameling, St. Louis, Mo., 653, $110.

All Events-W. Miller, Detroit, Mich., 1,897, $100: R. Morgan, Buffalo, N. Y., 1.874, $90: W. Elwert, Toledo, Ohio, 1,868, $80; W. Knox, Phlladelphia, Pa., 1,845, $70; H. Cohn, Hoboken, N. J., 1,835, $60.

Tournament, 1915, will be held in Peoria, mi.

Winners in previous years: All Events (aine games)---1913, Herrmann, Cleveland, 1,972; 1912, L. Sutton, Rochester, 1.843; 1911, J. Smith, Buffalo, 1,919; 1910, Thomas Haley, Detroit, Mich., 1,961; 1909, James Blouin, Cleveland, Ohio, 1,885; 1908, R. Crabe, East Liverpool, Ohio, 1,910: 1907, Harry Ellis, Grand Rapids, 1,767; 1906, J. T. Leacock, Indianapolis, 1,794; 1905. J. G. Rellly, Chicago, 1.791; 1904, Martin Kern, St. Louis, 1,804; 1903, Fred Strong, Chicago, 1896; 1902. John Koster, New York, 1,841; 1901, Frank H. Brill, Chicago, 1,736. Individual-1913, Peterson, Columbus, Ohio, 693; 1912, L. Sutton, Rochester, 679; 1911, J. Blonin, Chicago, 681; 1910, Thomas Haley, Detroit, Mich., 705; 1909, L. Sutton, Rochester, N. Y., and F. Bruggemann, Sioux Falls, Iowa, tled: Sutton won roll-off, one game, score 215 to 179; 1908, A. Wingler, Chicago, 699; 1907, Marshall B. Levy, Indianapolis, and R. F. Matak, St. Louis, tied on 624. In the roll-off Levy won

582 to 385. 1906, F. J. Favour, Oshkosh, Wis., 669; 1905, C. M. Anderson, St. Paul, 651; 1904. M. Kern, St. Louis, 647; 1903, D. A. Jones, Milwaukee, 683; 1902, Fred H. Strong, Chicago, 649: 1901, Frank H. Brill, Chicago, 648. Two-Men Teams--1913, Schultz-Koster, Newark, X. J., 1,291: 1912, Owen-Sutton, Louisville, Ky., 1,249; 1911, Hartley-Zeller, East Liverpool, Ohio, 1,246; 1910, Delker-Waterman, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1,231, 1909, Schwoegler brothers, Madison, Wis., 1,304; 1908, Klene-Chalmers, Chicago, 1,254; 1907, E. C. Richter-E. M. Bigley, Louisville, 1,164; 1906, J. N. Reed-E. Dresbach, Columbus, 1,247; 1905, R. Rolle-E. Stretch, Chicago, 1,213; 1904, H. Krauss-C. H. Spless, Washington, 1,184; 1903, A. Selbach-H. Collin, Columbus. 1,227; 1902, J. McClean-H. Steers, Chicago, 1,237: 1901, J. Voorheis-C. K. Starr, New York, 1.203. Five-Men Teams--1913, Flor de Knispels, St. Paul, Minn., 3,006; 1912, Brunswick All Stars, New York, 2.904; 1911, Flenners. Chicago, 2,924; 1910, Cosmos, Chicago, Ill., 2,830; 1909, Lipmans, Chicago, 2,962; 1908, Bonds. Columbus, 2,927; 1907, and tournament cities, Furniture Cities, Grand Rapids (St. Louis), 2.775: 1906, Centurys, Chicago (Louisville), 2,794; 1905, Gunthers No. 2, Chicago (Milwaukee), 2,795: 1904. Ansons, Chicago (Cleveland), 2,737; 1903, O'Learys, Chicago (Indianapolis), 2,819; 1902, Fidellas, New York (Bufalo), 2,792; 1901, Standards (Chicago), 2.720.

NATIONAL BOWLING ASSOCIATION. The eighth annual tournament of the National Bowling Association was held at Atlantic City, N. J., ending April 28. The first Ove winners in each competition, with scores and prize money:

Five-Men Events ---Genesee, Rochester, N. Y., 3,035, S250; Atlantic Roos, Brooklyn, N. Y 2,957, $200; Lenox Five, Paterson, N. J., 2,909, $150; Roseville A. A., Newark, N. J., 2,899, $125; Melrose, New York, 2,853, $120.

Two-Men Events--Riddell-Horton, New York, 1,333, $140; Smith-Spinella, Brnoklyn, N. Y.. 1,271, $125; Roberts-Gerdes, New York, 1,244, $110: Stevenson-Johnson, New Haven, Ct., 1,236, $100; Von Lossberg-Swelger, Baltimore, Md., 1,232, 890.

Individuals--Harry Krauss, Washington, D. C., 678, 990; Joseph West, Buffalo, N. Y., 676, $80; Harry Savage. Schenectady, N. Y., 671, $70; Louis Franz, Cleveland, Ohio, 665, $65; Mortimer Lindsey, New Haven, Ct., 662, S105: C. H. Wagner, Newark, N. J., 662, $105.

All Events --Jimmy Smith, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1,917, $35; Chris. Thless, Cleveland, Ohio, 1,844, $30: Glenn Riddell, New York, 1,877, $25; Harry Krauss, Washington, D. C., 1,867, $20; Harold W. Horton, New York, 1.865, $15

Winners in previous years: Individual-1907, G. F. Sauer, New York, 657; 1908, Frederick Schwartie, Brooklyn, 697; 1909, E. Thompson, Brooklyn, 699; 1910, Tony Prio, Brooklyn, 705: 1911, Joseph West, Toronto, 694; 1912, Leo Lucke, Brooklyn, 699; 1913, Kumpf. Buffalo, 712. Two-Men Events-1907, John Nelson-Walter Tuthili, Brooklyn, 1,220; 1908, John McGuirk-John Grady, Paterson, N. J., 1,318; 1909, Satterthwalte-Rogers, Philadelphia, 1,298; 1910, BurdineEckstein, Washington, 1,305; 1911, Johnson-Kelsey, New Haven, 1.355; 1912, Lindsey-Johnson, New Haven, 1.301, 1913, Smith-Riddell, New York, 1,259.

Five-Men Events -- 1907, Corinthians, New York: 2.514: 1908; Brunswicks, New York, 2.893: 1909, Corinthian No. 8, New York, 2.899: 1910, Chalmers-Detroit, Chicago. 2,817; 1911, Bonds, Cleveland, 2,969; 1912, Grand Centrals, Rochester, 2,997; 1913, Bronx Ceutrals, New York, 2.936.

Individual All-round Champions-1907, John J. Voorhies, Brooklyn, 1,956; 1908, W. L. Erdmann, Brooklyn, 1.835; 1909, Frank Hegeman, Brooklyn, 1.908; 1910, George Freeman, Newark, 1,916; 1911, George Brunt, Paterson, 1,894; 1911, George Bungart, Chicago, 1,894, 1912, M. Lindsey, New Haven, 2,031; 1913, Smith, New York, 1,928.

N. B. A. TOURNAMENT RECORDS. Individual High Score, One Game-O. Kallusch, 288, Buffalo, 1911. Individual Total, Three Games--G. Kumpf, Buffalo (Rochester, 1913), 712. Two-Men, Single Game McGuirk-Grady, Paterson, N. J. (Rochester), 523. Two-Men, Three Game Total --Kelsey-Johnson, New Haven, Ct. (Buffalo, 1911), 1,355. Five-Men, Single Game-Keller Five, Paterson, N. J. (Rochester), 1.060. Five-Men, Total Three Games-Grand Central Club, Rochester, N. Y. (Paterson, N. J., 1912), 2.997. High Individual Average, All Events-M. Lindsey, New Haven Club (Paterson, N. J., 1912), 225 6-9.

WORLD'S RECORDS. Individual, Open, Three Games-William E. Roach, Academy Alleys, Wilmington, Del., 300, 300, 269, total, 869; average, 289 2-3, 1906. Six Games-Lee R. Johns, Oxford Alleys, Newark, 1909, 279, 268, 248, 277, 277, 279; total, 1,628; average 271 1-3. All Events-Mortimer Lindsey, New Haven, Ct., 2,031 for 9 games, averaging 225 6-9, in N. B. A. tournament at Paterson, N. J., 1912; James Smith, Buffalo, N. Y., 2,060 for 9 games, averaging 228 8-9, in Canadian Bowling Association tournament at Toronto, Ont., 1912. Head Pin-Oscar Steinquest, Riverside Alleys, Now York, 118, 1909. Tournament, Three Games-Charles Schaeder, Amphion Alleys, Brooklyn, 267, 279, 278; average, 271 1-3, 1907. Six Games-Charles Schaeder, Amphlon Alleys, Brooklyn, 236, 255, 267, 279, 203, 232; total, 1.537; average, 256 1-6, 1907. Seventy-five Games-Fred B. Egelhoff, Palace Alleys, Brooklyn, average, 230.29, 1906. Greatest Number of 300 Scores --John Koster, of New York, 12. Highest Woman's Score--Mrs. Nellle Lester, Lenox Alleys, New York, 277, 1909. Two-Men, Open-Knox-Satterthwaite, Philadelphia, Pa., 537, February 18, 1912. Three Games Knox-Satterthwalte, Philadelphia, Pa., 1,445, February 18, 1912. Tournament-McGuirk-Grady, of Paterson, N. J., in N. B. A. tournament, Rochester, N. Y., 523, 1908. Three Games-McGulrk-Grady, same place and time, 1.318. Three-Men, Open Mortimer Lindsey, Glenn Riddell, Alex Dunbar, Columbia Alleys, New York, 757, 1908. Tournament-Imperial team, Brooklyn Palace Tournament. 748, in 1910. Five-Men, Open--All Wooden Balls-Algonquins, New York, Columbia Alleys, New York, 1.175, 1906. Three Games Brooklyn Interstate Team, Grand Central Alleys, Brooklyn, average, 1,126, 1905. Rochester State League team at Rochester, January 21, 1913, against Syracuse, 3,497 pins, average 1,165.2. Four Games, same team and place, average 1,124. Tournament-Howard Majors, Chicago, 1,207, 1907; Koenig & Kalser team, St. Louls, Mo., 1,207, 1908; Burkes, St. Louis, Mo., 1,207, 1909. Three Games-Howard Majors, Chicago, Ill., average, 1,124, 1906. Head Pin-Roseville A. A., Iroquois Alleys, Newark, N. J., 545, 1909.

Telegraph match open to athletic club five-men teams of United States and Canada, rolled
April 26, on home alleys. Results: Winner: Cleveland A. A.-E. J. Blair, E. Demooy, W. D.
Frank, G. L. Frey, G. H. McNamara; total, 2,835. Second: New York A. C.-P. Adams, H.
Kling, H. Lerdes, J. Roberts, A. Crabe; total, 2,829. Third: Seattle A. C.-H. J. Dobbs, C. W.
Harris, J. J. Jacobson, L. Walber, C. H. Kline; total, 2,774. Fourth: Montreal A. A.-J. E.
Walsh, L. H. Walsh, T. H. Gardner, P. C. Bach, E. G. Burnett; total, 2,695. Fifth: Olympic Club,
San Francisco-E. Bush, E. C. Simpson, M. J. Jenne, E. W. Scott, C. W. Irvin; total, 2,629. Sixth:
Pittsburgh A. A.-G. G. Ramsey, B. B. Bannister, W. Secrist, H. Barney, s. Rieger total, 2,618.
Aldoris: total, 2,465. Eighth: Illinois A. C.-H. J. Krels, A. L. Mott, J. S. Beck, B. S. Landfelder,
G. Wheeler; total, 2,442. Ninth: Chicago A. A.-A. W. Elder, G. A. Eddy, H. J. Ables, A. G.
Maler, J. A. Broadhurst; total, 2,403.


L. Ave. H. S.

G, Ave. H.S. New York A. C.

37 17 910.11 996 Roberts, New York A. C.. 54 190.19 245 Roseville 37 17 912.31 984 Moffatt, Roseville.

54 188.37 248 Jessey City 33 21 905.8 1,047 Adams, New York A. C.

44 187.1 254 Enzabeth 30 24 902.18 1,094 Dwyer, Newark Bay

54 187 233 Newark Bay 28 26 905.18 1,073 Negley, Roseville,

54 186.2 256 Columbian. 886.53 1,008 Gerdes, New York A. C.

54 185.10 249 Passalo. 23 31 883.3 1,019 Mettam, Newark Bay

54 185.7 266 North End, 32 883.3 1,031 Brundage, Jersey City

54 184.51 244 Montclalr 32 857.32 971 A. West, Elizabeth.

54 184.9 258 Columbia.. 14 40 875.40 986 | Potter, Elizabeth...

51 1183.201 237 The tle between New York A. C. and Roseville was rolled of April 9, and won by Rosevlile, with a total of 2,702 against 2,647.

First five teams in each event. Results:

Five-Men Events-Blatz, 2,975; Colonna League, 2,913; Lipmans, 2,887: Woodlawns, 2,871; Schweitzers, 2,833.

Two-Men Events-Holden-Kerpen, 1,273; De Long-Rellly, 1,261; Thompson-Canfield, 1,259; Welch-Carey, 1,242; Bernet-Burke, 1,237.

Individuals-A. Toemmel, 684; E. Eckart, 677; E. Peterson, 675; A. Lingl, 670; F. Walter, 654.
All Events-G. Ahrbeck, 1,883; J. Orl, 1,863; J. Stevens, 1,862: J. Graf, 1,837: E. Freie, 1,839,

First five in all events. Results:

Five-Men Events--Novotnys, 2,901; J. Blouins, 2,889; O'Learys, 2,871; Petersens W. C. L., 2,809; Beach & Winz., 2,802.

Two-Men Events-Wagner-Lemphul, 1,274; Kriha-A. Kappes, 1,270; E. Blouin-Colller, 1,258; G. Dernbach-Scully, 1,229: Stattenstein-Jordan, 1,228.

Individuals-D. É. Meaney, 699; Frank Brill, 690; W. Scully, 653; Al Toemmel, 652; J. Dominick, 648.

AU Events - A. Kappes, 1,884; Frank Brill, 1,875; M. Stattenstein, 1,849; Ed. Blouin, 1,844; T. Karlicek, 1,834; D. E. Meaney, 1,822.


GOLF. UNITED STATES open championship, played over Midlothian course, Chicago, Ill. Finals played August 21. Won by W. C. Hagin, Rochester, N. Y., professional, score 290; Charles Evans, Jr., Chicago, amateur, 291, second; George Sargent, professional, third. Previous winners: 1913, at Brookline, Mass., won by Francis Ouimet, 72, with Harry Vardon, 77, second, and Edward Ray, 78, third, after a triple tie in final round of 304. 1912, at Buffalo, N. Y., won by Jack McDermott, 294, with Tom McNamara, 296, second, and Alex. Smith and M. J. Brady tied at 299 for third. 1911, 86 Wheaton, Ill., after a triple tie between J. J. McDermott, M. J. Brady and George 0. Simpson at 307, J. J. McDermott won

in the play-off, with Brady second and Simpson third. 1910, at Philadelphia, Pa., Alex. Smith, 298. 1909, at Englewood, N. J., George Sargent, 290. 1908, at Myopia, Fred McLeod, 322. 1907, at Philadelphia Cricket C., Alexander Ross, 302, 1906, at Onwentsia, Alex. Smith, 295. 1905, at Myopia, W. Anderson, 314. 1904, at Glen View, W. Anderson, 303. 1903, at Baltusrol, W. Anderson, 307. 1902, at Garden City, L. Auchterlonle, 307. 1901, at Myopia, W. Anderson, 331. 1900, at Chicago, M. H. Vardon, 313.

United States amateur, played at Manchester, Vt. - Francis Oulmet defeated Jerome D. Travers, 6 up and 5 to play. Previous winners: 1913, at Garden City, L. I., J. D. Travers defeated J. G. Anderson, 5 up and 4 to play. 1912, at Wheaton, ill., J. Travers defeated Charles Evans, Jr. 7 up and 6 to play. 1911, at Rye, N. Y., H. H. Hilton, amateur champion of England, defeated F. Herreshofi, 1 up in 37 holes. 1910, at Brookline, Mass., W. C. Fownes, Jr., defeated W. K. Wood, 4 up and 3 to play. 1909, at Wheaton, Ili., R. A. Gardner beat H. Chandler Egan, 4 up and 2 to play. 1908, at Garden City, J. D. Travers beat Max Behr, 8 up and 7 to play. 1907, at Euclid, J. D. Travers beat A. Graham, 6 up and 5 to play. 1906, E.M. Byers beat G. 8. Lyon, 2 up. 1905, at Wheaton, ni., H. Chandler Egan beat D. E. Sawyer, 6 up

and 5 to play. 1904, H. Chandler Egan; 1903. W. J. Travis: 1902, L. N. James; 1901 and 1900, W. J. Travis.

United States women's championship, played at Glen Cove, N. Y. Finals, September 19. Mrs. H. Jackson, Boston, defeated Miss E. V. Rosenthal, Chicago, 1 up. Previous winners: 1913, played at Wilmington, Del., October 18, Miss G. Ravenscroft of England defeated Miss M. Hollins, 2 up. 1912, played at Essex Country Club, Manchester, Mass., Miss M. Curtis defeated Mrs. R. H. Barlow, 3 up and 2 to play. 1911, at Westchester County, N. Y., Miss M. Curtis. 1910, at Chicago, III., Miss Dorothy Campbell, Hamilton, Ont. 1909, at Philadelphia, Miss Dorothy Campbell. 1908, at Washington, Miss Kate c. Harley. 1907, at Midlothian, Miss Margaret Curtis. 1906, at Brae Burn, Miss Harriet Curtis. 1905, at Morris County, Miss Pauline Mackay. 1904, at Merion C. C., Miss 'G. Bishop. 1903, at Wheaton, Miss B. Anthony. 1902-01, at Brookline and Baltusrol, Miss G. Hecker. 1900, at Shinnecock, Miss F. C. Griscom.

STATE AND SECTIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. Eastern, open. Isaac Mackle, professional, won with a score of 305; Joe Mitchell, second, with 307; J. M. Barnes third. Women's, held at Greenwich, Ct.

Won by. Mrs. H. A. Jackson, Cambridge, Mass.,

score 172; M188 F. C. Osgood, Boston, Mass., second, with 181; Mrs. C. H. Vanderbeck, Philadelphia, Pa., third, 182.

Metropolitan amateur, played at Englewood, N. J.-Oswald Kirkby, Englewood, defeated W.J. Travis, 3 up and 1 to play. Open, played at Hartsdale, N. Y.-McDonald Smith, Oakmont, professional, won with a score of 278; William McFarlane, Baltusrol, second, 287. Junior, played at Plainfield, N. J.-P. Carter, Nassau, defeated V. K. Hilton, Hackensack, 8 up and 6 to play. Women, played in Essex County-Miss L. B. Hyde defeated Miss G. M. Bishop, 9 up and 7 to play.

Central New York, played at Elmira, N. Y.-S. T. Cole defeated Dr. W. M. Neville, 6 up.
New York City-J. H. Buckbee, Jr., defeated H. A. Linton, 1 up (19 holes).
New Jersey-Oswald Kirkby, Englewood, defeated M. Risley, Atlantic City, 4 up and 3 to play.

Massachusetts, open-0. A. Terry and M. J. Brady tied with 309. Amateur-Francis Ouimet defeated R. R. Gorton, 5 up and 4 to play. Amateur junior-Raymond Ouimet defeated E. L. Hubbard, 5 up and 4 to play.

White Mountains, played at Jefferson, N. H.-J. D. Standish, Jr., Detroit, defeated H. C. Richard, 1 up (19 holes).

Pennsylvanla open-McDonald Smith, Oakmont, professional, won with a score of 147; Jack Hutchinson, second, 154. Amateur-W. H. Croft defeated James B. Crookston, 5 up and 3 to play.

Philadelphia-H. H. Francine defeated H. L. Willoughby, 2 up. Women-Mrs. R. H. Barlow defeated Mrs. C. H. Vanderbeck, 3 up and 2 to play.

Western amateur, played at Grand Rapids, Mich.-Chick Evans defeated James D. Standish, Jr., Detroit, 11 up. Junior, played at Chicago, Ill. -Charles F. Grimes defeated L. M. Watts, 6 up and 5 to play. Women-Mrs. Harry D. Hammond, Indianapolis, defeated Mrs. A. S. Colburn, 5 up and 3 to play. Open, played at Minneapolis, Minn.-J. M. Barnes, Philadelphia, Pa.. won with a score of 293; William Kidd, St. Louis, Mo., second, 294; George Sargent, Washington, D. C., third. 296.

Chicago-- William Rautenbusch defeated J. McDonald, 1 up.

United North and South, played at Pinehurst, N. C., amateur-R. 8. Worthington defeated Paul E. Gardner, 6 up and 5 to play. Open-G. Nicholls, Wilmington, Del., won with a score of 145: J. J. McDermott, second, 147. Women-Miss F. L. Harvey, Canada, defeated Mrs. R. H. Barlow, Philadelphia, 1 up.

Trans-Mississippi, played at Kansas City, Mo.-John D. Cady defeated M. A. McLaughlin, 6 up and 4 to play.

Iowa--Arthur Britlett, Ottawa, defeated P. Sheldon, Keokuk, 10 up and 8 to play.
Wisconsin-N. Allis defeated Dick Cavanough, 6 up and 5 to play.

Southern, played at Memphis, Tenn.—Nelson Whitney, New Orleans, defeated Perry Adair, Atlanta, 14 up and 13 to play.

Florida, open-G. R. McDonald, professional, Buffalo, N. Y., won with a score of 130; Jack Hutchinson, second, with 137. Amateur-W. R. Simons, Garden City, N. Y., defeated Harold Weber, Toledo, Ohio, in the 36th hole. Women-Miss Lillian B. Hyde defeated Mrs. H. C. Phipps, 6 up and 4 to play.

South Florida —J. R. Hyde defeated H. C. Richard, 1 up.
Mississippi Coast-J. W. Maulding defeated J. H. Jones, Jr., 6 up and 5 to play.

Pacific Northwest, played at Seattle, Wash.-J. Neville defeated H. Chandler Egan, 5 up and 4 to play.

Illinois vs. Wisconsin, played at Madison, Wis.-Won by Illinois team, 5 to 3.

Tom Morris Memorial Trophy, played at Chicago, Ill. --Score of first five: Cleveland Country Club, 47 up; Portage Lake Country Club, 18 up: Detroit Country Club, 13 up; Denver Country Club, 11 up: Arlington, Columbus, Ohio, 7 up.

Griscom Cup finals, played at 'New York City, for women--Philadelphia defeated Metropolltan Association by 12 matches to 9. Boston defeated in preliminaries.

Olympic Cup. played at Chicago, Ill. -- Won by Chicago District Golf Association team, composed of Frazer Hale, 146; J. L. Leduc, 164; E. H. Blank hard, Jr., 165, and K. P. Edwards, 153. Total score, 628.

GOLF-Continued. Leslle Cup, played at Baltusrol links, N. Y., September 25-Metropolitan Association deTeated Pennsylvania by 9 to 6.

COLLEGE GOLF. Intercollegiate championship, played at Garden City, L. I., September 12—Edward P. Allis, Harvard, deleated L. M. Washburn, Princeton, 11 up and 10 to play:

Team championship finals, played at Garden City, September 9-Won by Princeton against Harvard. 5 to 4.

Western Intercollegiate championships, played at Chicago, Ill., June 19-Individual won by J. N. McDonald, University of Chicago, score 173. Team-University of Chicago won by 12 to 0; University of Wisconsin second.

Eastern Interscholastic, played at Scarsdale, N. Y.-P. V. G. Carter, Pawling, defeated W. T. Badham, Lawrenceville, 6 up and 5 to play.

DUAL COLLEGE MEETINGS. April 25-Glencove, L. I.; Nassau Country Club 3, Columbia 0.

May 2-New York City, Fox Hills; Yale 5, Princeton 1. Willamstown, Mass.; Williams 3, Dartmouth 2.

May g--Princeton, N. J.; Cornell 3, Princeton 3. Glen Cove, L. I.: Dartmouth 5, Columbia 0.

May 9-Hartford, Ct.; Hartford Golf Club 8, Yale 7. Philadelphia, Pa.; Cornell 5. Pennsylvania 1: Pennsylvania 5, Columbia 1; Cornell 6, Columbia 0. Princeton, N. J.; Princeton 5, Dartmouth 0.

May 13--Princeton, N. J.; Princeton 5, Pennsylvania 1.
May 14-Providence, R. I.; Rhode Island 3, Harvard 3.

May 15-New Haven, Ct.; Yale 5, Williams 1. Garden City, L. I.; Garden City Golf Club 14, Princeton 6. May 23-Glen Cove, L. I.; Nassau Country Club 8, Yale 5.

FOREIGN GOLF. England, open championship. played at Prestwick-Harry Vardon, the English professional, won with 306; G. H. Taylor, England, holder, second, with 309; Archie Simpson, England, third, with 310. J. L. C. Jenkins, amateur champion of England, led the amateurs with 315; Francis Ouimet, Boston, unplaced, with 332. Previous winners: 1892, H. H. Hilton, amateur, 305; 1893, W. Auchterlonie, 322; 1894, J. H. Taylor, 326; 1895, J. H. Taylor, 322; 1896, H. Vardon, 316; 1897, H. H. Hilton, amateur, 314; 1898, H. Vardon, 307: 1899, H. Vardon, 310: 1900, J. H. Taylor, 309; 1901, James Braid, 309; 1902, Alex. Herd. 307; 1903, H. Vardon, 300; 1904, J. White, 296; 1905, J. Braid, 318; 1906, J. Braid, 300; 1907, A. Massy, 312; 1908, J. Braid, 291; 1909, J. H. Taylor, 295; 1910, J. Braid, 299, 1911, H. Vardon (after a tie with A. Massy), 303; 1912, E. Ray, 295; 1913, J. H. Taylor, 304.

Amateur championship. played at Sandwich-J. L. C. Jenkins, Troon. Scotland, defeated c. C. Hezlet, Portrush, Ireland, 3 up and 2 to play. The following Americans competed but finished unplaccd: Jerome D. Travers, New York: Francis Ouimet, Boston, and C. Evans, Jr., Chicago; Frederick Herreshoff, New York: Arthur G. Lockwood, Boston; Fraser Hall, Chicago; C. W. Inslee, Oneida: H. J. Topping, Greenwich; Harold Weber, Toledo, and Edward S. Knapp, Westbrook. Previous winners: 1889, J. E. Laldiay: 1890, John Ball; 1891, J. E. Laidlay; 1892, John Ball; 1893, Peter Anderson; 1894, John Ball; 1895, L. Balfour Melville; 1896, F. G. Tait; 1897, A. J. T. Allan; 1898, F. G. Talt: 1899, John Bail; 1900, H. H. Hilton; 1901, H. H. Hilton: 1902, Charles Hutchings; 1903, Robert Maxwell: 1904, W. J. Travis: 1905, A. G. Barry; 1906, J. Robb; 1907, J. Ball; 1908, E. A. Lassen; 1909, R. Maxwell: 1910, J. Ball; 1911, H. H. Hilton; 1912, J. Ball: 1913, H. H. Hilton.

Women's championship, played at Hunstanton-- Miss Cicil Leitch, England, defeated Miss Gladys Ravenscroft, England, defender, 2 up and I to play. Previous winners: 1893, Lady Margaret Scott; 1894, Lady Margaret Scott: 1895, Lady Margaret Scott; 1896, Miss Amy Pascoe; 1897, Miss E. C. Orr: 1898, Miss L. Thomson; 1899, Miss M. Hezlet: 1900, Miss R. K. Adair: 1901, Miss M. A. Graham; 1902, Miss M. Hezlet; 1903, Miss R. K. Adair; 1904, Miss L. Dod; 1905. Miss B. Thompson; 1906, Mrs. Kennion; 1907, Miss M. Hezlet: 1908, Mise Titterton; 1909, Miss D. Campbell: 1910, Miss E. G. Suttie; 1911, Miss D. Campbell; 1912, Miss G. Ravenscroft; 1913, Miss Muriel Dodd.

Easter Gold Challenge Medal, played at Westward Ho, North Devon Golf Club-Won by Jerome D. Travery, New York.

Goll Illustrated Golf Vase, played at Suningdale-H. H. Hilton, England, won with 151. The following Americans competed bun inished unplaced: Francis Ouimet, Boston: c. W. Inslee, Oneida; Arthur G. Lockwood, Boston; Fraser Hale, Chicago, and Harold Weber, Toledo.

St. George Vase, played at Sandwich-Won by John Graham, England, with 146; Jerome D. Travers, eighth, with 155; Francis Quimet, 158; Charles Evans, Jr., 159; Fraser Hale, 166; Harold Weber, 157; C. W. Inslee, 169.

France, open championship. played at Le Toquet-Won by J. B. Edgar, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, score 288 for the 72 holes: Harry Vardon: the British open champion, finished second with 294: Edward Ray, former open champion of Great Britain, third with 295; John H. Taylor, British open champion for 1913, fourth with 296, and James Braid, 301. Dr. H. D. Gillies, with a score os 300, won the special prize donated by President Poincaré for the best amateur. Amateur championship, played at La Boulie-Francis Ouimet, Boston, defeated Henry J. Topping, Greenwich, Ct., 4 up and 3 to play. Other Americans who competed but finished unplaced: Jerome D. Travers, Harold Weber, Fraser Hale, Fred. Herreshoff, A. G. Lockwood and Charles Evans, Jr. Women's championship, played at La Boulie--Miss Cecil Leitch, England, defeated Miss Gladys Basuin, England, 2 up and 1 to play.

Canada, played at Ottawa-G. S. Lyon, Toronto, defeated Bryce Evans, Boston, 8 up and 7 to play:

Cuba-J. Travis, Garden City, N. Y., defeated R. A. Gray, Havana, 2 up and i to play.

ROQUE. THIRTY-THIRD annual tournament of National Roque Association, held at Norwich, Ct., August 18 to 22.

First division--Harold and Edward Clark of Springfield, Mass., tied. Harold Clark was declared champion because Edward Clark refused to play off the tie. Second divisionTie between E. F. Fenton, Willmantic, Ct., and J. D. Miner, East Greenwich, R. I. First place was awarded to Fenton, Miner defaulting. Middle Atlantic championships; fourth annual tournament, held at Philadelphia, Pa.

Won by Edward Clark, Springfield, Mass., with 11 straight wins. His brother. Harold Clark, second. Western championships, held by Western Roque Association at Chicago, Ill., July 20-25.

First division-Won by Dr. H. E. Lyman, Topeka, Kan., with 8 straight games. Second divisionWon by F. H. Sheldon, Kansas City, Mo., with 6 straight games.

Chicago, October 19. Charles C. King of Chicago, Western roque champion, made what is claimed to be a world's record by scoring 58 points out of a possible 64 without a miss. King deteated J. P. Ennis, 32 to 6 and 32 to 7.

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