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Cassell & Company's Publications.

ILLUSTRATED AND FINE-ART WORKS. Romeo and Juliet. Édition de Luxe. Illustrated with Twelve superb Photo

gravures from Original Drawings by FRANK DICKSEE, A.R.A., expressly executed

for this work. Price £ 3 1os. Character Sketches from Dickens. SECOND SERIES. By FREDERICK

BARNARD. Containing Six Plates printed on India paper, and reproduced in Photogravure by GOUPIL & Co., Paris ; size, 20 X 144. In Portfolio, price 21s.

; The Fine-Art Library. Edited by John SPARKES, Principal of the South

Kensington Art Schools. 58. eaeh. THE ENGLISH School of PAINTING; The FLEMISH SCHOOL OF PAINTING; The Dutch School of PAINTING; ARTISTIC

ANATOMV. The Magazine of Art. Yearly Volume. With about 500 Illustrations by the first

Artists of the day, and a beautifully-executed Etching for Frontispiece. Cloth gilt, gilt edges, 165. N.B.-The price of the earlier Volumes has been several times

increased, and as each Volume becomes scarce, the price is raised to 215. Pieturesque Europe. Popular EDITION. Vols. I., II., & III., with Exquisite

Steel Plates, and about 200 Original Engravings in each by the best Artists. Cloth gilt, 18s. each ; Vols. I. and II. bound tohether, completing the British Isles, 31s. 6d. N.B.-The Original Edition, in Five Magnificent Volumes, royal 4to size, can still

be obtained, price £10 10s. Picturesque America. Complete in Four Vols., each containing 12 Exquisite

Steel Plates and about 200 Original Wood Engravings. £2 25. each. The Royal Shakspere. A Handsome Fine-Art Edition of the Poet's Works.

Vols. I. and II., containing Exquisite Steel Plates, and full-page Wood Engravings. by FRANK Dicksee, A. R.A., and other celebrated Artists. The text is that of Prof. Delius, and the Work contains Mr. FURNIVALL's Life of Shakspere. Price


155. each.

Price 5s.

China Painting. By FLORENCE Lewis. With 16 Original Coloured Plates, and

a selection of Wood Engravings. With Full Instructions to the Pupil. Cloth, 5s. Trees, How to Paint in Water Colours. By W. H. J. Boot. With

18 Coloured Plates. Flower Painting in Water Colours. First and Second Series. With

20 Fac-simile Coloured Plates in each by F. E. HulME, F.L.S., F.S.A. With In

structions by the Artist. 55. each. Some Modern Artists. An Account of the Life and Works of representative

Artists of the Day, with highly-finished Engravings of their most popular Master

pieces, and Portraits at the Artists. Cloth, gilt edges, 155. Sunlight and Shade. Being Poems and Pictures of Life and Nature. With

numerous Illustrations. Crown 4to, cloth gilt, 7s 6d. Morocco: Its People and its Places. By EDMONDO DE Amicis.

Translated by C. Rollin-Tilton. Cloth, 7s. 6d. Old and New Edinburgh, Cassell's. Complete in Three Vols., with

upwards of 600 Original Illustrations. Extra crown 4to, cloth, gs. each. Library

binding, Three Vols., £i ios. Our Own Country: Complete in șix Vols., with upwards of 200 Original

Illustrations and Steei Frontispiece in each. Extra crown 4to, 75. 6d. each. Library

binding, Three Double Vols., 375. 6d. the set. The Countries of the World.

ROBERT BROWN, F.R.G.S. Complete in Six Vols., with about 750 Illustrations. Cloth, 75. 6d. each. Library

binding, 3 vols., 375, 6d. Gleanings from Popular Authors. Complete in Two Vols. With Original

Illustrations. Price gs. each.

By. Dr.

Cassell & Company, Limited : London, Paris & New York.



A Selection from Cassell & Company's Publications (continued).

BIOGRAPHY, TRAVELS, HISTORY, LITERATURE, &c. Italy: from the Fall of Napoleon I., in 1815, to the Death of Victor Emmanuel, in 1878.

By J. W PROBYN. 75. od.
London's Roll of Fame. With Portraits and Illustrations.

I2s. 6d.
India: the Land and the People. By Sir JAMES CAIRD, K.C.B., F.R.S.

Revised and Enlarged. 1os. 6d. Life of the Rt. Hon. John Bright. By W. ROBERTSON. 608 pages. With

Steel Portrait. 78. 6d. Oliver Cromwell: the Man and his Mission. By J. ALLANSON

PICTON, M.P. With Steel Portrait. Price 7s. 6d. The Life of the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone. By G. BARNETT

Smith. uth and Cheap Edition. With Portrait. 35. 6d. Jubilee Edition, is. Burnaby's Ride to Khiva. New and Cheaper Edition. Cloth, is. 6d.

People s Edition, 6d. A History of Modern Europe. By C. A. FYFFE, M.A., Fellow of University

College, Oxford. Vol. I. Demy 8vo, 125. Our Homes, and How to Make them Healthy. Edited by SHIRLEY

FORSTER MURPHY, assisted by Eminent Authorities. 155. The Book of Health. Edited by MALCOLM MORRIS, F.R.C.S.(Ed.), with Con

tributions by Eminent Physicians and Surgeons. Price 21s. Universal History, Cassell's Illustrated. Vols. I., II., and III. Profusely

Illustrated Price gs. each. The Dictionary of English History: A Complete Record of the Doings of

the English Nation at Home and Abroad. Royal 8vo, cloth, 215. The Encyclopædic Dietionary. A New and Original Work of Reference

to all the Words in the English Language, with a Full Account of their Origin, Meaning, Pronunciation, and Use. Seven Divisional Vols. now ready, price ios. 6d.

each, or Double Vols., in halt morocco, price 21s. each. Cassell's Concise Cyclopædia. A Cyclopædia in One Volume, containing comprehensive and accurate information, brought down to the Latest Date.

155. Popular Educator, Cassell's. New and Thoroughly Revised Edition. Com

plete in Six Vols., 5s. each. Technical Educator, Cassell's. Illustrated. Four Vols., cloth, 6s. each ; or

Two Vols., half-calf, 3is. 6d. Popular Edition. Vol. I. Cloth, 5s. English Literature, A Dictionary of. Being a Comprehensive Guide to

English Authors and their works. By W. DAVENPORT ADAMS. Phrase and Fable, Dictionary of; giving the Derivation, Source, or

Origin of Common Phrases, Allusions, and Words that have a Tale to Tell. By the Rev. Dr. BREWER. Enlarged Edition, cloth, 3s. 6d. Superior binding, 4s. 6d.

RELIGIOUS WORKS. The Early Days of Christianity. By the Ven. ARCHDEACON FARRAR,

D.D., F.R.S. Library Edition, Two Vols., demy 8vo, 245. Popular Edition, 6s. The Life of Christ. By the Ven. Archdeacon Farrar, D.D., F.R.S. Library

Edition, Two Vols., cloth, 245. ; morocco, £2 2s. Illustrated Edition, 4to, cloth gilt, 21s: ; morocco, £2 2s. Bijou Edition, complete in Five small Vols., cicih in

cloth box, jos. 5d. the set. Popular Edition, in One Vol., cloth, 6s. The Life and Work of St. Paul. By the Ven. ARCHDEACON FARRAR D.D.,

F.R.S. Library Edition, Two Vols., 245.; morocco, £2 2s. Popular, 6s. The Child's Life of Christ. With several Hundred Original Wood

Engravings, extra crown 4to, elegantly bound, price 21s. The Old Testament Commentary for English Readers. By

various Writers. Edited by the Right Rev. C. J. ELLICOTT, D.D., Lord Bishop o

Gloucester and Bristol. Complete in Five Vois., price 21s. each. The New Testament Commentary for English Readers. Edited

by C. J. ELLICOTT, D.D., Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. Complete in

Three Volumes, 21s. each. The Child's Bible. Cheap Edition. With 200 Illustrations. Extra crown 4to,

728 pages. Cloth, 7s.6d.

75. 6d.

Cassell & Company, Limited: London, Paris & New York.

A Selection from Cassell & Company's Publications (continued).



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A Year's Cookery. Giving Dishes for Breakfast, Luncheon, and Dinner, for

Every Day in the Year. By Phillis Browne. 35. 6d. Choice Dishes at Small Cost. By A. G. PAYNE. Civil Service, Guide to Employment in the. Deepdale Vicarage. By the Author of "The Half Sisters." 35. 6d. Dingy House at Kensington, The. With full-page Illustrations. 35. 6d. English Literature, The Story of. By Anna BUCKLAND. Cloth, 5s. Esther West. By Isa CRAIG-Knox. 35. 6d. Etiquette of Good Society. Boards, is. ; cloth, is. 6d. Golden Days. By JEANIE HERING. How Women may Earn a Living. By Mercy GROGAN. In Duty Bound. By the Author of “Deepdale Vicarage.” 35. 6d. Jane Austen and her Works. By Sarah TYTLER. Kennel Guide, The Practical. By Dr. Gordon Stables. Dog, The. By IDSTONE. With Twelve Illustrations. Magic Flower-pot, The. By Edward GARRETT. Marriage Ring, The. A Gift-Book for the Newly Married and for those

contemplating Marriage. By WILLIAM LANDELS, D.D. Royal 16mo, white

leatherette, gilt edges, in box, 6s. ; morocco, 8s. 6d. Microscope, The, and some of the Wonders it Reveals. My Guardian. By Ada CAMBRIDGE. Illustrated by F. Dicksee, A.R.A. North-West Passage by Land. By Lord Milton and Dr. CHEADLE. 25. 6d. Notable Shipwrecks. By UNCLE HARDY. Cloth, 2s. 6d. Nursing for the Home and for the Hospital. By CATHERINE J.

Woon. Is. 6d. ; cloth gilt, 2s. Peggy, and other Tales. By FLORENCE MONTGOMERY. Peggy Oglivie's Inheritance. By Isa Craig-KNOX. Price 3s. 6d. Pigeon-Keeper, The Practical. By L. Wright. Illustrated. 35. 6d. Police Code and Manual of the Criminal Law. By C. E.

HOWARD VINCENT, late Director of Criminal Investigations. 25. Poultry-Keeper, The Practical. By L. WRIGHT. With Plain Illustra

tions. Cloth, 35. 6d. ; or with Coloured Plates, 5s. Rabbit-Keeper, The Practical. By CUNICULUS. Illustrated. Red Library of English and American Classics, The. Stiff covers,

is. each ; or bound in cloth, 2s. each. THE HEART OF MIDL,THIAN.



HARRY LORREQUER. School Girls. By the late Annie CAREY. Price 3s. 6d. The Family Honour. By Mrs. C. L. BALFOUR. Price 3s. 6d. The Half Sisters. By the Author of " In Duty Bound.” Price 3s. 6d. What Girls Can Do. By Phillis BROWNE. Working to Win. By Maggie SYMINGTON. Price 3s. 6d. Young Man in the Battle of Life. By the Rev. Dr. LANDELS. Stift

covers, is. ; cloth limp, 25. ; cloth gilt, gilt edges, 25. 6d.


35. 6d.

35. od.

Cassell & Company, Limited: London, Paris & New York.


A Selection from Cassell & Company's Publications (continued).

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BOOKS FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE. The Sunday Scrap Book. Containing about One Thousand Scripture Stories

in Pictures. Royal 4to, 192 pages, 5s. Children of All Nations. Their Homes, their Schools, their Playgrounds.

With Original Illustrations. 5S. The Little Folks' Out and About Book. By Chatty CHEERFUL. With

Illustrations on every page. 55. My Own Album of Animals. With full-page Illustrations on every alternate page.

Set in Bo Type. 55. The Album for Home, School, and Play. Containing Stories by Popular

Authors. Set in Bold Type and Illustrated throughout. 55. The Top of the Ladder: How to Reach it. A Series of Sunday Talks

with Boys and Girls. By the Rev. F. LANGBRIDGE, M.A. Illustrated. Stories of the Tower. By Mary Wilson. Containing Short Stories of the

Tower of London. Ilustrated. 2s. Baby's Album Series. Four Books, each containing about 50 Illustrations.

6d. each, paper covers ; or is. each, cloth gilt, gilt edges. Jingles and Joys. A Treasury of Amusing and Entertaining Verses for the

Little Ones. By MARY D. BRINE. With 271 Illustrations. 55. Jack o' Lantern, and other Rhymes.. By Eleanor W. Talbot. 35. 6d. O'er Many Lands, on Many Seas. By GORDON STABLES, M.D., R.N.

Illustrated throughout. 55. Rambles Round London Town. By C. L. MATÉAUX. 55. Seventeen Cats: A True Story of Mammy Tittleback and her

Family. Illustrrated. Sunny Spain : its Peoples, Places, History, Legends, and

Customs. By OLIVE PATCH. Illustrated. 7s.6d Brave Lives and Noble. By C. L. MATÉAUX, Illustrated throughout. Out-door Sports and In-door Amusements, Cassell's Book of.

With about goo Illustrations and Coloured Frontispiece, 990 pages, gs. Daisy Dimple's Scrap Book. A Book of Picture Stories, with nearly 1,000

Illustrations. Price 5s. Bo-Peep. A Treasury for the Little Ones. Illustrated throughout with Original

Illustrations. Boards, 2s. 6d. ; cloth gilt, 3s. 6d. Cassell's Robinson Crusoe. With numerous Illustrations. Little Folks. Half-Yearly Volumes, each containing nearly 500 Pictures. Boards

3s. 6d. ; cloth gilt, 5s. each. Truth Will Out. By JEANIE HERING. “Little Folks” Painting Books, of which a quarter of a million copies

have been sold. Illustrated throughout. Is. each. “Little Folks” PROVERB PAINTING PICTURES TO PAINT. Воок.

“Little FOLKS” PAINTING BOOK. “Little FOLKS” ILLUMINATING Book. NATURE PAINTING Book. Another “Little Folks” Painting Book. The World in Pictures. A Series of Nine Gift-Books specially suitable for

Sunday-School Prizes. Illustrated throughout, and handsomely bound in cloth.

23, 6d. each. The Library of Wonders. A Series of Eight Gift-Books for Boys. In

Volumes. Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, 25. 6d. each. All Illustrated throughout. WONDERFUL ADVENTURES.




Books for Boys. Illustrated throughout. Cloth, gilt edges, 3s. 6d. each :-


From the Best Authors. SOLDIER AND PATRIOT. The Story

THE THREE HOMES. A Tale for Fathers of George Washington.

and Sons. By F. T. L. Hope. THE ROMANCE OF TRADE.

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of Several Hundred VOLUMES, including Bibles and Religious Works, Fine-Art Volumes, Children's Books, Dictionaries, Educational Works, History, Natural History, Household and Domestic Treatises, Handbooks and Guides, Science, Tray’is, &c. &c., together with a Synopsis of their numerous Illustrated Serial Publications, sent post free on application to Cassell & COMPANY, Limited, Ludgate Hill, London.

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