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ACADEMIC SCHOOL OF TEN, Annapolis, West Point, Coast Guard, Flying Cadet, 113 W. 57th St., N. Y. CI 6-6888.



COMMERCIAL SPANISH LANGUAGE SERVICE CENTER. Lewis Bertrand, Director, 18 E. 41st St., N. Y. City. LEx. 2-8838


DRAFTING MONDELL INST., Drafting. Mathematics, Blueprints, all branches. 230 W. 41st., N. Y. C. WIsc., 7-2086.

LANGUAGES LANGUAGE SERVICE CENTER. Lewis Bertrand, Director. 18 E. 41st St. N. Y City. LE 2-8838

NATIONAL SCHOOL OF MECHANICAL DENTISTRY, 10 West Jackson Blvd., (Free Booklet) Chicago, n.
NEW YORK SCHOOL OF MECHANICAL DENTISTRY, 125 West 31st St., N. Y. C. Bree Booklet. 3







How I Became How I Stepped

a Hotel into a Hostess Hotel Job llea Sheppard "-Le Beadley Hall

into a BIG-PAY


Who I Less Seamstress, Without Ex- Than a Year, perience, Becomes Host.

Without Experience, Iness of Beautiful Hotel

creased His Income 50% "D

ISSATISFIED with my position as seamstress, I answered a Lewis adver


HEN I enrolled in the Lewis Schools I tisement. Here was everything I wanted

was a Railroad Conductor. Shortly good pay, fascinating work. And age didn't afterwards I went to work in a Chicago hotel. matter- both young and mature had equal Within 60 days I was made Superintendent of opportunities. 'Ienrolled. Soon I was House- Service. Within a year I was earning 50% keeper Hostess of a beautiful hotel. My ma- more than in my previous position. Later I ture years are a help, instead of a handicap. became Manager of an Iowa hotel, and reMy success is due to Lewis Leisure-Time, cently took over the Y' Cafe and am my Home Study Training."

own boss.

I have made good and am perIva Sheppard is typical of many Lewis- fectly happy and contented. thanks to Lewis trained men and women who have won suc- Spare-Time, Home Study Training." cess in the fascinating hotel and institutional Lewis Training has qualified many men field. Hundreds of graduates making good and women like W. Bradley Hall for wellas managers, assistant managers, house

paid positions in hotel and institutional field. keepers, hostesses and 55 other types of well Registration FREE of extra cost in Lewis paid positions. Lewis National Placement National Placement Service. Make the Service FREE of extra cost. Write your

same decision today W. Bradley Hall made name and address in margin and mail this ad not so long ago. Write your name and adTODAY for FREE book, "Your Big Oppor- dress in margin and mail this ad TODAY tunity," which gives full details.

for FREE book which gives full details. LEWIS HOTEL TRAINING SCHOOLS Room AB-7461

Washington, D. C.

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Learn Profitable Profession

in 90 days at Home Earnings of Men and Women in the fascinating profession of Swedish

Massage run as high as $40 to $70 per week but many prefer to open their own of. fices.

Large Incomes from Doctors, hospitals, sanitar

iums, clubs and private pa. tients come to those who qualify through our training. Reducing alone offers rich rewards for specialists. Tremendous opportunities lle before you in this unerowded field which is now open to you without hav. ing to leave your present work until you qualify as an expert and can command an expert's pay. Send Dame and address for FREE Anatomy charts, bookJet with names and photographs of successful graduates and complete details of our offer. There is no cost or obligation. THE College of Swedish Massage, Dept. 171

30 East Adams St., Chicago, Ill.


Aeronautical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical,
Mechanical and

Radio Engineering Courses leading to the B.S. Degree. Approved by C.A.A., participation in both primary and secondary pilot training programs. Thorough, intense, practical program confined to essentials; year around sessions; strong faculty; adequate equipment; modern wind tunnel. Small classes; personal attention. Tech men won Chrysler Institute appointments in 1937-38-39-40-41. Industry is now accepting thousands of untrained or poorly trained men, but needs technically trained men as leaders and supervisors. Many opportunities for self-help in this technical and industrial center. Low tuition; no charge for prep courses. Terms open March, June, Sept. and Dec. (Remember there will be no depression for trained men after this national emergency).

EARN THE DEGREE Doctor of Psychology (Ps.D.), Doctor of Divinity (D.D.), many others. Courses in business, accounting, law, etc. Low fees. Send for large Bulletin and student picture-folder AT ONCE. No obligation whatever. TEMPLE BAR EXTENSION COLLEGE 1411 Fourth Avenue

Dept. 2 A Seattle, Washington, U. S. A.



942 E. Washington Blvd.

Fort Wayne, Ind.

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for 10 MINUTES of Your Camera Time! Magazines, newspapers, advertisers gladly pay $5 to $20 and more for photographs that take 10 minutes or

less to make! Scores of Universaltrained men and women regularly add $15 to $50 a month to their earnings that way. FREE Book tells how we train you, at low cost-at home--to take pictares that SELL and show you where to sell them.

Dept. 9, 10 West 33 St., New York City

OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION has trained thousands of young men and women for important executive posts in Business, Industry, Finance, Journalism and Commercial Teaching. Recognized College degrees in all branches of Commercial Education can be procured under the Rider Plan of intensive specialization for modern business. Rider courses prepare for immediate employment and the Rider Placement Bureau makes available attractive positions with good salaries and excellent prospects for steady advancement. For complete information write

Dr. J. W. Seay. Registrar, Rider College, Trenton, New Jersey



WHAT CAUSES IT? A booklet containing the opinions of famous doctors on this interesting subject will be sent FREE, while they last, to any reader writing to the Educational Division, 535 Fifth Avenue, Dept. WA-42, New York, N. Y.

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R Randolph, L. F.. 958 Raye Burns School. 42A Rider College 3AA Robinson, Dr. Frank B. 955

с Carey, P. J., & Sons...42A Chumaine Medicine Co.

.959 Clarkson Publishing Co.

44A Classified Advertise

ments. 47A, 48A, 1AA Cody, Sherwin, School of English

11A Cole & Associates 36A Coleman, Watson E. 26A College Book Co., The

22A, 956 College of Swedish

Massage 28A, 3AA Collier, P. F., & Sons Corp.

16A, 31A Commercial Travelers'

Mutual Accident As

sociation of America. 10 Cortina Academy... Crown Mail Order Co.

28A Crown Plastic Co.. 34A Cystex


S School Directory. .1AA School of Swedish

Massage ЗАА, 28А Sherwin Cody School of English

11A Stenotype Co., The.. 9A Stuart Studios. .20A

T Tamblyn School of

Penmanship, The.. .36A Tavella Sales Corp....959 Temple Bar Ext.

College. ..3AA, 45A, 958


Landon School, The.. 1AA
Language Service

26A LaSalle Extension

Univ. 2A, 3A, 8A, 13A, 13 Lemurian Book Industries

20A Lewis Hotel Training Schools

2AA Linguaphone Institute

Inside Front Cover Lundstrom, C. J., Mfg. Co...

43A Mc McKay, David, Co.

18A, 24A, 15 McKinley-Roosevelt Graduate College. 2AA

M Magazine Institute, The

44A Mehl, B. Max

20A Mendaco Co.

32A Merriam, G. & C., Co.

12A, 957 Metro Publications. 34A Motor Book

45A Murray, Arthur, 4A

N National Art School. .956 National Baking Institute

45A National Protective

Insurance Co. 956 National Radio Institute

25A National School of Meat Cutting.


United States Dental

Co. Inside Back Cover United States Trucking Corp.

44A Universal Photog

raphers, Inc. .3AA

D Directory

Classified . 47A, 48A, IAA Directory Educational


V Van Nostrand

Company, D...23A, 33A

E Educational Directory

1AA, 2AA, 3AA Educational Division

.3AA Encyclopedia Exchange

.44A Evans, Victor


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F Franklin Institute..... 15A

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OU know this man as well as you tration, of keen imagination-showing know YOURSELF. His mind nib- you how to banish negative qualities like

bles at EVERYTHING and masters forgetfulness, brain fag, indecision, selfNOTHING. He always takes up the consciousness, lack of ideas, mind wanEASIEST thing first, puts it down when dering, lack of system, procrastination, it gets HARD, and starts something else. timidity. JUMPS from ONE THING TO ANOTHER all the time!

Men, like Sir Harry Lauder, Prince

Charles of Sweden, Frank P. Walsh, forThere are thousands of these PEOPLE

mer Lieutenant Governor Lunn of New WITH GRASSHOPPER MINDS in the York, and hundreds of others equally faworld and they do the world's MOST

mous, praise the simple method of increasTIRESOME TASKS--get but a PIT

ing, brain-power described in this free TANCE for their work.

book about Pelmanism. It has helped over If YOU have a "Grasshopper Mind" 750,000 OTHERS during the past 25 you know that this is TRUE-and WHY.

years! Even the BLAZING SUN can't burn a

You have only A POSTAGE STAMP hole in a little piece of TISSUE PAPER unless its rays are concentrated ON ONE

to lose by writing for your copy. You SPOT!

may GAIN thousands of dollars, peace of

mind, happiness, independence ! Don't Yet you KNOW you have intelligence wait. Mail the coupon NOW. and ability. WHAT'S holding you back?

- Just one fact-one SCIENTIFIC fact THEPELMANINSTITUTE OF AMERICA -PROVEN and stated by the world's

Suite W.A.42 foremost scientists and psychologists. 271 North Ave. New Rochelle, N. Y. You are using only ONE-TENTÉ of your real BRAIN-POWER! The mind is like a muscle. It grows in power

| THE PELMAN INSTITUTE OF AMERICA through exercise and use. It weakens and

I Suite WA-42, 271 North Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. deteriorates with idleness. Increase your

Please send me without obligation your free BRAIN POWER and you will increase I booklet, "Scientific Mind Training." This does your EARNING POWER.

I not place me under any obligation and no sales

man is to call on me. But HOW? Merely gamble a postage stamp. Send the coupon at the right for

Name a copy of "Scientific Mind Training."

Address This little book will tell you the secret of self-confidence, of a strong will, of a


State.. powerful memory. of unflagging concen

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