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Mackenzie, Esq. of Applecross, and Lieus Menzies, Esq. of Rinroy, late Chambertenant of the late 100th regiment of foot. lain to his Grace the Duke of Montrose.

5. At Lochmaben, in the 81st year of 14. At Aberdeen, William Ogilvie, Esq. her age, Mrs Robina M'Bride, relict of the Professor of Humanity in the King's Col. Rev. Mr Richard Brown, late minister of lege of that city. Lochmaben.

- John Sackeouse, aged 22, a native of - At Wellwood House, parish of Muir- the west coast of Greenland, This Esquikirk, Robert Paterson, Esq. in the 77th maux has occupied a considerable share of year of his age.

the public attention, and his loss will be Alexander Dalziel, Esq. of West very generally felt

. He had already renLinton, formerly of Port Glasgow. Mr dered important service to the country in Dalziel was the intimate friend of the the late expedition of discovery, and great Scottish poets, Ferguson and Burns ; of the expectations were naturally formed of the former he was accustomed to relate many benefits of his knowledge on the voyage interesting anecdotes, and, of the latter, he about to sail for Baffin's Bay. "The Ad. was fortunate enough to be the early pa. miralty, with great liberality and judgtron, by introducing him to the Earl of ment, had directed the greatest pains to be Glencairn, an event which Burns never re- taken in his farther education ; and he had collected but with the enthusiasm of grate- been several months in Edinburgh with ful feeling. Mr Dalziel is styled by an this view, when he was seized with a vioexcellent judge, the elegant biographer of lent inflamniation in his chest, which car. our inmortal bard, one of the ablest of his ried him off in a few days. He was exwrrespondents. No man was more re- tremely docile, and though rather slow in markable for acuteness and accuracy in the attainment of knowledge, he was indus. business, for a sturdy independence of trious, zealous, and cheerful, and was almind, and for keen indignation at any ways grateful for the kindness and attenappearance of falsehood, dishonesty, and tion shewn to him. His amiable disposi.

tion and simple manners had interested 8. At Perth, Mrs Balmain, in her Elst those who had opportunities of knowing year, relict of James Balmain, Esq. him personally in a way that will not soon

At Clachnaherry, Mr Davidson, be forgotten. Just before his death, the resident engineer of the Caledonian Ca- poor Esquimaux said that he knew he was nal.

going to die; that his father and mother In Needham Street, Newry, at the had died in the same way; and that his sisadvanced age of 107 years, Mrs Mabella ter, who was the last of all his relations, White, daughter of the late Rev. Robert had just appeared to him and called him Gordon, long time minister to the Presby: away. terian Congregation of Rathfriland, and 16. At Windywalls, in the parish of relict of the late Mr William White, of Sprouston, aged 102, Alison Bruce, relict Mallaglass.

of Robert Davidson, sometime tenant in At Perth, Mr John Halket, Survey- Sprouston Hill. She survived her husband or of the Customs.

upwards of sixty years, and retained her 10. At Barns Street, Ayr, Wm. Logan, faculties entire to the very last. Esq. Major of the late West Lowland Ben - At Edinburgh, Mrs Davidson of Ra. eibles.

-velrig. Jl. At St Andrew's, Mrs Magdalone At his Lordship's scat in Kent, the Anderson, widow of Dr James Flint, Pro- Countess of Thanet. Her Ladyship had fessor of Medicine in the University of St an attack of paralysis a few days previous Andrew's

to her decease. - At Nice, in the prime of life, whither 16. At Dunbar, Gcorge Campbell, Esq.. he had gone for the recovery of his health, late Comptroller of the Customs there. the Rev. John Shiels, minister of the gos - At Ashton Hall, Lancashire, in the pel at Westruther.

79th year of his age, his Grace Archibald, 12. In-Lower Grosvenor Place, London, Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, (Duke of Capt. Francis Mouat Keith, of the royal Chatelherault in France,) Marquis of Haartillery

milton, Douglas, and Clydesdale, Earl of 13. At Walgrave, in Northampton. Angus, Arran, and Lanark, Lord Macan. shire, the Rev. Alexander Payne, father shire, Polmont, Abernethy and Aberbrothof the Rev. George Payne, of Edinburgh. wick, and Baron Dutton; Hereditary Keep

Mr Michael Watson, shipbroker, er of the Palace of Holyroodhouse. His Leith.

Grace was the second son of James, Duke 14. At Roseneath Manse, the 'Rev. Dr of Hamilton, by Elizabeth, daughter of EdGeorge Drummond, in the 820 year of his ward Spencer, Esq. He succeeded his neage, and 53d of his ministry.

phew Douglas, Duke of Hamilton, in 1799 ; - At Edinburgh, William Taylor, Esq. married, in 1765, Lady Herriot Stewart, late merchant in Glasgow.

claughter of Alexander, Earl of Galloway, At his house in Callander, George by whom he has left Alexander, now Duke

of Hamilton, (summoned to Parliament in 26. At Ravelston, Alexander Keith, Esq. 1806, as Baron Dutton ;) Lord Archibald of Dunottar. Hamilton, M. P. 'for Lanarkshire ; the At Dumfries, Mrs Lilias Hay, daughDuchess of Somerset, Lady Anne, and the ter of the late William Hay, Esq. of CrauCountess of Durmore. The present Duke fordtown, W. S. and relict of John Gråmarried Miss S. E. Beckford, daughter of ham, Esq. merchant, Jamaica, son of the William Beckford of Fonthill, Esq. by late John Graham, Esq. of Mos:know. whom he has one son, William., now Mar. 28. At his house in Chichester, in his quis of Douglas, and a daughter. This Goth year, Vice-Admiral Sir George Mur. noble family, by the male line, is the re ray, K.C.B. and late Captain of the fleet presentative of the ancient and noble fami. under Lord Nelson. He was a man whose ly of Douglas.

professional merits and private virtues en17. At Amisfield Mains, Mrs Elizabeth deared him greatly to his brother officers Bogae, widow of the late William Brodie, and numerous friends. Esq. in the 78th year of her age.

Lately.- Lieutenant-Colonel Charles At Edinburgh, of inflammation in the Duke, Deputy-Adjutant-General to the liver, George Ranken, Esq. late Superin- forces serving under the Earl of Dalhousie, tendent-Surgeon of the Honourable East Nova Scotia. India Company's Bengal Establishment. At Blairston, Mr Adam M·Intosh, at

18. At Yarmouth, upon his return home the advanced age of 102. from London, John Dunlop, Esq. mer At his seat, Ballyornan, county of Wickchant in Port Glasgow, aged 68 years. low, Charles William Quinn, Esq. for 30

19. At Clifton, in the 75th year of his years Physician-General to his Majesty's age Sir Joseph Radcliffe, of Miln's Bridge forces in Ireland. House, near Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Ba.

At Kirkcudbright, Mrs Cannon, relict of ronet; one of the few remaining examples John Cannon, Esq. of Barlochar. of old English hospitality.

At Garlieston, Wigtonshire, Mr John 20. At her house, Wharton Place, Mrs Dunsmore, miller, at an advanced age, Julia Kerr, relict of the late Robert Kerr, leaving property to the amount of L.14,000, Esq.

the whole of which he acquired at Garlies. At Edinburgh, David Cross, Esq. ton. He was confined only three weeks. soinetime inerchant in Glasgow.

'In his desk were found eleven hundred At Taunton, Mrs Mackenzie, wife of pounds, packed up with old iron, nails, &c. Kenneth Mackenzie, Esq.

He kept the key of his treasure under his 21. At Stirling, Mrs Elizabeth Ben- head till he expired. net, spouse of Robert Banks, Esq. of Craig At Bermuda, Mr William Rennie, head.

third son of John Rennie, Esq. of Lon. At the manse of Barr, the Rev. Ste- don, and first Lieutenant of the Leander, phen Young, minister of that parish.

the flag-ship of Rear-Admiral Sir David At Perth, Mrs Bathca Nairne, re Milne, K.C.B. lict of George Spalding, Esq. of Glenkilry. At Rochester, the Rev. William Philip

22. At Edinburgh, Mrs Helen Buchan, Menzies. widow of John Glassell, Esq. of Longnid At Strabane, John Dorman, or Dier. dry.

He was born at Boigh, in the pa. At his house in Sackville Street, rish of Cloulee, county of Donegal, the Dublin, Richard Dease, Esq. Surgeon and 24th August 1709. His father was a laProfessor of Anatomy in the Royal College bourer, and lived to the age of 111. His of Surgeons in that city. The death of mother's name was Margaret Sharkey ; this respectable and much lamented gen. she lived to be nearly 113 years old. tleman was occasioned by a slight puncture At Calcutta, John Puget, Esq. second of one of his fingers which he gave himself son of Commissioner Puget, of the royal when in the act of dissecting.

navy.-He met his early fate in the river 23. At the hotel de France, Rue St Tho- Ganges, having missed his hold while gomas-du-Louvre, Paris, of an inflammation ing from the ship into a boat. of the brain, Lord Spencer Stanley Chiches At London, George Augustus Frederick, ter.

third son of Sir Robert Barclay, Bart, Col. 24. Io Queen Street, in the 84th year of lector of the Revenue in the island of Mau. her age, Mrs Mary Rowland, widow of ritius. Francis Rowland, Esq. late a Captain in At Toulouse, Marguerite Renaud, at the the 84th regiment of foot.

age of 117 years. She was born in 1701, 25. The Rev. Alex. Brown, minister of was married in 1721, and became a widow the Associate Burgher Congregation, Burnt. in 1735. shields


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The Scots Magazine.

APRIL 1819.


On the Exhibition of Paintings in Edin ing into the probability of a Northburgh......

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Monthly List of New Publications other Poems. By Thomas Pringle.319 MONTHLY REGISTER. On the Missionaries of Caucasus.........323 Foreign Intelligence......

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„370 two leading Parties of the Scottish Patents


325 Appointments and ib. On the Ceremonial of Eastern Courts....327 Meteorological Report

377 Some Account of Captain Ross's Voy Agricultural Report poisomes „378

age of Discovery, for the purpose of Commercial Report......a exploring Baffin's Bay, and inquir Births, Marriages, Deatls are...........383



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APRIL 1819.



have risen with the national glory, and spread with the commercial

wealth of her citizens; anıl, in the We regard this institution as form- style which was adapted to their ing the commencement of a new era taste, the works of the Flemish artin the history of the Fine Arts in this ists are still unrivalleil. country; nor can we imagine any es How then has it happened, that, in tablishment better calculated to pro- Great Britain, where the energy of all mote their advancement in this north- classes of the people has, for centuern region.

ries, been animated by the spirit of To those who have attended to the a free government,- where the fine progress of art in other parts of the arts have long been the object of soliworld, it must often have been a mat- citude and admiration among the ter of surprise that they are still in so higher classes of society,--and where backward a state in this country. In wealth exists to a degree unequalled the free states of antiquity, and in the in any former state in the world, the republics of Italy, in modern times, arts of painting and sculpture should the fine arts of painting, sculpture, still, comparatively speaking, be in a and architecture, have kept pace with state of infancy?' Why has not the the progress of wealth, and the men energy of her people, which has cartal energy which the march of politi- ried them so far before all the rest of cal events had developed. The age of mankind in pluilosophy, history, and Pericles was distinguished by the erec- poetry, been dormant in the arts of tion of the Parthenon, and the sculp- painting and sculpture ? and how does ture of Phidias, not less than by the it happen, that the same nation who celebrity of its orators and the glory justly pride themselves upon their suof its arms. The vigour which the periority to the other countries of Eufreedom of her citizens inspired in the rope in all the useful, and many of republic of Florence appears not less the ornamental, should still be' oconspicuous in the majesty of her e- bliged to borrow from a people whom difices and the beauty of her paint- they despise, the models and the rules ings, than in the charms of her poets of the Fine Arts ? ry and the noble character of her elo The solution of this singular and quence. In Genoa and Venice, the striking circumstance is principally wealth of commerce, and the anima to be found in the wint of those Motion of war, spread their influence o DELS OF ART whereon the taste both ver the arts of peaceful life; and the of artists and of the public may be same age which witnessed the victo- formed. Experience has shown, that ries of La Meloria and Chiozza wit- neither painting nor sculpture can nessed also the painting of Titian and come to any degree of perfection till the architecture of Buonarotti. Even an opportunity is afforded both to artin Holland and Flanders, the fine arts ists, and those who are to judge of


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