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At the Rakes House, in Heckington Fen, Mr. Baker, sen 70.

At Witham-on-the-hill. Mrs. Tonilin, late of Casterten, near S amford.


The Rev J. Edvbws h'S been presented b) the Right Hon. the Earl Moira, to the vicarage or* Bclton, Leicestershire.

The Rev. James Eyre Harrington, has been presented to the rectory of Sapcote.

\Urr\td} At Congerton, tie Rev. Thoma: Neale, rector of Siosto;;e, lo Miss Glenn, otjJil.ron.

At Harkby, Mr. Joseph Frsby, of South Cicpton, gtazirr, to Miss Harriett Tufrley.

At Tnrussington, Mr. Dixon, of Melton, to Mrs. Hannah Black.

At Normanton-on-the-Heath, near Ashby, Robert Parkinson, captain in the Loughborough local militia, to Miss Choice.

At Melton Mowbray, Mr. J. Law, to Miss V. Adcoek.

At Gnosell, Mr. Joseph Bullock/of Astqn, to Miss Stringer.

Dud.} At Leicester, Miss Wagstaft", sister ofthe Rev. Mr. Wagstaff, of (joidby.

At Onston, Miss Green, late ot Dowsby, near Kalkingham.

AtBedworth, Laura Lane.

At Market Harborougn, Krances, the wife of Rowland Rnuse, gent. 60 —Mrs. Bouse.

At Stoneleigh, Mr. Ralph Cure, a respectable farmer.


Died] At Woolsthoipe, near Belvoir Castle, John Nolzel, aged 77, a native of Switzerland, and particularly known for having saved the I tie of the great nurquis of Granny; who, ever after, a well ^s the familf of his grace the Duke of Rutl and, evinced the greatest friendship and esteeiu for him. Notzel carried the standard at the funeral of his late grace the Duke of Rutland, in Nov. 1807, who died Lord Lieutenant o: Ireland.


Mtrried-] *■' Wolverhampton, the Rev. Charles Ne»e,of Brierley- hill, to Miss Clemsoii, or Wilenhall.—Mr. Thomas Lloyd, to MUs Catherine Deakin, of liilston—Mr. IIlid^c, merchant, to Miss Barber.


An application is intended to be made to rar.iamen:, in the ensuing session, for leave to make a navigable cut, to be called the Central Junction Canal, from the Wiltshire and Berkshire Canal, to join the Birmingham and Stratford canal at Stratford-uponAvon.

Married.'] At Birmingham, the Rev. William bpooner, of Elmdon, to Anna Maria, daughter of the Right Hon. Lucius O'Brien, cart, of Dromolund, -in the county of Clare, Ireland.

At Elmdon, Mr. John Welday, of Hampton in Arden, to Miss Maria Repton.

At Alderly, near Woutton-undcr-Edge, the »«iiih Mas, No. sOl,

Rev. Jamea Phelps, rector of that pber, &c. to Miss Hale, eldest daughter of Biagdon H. esq. of the former place.

At Warwick, Mr William Richardson, of Coventry, to Miss Price.

At Coventry, Mr. George Wuston, to Miss Sarah Faulconbridge.—Mr. Taun, to Miss Cartel). ,

Ait Hall, Luke Cell, of the royal artillery, to Miss Ann Wetherhill.

Dial.} At Birmingham, Mr. John Anthony Frey, an eminent nvrchanr.—Miss Chamberlain.—Mrs Elizabeth Bowdlcr, midwife, 69.—Mr. John Garrison, grocer.—MrJohn Colon.—Edward Hinton Rose.

At Coventry, Mr. James Potter, much la. merited.

At Warwick, Mr. Bromley, sen.—Mr. John Gregory—Of Oldbury, suddenly, Mr. Samuel Touks.

At Eatington, Mrs. Roberts, 74.

At Coventry, Mr. Romana, 75.

At Walsall, Miss Wakcman, 23;

At Church Over, Mrs. Merridew.

At Yardlcy, Mr. Joseph Court, jun.


Married.'] At Whitchurch, J. B. Gunncll, esq. of Greenwich, to Mary, third daughter of E Jukes, esq. of S'one Grove Herts.— Mr. John Miller, to Miss Sarah Griffiths.

£W.j At Oswestry, the Rev. J. Venables, formerly of Catharine Hall, Cambridge.

At Whitchurch, Mrs. Bickley, 85.

At Bridgnorth, Thomas Hasiewood, 88.


The Rev. Mr. Stafford, B.A. has been instituted to the vicarage of Ov'-ibury. '*

A dreadful fire broke out lately at Onibury, near Ludlow, nor could the fhmes be subdued till four houses were laid in ruins: three of them belonged to Mr. Hughes, of that viMarfe.

Married.] At Worcester, Mr.'Robert Lloyd, paper maker, to Miis Nancy Corbett, both of Wliichbol'd—Mr. Richard Bunn, to Miss Hannah Williams—Mr. Williams, of High street, to Mi-s Garner.—Mr. J Dobi son, of Kidderminster, to Mis* Lloyd, of Bridgnorth.

At King's Norton, Mr. Edward Wilkes, to Miss Villers.—Mr. Thomas Jones Jackson, of Worcester, to the eldest daughter of Mr. Bowkett,"of the Hill-Wood, Eastham.

At Astley, William Lambe, esq. of the Temple, bairistcr, to Miss Hickman, of Astley.

At Claincs, Mr. James Bigg, jun. to Misa M. Tapp, daughter of Mr.-T. Church-street, Bethnal-grecn, London.

At Tcnbury, Mr. Walker Giles, to Mis? Mason.

At Birlingham, Mr. William Harris, of Esslcss Lodge, Denbighshire, to Miss Esther Woodward.

Died.] At Worcester, Mr. Chalmers, formerly of the theatre, York. He was found early in the morning lying at Che door of a S O hsushouse in a lifeless stale, and on opening the head, it wai found that he had died of the rupture of n hL>od-vcssel in the sensorium, usuallv c*lled an apoplectic fit.

At Tickuell, near Bcwrlley, Mrs. E-azier, daugfuir of the late John Ingram, e«q

At ISurford, nearTenbury, Mr. K. Ford, brother to the late admiral Fori],

At Kidderminster, Josiah W'idell, esq of Summer-hill.


At Hereford, suddenly, Mrs. Taylor, wife of the Rev. Mr. T. head master of the t,rimir>ar-«chnot there —At an advanced a^e, Mrs. o■>';■.— ,1r.. Watkins, rel:ct of tlie Rev.

Mr. Thomas W. bookseller Mr. William

Payne, shoemaker, 80. He was the oldest tradesman and shopkeeper in the city, having been in business in the same street SS years.

At Kings Chapel, Mrs W.inwright.

At Sarnesfield Court, Mr. John Ricketts, *3.


The Rev. Thomas Watkins, M. A. minor canon of Winchester cathedtal, has been instituted to the vicarage of Myntry, on the the presentation of the Rev. William Coxe, archdeacon of Wil'a. ,

Married.'] Minchinhampton, Mr. John Lewis, of Bi Port, to Esther, fourth daughter of Mr. John Baker.

At W'rhterbourne, Mr. Charles Curtis, jun. to Miss Powell.

At Chuchdown, Mr. Edward Heibert, to Miss Elizabeth Smith.

At Fainford, Mr. H. Monk, of London, to Miss Thompson, of the former place.

Died.] At Glocester, Mr. Richard Bigland, 75! —Mrs Brethetton, of the Island.— Mrs. Heath, in the prime of life.—Mrs. Dowden.

At Thombury, Mrs. Slade, wife of the Rev. R. S. vicar of that place.

At Lillyhorn, near Bisley, John Roberts, esq.

At Tewkesbury, Mrs. Vevers.

AtGawcomb, Mr. Thomas Hambridge,(3. —Of Thornbury, Mrs. Lydia Croome.

At Charlton, near Cheltenham, Mrs. Ann Lane, relict of William L. etq. late of Kingston, Jamaica.

At Cirencester, Mr. J. B. Clarice, 20.


Rev. A. M. Matthews, B. D. is instituted to the vicarage of Stanton Harcourt.

Mr. John Billing, of Great Haselcy, gathered on his farm, one root or stem of wheat containing 30 ears, and upwards of 1300 grains of corn.

Married.] At Stanford in the Vale, Mr. W. Frogley, jun. of Denchworth, to the only daughter of 1. Spicer, esq. of Goosey.

At Salford, H. Lyne, esq. to Hannah, second daughter of the lare B. Davis, esq.

At Cumncr, Mr. R. Wilson, jun. of DenIrian's Farm, to Mitt Pearce, of Ensham.

Hud.] At OxferJ, Mrs. Taylor, wife o(

the Rev. Mr. Taylor, Baliol College —Mrs. Hopkins, wife of Mr. H. coal merchant.— Mrs Mary Roads, 57.T-Mr. Gray, St. A. ■ dates.—Mr Rol/bins, jun—Mr, S. Carsun, wine merchant, 73 Mr. >Vo^4house

At Worton, Mr. R, Grimsby, of Banbury, to Miss Elizabeth Owen.

At Hinbury, Mr. Robeit Gardner, to Miss Dumbleton.

At Fowler, advanced in years, Mr. Elias Gardner.—At South Hinckley, Mr. Muni, 4h.

At Neithrop, near Banbury, Mrs. Colejrove, daughter of Mr. V. Kvans, of SwalcuiT- Grange.

At Lower Wolvercot, Mrs. Locke, 67.


Died.] At Aylesbury, Mrs. E. Churchill, 26.


A dispensation latdy passed the great seal to enable the Rev. P. L. Godfrey, B D. to hold the living "f Ayott St. Lawrence, with the living of Aston.

Married.] At Rickmansworth, William Patten, esq. to Miss Maria Johnson, late of the island of Jamaica.

Bi nronnsHiNF..

Marr-ed ] At St. Cuthbert's, the Rev. T. S. Grimshaw, M. A. rector of Burion Latimer, and vicar of Biddenham, to Cba • iotte, second daughter of George Livius, esq. of Bedford.

The Rev. John Robinson, M. D. vicar of Plitton, to Miss Palmer, of SUsoe.

At Old Warden, Mr. George Heckford, surgeon, of St. Ives, to Miss Elizabeth Hoiben.

Died.] At Bedford, Sarah, second daughter of the late Edward Reed Strong, solicitor.

At Oakham, Mrs. Ann Barnett, wife of W. B. esq. 67.


In an old book, intitled "The Curiosities of Great Britain," is the following account: At Boughton, is a spring conceived to turn wood into stone: 'the truth is (saith Dr. Fuller,) it doth not incrust any thing with stone; I've seen a skull brought thence to Sidney College, in Cambridge, candied over with stone, within and without, yet so as the bone remained entire in the middle, as by a breach made therein did appear.' The skull was sent for by King Charles the First, to satisfy his curiosity, and again returned to the college.

William Hanbury, esq. of Kilmarsh, is nominated to represent the borough of Northampton, in the room of the Hon. Edward Bouvcrle, esq. deceased.

Married.] At St. Sepulchre's, Northampton, Ensign Benjamin Smith, of the 4eUh regiment of foot, to Eliza, eldest daughter of W. Gurden, esq. of Towcestry.—Mr. Pear Ellis, of Westwood, near Peterboro', to Miu Scotncy, daughter of Mr. Richard S. of Thornhaugh, near Wansford.


Died.] At Peterborough, Mr. Ellington, of the Boat public house there.—Mr. John Kaonrles, cooper.—Mr.J.mes Massey.ooper.

Of Abington Lodge, Mr. Richard Stanton, 1 respectable graaier.

Oi Finedon, Jolm Gray, esq. 72.

At Duxwortli, Mrs. Marshul, wife of the Rev. Charles M. v:car of that p'a-c

At Maidwell, Mr Edmond Blind, a respectable farmer and grazier, 8j.

At Davrntry, Andiew Miers, e;q.

At Wood Newton, Mr. James Cheesman.


Married.] Mr '; n mas Robinson, ironBonder, ot St. Neot's,. to Miss Catherine Baxter, of St. Martin's, Stamford E.iron.

Died\ At Alconbury Lod^c, Misi Baccus.


Married] At Camori ;ge, Lieut. Walker, R. M. to Miss jane Wiles, daugh-er of the law Mr. W.—Mr. W. Freeman Coe, to Miss Freeman.

At St; George's, Hanover-square, fohn English, esq. o: Bath, to Frances, daughter o! the late Thomas Huddlcstonc, esq. ot Milton.

At March, Mr. W. Francis, of the East India service, to Susannah, oily daughter of the late Nathaniel Goodman, esq. . Diid] At Chingford Hatch, William Beli, esq.

At Fordham, Mrs. Waters, wife of Thorns W.


The Rev. Philip Du Val Aufrere, B. A. is iniKuted to the rectory of Bawdeswell, the presentation of Sir John Lombe, hart. Married.] At Norwich, Mr. Edward Blyth, cotton manufacturer, to Miss Purdy.

At Guist, Mr. Henry Stebfcings, to Miss Judith Russell.

At Downham, Mr. Robert Harvey, grocer, to Miss Coates.

Died.} At Norwich, Miss Chapman,

eieest daughter of Mr C. attorney Mr.

William Lawrence, aged 16, son of Mr. Lawrence.


Married.] At Easton, Mr. M. Hawes, to Miss sparrow.

At Bury, Mr. Vine, stone-mason, to Miss Spencer.

At Btsnttay, Mr. Piowan, tanner, to Mrs. Steel.—Mr. Last, merchant, to Miss Maria Butcher.

At Moor House, Boated, Wm. Cook, tent, to Mrs. Pugh, of Hengrave.

At Didlington, Mr. Cole, to Miss Jane Thwaites, of Norwich.

At Wert Hading, Mr. J. W. Nicholson, to Miss Maria Coe, of Little Thornham.

At Arroinghall Hall, B. Sands, gent, to "us S. Aggs, ot Aylesham.

At Aylesham, Mr. Jennis Tex, horse•"ler, to Miss Eliza Jcx, of Kectlestone.

0"d.] At Wisbeach, John Thompson, *H- *>%■—Mr. Charles Batuiister,

At Aldcrton, trie Rev. Richard Frank, D.D.


The Rev. B Scale, M. A is appointed sur-' rowgale to the Rev. Dr. Hamilton, archdeacon of Colchester.

Married.] At Horksley, Mr. Thomas Sadler, to Miss Bryant, of Newmarket.

At Lay ton, David Powell, esq. to Miss George llo.tre, daughter of S. H. esq..

At Pritrlewell, Mr. C. E. Horn, of the Lyceum Theatre, to Miss Matilda Ray, of the late Theatre Drury Lane.

At Eoreham, Mr. Wm Baker, of Little Ba.tilow, to Miss Susan Belcher, of the former place.

At Braintree, Mr. Abraham May, to Miss Lacey.

Died.] At Chelmsford, suddenly, Mr. Chivers Holiingsworch, bricklayer.

At Broomfield, Mr. John Parsons, farmer. At Duke's Kami, Layer Breton, 'Mr. Phillip Ley.

At Colchester, Airs. Holditth, wife of Mr. H. draper

At Lawforrl, aged 84, ]. Bridges, esq. formerly ot Mistley, and many years a tuagistr-ite for this county j a man universally respec:ed> for uprightness and integrity of conducr. Attentive to his magisterial duties, he was particularly useful in his neighbourhood; and with a mind enriched by observation and study, and possessing an extraordinary memory, he was an example ot piety and virtue. Kknt. A project is in runremplation to construct an harbour at St. Nicholas Bay, on the northeastern coast. The plan originated with some mercliants in the metropolis, with a view of obtaining a shelter for those vessels, which, in the winter season, are so much expossd on the coast of this country. It is proposed to make the harbour capable of receiving vessels of 500 tons.

The project of an archway through part of Shooter's Hill, is certainly to be attempted. Notice has been given of an application to Parliament, for a bill to carry it into effect.

The lute storm at Margate washed away a part of the new pier, and dashing a collies against the Marine Parade, broke down thirty large stones, &c. Such a storm has not been witnessed since the bathing.rooms were washed away.

In the event of the basin of the projected canal from Canterbury to the sea being formed at the. end of North-lane, it is in contemplation to open a road and avenue to it from the Blackfriars hy a bridge over the Stour, where the ancient one formerly stood, and thence crossing St. Peter's and Poundlanes, along the causeway leading to Deane'smill, and by a bridge over the mill head to the basin ; thus affording an opening into the lieart of the city, highly beneficial to the concern, as well as conducive to the convenience oi the public Married.}

MajrUd.] Mr. Roberts, surgeon, of Bromley, to Mary, second daughter of the lace Rev. John Pratt, vicar of Moncton and Birchingfon in Thanet.

At Lyminge, Mr. Joshua Waddcll, of Canterbury, to Miss Charlotte Barley, of Stanford.

At Canterbury, Mr. Briscoe, to Miss Homersham.

At Gillmgham, Mr. James Dartnell, of Dover, to Miss Kitson, of Sandwich.

At Sandwich, Mr. John Gent, currier, to Miss Anne Child, of Ash.—Mr. Stephen Deverson, to Miss Ann Easter.

At Chatham, Mr. L. Gardiner, of Whitstable, to Mrs. Crockett.

At Folkestone, Colonel Go.ham, to Miss Deacon.

At Faversham, Mr. Wm. Snoultcn, woolitapler, to Miss Grove. ,

At Northfleet, Penjamin Sharpe, esq. of Fleet-street, banker, to Anrf, eldest daughter of Benjamin Kennet, esq. of the former place.

Died'] At Chatham, Mrs Shrubtole, of tlie Coach and Horses public house.—Mrs. Fone.

At Tenterden, Mrs, Hopley.

At Folkestone, Mr. Robert Spicer, 89.

At Maidstone, Elizabeth, daughter of T. Mitigate, glover, of Charing.

In Canterbury-lai.e, Mrs. Bushell, 77.

At Canterbury, Mrs. Suttnn, wife of Mr. S. of the Red Lion, S'uplegate.

At Seven Oaks, Mrs. Hilder, wife of Mr. John H. attorney at-lsw.

At Sheemess Mrs. Bray, wife of Mr. B. of the dock yard.

At U.rUonl suddenly, T. Bradley, esq. of Chatham, 59.

• trniY.

Dud] At Wellington, (alt Francis Greggs, esq.) Caroline, wile of I. G. Children, esq. and eldest daughter of George Furlong Wise, esq. of Wooitgn, near Kingsbridge.


The wool growers of Sussex, have subscribed for an elegant piece ol plate to be presented to Lord Sheffield, for his indefatigable exertion in establishing the value of the Southdown fleece.

Manied.^ At Little Homed* Sir George Clerk, of Pennewick, lo Miss Maria Law, second daughter of Ewan L. esq. and niece to Lord Ellenburou„h.

At Lewes. Mr. John Turner, jun. to Misi £. Judge, both of Teterden.

At Ditchling Church, Mr. Wm. Edwards, of St. John's Common, aged 18, to Mist Henrietta Heniott) aged 13.

Died.'] At Brighton, suddenly, Miss M. Cook, il—Mr. Howell, of Brighton Place, bather to the red machines.

At East End, Ditchling, Mr. Wm. Attree, of Brighton, 61.

At Street, near Ditchling, Mr?, Hampshire.

At Lewes, aged 77, Mr. Airon Lrcnpriere, many years a respectable plumber and glaxier.—Mr. Thomas Palmer, ironmonger, of North.street.


Last week some workmen employed on the estate of William Chamberlayne, esq. near Weston, dug up two earthen jars, full of Raman coins .and medals, chiefly of copper au4 mixed metal. One of them was broken by accident, but the other has been preserved entite, and is now in the possession of that gentleman. Many of the coins are inscribed with the names tif Claudius, Aurelius, Galienus, &c. the meda's with Posthumus, and, on the reverse, a galley, with the word Laetitia over it, in very legible characters, supposed to have bzen struck on tome naval victory.

The Rev. G Coxe, M. A. has been promoted to the rectory of St. Michael's, near Winchester, vacant by the resignation of the Rev. T. Watkins.

At the late Winchester Assizes, J. Brrtton, Captain in the West India Rangers, was indicted for the viltul murder of his son, G. Britton, by beating him and kicking him about the body. It appeared in evidence, that the prisoner had repeatedly beat his son very violently ; and Mr. Powell, a surgeon, had no doubt that the mortification, which was the cause of his death, ensued from the contusions on the back, which were the aggregate of several days' beating. The indictment, however, having stated the deceased to have been killed on a specific day, when it turned out that he had died of the aggregate ill treatment he had received on several days, and that the chastisement inflicted on him on any one day would not have been sufficient to have caused death, the Judge directed the acquittal of the prisoner.

Married.] At Winchester, Mr. Wm. Drew, to Miss Jane Brown.

The Rev. John Haygarth, to Sophia Poulter, daughter of the Rev. Edmund P. prebendary of Winchester.

At Exton, Wm. Smith, esq. of Southampton, to Georgiana, daughter of the late Humphrey Minchin, esq. of Holywell House.

The Rev. Mr. Miller, to Miss Ann Brackstone, both of Hartley Row.

The Rev. Charles Mosey, rector of Southwick, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of b". Fowncs Lutterell, esq. of Dunster Castle, Somerset.

At Christchurch, John Goddard, esq. surgeon, to Miss Bryer.

At L/mington, Mr. John Mason, solicitor, to Miss Richman.

J):eJ] At Winchester, in consequence of a bite from a mad cat about nine months since, Richard Church.—Mrs. Newlin, wife of Mr. N. butcher,—Miss Caroline Smith, daaghterof the late Rev. Mr. S.

At Christchurch, Mrs. Sevmour, widow of the lite Morgan S. formerly of Orchard, Devon.

Mr. Edward Fox, maltster, near Totton.

At Shawford House, near Winchester, in (he iU year of her age. Lady St. John MiHmay, wife of Sir Henry St. John M. ban.'of Dogmetsfield Park.

At Wuodside, neir Lymiogton, Mrs. Morgan, w. e ol Mr John M. ot the Greyhound Inn, llroagbton.

At Alton, Wrn. Parker Terry, esq.

At Southampton, Mrs. Faulkner; widow of the late admiral F.—Dame Catherine Hay ward, daughter of Sir James Harrington, batt.


The number of sheep and lambs penned fur »le at Bucford (air, near Silisiury, Aufust V3, a.nounted to SJ8.0W; the sates were unusually Ini.-.k on fleshy wethers and Southdown lambs} ewes met with a heavy sale.

Masritd] At Devises, Wm. Thomas JolHffe Matthews, esq captain inthe Royal Marines, to Fanny, second daughter or James Bristow, esq. of Poole.

Mr. Harolen, of Pewsey, to Miss Maria Biggi, of Beeching Stoke.

Died.] At Salisbury, aged 66, Wm. Collins, esq. one of the aldermen ol that city.— Mr. Wm. Weeks, an eminent coach proprietor Mr. L. Williams, second son of the

Hev. Lloyd W. of Whitchurch, Hants.— Mr. Wm. Hutchens, formerly an eminent clothier of chis city.

At Corsham, aged 70, Mr. Isaac Frcsme, attorney at law.

At Tisbury, aged 101, R. Osborne. His posterity amount to 187 persons; 3 sons and 5 daughters, 67 grand children, 81 great rand-children, and one great great grandchild.


In consequence of Mr. Lancaster's firmer tisit, a society has been established at Reading, and a building, to contain upwards of 300 children, in a state of great forwardness.

The Rev. Dr. Routh, president of Magdalen college, Oxford, has been preferred to therectory of Tylehurst.

At the late annual meeting of the Agricultural Society for this county, held at lltley, the silver medals were adjured to Sir James Throckmorton, for the best Southdown shearling ram and iheaves; to Mr. Stephen, of Peasemore, for the most shortlegged and very much improved snearling ram and theaves, of the horned or Wiltshire breed} to Mr. James Herbert, ot Ponghley, for the best two-year! old cart-horse; and to Mr Dowse, jun. of Newbury, for the model of a moveable threshing mill, the cost of which will not exceed 401. and which can l-e

worked by one cart- horse. Strickland Freeman,, .esq. of Fawrey ^Court, and Mr.. Hari bottle, of Remenham, exhibited some excellent specimens of new Leicester wethers; and Mr. Herbert shewed others of the differenv eross bieeds from Merinos with Ryland, Wilts, and Southdown flocks, whereby at once was produced wool the growth of this country, varying in worth from twenty pence to eight shill nga per pound. . A canal has been projreted from Bristol, to join the Wiltshire and Berkshire canal at or near Foxham. By this communication, and through the medium of the intended Western junction, and the grand junction's, a regular and safe navigation will be o|Kiied with the ports of London and Bristol. The sum of 400,0001. has be?n subscribed to carry the plan into execution.

The rebuilding of the bridge across the Thames, at Dutchett, near Windsor, will be immediately undertaken, and it is intended to be completed by the beginning of December. The repairs will be at thcjcxpence of the county of Bucks.

Married J At Bucklebury, Mr. John Lace, to Miss Row, of the same place.

At Windsor, Mr. JerYeries, of Covent Garden Theatre, and manager of the Windsor Theatre, to Miss Mansbridge, of London.

At Thorpe Chapel, Mr. Viicent, of Albmansworth, Hampshire, to Miss Slade, of Thoipe Farm.

At Mortimer, Wm. Harris, esq. surgeon of the Royal Artillery, to Miss Djwcs.

At Reading. Mr. John Limb, tallow chandler, tu Miss Manila Smith, of Cm 1worth Farm. — Mr. j. Wright, of Middlesfield, farmer, to £. Warner, of Stanton Tiarcourt.

At Yalford, Mr. Wickens, of Lanjjford, to Miss Coppin, of Tubncy—Mr. T. Richardson, ot Cavcisham, to Miss A. Holloway, of Sunning. , Died] At Waltham, Willis Smith, son, of Mr. Smilli, of the Duke of Clarence, Hackney road..

At Reading, aged 24, Richard Angel, son df Mr. A. of this town. —Mrs. Lowndes, relict of the late Mr. L. printer, til.

At Thatcham, Mrs. Palmer, wife of IVr. T. W. P.

At Maidenhead, Mr. Smith, late of Henley.

rit his house at Shlnficld, Wm. U- nic, esq.


In addition to the great improvements, late made, and now making at Bath, the communica;ion between the upper an.1 lower town is to be further facilitated and rendered more commodious, by widening the entrance to Milsom Street, from Green Street and Burton Street, by lemoving the Upper house, in Bond Street. ,


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