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The reason that I mentioned it was that GENERAL MUSSEY raised the question and made the remark, “ Do I understand that the initiation fees or dues are to go to this fund?” I think you answered him not dues but fees.


Well, they have all gone to the fund.


I understand.


I move that the report be adopted.


I would suggest as to the item of the burial expense mentioned in the report, tliat I think the better course would be to unanimously confirm the action of the Treasurer in paying that, and I move that that be done.

The motion was carried.


As the question comes up on the adoption of the report, I of course know nothing at all of the circumstances regarding the ten dollars of fees or dues about which there is a remark in the report, and which of course must have come under the observation of the Committee on New Members at Chattanooga, and the report of course

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is a reflection on that committee, and I shall ask the Treasurer to state the name of the party who signed the receipt for the ten dollars, in order that the matter may be brought up and properly passed upon. I think that should have been done in the report, inasmuch as a report of it has been made ; that it should have been stated who signed the receipt for the ten dollars.


It is not so stated in the report. It merely states the report of the committee as made, and that was my explanation of it. I don't know who was responsible for it. Simply a certain number of names was presented to me, and a certain amount of money, which was ten dollars short, and which could not be accounted for. I can strike out, if there is any objection of the Society, that part of the report, if the Chattanooga Local Committee wants it done. I really don't know who was responsible for it. I only know that an amount was turned over to me, and that it was ten dollars short. It was through some accident of some kind, I don't know what.


Well, Mr. President, I don't think it is a proper reflection on the committee. I take issue with the Treasurer straight. If the Treasurer accepted a certain amount of money that was ten dollars short, when the money was paid over was the time to correct it, and I don't think it is the proper thing to go into the report.


I spoke of it at the time, but I have no objection to charging myself with it.


I suggest that by unanimous consent no memorandum be kept of it, so that all parties may be satisfied. It is a small matter, and I suggest that we just leave it out of the report and charge it to profit and loss.


If there is no objection, that portion referring to the ten dollars will be omitted in the report.


To have it perfectly understood and the Treasurer's account balanced, he has charged himself with ten dollars that he has not got, and in justice to him I move that he be authorized to charge that amount to profit and loss, that his account may balance.


Then that will be presented to the Society in this way: The motion is that the Society authorize the Treasurer to charge ten dollars to profit and loss, and that his report concerning the ten dollars be omitted.


I object to that sort of book-keeping. I would like to have the vouchers; the Treasurer must have something to show for his accounts.


I can simplify this matter and correct it by just charging it to myself.


I move that GENERAL FULLERTon gets credit for the $10.00, and have it so charged, mentioning that the amount received from the Committee was $10.00 short.


I don't know of any body better able to stand a loss of $10.00 than GENERAL FULLERTON. I move that we just take that $10.00, and adjourn down to the Boody House or somewhere else with it.


The simplest way out of it will be that I will just charge it to myself.


Who is going to collect it?


Mr. PresidentThe Treasurer's name is not profit and loss. The motion is that it be charged to profit and loss.

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The resolution, as amended, is that the Treasurer omit all reference to the $10.00 in his report, and that he shall be authorized to credit himself with $10.00, and charge it to profit and loss.

The motion was carried.


Now we will hear from the Committee on Publication, the Chairman of which is GENERAL Cist.


Mr. Chairman and Members of the Society --The labors of the Committee were very much delayed by reason of wishing to present as handsome a volume as we could of our Chattanooga meeting. A portrait of GENERAL ELLIOTT was required so as it could appear in this volume to complete the list of our corps commanders. GENERAL ELLIOTT was the commanding officer of the cavalry corps. There was no plate that the Committee could secure from which portraits could be printed, and the plate had to be prepared. The piate was paid for by the members of GENERAL Elliott's old staff, and it took considerable correspondence and some delays to accomplish that end and to secure the amount of money necessary to pay for the engraving. Then there were some minor delays that occurred in the preparation of the work. Unless a member is familiar with the work that is done by the Committee, it is impossible to know just exactly the amount of detail that goes in the making up of one of our reports. The Committee are glad to say that they were able to get the book out before this meeting, and regret very much that the delays occurred whereby they were compelled to postpone the issuing of the book as Jate as they did. The book has been delivered to the members, and we trust it is acceptable and will find its place with the other volumes. It is in many respects historically the most valuable volume that we have ever issued. It is of a higher grade than any volume we have ever issued; and with this the Committee submit their report.


Gentlemen, you have heard the report; what shall we do with it?

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