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him ;


But now,


JOHN XIII. hath desired to have you,

thou ? Jesus answered him

; that he may sist you as Whither I go, thou canst not 32 wheat. But I have prayed follow me now; but thou

for thee, that thy faith fail shalt follow me afterward. not. And when thou art 37 Peter said unto

converted, strengthen thy Lord, why cannot I follows 33 brethren. And he said un- thee now? I will lay down

to him; Lord, I am ready 38 my life for thy sake. Jesus

to go with thee, both into answered him; Wilt thou 34 prison, and to death. And lay down thy life for my

he said; I tell thee, Peter, sake? Verily, verily, I say the cock shall not crow this unto thee, the cock shall not day, before that thou shalt crow, till thou hast denied thrice deny that thou know

me thrice 35 est me.

And he said unto them; When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye

any thing ? And they said ; 36 Nothing. Then said he unto them;

he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip; and he that hath no

sword, let him sell his gar37 ment, and buy one. For 1

say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me; " And he was reckoned among

the transgressors." For the

things concerning me have 38 an end.

And they said ; Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them ; It is enough.

And he came out, and

When Jesus had spoken went, as he was wont, to these words, he went forth the mount of Olives; and with his disciples, over the

his disciples also followed brook Cedron, where was a 40 him.

And when he was at garden, into the which he the place, he said unto entered, and his disciples. them; Pray that ye enter

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MARK XIV. while I go and pray yonder. here, while I shall pray. 37 And he took with him Peter 33 And he taketh with him

and the two sons of Zebe- Peter, and James, and dee, and began to be so- John; and began to be sore

rowful and very heavy. amazed, and to be very 38 Then saith he unto them ; 34 heavy. And he saith unto

My soul is exceeding sor- them; My soul is exceedrowful, even unto death ; ing sorrowful unto death ; tarry ye here, and watch

tarry ye here, and watch. 39 with me. And he went a 35 And he went forward a little,

little farther, and fell on his and fell on the ground; and face, and prayed, saying ; prayed that, if it were posO my Father, if it be possi- sible, the hour might pass ble, let this cup pass from 36 from him. And he said;

me; nevertheless, not as I Abba, Father, all things are 40 will, but as thou wilt. And possible unto thee; take away he cometh unto the disci- this


Neverples, and findeth them theless, not what I will, but asleep, and saith unto Peter ; 37 what thou wilt. And he

What! could ye not watch cometh and findeth them 41 with me one hour? Watch

sleeping ; and saith unto Pe

6 and pray, that

ye enter not ter ; Simon, sleepest thou ? into temptation; the spirit couldest not thou watch one

indeed is willing, but the 38 hour? Watch ye and pray, 42 flesh is weak.

He went lest ye enter into temptaaway again the second time,

tion; the spirit truly is and prayed, saying; O my ready, but the flesh is weak. Father, if this cup may not 39 And again he went away, pass away from me, except and prayed, and spake the

I drink it, thy will be done. 40 same words. And wlien he 43 And he came and found returned, he found them

them asleep again ; (for asleep again ; for their eyes 44 'their eyes were heavy ;) and were heavy, neither wist

he left them, and went away they what to answer him. again, and prayed the third 41 And he cometh the third

tirne, saying the same words. time, and saith unto them ; 45 Then cometh he to his dis- Are ye sleeping on now, and ciples, and saith unto them

; taking your rest? it is Are ye sleeping on now,

enough, the hour is come ; and taking your rest? be- behold the Son of man is hold, the hour is at hand, betrayed into the hands of and the Son of man is be- 42 sinners. Rise up, let us go ; trayed into the hands of sin- lo, he that betrayeth me is

at hand.


this cup

41 not into temptation. And

he was withdrawn from them
about a stone's cast, and

kneeled down, and prayed, 42 saying; Father, if thou be

willing, remove
from me; nevertheless, not

my will, but thine be done. 43 And there appeared an

angel unto him from heaven, 44 strengthening him. And

being in an agony he prayed
more earnestly. And his
sweat was as it were great

drops of blood falling down 45 to the ground. And when


prayer, and was come to the disci

ples, he found them sleeping 46 for sorrow; and said unto

them; Why sleep ye? rise
and pray, lest ye enter into

he rose up



49 fast.




MARK XIV.. 46 ners. Rise, let us be going ;

behold, he is at hand that doth betray me.

And while he yet spake, 43 And immediately, while he lo, Judas, one of the twelve, yet spake, cometh Judas, came, and with him a great one of the twelve, and with multitude with swords and him a great multitude with staves, from the chief priests swords and staves, from the

and elders of the people. chief priests, and the scribes, 48 Now he that betrayed him 44 and the elders. And he

gave them a sign, saying; that betrayed him had given Whomsoever I shall kiss, them a

token, saying ; that same is he; hold him Whomsoever I shall kiss,

And forthwith he that same is he; take him, came to Jesus, and said ;

and lead him away safely. Hail, Master; and kissed 45 And as

as he 50 him.

And Jesus said unto come, he goeth straightway him; Friend, wherefore art to him, and saith ; Master, thou come ? Then came master;

and kissed him. they and laid hands on Je- 46 And they laid their hands sus, and took him.

on him, and took him. — 51 And, behold, one of them 47 And one of them that stood which were

with Jesus by, drew a sword, and smote stretched out his hand, and a servant of the high priest drew his sword; and struck 48 and cut off his ear. And

a servant of the high priest, Jesus answered and said unto 52 and smote off his ear. Then them ;

Ye are come out as said Jesus unto him; Put against a thief, with swords up again thy sword into his

and with staves to take me. place; for all they that 49 I was daily with you in the

take the sword shall perish temple, teaching, and ye 53 with the sword. Thinkest took me not; but the scrip

thou that I cannot now pray 50 tures must he fulâlled. And to my Father, and he shall they all forsook him and presently give me more than 51 fled. And there followed

twelve legions of angels? him a certain young man, 54 But how then shall the having a linen cloth cast

scriptures be fulfilled? for about his naked body; and 55 thus it must be.


the young men laid hold on that same hour said Jesus to 52 him. And he left the linen the multitudes ; Ye are come cloth, and fled from them out as against a thief, with naked. swords and staves for to




And while he yet spake, 2 And Judas also, which behold a multitude, and he betrayed him, knew the that was called Judas, one place; for Jesus oft-times of the twelve, went before resorted thither with his

them, and drew near unto 3 disciples. Judas then hav48 Jesus to kiss himn. But ing received a band of men,

Jesus said unto him ; Judas, and officers from the chief

betrayest thou the Son of priests and Pharisees, com49 man with a kiss ?

When eth thither with lanterns, and they which were about him

torches, and weapons. saw what would follow, they 4 Jesus therefore knowing said unto him; Lord, shall all things that should come we smite with the sword ?

upon him, went forth and 50 And one of them smote the said unto them ; Whom seek servant of the high priest, 5 ye?

5 ye? They answered him ; and cut off his right ear.

Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus.

. 51 And Jesus answered and saith unto them ; I am he.

said ; Suffer ye thus far. (And Judas, also, which be

And he touched his ear, and trayed him, stood with 52 healed him.

Then 6 them.) As soon then as he Jesus said unto the chief had said unto them; I am priests, and captains of the he; they went backward, temple, and

the elders, and fell to the ground. which were come to him ; . Then asked he them again ; Ye be come out as against Whom seek ye? And they

a thief, with swords and said ; Jesus of Nazareth. 53 staves; when I was daily | 8 Jesus answered i

I have with you in the temple, ye told you that I am he; if stretched forth hands therefore ye seek me, let against me; but this is

your 9 these go their way. That hour, and the power of the saying might be fuldarkness.

filled which he spake;

them which thou gavest me,

have 1 lost 10 none."

Then Simon Peter, having a sword, drew it, and


the high priest's servant, and cut off

his right ear. The servant's

11 name was Malchus. Then


66 Of

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