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Conjuror's Magazine,


magical and physiognomical Mirror. .

For FEBRUARY, 1792.

(Printed FEBRUARY in our last by mistake.)

Embellished with the following elegant Copper Plates, all accurately copied from LAVATER,

and drawn by FUSELI.-1. ABEL lying murdered on the Ground.--2. Portrait of CATHERINE II. Empress of Rula.-3. RECHAB with the Head of ISHBOSHITHI Engraved by Barlow,




220 222








The English Fortune-Teller. No. VI. 218 Considerations on the Nativity of Mr. Proposals for a Philosophical Society Pitt, by B.

205 | Explanation of the Number 666 Aftrological Notices for February

209 Dr. Priestley not the true Saint Philosophical and Mathematical Amuse. True Property of Talismans

224 The QUERIST, No. VII.

225 The Chest which opens at command


Lives of Eminerit Magicians, &c. The Watch beat to pieces in a Mortar 211 An English Penman

226 Tricks with Tea Caddies

A Glass Painter

226 The Wonderful Well

A Bohemian Astrologer

226 Curious Questions on Cards and Dice

Dr. Simon Forman

227 Curious Questions on Cards and Lotteries 213 Predictions of Dr. Forman

228 Examples calculated upon the 1787

Extraordinary Death of Forman 229 Lottery, of the probability of Prizes Apparitions, Dreams, &c.

229 against Blanks, from threeto twenty Extraordinary Prediction of an AppaBlanks


229 A Table fhewing the probability of Awful Alignation

230 having one Prize out of any Lotte- Extraordinary Warning to a Gentlem. ry, upon the Scheme of that of 1787 214 man not to enter into the Army

23 To find the Value of a person's Exo Of a Lady in Virginia-street, who saw

pectation on any particular Chance 214 her Husband when he was in danDroll Trick with a Cock

ger at Sea

232 To tell what Card a Person thinks Apparition of Sir John Owen to his upon, though you are not in the

Lady,to warn her from her extravaRoom, or which Card he has touch

gant way of living

232 ed, or waved his hand over DOMESTIC NEWS

233 To call for any Card in the Pack 216 Albertus's Secrets of Nature, continued 217 LAVATER'S PHYSIOGNOMY.

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LONDON: Printed for W. LOCKE, No. 12, Red Lion Street, Holborn; and sold by

Booksellers and Newscarriers in Town and Country

CORRESPONDENTS, &c. THE Magic of ARBATEL, and the PALMISTRY, in our next. The New Queries, and some of the Answers to those of No. 4,

are unavoida. bly omitted till our next. Answers to the Aftrological Questions in No. 4, in our next, by the Queriit. Nick KATTERFELTO Mall have no further reason of complaint. J. Foolish will be answered in the next Number.

Remarkable account of a fleep-walker, will be acceptable from our Conftant Reader at Peckham.

A Prize will be awarded in our next.

The several requisitions for our giving an Introduction to the Principles of Astrology, has placed that subject with us under consideration. This anfvers the Letters figned J. R. J. M. Woolsey ; Domus Scientiæ, and several others.

We gladly reconnoitre the hand-writing of A. C. In our next Number lie will find we have availed ourselves of his labour..

Although we cannot adopt the whole of Mr. W. t's hint, his reasons for what he has advanced, shall be duly regarded ; and, as it has ever been our chief aim to give satisfaction, the favour of the public will still excite us to preserve it.

It was a very proper signature Rustic applied to his letter.

In the letter signed H-, D. D. we find an enquiry after a fugitive; but the scheme is so miserably drawn, that none but the Parson of Yeovil, we think, can understand it. Such unintelligible M.SS. cannot be comprehended.

In the same predicament must be placed Caufidicu's Letter, and the Vision at Hampstead ; the latter is too immoral, if we even thought it true.

The paper parcel from Boston, in Lincolnshire, is gratefully acknowledged, and shall be used as directed.

Peter's Astrological prediction and other favours in our next.

Certain rules for taking the part of fortune, are received, and shall be examined; and if found rational, inserted in due time.

Mr. Swaine's Criticism upon the various Sidereal authors, from Thales, the Miletan, to E. Sibly, is received.

The Nativity of Alexander the Great, is not original : if it can be authenticated from historians and authors of credit, we will insert it.

Receipts in common practice in Chemistry are out of our plan.

We have received P. R's Letter, which is in perfect time, as we never insert Answers to Queries till the second Month. We defer any remarks on his Answers till the proper tiine.

Agrippa's communication carne too late for us to have a Plate cut of his Nativity. However, we inform Aitrologers, that he requests their opinions on the Position and Configuration following,

being his Nativity. Afcendant - 8. 26 lat. London, 1 3--10, DI 2 21 8 D.12 12 11 M o 16 m $ 25 $ 8.5 *, Friday, Nov. 8th, 1765, 4 h. A. M. He also requests their opinion on his present revolution. We shall be happy to receive Agrippa's allistance in judicious selections from the authors, he names.

We thank our Correspondent R. C. for having noticed the omiffion in Albertus: he

may be assured, it was no more than an oversight; the herbs alluded to by him, are called Knot-grass, the second ; Dog-briar, the third.

B. returns Ben Row his thanks for the communication of the Volume of Almanacks for 1682, and will be able to illustrate Aftrology, and the relations and virtues of certain parts of the Zodiac, very krongly from them, and some circumstances attending them. It is the purpose of B. to communicate gradually through this Magazine, a Treatise on MACROCOSMAL ASTROLOGY ; whieh he had first designed for a separate publication, but thinks his OBJECT-the enlightening of Mankind will be more certainly attained by interspersing his information where it may meet the eye that looks not for it, and important matter where amusement is sought. An INTRODUCTION on the Truth and ImPORTANCE of AsTROLOGY, is promised for our next.








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128 circa

Right Honourable

Monday Morning,
May 28th, 1759, 6 h.

58 m. Hour 4
D to Body of Venus,
2d Day of Moon's Age.





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I HAVE undertaken this Nativity at But before I go a word farther into the request of the Editor, fignified since the subject, I will premise to Mr. Pitt, the publication of the last Number. in order to do away any anxious fears

There are various ways of attrologi.. on finding his character about to be cally considering a Nativits; but the thus formally developed, that I really two principal are by NATURAL and see nothing to appear against him. by ARTIFICIAL Aftrology. The last Natural Aftrology contemplates the contemplates the Heavens in detail; SUN ONLY; but, notwithstanding the that is, the positions of the signs at the manner in which Agrippa has affertmoment of birth, and also the positions ed the superiority of this laft, he not and aspects of the planets,

only uses something of the other himVOL. I.




A Clinching Circumfiance. self, but it has held its ground in univer- The Parliamentary repulse to his fal practice; and I shall probably make measures with Rusia, just at the coma remark in this Nativity, which will pletion of his 32d year, is a striking evince, that after allowing the Sun all comment on the last words. his monarchy, all his felf-poflession of Now, left natural Altrology, in com the distributed qualities of nature, a sequence of the luminous fulfilment of scheme of Heaven is neceffary to shew these presages in Mr. Pitt, take away in what quarter they operate at each too much praise from artificial, be it particular birth.

remembered, that its success would not I shall now, quote Agrippa's (who be fo palpable, did not all the positions was physician to the Emperor Charles of the Stars coincide with it. For inV.) description of O in Geminis. ftance, it is faid, his popularity will be And here I shall at once shew the ne- great-like those, who have fintheradis cessity of a scheme of Heaven accord- of their nativity: -Mr. Pitt has ļ with ing to the remark I have just made: the Lady of his afcendant, and very for if in GEMINIS infused the same strong;-for, together, they difpofc principles into the same recipient, every mediately or immediately of every other man born under the same influence, planet in the figure. Secondly-- It is would be identically the same : but, said, he shall be at the head of the Pubwhile the principles are the same, a lic Treasury :-Mr. Pirt bas o ex different recipiency makes a different alted on the uth, which is the house man. Having premised this, take A- of the government treasure, and has grippa's words from ķis original Latin. I the Sun's house on his second, which

represents his own treafure; and, a cirDE SOLE IN GEMINIS.

çun itance very material, his second is

the ascendant of the reigning King, GEMINI naturâ fornofi formofum 4 clinching circumstance, and the moj faciunt et mifericordem, fapientem, in- fo is, (and it is this, which gives him genuuin, liberum, jactabundum, curso- such success at the Treasury) the pubrem, peregrinum, suarum rerum parum lic Treasury is fignified by England's çuriofum: quo fiet ut neque dives eva

own ascendant - Whence, in ruling one det, neque penuriâ preinetur, verum

so naturally, he also rules the other : medio modo incedet: ejus tamen fidei, no person will doubt of the English, ut ÆRARIO PUBLICO PRÆFICIATUR.

(question what other virtue they lift Animo HYLARIS, intelligens, altutus,

that “ where their treasure. i3, there ingeniosus, affabilis, naturâ quadam

will their heart be also.' They force hominibus gratus, veluti hii


Ministers to buy and sell them, or else

Vene. rem habent in radice nativitatis. Pul- starve--for neither their heart nor their chrâ quoque facic, pulchris et idoneis head, their approbation nor their reartibus imbutus ; nempe Mathematica, spect, can be come at through any other [wide Cambridge: Lecievs, (vide bic charnel than money and yet, this is et ubique] Arithmatica*. Is præ cæ

ready to fail thein. teris habet insigre, ut cum irafcitur,

Now take what Cornelius Agrippa CELARE TAMEN IRAM atque diximu: says of the angles of the figure. lare poteft. Imminebit illi periculum

QUANTUM ad naturalia et omnem ubi ad annum pertigerit 32dum, aut ex fortunam fic in Horoscopo disponit.


genio quanquam tarduisculum paulo,

suavem, placidnm, quietum, iracun* Mr. Fox pronounced his fpeech on the dum, et cum itomacho infectantem Consolidation of the Cultoms, the moit perfect malos quosque sed cujus ira citiffimè arithmetical effort he had ever met with it was taking the Revenue to pieces, and putting. + Subtilty of expresfion as well as of it together again, without recalling a word, thought is characteristic in Mr. Pitt.


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Mr. Pite fixed in the Treasury.

207 placatur; fortem, moderatum, gravem: 3dly, The 6 Lady of the interquibus donis eo promovebitur, ut PUB- cepted fign, in the uth. LICIS QUICUSDAM OFFICIIS PRÆLA- 4thly, she and dispose of i TUS EX ILLIS ET VICTUM HABEAT*. Lord of the uth, with reception and Juxta Firmicum, fi MEDIUM COELI applying *. in piscibus habeat natus, victurus ex Sthly, They dispose of $, who is humidis et aquofis ; quanquam ad tem- o's difpofitor. pus ALIUNDE, NON E SUO, ALIMEN- 6thly, The Lord of the rith, o is TA ILLI MIMSTRABUNTUR, UND E in the uth. ET STIPENDIUM ADSE QUETUR VEL 7thly, applies by A to 4, exPRINCIPIS CUJUSDAM VEL CIVITA- alted in the Ascendant, and conveniTIS. Clementiâ vt in OCCIDENTE no- ently placed in the 7th. tam inuret infamiæ, quam paulo poft 8thly, h collects benevolently the dileet post multa diffortunia, facietque rays of 24 and , and surrenders them reftitui hunc in priftinum gradumt. by a A aspect to f and Moola, from Addet et impetum et calcar ad pervef- the cusp of the roch. tiganda absconta et archana secretorum, Sthly, $ ir. the 11th, disposed by non fine tamen anxietate multâ et la- and f, Lady by exaltation of the bore. Virgo in imo COELI temporum ioth, moves by retrogradation to the varietate et INCREMENTO, juxta con- A H and ó À I. ditionem incommodorun, fic et abun- Tothly, O) 8 in the 12th. dantiam augebit et fortunam. Thus If all these be not sufficient to drive far Agrippa.

him into the Treasury, and sail him Mr. Pitt displayed early maturity down, I do not know what will. And Children born on the second day of the I am certain, that a mind so active and moon's age, grow fast; as may be seen reflective as Mr. Pitt's, muit often be on reference to page 147, No. V. of lost in astonishment, when he feels, this Magazine.

perceives, and enumerates the impliI Thall now proceed to some circum- cated chain of causes and comPLEX stances, which arise from confiderations ORDER, which, in spite of every alarm, in Artificial Alrology, or from Apho- fixes him firm, and inore firin, in the ritms to be found in the works of those government of England. Whether authors, who have treated of the sci- it be private cabal, whether it be open ence under its specifications.

attack, whether it be violent, whether It appears on the firit views, to be it be polished--still he remains ah omni calculated for promotion-and the deep- parti---THESAUR ARIUS PUBLICUS. er you inveltigate, or the farther you With respect to other macters, we pursue your researches, the more ele- fhall find the prognostic of danger, by vated, the more folid and permanent fire or steel, caused by in 1, more does this promotion appear. I have cxplained by the leffer Dog Star on the already anticipated fome of the indicial Aicendant; for “hcemploys the native marks of his commanding the public in martial affairs, and denores danger treasure. In addition to these, I shall . unto him therefore.” This Star would say, iit, The Moon, Lady of the Ascend- also give a loose to pleasure and indant, is exalted in the 11th.

trigue, to which indeed there are many 2dly, She paifes the * of O, exother impulses, but this inclination is alted on the cusp of it, in her way to dignified by the ftrength of the signifi

* I have remarked already, that the fig=cators; fo firm indeed is Mr. Pitt, nificator of his treasure has also signification that he has preferred sustaining from in the Public Treasury.

* This is the accurate History of all his # By this it seems, as if his Father pri. "Parliamentary Campaigns, and is more apo vately designed him all through his edacation propriate, as the weit angle is the Houle of for the Treasury, and died in the moment of open Enemies

completion i for the rest was done by others.


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