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THE extracts in the present volume—the FIFTH of the IMPROVED ILLUSTRATED READERS-- are drawn from Standard Authors, in accordance with the requirements of the Education Code. Care has been taken, however, to make the selection both varied and interesting to an extent likely to be attractive to the pupil. The Poetry has been chosen, also, with the object of providing effective pieces for either reading or recitation.

The spelling difficulties have been again simplified by a careful process of classification and revision. The various lists of words, which are placed at the beginning and end of each lesson, ought to form the subject of very careful and continued study, while those at the end of the book should receive a similar amount of attention.

The “Summary” of each lesson presents the reader with an epitome which can be used for dictation or transcription. It is intended also as a model which the pupils might be called upon to copy, by reproducing in their own words the substance of either the whole lesson or of a selected paragraph.

The “ Exercises” in Parsing and Composition ought to receive careful attention ; while the “Questions," which are comparatively few in number, ought also to be utilised in familiarising the pupils with the art of putting words together in correct grammatical form. As a rule, they are so arranged as to suggest to the pupil a simple outline of the passages to which they are appended.

A course of lessons on “ the formation of words” from each other has been included among the Exercises, while a copious and carefully prepared Etymological Supplement provides further materials for the study of this subject.

The Editor has to acknowledge with thanks the prompt kindness of Messrs. Chapman & Hall, for the extracts taken from Dickens' Works; of Mr. Murray, for the extract from Dr. Livingstone's Travels; of Mr. Ruskin, for the extract from his Works; and to many other authors and publishers.

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