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improved to the Advantage of Government — Whether the Plantation of Littlefalls or any other Plantation unincorporated has a Right to Tax unimproved Lands may be a Question ? at least in all future assessments it might be well to Express it plainly one way or the other I am Sir Your most Humble Servé

David Sewall Hon. Tristram Dalton Esq"

Resolve on Petition Capt. Henry Dyer. Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives March 1, 1783 On the Petition of Capt Henry Dyer Praying that he with the officers & men Belonging to his Company of Rangers so called in the year 1780 may be allowed their Rations whilst in the service of this State agreable to a Resolve of the general Court of the fifteenth of Nov" 1780 —

Resolved that the Commissary General be & he is hereby directed to Deliver to Cap' Henry Dyer two thousand three hundred & Eighty Pounds of beef with an equal quantity of flour in full for the said Dyers & his companys Rations whilst in the service of this State to be by him delivered to each Person Respectively to whom it is due, Takeing duplicate Receipts for the same one of which to be Returned in to the Secretarys office otherwise to accompt with the said Commissary General therefor Sent up for concurrence

Tristram Dalton Spk" In Senate March gth 1783 Read & Concurred

S Adams Presidi Approv'd John Hancock.

Resolve on Petition Benja Dunning et al.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the house Representatives March 11th 1783 — On the petition of Benj" Dunning and John Rodick Select men of the town of harpswell Praying for an abatment of two of the three Soldiers Which the Said town of harpswell were ordred to raise By a Resolve of the General Court passed March 7th 1782 —

Resolved that the said town of harpswell Be abated Two men any Resolve to the Contrary notwithstanding and It is further Resolved that the said town of harpswell Be impowered to assess the inhabitants of said town for the one man that they procured in the same manner as tho' Said town had But one man to Raise Sent up for concurrence

Tristram Dalton Spk" In Senate March 12th 1783 Read & Concurred

S Adams Presid Approv'd John Hancock

Resolve in re Execution of Martial Law.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In Senate March 11 1783 Whereas Brigadier General Wadsworth was by a Resolve of the General Court passed the 15th day of March 1780 impowered to Execute Martial Law within certain Limits in the County of Lincoln, and Whereas Doubts have arisen & may hereafter arise respecting the true Intent & Meaning of the said Resolve so far as it relates to the Limits within which Martial Law might be executed which have been &

may hereafter probably be the Foundation of divers Disputes & vexatious Law Suits unless prevented by an Explanatory Resolve of the Legislature therefore

Resolved that according to the true Intent & Meaning of the said Resolve the Limits for exercising martial Law in the said County not only extended to & included all places within the said County being within Ten Miles of the main Ocean but also to all places in the said County within Ten Miles of any Navigable Inlet Harbour or River which might be considered as part of the Sea or so communicating therewith as to be navigable by Armed Ships or Vessels & the said Resolve always ought to have been so understood; & shall be construed & practised upon accordingly Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid' In the House of Representatives March 12th 1783 Read and concurred

Tristram Dalton Spk" Approv'd John Hancock.

Petition of Sarah Nason. To the Hon ble the Senate and House of Representatives of

the Common Wealth of Massachusetts in general Court

assembled Humbly Shews

Sarah Nason of York in the same County Widow relict of Shubal Nason late of the same York, yeoman deceased Intestate — That the said Shubal Nason, who at the Time of his Death was a private Soldier in the Service of the United States, died Siezed in Fee of Twenty five Acres of land in said York under a small Incumbrance by Way of Mortgage to one Josiah Parsons of Whom the same was purchas' That at the Time of his Death he left two small children, and your Petitioner pregnant with a Third — Which since his Death has been born, and is still liveing — That She finds it very difficult to support herself and the three Children by the income of the said Twenty five Acres of Land — and she has now an opportunity of disposing the same by Way of exchange with Joshua Bridges and Jasper Grant for about Thirty Acres of other Land in the same Town, much to the advantage of herself and minor Children, as she apprehends, had she legal authority thus to do, Wherefore she prays this Honble Court to authorize her to Exchange the same Lands her late Husband purchased of the said Jos Parsons — with Joshua Bridges & Jasper Grant - or to sell and dispose of the same in Fee to other Persons & the proceeds of the Sale to Vest in other Lands for the use of the Petitioner and the minor children in the same way and manner the same Lands purchas' of sa Jos Parsons, by Law described, and your Petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray &c —

Sarah + Nason York Jan 20th 1783

Witness Nicolas Sewall We the Subscribers are satisfied of the Truth of the Facts within mentioned are of Opinion that the Proposed exchange of Lands will, all Circumstances taken in Consideration be advantageous to the Widow and for the benefit of the Minor Children

Joseph Simpson Selectmen
Nicolas Sewalls of the Town
Joseph Weare 1 of York.

Resolve Appointing Edward Grow.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives March 12th 1783 Resolved that Edward Grow Esq' be & hereby is appointed Agent in & for the County of York to receive the price of corn, Beef, Sheep, Wool & Sole Leather, in order to ascertain the value of the notes given to the officers & Soldiers of this Commonwealth's quota of the Continental Army for the depreciation of their wages, in the room of M' Joseph Sewall deceased Sent up for concurrence

Tristram Dalton Spk" In Senate March 13th 1783 Read & concurred

S Adams Presid' Approv'd John Hancock

Resolve in re Land in Plantation Little Falls.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the House Representatives March 17th 1783 On the Representation of the Honorable David Sewall Esq Whereas the Land Lying in the plantation of Little Falls Advertised in Willises Chronicle to be sold for the payment of Taxes Assessed on the Same in 1781 Appears not to be the Estate of Lady Mary Pepperrell but appears to belong to this Common Wealth —

Therefore Resolved that Joseph Chadbourne Collector of Taxes for the plantation of Little falls is hereby Directed not to Sell the said Land but to apply To Thomas Ivers Esq Treasurer of this Common Wealth to allow him the Same on the Tax of October 1781 & the Said Thomas Ivers Esq is hereby Directed to Discompt with the said Joseph Chadbourne the Sum of Fourteen pounds Nineteen Shillings & Seven pence being the Sum assessed on the said Land with

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