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curses. What Influeady to have upuce ourselves. Holy

shall be no longer a Clog and Impediment as they are in this Life, but shall serve them and depend upon them. It is sown a natural Body; but it is raised a spiritual Body.

Q. What Kind of Bodies shall the Wicked have at the Resurrection?

A. Their Bodies shall be immortal, that they · may be fitted for that eternal Punishment they

have drawn upon themselves, wherein they will Mat. xxv. always suffer without consuming; Depart, ye

cursed, into everlasting Fire?

Q. What Influence ought the Belief of the Resurrection of the Body to have upon us?

A. It should make us reverence ourselves, and not pollute our Bodies, these Temples of the Holy Ghost, with sensual and brutish Lusts, but by Purity and Sobriety to prepare them for that Honour and Happiness they are designed for. It should support us under those Miseries and Infirmities our. Bodies are subject to in this Life; since, when we take them up again, they shall be no more liable to Pains, or Diseases, or to Dissolution; for Death will be swallowed up in Victory. It should mortify in us. all sensual Satisfactions, that our Bodies may become obedient and tractable to the Motions of God's Holy Spirit. It should comfort us upon the Death of our Friends and Relations, who are not perished, but fallen asleep, and shall awake again in greater Perfection and Glory. It should arm us against the Fear of our own Death, since we are assured, that, after our Bodies are crumblediato Dust, and become the Food of Worms, they shall be quickened at the general Resurrection, and be changed and made glorified Bodies. Above all, it should make us exercise ourselves to keep our Consciences void of Offence both to God and Man, that we inay not forfeit that blessed Immortality of our whole Man, Body, and Soul, which our blessed Saviour hath promised to all those that persevere in his Service to the End of their Days,

but fallends and Rebot.omfort us


Tects of

I. ALMIGHTY God, who through thy only begot- For the ten Son Jesus Christ, hast overcome Death, and bles opened unto us the Gate of everlasting Life; I Christ's humbly beseech thee, that as, by thy special Grace Resurrecpreventing me, thou dost put into my Mind good Desires, so by thy continual Help I may bring the same to good Effect; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, World without End. Amen.

of our

the Resurrection.

11. I BELIEVE, O victorious Jesu, that by the Virtue Bp. Kenn. of thy Resurrection all the Dead shall rise, bad as Profession well as good : all Glory be to thee, by whom Paith in Death is swallowed up in Victory.

I believe, ( Almighty Jesy, that by thy Power all shall rise with the same Bodies they had on Earth; that thou wilt re-collect their scattered Dust into the same Form again; that our Souls shall be. re-united to our Bodies; that we shall be judged both in Body and Soul for the Sins committed by both; that the Bodies of the Wicked shall be fitted for Torment, and the Bodies of the Saints changed in Quality, and made glorified Bodies, immortal and . incorruptible, fitted for Heaven, and eternally to love and enjoy thee, for which glorious Vouchsafe. ineut I will always praise and love thee. Amen.

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III. ALMIGHTY God, whose Works are great and for a marvellous, whose Ways are just and true; thou blessed

"Resurreca art infinite in Power, and therefore Nothing is tion to impossible to thee; thou art abundant in Goodness and Truth, and therefore whatever thou hast promised shall come to pass. Fit and prepare me,



O Lord, by the Assistance of thy Grace, for that blessed Immortality of Body and Soul, which thou hast made the Portion of all those that love and fear thee. Let ine never defile my Body by sensual and brutish Lusts, since thou hast designed to make it immortal and incorruptible. Let me never sink under the Burthen of my present Infirmities and Miseries; since thou hast graciously promised to reward my Patience and Submission with a glorious Body, no more liable to Pains, or Diseases, or Dissolution. Let me not immoderately grieve for those Friends and Relations that sleep in the Lord; because they shall awake at the last Day in greater Perfection and Glory. Let not the Thoughts of Death be any longer uneasy to me, for that it reduceth my Body to Dust; I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand upon the Earth at the last Day; and though after my Skin, Worms destroy my Body, yet in my Flesh shall I see God. Oh, let these great and precious Promises so influeuce my Life and Conversation, that I may escape the Corruption that is in this World through Lust, and by purifying myself as thout art pure, may partake of the divine Nature in thy heavenly Kingdom, through the Merits of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour. Amen.


. ! . te Q. WHAT Festival doth the Church celebrate this

2 Day in , i A. That of the Evangelist St. Mark. poser

Q. What mean you by an Evangelist?..

A. The Name was at first given to all those that preached the Gospel. · But afterwards it came to be confined to those Four that writ the History of the Life and Preaching of our Saviour Jesus Christ;

whose four Gospels make Part of the sacred Canon
of Scripture. '
: Q. What do you mean by the Word Gospel?
| A. It is of Saron Original, in which Language
it signifies a good Word, and answers to Evegyénior in
Greek, which imports good News, or good Tidings.
In the sacred Use of the Word, there seems to be
a Figure very common and ordinary, whereby what
signifies good News is set to denote the History of
that good News; as the History of the Birth, Life,
Actions, Precepts, Promises, Death, Resurrection,
and Ascension of Christ, is that Gospel, which, of
all other Relations, we Christians ought to look
upon as good Tidings of great Joy.

Qi Of what Authority are the four Gospels that make Part of the sacred Canon of Scripture? 11. A. The whole Church of Christ hath received them from the Beginning, as the genuine Writings of those Apostles and Evangelists whose Names they bear; and hath testified that they were delivered to them by the Apostles as the Foundation and Pillar of their Iren, ads. Raith. : They were owned as Writings divinely Hær. lib.

3, c. 2. inspired ;, whereupon Copies of these Gospels were carried by the Disciples of the Apostles, or apostolic Men, to all the Churches they converted or established; they were read from the Beginning in all Christian Assemblies on the Lord's Day, and cited in the second Century for the Confirmation of the Faith, and the Conviction of Heretics, which is a Just. Mart. sufficient Proof, that they are the genuine Works Apol. 2. of those Apostles and Evangelists, whose Names they bear, and worthy to be received as the Records of our Faith. Vi Q. What Account have we of St. Mark?.. .

A. He was doubtless born of Jewish Parents, Hieron. originally descended of the Tribe of Levi. And Præf. in this is very much confirmed by his Style, wherein he uses the Hebrew Manner of expressing himself; neither does his Roman Name suggest any Evidence to the contrary, because it was customary with the



Jews, when they travelled into foreign Parts, especially into the European Provinces of the Roman Empire, to'adapt to themselves an Appellation of that Kind. He was converted by some of the Apostles, probably by St. Peter, to whom he was a constant Companion in all his Travels; supplying the Place of an Amanuensis and Interpreter.

Q. What Need was there of an Interpreter ?

A. Though the Apostles were divinely inspired,

and had the Gift of Languages conferred upon 1 Cor. xii. them; yet was the Interpretation of Tongues a Gift

more peculiar to some than others. For Christian Assemibles in those Days being frequently made up of Men of different Nations, who could not under

stand what the Apostles and others had spoken to 1 Cor. xiv. the Congregation, some were enabled to interpret

what others did not understand, and to speak it to them in their own native Language. And it is probable it might be St. Mark's Talent to expound St. Peter's Discourses after this Manner:

Q. Where was St. Mark sent to plant Christianity?

A. He was by St. Peter sent into Egypt, fixing his main Residence at Alexandria, and the Places

thereabout: Where so great was the Success of his Euseb. lib. Ministry, that, according to Eusebius, he converted

Multitudes both of Men and Women, not only to the embracing the Christian Religion, but to a more than ordinary strict Profession of it. .

Q. Did this Evangelist confine his Preaching to Alexandria, and those Parts?

A. He afterwards removed westward to the Parts of Lybia, going through the Countries of Marmorica, Pentapolis, and others thereabouts; where, notwithstanding the Barbarity and Idolatry of the Inhabitants, yet by his Preaching and Miracles he planted the Gospel, and confirmed them in the Profession of it. - And upon his return to Alerandria, he wisely ordered the Affairs of the Church, and provided for Succession by constituting Bishops, and other Officers and Pastors.

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