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mon Council, hall be approved by faid City in legal Meeting assembled, and Bye-laws to after being to approved, shall be published at lealt three weeks fucceffively in be published. fome public News-Paper, in or near tard City, before the same shall be of any Validity.

And all tkie Bye Laws of faid City, ihall at any Time within fix Months af- Liable to be ter they are made, be liable to be repealed by any Superior Court, holder in repealed, by, Said County of New Haven, if by such superior Court, on a Hearing, judged &c. it, &c. to be uareasonable or onjuft.

Grants and And all Grants and Leases of any real Llate belonging to said City, figned.

teases signed by the Mayor of faid City. aid sealed with the City Seal, and approved by faid:

by the mayor City in legal Meeting assembled, hall be good and effi&ual in Law, to convey &c. the Ekate intended to be conveyed by fuch Grant or Leale; provided the fame is recorded in the Records of the Town where the Land leafed or granted lics. And said City Ahall have Power to appoine Inspectors of every kind of Pro

Inspectors of duce of the United States, brought to laid City for Sale or Exportation.

produce. And the Vote or Choice of the major part of the Freemen present at any le- Vote of the gal Meeting of said City, shall be conndered in all Cases, as the Vote or major part of Choice of said City.

the freemen, And whenever the Mayor of faid City, or any other Otficers of said City, eligible by the Freemen thereof shall resign, or be removed by Death, or ache:

In case of wile, another Perfon shall be cholen in his place by said City; and (if an an.

death, &c. of aual officer) thall continue in Office till the Expiration of the Month of

any officer, Ture next following, unless another thall be sooner chosen and sworn in his dec. Stead.

And the Mayor of faid City, or in his Ablence, the senior Alderman present Mayor,or &c. at any Meeting of faid City, or as any Court of Common Council, thild, exito be modern, Oficio

, be Moderator thereof. And the Meetings of laid City may, from ator of the Time to Time, by a major Vote of the Freemen present, be adjourned,

city meeting,

which may be And be it further inacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the first Meet- adjourned. ing of faid Ćity ihail be holden at the State House in said New Haven, on the tenth Day of February next, at nine of the Clock in the Forenoon, for 'the choice of the Mayor, Aldermen, Common Council and Sheriffs of said City, First meeting and to tranfact fúch Other Business as may be necessary ; which Meeting may be from Time to Time adjourned. And a Copy of this Paragraph of this Act, certified onder the Hand of the Secretary of this State, and publithed on the Sign-Polt in the Town of New Haven, at least three Days before faid centh Day of February, thall be a legal Warning of the Freemen of said City to ats Annual

offi; tend faid firft Meeting: And the annual Officers chosen at said Meeting, hall

nue, &c. until conciave in Office uncil the Expiration of next June, unless others are sooner som chosen and qualified in their Stead.

And the said City shall, at ruch Meeting, first chufe a Clerk of faid Ci%, who shall be immediately sworn, and shall forthwith make a Record of his Firft meeting being chosen and (worn, and the Records thus made by him in such case, thall to chuse « be good and effectual; any Thing in this Act to the contrary notwithstanding, clerk, And such Record may be made by the Clerks hereafter chosen, of their being chosen and sworn, and shall be good and effe Etual ; any Thing in this Aą to the contrary nocwithstanding. And laid City shall thereupon proceed to chase & then the Mayor, and the other Officers of faid City eligible by the Freemen thereof.

mayor, &c. And the Juftices of the Peace within and for the County of Newo-Haven, living and inhabiting within the limits of faid City, and present at fuch firt Meeting, hall have, as to the Election of the Mayor, Aldermen, Sheriffs, Common Counciimen and Clerk of faid' City, the fame Powers, and proceed in the same tices living

Power of jufManner as the Mayor, Alder men and Sheriffs of said City, by this AG are to within the kave and proceed in at the future Elections of said City,

limits, &c.

cers to conti.

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And the senior Justice of the Peace, within and for the County of New First moder. Haven, living within the Limits of said City, present at said firé Meeting,

shall be Moderator thereof, until there shall be a Mayor or Alderman choles and qualified according to this Ac.

And said City fhall at their firft Meeting appoint a Time and Place for holding the first Court of Common Council ; which Court fhall have Power to

adjourn from Time to Time. And the first City Court of said City thall be First city

holden on the second Tuesday of April next, at the State-House in said City. court to be holden zd

And the City Courts of said City may be holden in said State House from Time tuesday of

to Time, or in such other place in Said Cicy as faid City fhall provide and April.

judge proper.

And the Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council of faid City, shall on the Mayor, &c. second Tuesday of March next, at three of the Clock in the Afternoon, hold a on the ad

Meeting at the State-Houfe, in said New Haven ; and shall then and there, Tuesday of

choose forty-eight Freemen of said City, to serve as Jurors, until after the March, to chufe 48 ju

first Monday of July next; and the Name of each person thus chosen, fhall be fairly written on a separate Piece of paper, and shall be put into the Jury-Box, by this Ad to be provided by the Clerk of said City Court, and shall be drawn out, in the Manner herein before provided with respect to Jurors.

Always provided, That any Thing in this A&, notwithstanding, the Inha

bitants living within the Limits of said City, shall to all Intents and Parposes, Proviso,

be, and remain a Part of the Town of New-Haven.

And that nothing herein contained, shall be conftrued to affect any of the Yale-Col

corporation Rights of the Corporation of Yale-College. lege,

Provided nevertheless, That if any of the Provisions in this Ad contained, Proviso. thall be found inconvenient, or in any Respect inadequate, the fame, on Re

presentation of the City or otherwise, may be altered or revoked by the General

Asembly. Public act.

And this A& shall, to all intents and Purposes, be a public Ad. (This Ad was pased by tbe General fembly, at ibeir Seffions bolden at New.

Haven, on the eighth Day of January, One chousand seven hundred and eighty-four. ]


An Act for incorporating a Part of the Town of New-London.

E it enalted by Ebe Governor, Council and Reprefentatives in General Cours Description of the persons inhabitants of said New-Loxdox, dwelling and inhabiting within the follows: that are incoro ing Limits, viz. Beginning at a large Rock on Plumbe's-Hill, so called, about porated. four Rods Weft of the Road leading from Norwich to New-London, thence rua

ning South 37 Degrees Weft to a large Rock in Land belonging to Jobe Afe

'craft, a little to the eastward of Cedar-swamp ; from thence running South fix Bounds of Degrees East to the main Branch of Alwife-brook, or Lefter's-Gut, so called ; the city.

from thence running with said Brook or Gut, and on the West Side thereof af high-water Mark, to the Sound, to a large clump of Rocks at the western point of said Gut or Brook, called the Great-these-rock; and from thence across the Harbour to the South End of the Divifion Line betwixo the Towns of Now. London and Groton ; and thence northerly by said Division Line as faid Line runs, until it comes to a Point due East from the Bounds first above-mentioned, and thence running due Weft across the River of Thames, to said Bound, be, and the same are hereby Ordained Conftituted, and Declared to be from Time

to Time, and forever hereafter, one Body Corporate and Politic, in fact and Name of the in Name, by the Name of The MAYOR, ALDERMIN, COMMON COUNCIL, corporation. AND FREEMID OF THE CITY OF NEW LONDON ; and that by that Name,

[blocks in formation]

men of the

in office.

they and their Succeffors forever, shall and may have perpetual Succeffion; and Aall be Persons in Law, capable of Suing and being Sued, Pleading and be- Capable of ing Impleaded in all Suits of what Nature foever ; and also to purchase, hold, suing, &c. and convey any Efate, real or personal, and may have a common Seal and may change and alter the same at Pleasure ; and shall be Freemen of said City.

Who are free. And whereas there are many Persons living within jaid Limits,

wbo by Law city, are qualified to be Freimen of this State, who have not taken the Oath provided by Law 10 bt taken by Fruemen.

Beit inatted, That all facb Persons, living within faid Limits, who fall, Persons living before the second Monday of Marcb next, procure the major part of the Select- within the cimen of the faid Town of New.lonam, to certify that they are qualified to be ty, promoting admitted and made free of this state, and shall after procuring suca Certificate, &c: to be freetake before Tome Alikant of this State, or Justice of Peace within and for the men of the County of New Lordon, the Oatho provided by Law for Freemen, Shall to all state and city. the Purpoles in this Act mentioned, be confidered as Freemen of this Stace, and Freemen of the said City of New-London. And for i be better Government of said City :

Annual meet'. Beut further Enaäild, Thac there hall be a Meeting of faid City Holden an- ing to be in mostly in June, at tuch Time and Place as by the Bye-Laws of said City shall June, for the be

directeu, for the purpose of chusing all the annual Officers of laid City; and chuling annuthe annual Oficers of said City cholen at fuch Meeting, shall continue in Office al officers, Latil che Expiration of the Month of Jure then next, unless others shall be soon- Continuance es chosen and qualified in their Stead.

And the said Cicy in legal Meeting assembled, shall choose a Mayot, who hall bold his Office during the Pleasure of the General Assembly : and at their To chuse a annual Meeting thall chose four Aldermen, and a Common Council ofnot more mayor, 60 than Twenty, and two Sheriffs out of the Freemen of said City; all which Olli- nffice during, ters, and all other Oficers of faid City, eligible by the Freemen thereof, mall &c. be chosen by Ballot; and on each Ballot which is given in, fall be written the To chuse four Name of the Person for whom the fame is given ; and such Ballot shall be rol- aldermen, led up, and in the Presence of the Mayor and Aldermen of faid Cicy, or such of Mode of chus them as are present at fuch Meering, put, by the Person giving the same, into a fing to be by Box, which laid City shall provide for that Purpose ; wbich Box shall be a close ballot, &c. Box, with a Hole of a convenient Size in the Lid thereof, through which to pot in the Ballot. And when the Freemen present at any City Meeting, shall The box by have had reasonable Time to give in their Ballot, either of the Sheriffs of said whom opened. City, or in the Absence of both the Sheriffs, the junior Alderman present, in the Presence of the Mayor and Aldermen, or such of them as are present at The mayor fach Meeting, shall open the said Box ; and the Mayor and Aldermen, or such and aldermen of them as are present, hall open, fort, and count the Ballots; and the Perfon to sort and

count the who shall bave the Majority of the Ballots given in, thall by the Sheriffs, or in votes. their Absence, by the junior Alderman prelent, be declared to be elected : And Who to deno Ballots thall be received after the Box shall have been opened.

clare the
And said City in legal Meeting assembled, shall have power to levy
Taxes on the Polls and Estate within the Limits of said City, for fuch
Purposes as faid City hall

think proper ; and to chufe a Collector or col- The city to lectors , to collect such Tax; who fall, having received a Warrant for

to levy taxes, that Purpose, figned by the Mayor, or by one of the Aldermen of faid To chure a city, have the same Power as collectors of Town Taxes by Law have ; collector. and shall be accountable to the Mayor and Alderman of faid city, in the Warrant by fame Manner as collectors of Town Taxes are by Law accountable to whom figned And in case any collector thall not perform the Trust

Collectors accommitted to him, but shall fail of collecting such Rate according to the

countable, Terms of the Warrant committed to hiin, on complaint thereuf made by and to whom,


have power

the Select-men.

[blocks in formation]

Complaint the Aldermen of faid City to the Mayor thercof, he fhall iffae a Warrant ut being made, der bis Hand, directed to either of the Sheriffs of faid City, to deftrain the &c. mayor to issue his war.

Sums or Races neglected by fuch Collector to be collected, or paid out of the sant, &c.

Etate of the Collector. Power of the And be it further enalted by the Authority aforesaid. That the Sheriffs of faid Theriffs.

City shall severally within the Limits of said City, have the fame Powers and Liable for

Authorities, and be liable to the same Suits or Penalties for neglect of Duty, ia neglect of duty.

any Cafe whatever, to all Intents and Purposes, as Sheriffs by Law now have City to an and are ; and the said City shall be liable to answer in case of the inability of fwer in case of said Sheriffs, or either of them, for the Default of said Sheriffs, in all Cales reinability, &c. lative to their Office.

And said Sheriffs shall feverally give Bond with Sureties, in such Manner 23 Sheriff's to by the Bye-Laws of faid City Mall be directed, for a faithful Discharge of the give bond,&c. Duties of that Office, before they shall be capable of executing the same. And On failure a

in case either of the Perfons chosen Sheriff thall not give Bond with Sureties, new one to be chosen,

according to the Bye-Laws of faid City, the said City may proceed to chose

anot'er Sheriff in his Room. To chuse a

And the said City in legal Meeting assembled, shall chuse à Treasurer for treasurer. faid City, to continue in Office during the Pleasure of said City, who fhall have

the same Powers within said City as Town-Treasurers now by Law have, and

Thall be accountable to said City. A city court And be it furtber enacted, that there shall be holden monthly, on the first to be held Monday of every Month, in faid City, a city court ; which court hall have monthly Power to ad

Power to adjourn from Time to Time, and shall have cognizance of all Civil journ.

causes where the Title of Land is not concerned, by Law cognizable by the Jurisdiction, county courts in this Stace, provided the cause of Adjon arise within the Limits To have the ofí, and one or both the Parties live within faid city; and the said city Same powers, court thall, as to the caufes by them cognizable, to all intents and purposes, &c. as county have the same Powers and Authorities, and proceed in the same Manner and courts, and

grant Executions, as faid county courts now or hereafter by Law shall have, ferved, &c. proceed and grant; and the Execucions granted by laid city court thall be ferya as those from ed and returned in the fame Manner as the Execucions granted by the faid the county county courts, and an Appeal shall be allowed to either Party, from the Judge court. ment or Determination of said city court, to the next Superior court to be hol. Appeals to

den in the county of New-London, in all causes in which an Appeal is now or be allowed.

hereafter by Law shall be allowed from the said county courts ; the prevailing

Party however, if Plaintiff, may, fuch Appeal notwithstanding, take out Exe. The prevail

cution on such Judgment for the Debt and Damage and costs recovered in such ing party if, city courts, against the Defendant or Defendants, and levy the faid Execution, &c. may take and colled the Money thereon ; provided he does previous to his taking out out executi- faid Execution, become bound with two sufficient Surecies before the Mayor of on, &c.

said city, or one of the Judges of faid city court, in a Recognizance (which Re. Provided

cognizance the Mayor of faid city and the Judges of faid city court are respec. bond begiven. tively impowered to take) in double the Sum of faid Judgment, that he will,

within one Week after final Judgment on the Appeal, refund so much of the

Judgment of the said city court, together with the Intereft thereof, as fhall on No appeal to such Execution be collected, and thall not be by him recovered before the be allowed court to which the Appeal is taken, together with the Execution Fees that hall on a suit on fuch bond.

accrue, and be paid by the Defendant on said Execution; and no Appeal hall If the plain. be allowed on any Suit commenced on such Recognizance. tiff lives And in every Action brought before faid city court, in which the Plaintif without the lives without the Limits of said city, or is a Mariner or Seaman saing for Wacity, no api ges due to him for Services in his Occupation, and the Defendat lives withpor deloved in the Limits of faid city, no Appeal thall be allowed the Defendant, anless within, un

the Matter in Demand exceed the Sum of Fifty Pounds lawful Money: but if less ,&c.

the Macter in Demand exceed said Sum, an Appeai hall be allowed the Dee

[blocks in formation]

I wear a clerk.

the Defendant in the same Manner and under the fame Regulations as A9peals are allowable in other caules cognizable by said Cours. And no Writ of Error brought opon any Judgment of faid City court, or of faid Mayor, or either of the said Aldermen, shall be a Super fedeas, or have any Force to Atay the levy of the Execution,

Add said City court shall have full power to appoint and swear a clerk for Cix courts to faid court, to continue in Office during the Pleasure of said Court; which pint and Clerk Shall, as co all Matters relative to his office as Clerk of said court, have the fame Powers and Authorities, to all intents and Purposes, as the Clerks of the county courts in this State by Law have; and the Oath to be taken by the faid clerk, shall be the same, mu.atis mutandis, provided by Law, to be taken His power3. by the clerks of the county courts of this state.

And the Mayor of faid city, or in his Avsence, the senior assistant Judge of Th mar, faid city court, may, at the special Intance and cost of any Person moving therg- or in his ab.

. for, hold a special city court, at fuch Time and Place within laid city, as the

or atlitant Mayor or Judge ordering the same hall appoint; which Court shall proceed in judge may the same manner, have the same Powers and Authorities, and in all Respect, ca is a special be under the fame Regulations as the stated city courts of faid city; and all the court., taxable Pees of said city court, shall be the same as the taxable Fees of the county courts of this State.

And be it further erafled, That the Mayor of faid city for the Time being, Fees. and the two Aldermen' first chosen at the annual Meeting of said city, or at their

Mayor & two firft Meeting, thall compose the said city court, and be the Judges thereof; and alderen first the Mayor shall be the chief Judge of said court, and the said iwo Aldermen chofen to be kall be the Alliftant Judges of faid court, any two of whom, in the Abence of the judges. the other taking to their Afiftance the senior Alderman present that is not a Judge of faid court, or if neither of the Aldermen that are not Judges of said who the Court can attend, ono of the Justices of the Peace within and for the county of

judges, in Nrw-London, resident within said city, shall have power to hold a city court.

care of ah.

sence, &c. And ifat aoy city court there shall be botone Judge present, he mall cake to his Affiftance the other two Aldeimen of said city, and in calc one or both of If but one them cannot attend, he Mall take one or two of the Justices of the Peace, as the judge perene case may require, of the county of New-London, resident within said city, and then to take, they three Mall have the same power to hold a city court, as the Judges of said'

&c. city court have. And be it further enated, that the Mayor and Aldermen of faid city Mall dermen to

Mayor and alseverally, within the Limits of faid city, have cognizance of all civil causes have cogni. by Law cognizable by a justice of the Peace, provided the cause of A&tion arises zance of civil withio'the Limits of said city, and both the Parties live within the fame : And caures in the the said Mayor and Aldermen ihall, as to the causes by them severally cogniza

city. ble, have the same Powers and Authorities, and proceed in the same Manner as Justices of the Peace, now, or hereafter, by Law Mall have and proceed. And an Appeal shall be allowed from the Judgment or Determination of said

a s jufticis. Mayor and Aldermen, in any cause by them cognizable severally, to the next city court to be holden within said city, in all causes in which an Appeal is now. Appeal al or hereafter shall be allowed from the Judgment of a Justice of the Peace; the loved to the prevailing Party however if Plaintiff, may, such Appeal notwithftanding, take next city out Execution on such Judgment, provided he gives Bond before the Mayor of faid city, or one of the Judges of faid court, in the fame Manner as is provided in cases of Appeal from faid city court,

And in every Adion brought before the Mayor or either of the Aldermen of Where the faid city, in which the plaintiff lives without the Limits of said city, or in which plaintiff iives the Plaintiff is a Mariner or Seamen suing for Wages due to him for Services in Amarines, &c his Occupation, and the Defendant lives within the Limits of laid, city, no Ap; po appeal. peal thall be allowed the Defendant. Bb

Same power


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