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TABLE I. Planetary Hours by Day.
3 4 5


17 18 09 010

1 012 03 04 05 06
5 06 15 7 38 109

9'10 1812


03 04 05 06 4 0.5 216 40,8 09

4 10 10 12 01 152 30,4 0,5 156 307 45 3 305 06 307 459 1510 3012 01 302 454 45 306 45 8 15 307 15.8 159 1510

411 11:12

01 452 303 304 15:5 305 39 7 07 45

30 9 30 10 1511

45 1 302 153 154 04 45 7 158

8 4519 30 10 3011 15.12 491 35 2 18 3 3 454 32 7 30,8 159

9 4510 3011 1812 401 372 2 45,3 30,4 15 8 08 309 15.10 10 30,11 15:12 401 152 2 393 154 8158 8 159 1519 45110 30 11 49 3011 1511 452 1513 3 45


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TABLE II. Planetary Hours by Night.
3 4 5


17 18 19 110 11


12 13 14 15 16 6 307 158 159 15 10 101

451 452 453 304 4515 30 7 8

451 452 303 154 + 30 8

8 309 159 45.10 3011 15 12 30,1 15,1 45 2 303 153 45 $ 308 459 309 45 10 3011

I 3012 15 2 453 15 :5 306 307 458 459 4510 45 12

3 154 155 156 30 6 157 308 309 30 10 15,12 91 153 304 305 455 45 4 30.5 457 30 10 45 12 i 152 30 3 4515

15 157 45 4. 15 156 308 9 30 10 15 12

| 39,2 454 15 305 458 15 (3 455 3016 .4518 15'9 . 45 10 15,12 1 452 45 4 3015 4517 451 45

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IT is a received opinion among the admirers of Astrology, and with the THE space on the left hand figniadepts in that science, that herbs or

fies the rising of the fun, and the times plants of any kind posless a double por- even with it fignify the different com. tion of virtue when gathered in the mencement of the planetary hours, and planetary hour, two thirds of which the figures at top what hour it is at They observe is left to those who are such and such times of inípection, acunacquainted with the mystery of dif- cording to Astronomical account; and covering their horary regency,

the better to illustrate this, we shall give However it may be in the opinion of an example. fuch as do not place any confidence in Now the sun rises at five o'clock in this art, and rather consider it as a fri- the morning and I wish to know what volous fuperftition, we will not venture planet presides at 9 o'clock in the morn to say; but thus niuch may be observed, ing? that whatever virtue any plant is en- Equal with 5 the sun rising, I find dued with, if it has not more in the 9 hours, and over it at top I perceive 4, planetary hour, it cannot at any rate Now the day of the week, Monday, I have less; and as their physical uses are find in a little table adapted for the puralways direcies with the greateit caution pose; I find, even with and under 4, and precision pollible, all that can be the planet ã to be lord of the hour expected from their application, under till ten o'clock on that day ; as this is so the blessing of God, may be reasonably exceedingly plain, it needs little or no hoped by even the most incredulous of explanation, Aftrological experience.

The table for finding the planetary Now, to facilitate this knowledge, the hourly night, is equally as casy, and the foregoing tables are calculated, and fame only in this difference - you refplaced here, that fuch as chuse to make pećt the fun setting, instead of the sun the experiment may do it conveniently riling.





that is cut out : and then you must
pour lightly on that card fome jet
powder, which may be thus pre-
pared : Pound in a

copper mortar "To change a card which is in the hand

your jet, which must have been of a person, recommending him to cover

bruiled a little with a hammer ; when it well:

it is well pounded, it must be fifted

through a fieve, and alio through a CUT out a three of spades very piece of muflin. Keep that powder, neatly; then, the card being cut which cannot be too fine, in a little through, take an ace of diamonds, box, to use it when occasion may rewhich you are to place under your quire : take a pinch of it eiiher with three of spades that was cast out, taking your fingers, or with a piece of paper ; care that your ace of diamonds is per- then scatier it on the card, and it will fectly covered by the spades, which stick only on those places that have been is found in the middle of the three touched by the roll of poinatum, and



Curious Experiments.

15 may be taken off very easily by the rub- here follows the method of operating in bing against the carpet, when you will order to succeed. push the hand of the person who covers Take a pack of picquet cards, present the card, without the card being foiled them to one of the company, deliring: in the least by it.

him to shuffle them well, and to get them This will easily sti on the places shuffled by whoever he pleales: then

After rubbed with pomatum, and by that make several persons cut thein means will form a three of spades which, you will propose to one of the on the card that was before an ace of company to take the pack, and think diamonds. Take in your hand an ace of a card, and remember it, as likewise of diamonds, behind which you must of the number of its order in the packs put a three of spades turned the contrary by counting one, two, three, four, &c. way. The person who has in his hand till he comes, inclusively, to the card the three of spades that is prepared, will thought of by him. Then offer to go hew the card to all the company; you in another room while he is doing what will shew, in your turn, the ace of dia- you required, or to be brind-folded, afmonds that you have in yours, and then furing the company that you will detell that person to lay his card down. clare before-hand, if required, the num. wards on the carpet that covers the ber of the order in which the card is, table ; make him lay his hand on the that has been thought of. card, and ask him whether he is very certain that it is a three of spades he has under his hand? On his affirmative, you may rally him on it, and tell him, In the supposition that the perfon at the same time that you push his hand who thinks of the card will stop at numwhich is over the card, that he is mis- ber 13, and that thirteenth card is the taken, and that it is an ace of diamonds


of hearts he holds. The movement you will Suppofing again, that the number cause him to make, while you push his you have marked or designed beforehand, under which the card is, will hand, is number twenty-four; you will make the jet powder, that formed the return in the room in cale you had left three of spades over the ace of diamonds, it, or desire the handkerchief to be remain on the carpet, and he will be taken off, if you have been blindfolded ; extremely altonished to find really an and, without asking any question of ace of diamonds ! whilft you, who make the person who has thought of the the triek, by turning your hand where card, ask only for the pack, and apply the three of spades and the ace of dia- it to your nose, as if to smell it; then monds are, back to back, will thew the passing it behind your back, or under three of spades, and make the company the table, you must take, beginning from believe, that you have conveyed it from the bottom of the pack, twenty-three the person who held the same, without cards, that is to say, one less than the his perceiving it.

number you had designed betore-hand; This trick must be done dextrously then place those twenty-three cards on and quickly, in order that the little de- the top of the remainder; you must ception be nut discovered. Practice is take particular care not to put one the greatest matter.

more or less, for that would prevent your How to guess a card that has been thought

success. This being done, you are to of by any body, a writing before hand on return the pack to the person who has paper or cardi

, a number, which thought of the card, recommending tainly be that of the card that has been him to reckon the cards from the top thought of.

of the pack, beginning by the number ALL the preparation of this trick of the card he thought of. His card Konsists in a mathematical combination; being the thirteenth, he will be obliged

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Mathematical Combination.


to count fourteen, and you are to stop eight, it will be composed of fix
him when he comes to twenty-three, cards
telling him that the number you have In that case the eighth cannot
defigned is twenty-four, and that con- be made, except it begins by a
fequently the twenty-fourth card which

ten, or a court card, since there he is going to take up will be the queen remains only four cards to employ of hearts, and it will he exactly the the whole number, of the cards, case.

which is fifty-two


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Sum Total

52 A mathematical combination for guessing,

in a whole pack composed of fitty twe cards, how many points will make the

In the fuppofition then that chis cards under, each parcel, which parcels eighth parcel begins by a ten, or court are to be made by one of the company,

card, which is the same, there would obferving to him that each parcel he remain no cards, and you would have makes is to compose the number of thir

eight pareels. teen, to begin from the point of the first card which he takes to form each par

If it began by any other card, not cel.

adapted to make out thirteen, there would remain four cards, which must be spread on the table, without disco

vering them. THE pack having been shufied by In order to find out the number of

more persons, inake it be points contained under each of the parcut by as many persons as you think cels, whether they be to the amount of proper.

eight, or only seven, and four cards reThen desire one of the company to maining, you must make use of the folform the parcels of cards, all which lowing method: muft contain thirteen each, beginning Without touching the cards, sepaby the first card he takes up.

rate in your mind four parcels; then Suppose that this first card is a nine, multiply filently by 14 the remaining the next will be cailed ten, and so on parcels, whether they are four or only till thirteen ; consequently this first par. three. cel will be composed of five cards


In the first case you are to say in If the next card should be an

your mind, 4 times 14 are 56 ; then ace,

the ace counting only one, add to this number one point for each the next parcel will therefore be of the parcels that you have separated composed of thirteen cards

13 in your mind, which will make 60. Suppose the next card is a Then make the eight parcels be turned court card, or a ten, they being

up, and count the number of points of the fame value, this parcel contained in each of the cards that are will contain, in order to make under, you will then find 60, observing up thirteen, four cards

4 that the aces count only for one point, If the follon ing should be a

and the court cards for ten. five, then the fourth parcel will

If there should be only 7 parcels, contain nine cards

9 you will have 4 cards remaining ; you Should the next parcel be a will however separate 4 in your mind; seven, the fifth parcel will be

then you are to multiply the three re, composed of seven cards

7 maining parcels by 14, and say to A court card being the firit of yourself 3



for this parcel, it will be composed the 4 parcels that you separated, make of four cards

4 46 ; to which you must add 4 more If the feventh begins by an for the 4 cards that will remain, which


times 14

42, and

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Pleasing Amusements. will make 50. On turning up

the 7 contained seven cards, and the other parcels you will necessarily find 50. nothing but sevens.

If by chance each parcel should begin. This trick must not be done twice by an ace, which is possible, you could before the same company, for then it then make only four parcels, and as it would become tiresome. must be the four aces that would be But generally whenever you do a found under, you would only have 4 trick before a company, you must never points.

begin it again before the same. If it happened also, that three parcels began each by an ace, it would

The art of fortune-telling by cards. then take up 39 cards; it is probable that in such a case there would be only TAKE a pack of cards, and making four parcels in all, and a few cards yourself which queen you pleale, lay remaining: you must then content them out on a table, nine of a row, yourself with counting as many points and wherever you find yourself placed, as parcels; to which you will add one count nine cards every way, making point for each of the remaining cards, yourself one, and then you will see and this will amount infallibly to the what card you tell to, and whatever just number of the points of the cards that is will happen to you. If the under the four parcels.

two red tens are by you, it is a sign

of marriage; the ace, of diamonds is a To guess the thoughts of any person, affuring him ring: the ace of hearts is your house, that you will write before-hand on a piece of the ace of clubs is a letter; the ace of paper the amount of the parcel of cards he thall spades is death, spite, or quarrelling happen to chuse out of the two placed on the (for that is reckoned the worst card in table.

the pack) the ten of diamonds is a

journey; the three of hearts is a kiss ; TAKE fome cards, divide them the three of spades is tears; the ten of into two parcels, taking care that in the same fuit is fickness; the nine of one there are only two or three sevens, the same is disappointment: the nine and in the other seven court cards; call of hearts feasting; the ten of clubs for a pen and ink, and write on a bit going by water; the ten of hearts of paper the sevens; then turn the bit places of amusement; the five of hearts of paper down, that what you have a present; the five of clubs a bundle, written may not be seen; then tell the the fix of spades a child; the seven of person to make his choice. Let him fpades a removal: the three of clubs chuse whatever he pleases, your num- fighting; the eight of clubs confufion; ber will be good, since if he should the eight of spades a road-way: the chuse the greatest parcel, you may hew four of clubs a strange bed; the nine him your paper on which is written of diamonds business; the five of diathe sevens; then desire him to count monds a settlement; the five of spades the number of cards contained in the a surprise; the two red eights new parcel he has chosen, and he will clothes; the three of diamonds fpeakfind it to be seven, as you had guessed. ing with a friend; the four of spades a This will appear astonishing to him sick bed; the seven of clubs a prison; and to the company: but they will the two of spades a false friend; the easily recover from their surprise when, four of hearts a marriage-bed: when on raising the other parcel, you will several diamonds come together, it is a shew that it contains only sevens, and sign of money; several hearts love : seconsequently whatever parcel he had veral clubs drink; and several spades chosen, your number which you had vexation. If a married woman lays set down was good, since one parcel the cards, she must make her husband Vol. I,



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