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APRIL, 1811.



that leads the manufacturer and milliner inta

inventions full of absurdity wbich are, never, No. 1.--A BALL DRESS.

theless, adopted with the most extravagant A white sarsnet or satin petticoat, with short applause, but are as quickly followed by sa sleeves; over which is worn a body and drapery || tiety and disgust. A new set of artificers start of light blue gauze, formed in three points, or

up, invent new methods to please, still more vandykes over the petticoat, reaching nearly i grotesque than the former, and depart still to the bottom, the euds finished with wbite further from simplicity and nature than those silk tassels; it is crossed over the figure in

who first ventured from its paths into the front towards the left side, and fasteved in

wilds of fancy, will overwhelmed with new in, tufts, or bows, of the saine colour; a short ventious, wbich succeed and efface each other sash, tied in a bow ou the left side; sleeves with incredible rapidity, we scarcely koow looped up in the front of the arm. The bottom

where we are, and cast back our eager eyes ta of the petticoat trimmed in vandykes to cor

that period when true taste reigned under the respond. White silk stockings, with blue empire of nature. It was this momentary selfkid shoes. The hair twisted up behind, and possession, this retrogade motion, which led dressed in full curls, ornamented with a bau

us to adopt the simple and graceful costume deau of light-blue twisted crape and roses. of the Greeks and Rumans, aud thus extricated White kid gloves.

ourselves at once from a labyrinth of fully aud

fauciful extravagance. No. 2.-A WALKING DREsg.

During the last month short pelisses, for the Round dress of cambric muslin, with a ruff

most part of purple velvet, lined with white collar, trimmed round the bottom with nar.

sarsnet, have been most prevailing; they are row purple ribband; çassimere crimson mantle, | made with plain collars, and exactly to meet confined close to the baek, lined with purple || from the throat to the bottom; the waists of şilk, embroidered round the neck, cape, and

the pelisses are joined to the skirts, which ad. sides with purple fancy border; a deep cape mits of their fitting closer to the bust, and is falling from the shoulders, slopiog to a par a considerable advantage to the shape; a band row point, with tassels. A crimson velvet

of the same, piuned before, confines the waist; bonnet, turban front, and trimmed with purple they are trimined round the bottom with a to correspond. York tan gloves. Yellow kid | deep French lace. Short mantles are also boots.

considered very elegant; aud spensers, as usual, with the return of spring put in their

claim for fashionable approbation; we have GENERAL OBSERVATIONS observed several of dove-coloured velvet, trims

med with swausdown, and many in blue satin, FASHION AND DRESS.

and as the season advances we expect to see

them yield to those of sarsnet or muslin lined. Independent of the season of Lent, which, Variegated chip hats in the cottage forn,seem among the serious and well-judging, is never to be advancing into notice, the small cottage entirely delivered up to the idle dominion of shape, sufficiently raised from the face to adfancy, Fashiou herself seems to have put on mit underneath a rosette of lace or small bunch a more sedate and consistent aspect, and to of hyacinths, primroses, or other spring Rowers, þave discovered that iu the production of such | whether in chip, satin, or straw, is decidedly an endless variety of new and contradictory | the most admired. In carriages, caps are modes, she has submitted to the wild vagaries very numerous, they are made in broad yellow of fancy, rather than followed the dictates of ) sarsnet ribband and lace, brought forward on good taste. It is an incessant desire of novelty the face, flat on the head, and projecting bebind


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Engrared for the 17th

Jumber of the New Leries of La Belle Alsemblee April 74 1871

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