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part of the Epistle to the Hebrews, has been illustrated in all the branches of its sacrificial and intercessory duties, with a particularity which was due to its primary importance.

His kingly office, connected as it is with his divinity, and with all the subjects relating to the extent and nature of his spiritual empire, present and future, has also afforded materials for much practical as well as doctrinal remark.

Much improvement may likewise be derived from an attentive study of our Lord's prophetical character. In the view of that portion of it which has been attempted in this volume, it has formed no part of my design to inquire into the

terms of the divine revelation which he

declared to the world. My aim has been to delineate the manner of his personal preaching—so far as a comparison of the Gospels will supply its outline—by a practical examination of some of the principal features of his ministerial character.

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