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the Morians; lo, there was mine acquaintance far from he born.

me : and made me to be ab5 And of Sion it shall be horred of them. reported that he was born in 8 I am so fast in prison : her: and the most High shall that I cannot get forth. stablish her.

9 My sight faileth for very 6 The Lord shall rehearse trouble" : Lord, I have callit when he writeth up the ed daily upon thee, I have people : that he was born stretched forth my hands unthere.

to thee. 7 The singers also and 10 Dost thou shew wontrumpeters shall he rehearse : ders among the dead : or shall all my fresh springs shall be the dead rise up again, and in thee.

praise thee PSALM 88. Domine Deus. 11 Shall thy loving-kindLord God of


salva- ness be shewed in the grave : tiou, I bave cried day or thy faithfulness in destrucand night before thee : O let tion? my prayer enter into thy 12 Shall thy wondrous presence, incline thine ear un- works be known in the dark : to my calling

and thy righteousness in the 2 For iny soul is full of land where all things are fortrouble : and my life draweth gotten? nigh unto hell.

13 Unto thee have I cried, 3 I am counted as one of O Lord : and early shall my them that go down into the prayer come before thee. pit : and I have been even as 14 Lord, why abhorrest a man that hath no strength. thou my soul : and hidest

4 Free among the dead, thou thy face from me? like unto them that are 15 I am in misery, and wounded, and lie in the like unto him that is at the grave : who are out of re-point to die : even from any membrance, and are cut away youth up thy terrors have I from thy hand.

suffered with a troubled 5 Thou hast laid me in the mind. lowest pit : in a place of dark- 16 Thy wrathful displeaness, and in the deep. sure goeth over me : and the

6 Thine indignation lieth fear of thee hath undone me. hard upon me : and thou 17 They came round about hast vexed me with all thy me daily like water : and storms.

compassed me together on 7 Thou hast put away | every side.

18 My lovers and friends 9 O Lord God of hosts, hast thou put away from me: who is like unto thee : thy and hid mine acquaintance truth, most mighty Lord, is out of my sight.

on every side.

10 Thou rulest the raging EVENING PRAYER. of the sea : thou stillest the Psalm 89. Misericordias Do- waves thereof when they mini.

arise. song

11 Thou hast subdued

with my

of the Lord : with my mouth thou hast scattered thine enewill I ever be shewing thy mies abroad with thy mighty truth from one generation to arm. another.

12 The heavens are thine, 2 For I have said, Mercy the earth also is thine : thou shall be set up for ever : thy hast laid the foundation of truth shalt thou stablish in the round world, and all that the heavens.

therein is. 3 I have made a covenant 13 Thou hast made the

chosen : I have north and the south : Tabor sworn unto David my ser- and Hermon shall rejoice in vant;

thy Name. 4 Thy seed will I stablish 14 Thou hast a mighty for ever : and set up thy arm : strong is thy hand, and throne from one generation high is thy right hand. to another.

15 Righteousness and equi5 O Lord, the very hea- ty are the habitation of thy vens shall praise thy won- seat : mercy and truth shall drous works : and thy truth go before thy face. in the congregation of the 16 Blessed is the people, O saints.

Lord, that can rejoice in 6 For who is he among the thee: they shall walk in clouds : that shall be com- the light of thy countepared unto the Lord?

7 And what is he among 17 Their delight shall be the gods : that shall be like daily in thy Name : and in unto the Lord?

thy righteousness shall they 8 God is very greatly to make their boast. be feared in the council of 18 For thou art the glory the saints : and to be had in of their strength : and in thy reverence of all them that loving-kindness thou shalt are round about him.

lift up our horns.


19 For the Lord is our de- 31 But if his children forfence : the Holy One of Israel sake my law : and walk not is our King

in my judgements; 20 Thou spakest some- 32 if they break my statime in visions unto thy tutes, and keep not my comsaints, and saidst : I have laid mandments : I will visit their help upon one that is mighty; offences with the rod, and I have exalted one chosen their sin with scourges. out of the people.

33 Nevertheless, my lov21 I have found David my ing-kindness will I not utterservant : with my holy oil ly take from him ; nor suffer have I anointed him.

my truth to fail.

. 22 My hand shall hold 34 My covenant will I not him fast : and my arm shall break, nor alter the thing strengthen him.

that is gone out of my lips : 23 The enemy shall not I have sworn once by my be able to do hiin violence : holiness, that I will not fail the son of wickedness shall | David. not hurt him.

35 His seed shall endure 24 I will smite down his for ever : and his seat is like foes before his face : and as the sun before me. plague them that hate him. 36 He shall stand fast for

25 My truth also and my evermore as the moon : and mercy shall be with him as the faithful witness in heaand in my Name shall his ven. horn be exalted.

37 But thou hast abhorred 26 I will set his dominion and forsaken thine Anointed : also in the sea : and his right and art displeased at him. hand in the floods.

38 Thou hast broken the 27 He shall call me, Thou covenant of thy servant : and art my Father : my God, and cast his crown to the ground. my strong salvation.

39 Thou hast overthrown 28 And I will make him all his hedges : and broken my first-born : higher than down his strong holds. the kings of the earth.

40 All they that go by 29 My mercy will I keep spoil him : and he is become for him for evermore : and a reproach to his neighbours. my covenant shall stand fast 41 Thou hast set up the with him.

right hand of his enemies : 30 His seed also will I make and made all his adversaries to endure for ever : and his to rejoice. throne as the days of heaven. 42 Thou hast taken away


the edge of his sword : and 2 Before the mountains givest him not victory in the were brought forth, or ever battle.

the earth and the world were 43 Thou hast put out his made : thou art God from glory : and cast his throne everlasting, and world withdown to the ground.

out end. 44 The days of his youth 3 Thou turnest man to dehast thou shortened : and co-struction : again thou sayest, vered him with dishonour. Come again, ye children of

45 Lord, how long wilt men. thou hide thyself, for ever : 4 For a thousand years in and shall thy wrath burn like thy sight are but as yester- .. fire ?

day : seeing that is past as 46 O remember how short a watch in the night. my time is : wherefore hast 5 As soon as thou scatterthou made all

for est them they are even as a nought?

sleep : and fade away sud47 What man is he that denly like the grass. liveth, and shall not see 6°In the morning it is death': and shall he deliver green, and groweth up : but his soul from the hand of hell? | in the evening it is cut down,

48 Lord, where are thy dried up, and withered. old loving-kindnesses : which 7 For we consume away thou swarest unto David in in thy displeasure : and are thy truth?

afraid at thy wrathful indig49 Remember, Lord, the nation. rebuke that thy servants

8 Thou hast set our mishave : and how I do bear in deeds before thee : and our my bosom the rebukes of secret sins in the light of thy many people;

countenance. 50 Wherewith thine ene

9 For when thou art angry mies have blasphemed thee, all our days are gone : we and slandered the footsteps bring our years to an end, as of thine Anointed : Praised it were a tale that is told. be the Lord for evermore.

10 The days of our age Amen, and Amen.

are threescore years and ten;

and though men be so strong MORNING PRAYER. that they come to fourscore Psalm 90. Domine, refugium. years : yet is their strength

ORD, thou hast been our then but labour and sorrow;

refiige : from one gene- so soon passeth it away, and ration to another.

we are gone.

11 But who regardeth the 4 He shall defend thee power of thy wrath : for even under his wings, and thou thereafter as a man feareth, shalt be safe under his feaso is thy displeasure.

thers : his faithfulness and - 12 0 teach us to number truth shall be thy shield and our days : that we may apply buckler. our hearts unto wisdom.

5 Thou shalt not be afraid 13 Turn thee again, o for any terror by night : nor Lord, at the last : and be for the arrow that flieth by gracious unto thy servants. day;

14 O satisfy us with thy 6 For the pestilence that mercy, and that soon : so walketh in darkness : nor for shall we rejoice and be glad the sickness that destroyeth all the days of our life. in the noon-day

15 Comfort us again now 7 A thousand shall fall beafter the time that thou hast side thee, and ten thousand plagued us : and for the years at thy right hand : but it wherein we have suffered ad- shall not come nigh thee. versity

8 Yea, with thine eyes 16 Shew thy servants thy shalt thou belold : and see work : and their children thy the reward of the ungodly. glory.

9 For thou, Lord, art my 17 And the glorious Ma- hope : thou hast set thine jesty of the Lord our God be house of defence very high. upon us : prosper thou the 10 There shall no evil hapwork of our hands upon us, pen unto thee : neither shall O prosper thou our handy- any plague come nighthy work.

dwelling Psalm 91. Rui habitat. 11 For he shall give his HOSO dwelleth under angels charge over thee : to

the defence of the keep thee in all thy ways. most High : shall abide un- 12 They shall bear thee in der the shadow of the Altheir hands : that thou hurt mighty.

not thy foot against a stone. 2 I will say unto the Lord, 13 Thou shalt go upon Thou art my hope, and my the lion and adder : the strong hold : my God, in him young lion and the dragon will I trust.

shalt thou tread under thy 3 For he shall deliver thee feet. from the snare of the hunter: 14 Because he hath set his and from the noisome pesti- love upon me, therefore will lence.

I deliver him: I will set him

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