Dwelling Houses: Their Sanitary Construction and Arrangements

Lewis, 1885 - 117 Seiten

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Seite 56 - It ought to be an absolute condition for a public water supply that it should be uncontaminated by drainage.
Seite 36 - ... does, whereas one gas burner will consume as much oxygen and give out as much carbonic acid as five or six men, or even more. This is why it is commonly considered that gas is more injurious than lamps...
Seite 66 - This consists chiefly of ashes and cinders ; but, unfortunately, the dust bin or ash pit is only too convenient a receptacle for all kinds of refuse matters, including kitchen debris, and so, in a large number of instances, these receptacles, especially in hot weather, become excessively foul, and an abominable nuisance. If the dust were removed daily, as it should be wherever this is practicable, the mixture of organic matter with it would not be of great importance, but where this cannot be done,...

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