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PLEASANT WORDS are as an honeycomb sweet to the soul

Prov. XVI. 24

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THE object for which PLEASANT PAGES was written was stated, in the Preface of Vol. I., to be the formation of moral and intellectual habits in the rising generation. The Author finds, on looking over his work, that two of the fourteen courses of instruction proposed for this object have not been completed. One, the PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY, was given up because it was found that the subject was not well adapted for conversational lessons without the aid of a globe suitable maps.

The other course, the T'OREIGN GEOGRAPHY, was found impracticable ; for it would have occupied more space than PLEASANT PAGES could afford. The other courses of instruction consist of MORAL LESSONS, BIOGRAPHY, NATURAL HISTORY, BOTANY, OBJECT LESSONS, ENGLISH HISTORY, ENGLISH GEOGRAPHY, GRAMMAR,, DRAWING, ARITHMETIC, POETRY, and MUSIC.


The Author does not claim much originality for this work; it is little more than a compilation. He has, therefore, great pleasure in acknowledging that a large proportion of the matter in the lessons Natural Science is derived from Dr. Carpenter's popular


works on Zoology, Physiology, and Botany. To those
who, after reading these subjects in PLEASANT PAGES,
may be desirous of studying them more deeply, he
would earnestly recommend those well-arranged and
valuable works. They are published by Orr and Co.

It is also a source of gratification to the Author
to allude to the success which in 80 short a time
PLEASANT PAGES has met with. The extent of its sale
has been, as an educational book, almost unprecedented.
He hopes that it may long continue to be popular,
and may teach the love of all that is good to many

It was the intention of the Author to issue, imme-
diately after the completion of this work, a course of
educational books for Schools, differing very much
from anything yet published, with a view to influence
greatly the modes of instruction in the Preparatory
Schools of this country. The Author has, however,
been induced to postpone this course for a short time
by unforeseen considerations, and by the desire for rest
occasioned by the sad and irreparable loss referred to in
the lessons on LOVE.

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