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Catalogue (134


A collection of original historical sources
notably on California and the Far West
and including material on the South. the
Middle West, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada,
Mexico, South America & the West Indies


Offered for Sale by

Edward Eberstadt & Sons


NEW YORK 21, N. Y.






392 Bertrand's L'Ame Penitente
120 California's First Constitution
176 Cary's Water Leaves No Trail
408 Chase's Stolen Fruits
640 Covington's Fort Vancouver
210 Dawson and Skiff's Ute War
261 Dixon's Trail to Pei-ki-hat-tach
528 Foos' Highway of all Nations
324 Gaul's Indian Warrior
130 Griswold's View of San Francisco From Alcatraz
285 Hale's Letter on the Sons of Liberty
286 Hansen's Patrol at the Crossing
287 Harrison's Address on Entering Washington
288 Hassman's The Scalp

87 Jefferson's Dissension in the West
149 Jewett's Portrait of Sutter
345 Johnson's The Manhunter
642 Lincoln's Letter on Pickering's Appointment
375 Littell's Festoons of Fancy
383 Meeker's Lake Mendota
401 Miller's Indian Camp
650 Peale's Discovery of Antarctica


22 .front cover

65 97

36 back cover

86 33 32 48 33

49 back cover


22 Poe's Murders in the Rue Morgue 144 Raschen's On the Trail 145 Robinson's Yosemite Valley 581 Sommer's The Cattle Drive 420 Walker's On the Plantation 635 Wall's View Near Fishkill 456 Wandell's History of the Persecutions 636 Washington's Letter on his Distillery 336 Wores' Grand Canyon 422 Wyeth's Jim Bludsoe

33 105 63 64 64 96

6 .ba cover

32 96 65 97 75 102 33 65 50.00 The text is headed “Alaska and the Gold Fields." It describes life in the gold camps; complete outfit to take; mining laws; methods of mining, etc.


Amerira Offered for Sale by EDWARD EBERSTADT & SONS 888 Madison Avenue, at 72nd Street New York 21, N. Y.


[1] [ADAMS, J. Q.) A sketch of the life and services of John Quincy Adams, President of the United States of America. 16 pp., 8vo, sewn as issued. N. 1828.

10.00 [2] [ALABAMA.] Constitution of Alabama, as revised and amended by the convention assembled at Montgomery. 19 pp., 8vo, sewn. Washington, 1868.


ALABAMA's "MENAGERIE" CONSTITUTION [3] [ALABAMA.] Roll of the black dupes and white renegades who voted in Mobile City and County for the Menagerie Constitution for the State of Alabama. Published by order of the Constitutional Club of Mobile, February, 1868. 24 pp., 8vo, half morocco. Mobile: Register job print, 1868.

75.00 Of excessive rarity, and great historical importance. [4] [ALASKA.] Direct route-Yukon and Klondike—San Francisco, best place to outfit. Elephant folio colored "Map showing routes from San Francisco to Alaska and the Klondike,” and “Route Map, Dyea to Dawson.” 18 pp., oblong 8vo, folder. San Francisco: Dakin, 1897.

75.00 The map is one of the best of the contemporary gold-region maps, and was drawn by Professor George Davidson. The text strongly favors San Francisco as an outfitting point; compares the American versus the Canadian gold regions; gives the text of the mining laws of the two nations, and describes the formation of the various mining districts; weighs the advantages of the several routes, with tables of distances; and lists thc necessary outfit in complete detail. [5] [ALASKA.] Ebner, W. M. Grand celebration at Juneau, Alaska, July 4th, 1899. Official program. 4 pp., printed in red and blue, 12mo, folded. Juneau: Alaska Dispatch print, 1899. 35.00

A crude and interesting early imprint, describing the procession, sports events, balloon ascension, parachute jump, grand ball, committees, etc. [6] [ALASKA.) Empire Transportation Company. Alaska and the gold fields by the all water route. Seattle-St. Michael, and Yukon River points. Elephant folio route map, and plates. 15 pp., oblong 12mo, folder. Chicago, 1898.

[7] [ALASKA.] Hale, C. Innocent of Moscow, the Apostle of Kamchatka and Alaska. 23 pp., 8vo, original wrappers. Davenport: Privately printed, 1888.

15.00 Wickersham 5736a.

INTERLEAVED WITH AUTHOR'S MANUSCRIPT THROUGHOUT [8] [ALASKA.] Jette, Julius, S. J. Liturgy and ritual in the Tinne Indian language. Yokit rokanaga nulator roka do-daletloye. 124 pp., plus upwards of 100 pp., of ms. notes, comment, translations, &c, and a long ms. letter to James Wickersham in discussion of books dealing with the tribe. 12mo, cloth. Winnepeg, 1904. 75.00

Wickersham 1050.

[9] [ALASKA.] The life and work of Innocent, Archbishop of Kamchatka, the Kuriles and the Aleutian Islands. 24 pp., 8vo, criginal wrappers. San Francisco, 1897.

15.00 Wickersham 5938. [10] [ALASKA.] List of all the sailings of vessels from San Francisco, as reported at the Bureau of Information. Broadside, 8vo. [San Francisco :) Boys' Training Home print, [1898.] 25.00

Names the vessels that carried the miners; number of passengers; freight capacity and rates; owners; sailing dates; destinations and fares. Interesting notes are appended. [11] [ALASKA.] McDonald, Archdeacon. Ochikthud -ettunetle trootshid, ako ettunetle choh trorzi ochikthud ettunetle .. Dr. Watts, kirkhe. 17 pp., 12mo, cloth. London, 1885.

15.00 Wickersham 1117. [12] [ALASKA.] Poole Brothers. Map of Alaska and portions of the Northwest Territory, showing the routes to the gold fields. Colored elephant folio, with routes and gold fields heavily stamped in red. Chicago, 1898.


[13] [ALASKA.] Russell, Jack. The Sunday Sun. Vol. I, No. 5. 4 pp., three columns to the page, 4to. Juneau, July 30, 1899. 20.00

A rare and curious specimen, full of local news, gossip, and gold reports.

DETAILED MAP OF THE MINING DISTRICTS [14] [ALASKA.] Sleem, D. H. Map of the Willow Creek Mining district, compiled from personal and miners' notes and government surveys. Folio. N. p., 1910.

25.00 Not in Wickersham. Very fine map, showing the trails, Indian villages, mines, rivers, mountains, mileages &c., &c. [15] (ALASKA.] Stanley, William M. A mile of gold. Strange adventures on the Yukon. Map and plates. 219 pp., 12mo, pictorial wrappers. Chicago, January, 1898.

15.00 Wickersham 6748.

TYRELL'S KLONDIKE & YUKON GOLD REGIONS: 1897 [16] [ALASKA.] Tyrell, John B. Gold region approaches by Copper River and the Dalton Trail, with table of distances. [With inset map of “Klondike River and Affluents" and view of "Placer Mining.”] Elephant folio lithographed route map, folded. Washington, 1897.

45.00 Lays down numerous routes to the various far-northern gold fields, extending from Dyea to Dawson City. [17] [AMERICAN CAVALRY.] Hershberger, H. R. The horseman. A work on horsemanship; containing plain practical rules for riding, and hints on the selection of horses. To which is annexed a sabre exercise for mounted and dismounted service. Plates. 141 pp., 12mo, cloth. New York, 1844.

25.00 [18] [AMERICAN COLOR PLATES.] Hovey, C. M. The fruits of America, containing richly colored figures, and full descriptions of the choicest varieties cultivated in the United States. Portraits and numerous chromo-lithographic plates. Two vols., tall 8vo, original full morocco. Boston, 1852-56.

100.00 Hovey was a prominent pomologist and originated the Hovey strawberry, the first named variety of any fruit produced in North America by a definite plan of plant breeding. [19] [AMERICAN FICTION.) Ellis, E. S. The hunter's cabin. An episode of the early settlements of southern Ohio. Plate. 17 pp. plus ads, 12mo, pictorial wrappers. New York: Beadle, 1862. 25.00 [20] [AMERICAN FICTION.] Preston, Paul. Wild Bill, the Indian-slayer. A tale of forest and prairie life. Plate. 100 pp., 12mo, pictorial wrappers. New York: DeWitt, 1867.

20.00 [21] [AMERICAN LABOR.] Owen, Robert Dale. Labor: its history and its prospects. 39 pp., 8vo, sewn. Cincinnati, 1848. 20.00

"THE GREATEST RARITY IN AMERICAN LITERATURE" [22] [AMERICAN LITERATURE.] Poe, Edgar A. The murders in the rue morgue, and the man that was used up. 48 pp., 8vo, wrappers in facsimile, in full red morocco case. Philadelphia : Published by William H. Graham, 1843.

5,000.00 FIRST EDITION OF THE GREATEST RARITY IN AMERICAN LITERATURE. The Murders is by far the rarest book of the world's most collectible author. It is more than that: it is an important work as well. It introduced to the many thousands of later imitators an entirely new (and ever-increasingly popular) kind of tale-the detective story. The work has been called "the greatest short story in the literature not only of America but of the world.” Even the famous Tamerlane must give precedence to the Murders, both in point of rarity and, of course, literary significance. In the entire history of English and American auctions the work has appeared only twice, the last time in 1909 when J. P. Morgan acquired his copy for the highest price that had ever been paid for an American book.

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