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Contents. hol literal Salvationi or, Our Anna Church, -2 Peligious Issues. 1.1. of Word with the Pew. 4. Religious unrrest. 5. Qur Heroic

Age. 1861-1854. ... Wastes and Burdens of superstition. "7. A winter's Leisure. of eventy-fifth Anniversary of Qun Church

Nedication. 94 course of reading.

Three Bermons on Temperance. **/0.1. A Basis of Factor. 11. fer What Shall be thankful? 12. Your years Among the Children of

the South. By A.D. mayo. 173.01. Moral Reform ivo Generač.

imperance Reform in particular. 115. Christmas Sermon and Poemi. 16. che new year: What Shall we do with it? 17. - Future life. By R. R. Shippen.

Series on the Religious life. " 18. I . What is Religion!

19. II. Comfort and stope. 1130-01. Religious and Ethical Sanctions. "21.1.Cersonal Religioni

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22.5. Inner Life and Quter. 23. 9 vorge Washington. 24. Eril and Growth. 257 Belief and druth. 96.VIII. The Growth of seculariem. 27. 1X. Modern Sainta. 96.I.che Communion of Sainto. 29.11. Erolution and immortality : 30.87.a. Contemporary, Religions Changes, 31.XII. The Religious Cutlook. 32. The nearer world. By &. C. Hale. 33.xm. The Good and Evil of Pleasure. 34. Popular Anurementa, the good and

the Evil of them. 36. The Old "Old destament." 37 38. Green Pastaires and Still Waters. 39. The People's Sunday. 40 • Fruits.

35. Church - going


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Liberal Salvation : or, Our Aim as a Church.



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Liberal Salvation: or, Our Aim as a Church.

An highway shall be there, ... and it shall be called The Way of Holiness. ... The wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein.”— ISAIAH XXXV., 8.

TO-DAY is the opening Sunday of my eleventh year as your minister.

It is also the opening Sunday of our usual church year. At the beginning of a business enterprise, the wise merchant gets definitely in mind his objective point and his means for attaining it: so a ship-master, at the prospect of a voyage; a general, in case of threatened war; a political party, at the outset of a campaign. So it seems to me well that a church should now and then be recalled to self-consciousness. There is constant danger that, if things go on with tolerable smoothness, we shall allow ourselves simply to drift, to take things for granted, to assume that the harbor is just ahead of us, and that we are amply provisioned and equipped for making our port. Meantime, half the people on board are merely lounging; and, if you rouse one up suddenly, and ask him why he is on this particular ship and where he is going, he will find himself unable to give any definite answer. Such a condition as this is an unmanly and unworthy one. In a world that, whether we will or not, is one unceasing conflict in which the prizes fought for are life and happiness, we ought at least to know where we stand, and why. And we ought to be ready to take sides for something; for mere inactivity and listlessness is taking sides, and — what is worse - it is always taking the wrong side. .

I do not know a better thing we can do, then, to-day than

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