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" the valuation can only be opened where it is very exorbitant or where some proof of fraud can be established. "
An Essay on Average and on Other Subjects Connected with the Contract of ... - Seite 167
von Robert Stevens (of Lloyd's.) - 1816 - 304 Seiten
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Treatises on Average, and Adjustments of Losses in Marine Insurance

1833 - 456 Seiten
...sum included for imaginary profit, and the valuation cannot be opened, that is, — set aside, — in consequence. And his lordship added, ' the valuation...erroneous. Valued policies on goods are conceived to have Origin of originated in insurances on the produce of plantations valuationsin the colonies ; of which,...
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Reports of the Cases Relating to Maritime Law: Decided by the Court ..., Band 3

Great Britain. Courts - 1864
...Act " (19 Geo. 2, c. 37). Stevens in his essay on Average, reports Lord Ellenborough to have said, " The valuation can only be opened where it is very...or where some proof of fraud can be established." Bcnecke also in Principles of Indemnity, p. 142 (orig. edit.), states, " A small excess ought not to...
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Arnould on the Law of Marine Insurance, Band 1

Sir Joseph Arnould - 1901 - 1616 Seiten
...Parsons on Mar. Ins. p. 261. (4) Eg, Lord Ellenborough, as reported by Stevens on Average, 183, 6th ed. : "The valuation can only be opened where it is very exorbitant, or some proof of fraud can be established" ; and again in Marshall t. Parker (1809), 2 Camp. 69 : "Without...
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