A dictionary of the Bhotanta or Boutan language, printed from a manuscript copy made by the late Rev. Frederic Christian Gotthelf Schroeter, edited by J. Marshman: To which is prefixed a grammar of the Bhotanta language


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Seite xxx - CASES OF NOUNS. Nouns have six cases in each number : the nominative, the genitive, the dative, the accusative, the vocative, and the ablative. The nominative case comes before the verb, and answers to the question, who?
Seite 136 - Piatirf, to be pleased with a thing, to like or love it, to delight, to take pleasure or delight in. — ¿¿'tentó liw¿o mi place н.и ¡i*. I like this place very well. — A'wv'f« a Uto, would to God.— 1'iacr'rf, sm pleasure, joy, delight, satisfaction, content.
Seite 357 - Give it grace always to choose that which is good, and to reject that which is evil.
Seite ii - ere submitted to the inspection of the editor, and at his recommendation, the printing of the whole was sanctioned by Government, and the expense supported by a generous subscription.

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