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Hon. Secretaries, Rev. Edw. Auriol, London and its ricinity. Instit. F.S. W. Sheppard, esq.

1834. 27, Red Lion-square. Secretary, Mr. A. W. Stone. Patron, The Bishop of London.

President, Earl of Shaftesbury.

Treasurer, John Labouchere, esq. Society for IMPROVING the Con

Hon. Secretary, W. Way, esq.

Collector, Mr. Stone, 20, Elizabeth-
Classes, by Improving the Dwell.

street, Eaton-square. ings of the Poor, both in Toun and Country, by the extension of the Field, Garden, or Cottage LONDON Society for Teaching

the Blind to READ by means of Allotment system; and also of Friendly, Benefit, and Loan So. raised Stenographic characters, cieties in England and Wales.

and for teaching them Music, Estab. 1830. 21, Exeter Hall.

Basket Work, Arithmetic, WritUnder the Patronage of The QUEEN

ing, &c., together with sound Reand Prince Albert.

ligious Instruction. Instituted Treasurer, John Labouchere, esq.

1838. 1, Avenue-road, St. John's Secretary, John Wood, esq.

Wood. Election, annual. Collector, Mr. W. B. Emmens. Patron, The QUEEN.

President, The Bishop of London.

Treasurers, Thomas Hankey, esq. LONDON SOCIETY FOR THE PRO

W. Banbury, esq.
TECTION OF Young Females. Sec., Rev. J. K. Jennings, M.A.
To suppress those houses which

Hon. Ladies' Sec., Mrs. G. B. Carr. encourage Juvenile Prostitution, Master, Mr. W. Wood. to punish Persons acting as Pro

London REFORMATORY, for adult curers and Procuresses, and to

male Criminals. To induce and afford protection to the unhappy sufferers. Estab. 1835. Office,

enable the criminal to reform; to 28, New Broad-street. Asylum,

give him shelter, instruction, emTottenham,

ployment, and the Word of God Patroness, The Duchess of Glou

during the progress of his selfcester.

reformation; and, when fitted to Patrons, Prince Albert, Duke of

re-enter society, to place him, by Buccleuch, Duke of Cleveland,

emigration or otherwise, in a Earl of Mountcashel, Earl of

position where, by honest industry,

he Chichester, Visct. Gage.

may live creditably, and become Treasurer, J. Laughton, esq.

a respectable and Christian man.

Established 1848. Great SmithSecretary, Mr. J. B. Talbot.

street, Westminster.

President, Earl of Shaftesbury. INDIGENT Blind Visiting So- Treasurer, Joseph C. Wood, esq.

CIETY, to assist and ameliurate Hon. Secs., Ernest Bunsen, J. M. the condition of the aged and adult

Clabon, esqrs. vlestitute blind poor, resident in Collector, Mr. T. Pepperell.


In the Order of the Election Roll,
K Representative Peers.

Blood ROYAL. (1.) 1398. His Royal Highness, Albert Edward, Duke of ROTHESAY, Earl

of CARRICK, Baron of RENFREW, Lord of the Isles, (Prince of Wales, &c., of the United Kingdom.)

Dukes. (7.) Cha. 1. 1643. April 12. William Alexander Anthony Archibald

Hamilton, Duke of HAMILTON, Marquess of Douglas and CLYDES

DALE, s. 1852, (Duke of BRANDON of Great Britain.) Cha. II. 1673. April 20. Walter Francis Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Duke

of BUCCLEUCH and QUEENSBERRY, Earl of DalKEITH, s. 1819,

(Earl of DONCASTER, in England.) 1675. Sept. 9. Charles Gordon-Lennox, Duke of LENNOX, Earlof MARCH

and DARNLEY, s. 1819, (Duke of Richmond in England.) Will. III. 1701. June 3. George Douglas Campbell, Duke of ARGYLL,

Marquess of LORNE, s. 1847, (Lord SUNDRIDGE of Great Britain.) Anne 1703. June 30. Geo. Augustus Fred. John Murray, Duke of

ATHOLE, Marquess of TULLIBARDINE, s. 1846, (Earl STRANGE of

Great Britain.) 1707. April 24. James Graham, Duke of MONTROSE, Marquess

of GRAHAM, s. 1836, (Earl GRAHAM, of Great Britain.) 1707. April 25. James Henry Robert Innes-Ker, Duke of ROX

BURGHE, Marquess of Bow MONT and CessFORD, s. 1823, (Earl of INNEs of the United Kingdom.)

MARQUESSES. (4.) Jam. VI. 1599. April 17. Charles Gordon, Marquess of HUNTLY, Earl

of ABOYNE, s. 1853, (Lord MELDRUM, of the United Kingdom.) Cha. N. 1682. Feb. 11. John Douglas, Marquess of QUEENSBERRY,

Viscount DRUMLANRIG, b. 1779; s. 1837; m. 1817, Sarah, dau. of James Douglas, esq. Heir, his son, **Viscount Drumlanrig, b.

1818. (hinmount, Glen Stewart-House, and Tinwald-House, Dumfries-sh.] Will. III. 1694. Dec. 17.4 KG George Hay, Marquess of TWEEDDALE,

Earl of GIFFORD, Hereditary Chamberlain of Dunfermline, Lord Lieut. of Haddingtonshire, a General, Col. of the 30th Foot, K.T., b. 1787; 8. 1804; m. 1816, Susan, dau. of the fifth Duke of Manchester. Heir, his son, Earl of Gifford, b. 1822. (Yester-House,

Haddingtonshire.) 1701. June 23. William Schomberg Robert Kerr, Marquess of LOTHIAN, Earl of ANCRUM, s. 1841, (Lord KERR of the United Kingdom.)

EARLs. (43.) Malcolm II. 1061. George Granville Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, Earl of


LAND of the United Kingdom.) Hob. III. 1398. James Lindsay, Earl of CRAWFORD and BALCAR

RES, Lord LINDSAY, 8. as Earl of BALCARRES, 1225, and as Earl of CRAWFORD, 1818, (Lord Wigan of the United Kingdom).

Jam. II. 1452. March 17. William Harry Hay, Earl of ERROLL,

Lord Hay, s. 1846, (Lord KILMARNOCK of the United Kingdom.) 1457. Aug. 6. John Francis Miller Erskine, Earl of MAR and KELLIE,

Lord Erskine, b 1795 ; s. 1828; m. 1827, Philadelphia, dau. of the late Sir C. G. Stuart Menteath, bt., who d. 1853. Heirs Pres. to the Earldom of Mar, his nephew John Francis Goodeve, esq. ; to the Earl. dom of Kellie, his cousin, Walter Coningsby, b. 1810. (Alloa House,

Clackmannanshire; kellie Castle, Fifeshire.] 1457. George William Evelyn Leslie Leslie, Earl of ROTHES, Baron

LESLIE, 6. 1835; s. 1841. Heir Pres. his sister, Lady Henrietta Anderson Morshead, b. 1832. [Leslie-House, Fifeshire; Shrubhill, near Dorking,

Surrey.] 1457. March 14. George Sholto Douglas, Earl of MORTON, Lord

ABERDOUR, 6. 1789; s. 1827; m. 1817, Fras. dau. of the late Ri. Hon. Sir Geo. H. Rose. Hcir, his son, Lord Aberdour, b. 1818. (Aberdour

Casile, Fifeshire; Dalmahoy, Edinburghshire.] Jam. III. 1469. Henry David Erskine, Earl of BUCHAN, Ld. CARDROSS,

b. 1783 ; s. 1829; m. lst 1809, Eliz. dau. of the late M.-gen. Sir Chas. Shipley, who d. 1828; 2ndly, 1830, Eliz. dau. of the late John Harrey, esq. who d. 1838; 3rdly, 1839, Caroline, dau. of the late J. P. Mar. well, esq. Heir, his son, Lord Cardross, b. 1815. [Amondell and

Kirkhill, Linlithgowshire; Dryburgh Abbey, Berwickshire.] Jam. IV. 1507. Archibald William Montgomerie, Earl of EGLIN

TON, Lord MONTGOMERIE, s. 1819, (Lord ARDROSSAN of the

United Kingdom.) 1509. Archibald Kennedy, Earl of CASSILLIS, Lord KENNEDY, s. 1846,

(Marquess of Ailsa of the United Kingdom.) Mary I. 1545. Oct. 2. Alexander Sinclair, Earl of CAITHNESS,

Lord BERRIEDALE, Lord Lieutenant and Vice-Adm. of Caithness-shire, b. 1790 ; s. 1823; m. 1813, Fras. dau. of the late very Rev. Will. Leigh, who d. 1854. Heir, his son, Lord Berriedale, b. 1821. Barrogill

Castle, and T'ister-House, Caithness-shire.] 1562. Jan. 30. Francis Stuart, Earl of MORAY, Lord DOUNE, s. 1848

(Lord STUART of Great Britain.) Jam. V1.1605. March 4. (5-Cospatrick Alexander Home, Earl of HOME,

Lord DunGlas, Keeper of the Great Seal in Scotland, b. 1799 ; s. 1841; m. 1882. Lucy, dau. of the late Lord Montagu. Heir, his son, Lord

Dunglas, b. 1834. [The Hirsel, Berwickshire.) 1605. March 4. George Drummond, Earl of PERTH, Visct. FORTH,

A. 1807; 8. 1853. Hcir, his son, Visct. Forth. 1606.July 10.63 Thomas George Lyon Bowes, Earl of STRATHMORE

and KINGHORN, Lord Glammis, b. 1822 ; s. 1846; m. 1850, Charlotte Maria, dau. of Visct. Barrington, who d. 1854. Heir Pres., his brother, Hon. Claude, b. 1824. [Glammis Castle, Furfarshire ; Pauls

wolden, Bury, Herts.] 1606. July 10. James Hamilton, Earl of ABERCORN, Lord

PAISLEY, s. 1818, (Marquess of ABERCORN of Great Britain, and Vis.

count STRADANE in Ireland.) 1619. Mar. 20. Thomas Hamilton, Earl of HADDINGTON, Lord

BINNING, S. 1828, (Lord Melrose of the United Kingdom.) 3623. Sept. 19. Randolph Stewart, of Garlies, Earl of GALLOWAY,

Visct. GARLIES, s. 1831, (Lord Stewart of Garlies, of Great Britain.) 1624. Narch 14. James Maitland, Earl of LAUDERDALE, Viscount

MAITLAND, s. 1839, (Lord LAUDERDALE of the United Kingdom.)

Sha. I. 1633. May 12. Henry Weysford Charles Plantagenet Rawdon

Hastings, Earl of LOUDOUN, Lord Mauchline; s. 1851, (Marquess

of Hastings of the United Kingdom, Earl of Morra in Ireland.) 1633. May 25. Thomas Robert Hay-Drummond, Earl of KINNOULL,

Viscount DuPPLIN, s. 1804, (Lord Hay of Great Britain.) 1633. June 12. John Patrick Crichton Stuart, Earl of DUMFRIES and

BUTE, Viscount Ayr, s. 1848, (Marquess of Bute of Great Britain.) 1633. June 21. James Brnce, Earl of ELGIN and KINCARDINE, Lord

BRUCE, s. 1841, (Lord Elgin, of the United Kingdom.) 1633. June 22. James Carnegie, Earl of SOUTHESK, Lord CARNEGIE,

Lord Lieut. of Kincardineshire, Hereditary Cup-bearer to the Queen in Scotland, 6. 1827; s. 1855; m. 1849, Catherine, dau. of the Earl of Gainsborough, who d. 1855. Heir, his son, Lord Carnegie, b. 1854.

(Kinnaird Castle, Forfarshire; Glen Dye Lodge, Kincardineshire.] 1633. June 23. Charles Stuart, Earl of TRAQUAIR, Lord Linton,

b. 1781 ; s. 1827. [Traquair-Castle, Peeblesshire.] 1633. June 25. Francis Wemyss Charteris Douglas, Earl of WEMYSS

and MARCH, Lord Elcho, s. 1853, (Lord Wemyss of the United

Kingdom.) 1633. June 29. James Andrew Ramsay, Earl of DALHOUSIE, Lord

RAMSAY, s. 1238, (Marq. of DALHOUSIE of the United Kingdom.) 1639. April 2. (3 David Graham Drummoud Ogilvy, Earl of AJRLIE,

Lord OGILVY, b. 1826 ; s. 1849; m. 1851, Henrietta, dau. of Lord Stanley of Alderley. Heir Pres., his half-brother, Hon. Will. Henry, b. 1840. [Airlie-Castle, Cortachy-Castle, and Auchterhouse, Forfar.;

Cluny-Castle, Perthshire.] 1639. April 20. Thomas Henry Dalzell, Earl of CARNWATH,

Lord Dalzell, b. 1797 ; s. 1839; m. 1834, Mary Anne, w. of John Blachford, esq., who d. 1853. Heir Pres. his brother, Col. Hon.

Arth. Alex. b. 1799. 1641. Oct. 11. 6; David Leslie Melville, Earl of LEVEN and MEL

VILLE, Lord BALGONIE, a retired Rear-Adm. b. 1785; s. 1820; m. 1824, Eliz. dau. of the late Sir Arch. Campbell, bt. Heir, his son, Lord Balgonie, b. 1831. (Melville House, Fifeshire.] 1643. Aug. 3. Lionel William John Talmash, Earl of DYSART, Lord

HUNTINGTOWER, b. 1794 ; s. 1840; m. 1819, Maria, dau. of the late S. Toone, esq. Heir, his son, Lord Huntingtower, b. 1820. (Hel

mingham, Suffolk; Ham House, Surrey ; Buckminster, Leicestershire. 1646. Aug. 4. 3 Dunbar James Douglas, Earl of SELKIRK, Lord

Daer, Lord Lieut. of Kirkcudbright, b. 1809; s. 1820. [St. Mary's

Jsle, Kirkcudbrightshire.] 1647. Nov. I. William Hopetoun Carnegie, Earl of NORTHESK, Lord

Rosehill, b. 1794; s. 1831; m. 1843, Georgiana Maria, dau. of Ailm. the Hon. George Elliot. Heir, his son, Lord Rosehill, b.

1843. [Ethie-House, Forfarshire; Longwood, Winchester, Hants.] Chas. II. 1669. May 12. Thomas Cochrane, Earl of DUNDONALD,

Lord CocHRANE, an Admiral of the White, 6. 1775; s. 1831; m. Cath. dau. of Thos. Barnes, esq. Heir, his son, Lord Cochrane, b.

1814. [Weston Grove, Hants.] 1677. June 20. Francis Alexander Keith-Falconer, Earl of KINTORE,

Lord INVERURY and HALKERTON, s. 1844. (Lord KINTORE of

the United Kingdom.) 1677. June 28. John Campbell, Earl of BREADALBANE, Viscount GLENORCHY, s. 1834, (Marquess of BREADALBANE of the United

Kingdom.) 1682. Nov. 30. George Hamilton-Gordon, Earl of ABERDEEN, Lord

Haddo, s. 1801, (Viscount GORDON of the United Kingdom.) Jain. VII. 1686. Aug. 16. Charles Adolphus Murray, Earl of

DUNMORE, Viscount FINCASTLE, s. 1845, (Lord DUNMORE, of the

United Kingdom.) Will. III. 1696. Jan. 3. Thomas John Hamilton Fitzmaurice, Earl

of ORKNEY, Visct. KIRKWALL, b. 1803 ; s. 1831; m. 1826, Charlotte, dau. of Lord Boston. Heir, his son, Visct. Kirkwall, b. 1827. [Glenapp, Ayrshire; Taplow Court, Bucks.] 1701. June 24. K John Charles Grant Ogilvy, Earl of SEAFIELD,

Viscount REIDHAVEN. b. 1815; s. 1853; m. 1850, Caroline, dau. of the Ilth Lord Blantyre. Heir, his son, Visct. Reidhaven, 6. 1851. [Castlegrant and Balmacaan, Inverness-shire ; Cullen House, Baxt.

shire ; Grant Lodge, Morayshire.] Anne 1703. April 8. North Dalrymple, Earl of STAIR, Viscount

DALRYMPLE, s. 1853, (Lord OXENFORD of the United Kingdom.) 1703. April 10. Archibald John Primrose, Earl of ROSEBERY,

Lord DALMENY, s. 1814, (Lord Rosebery of the United Kingdom.) 1703. April 12. James Carr-Boyle, Earl of GLASGOW, Viscount KEL

BURNE, s. 1843, (Lord Ross of the United Kingdom.) 1703. April 15. John Alexander Hope, Earl of HOPETOUN, Viscount

Aithrie, s. 1843, (Lord Hopetown and Niddry, of the United King. dom.)

Viscounts. (5.) Jam. VI. 1620. Nov. 10. Lucius Bentinck Cary, Viscount FALKLAND,

s. 1809, (Lord HUNSDON of the United Kingdom.) 1621. Aug. 16. William David Murray, Viscount STORMONT,

s. 1840, (Earl of MANSFIELD of Great Britain.) 1641. Nov. 16. John Arbuthnott, Viscount ARBUTHNOTT, b. 1778;

s. 1800; m. 1805, Margaret, dau. of Walter Ogilvy, esq. Heir, his

son, Hon. John, b. 1806. [Arbuthnott-House, Kincardineshire.] Tha. II. 1673. Feb. 2. Francis Godolphin D'Arcy D'Arcy Osborne,

Viscount DUNBLANE, s. 1838, (Duke of Leeds in England.) Jam. VII. 1686. Sept. 6. 63 William Henry Drummond, Viscount

STRATHALLAN, 6. 1810; s. 1851; m. 1833, Christina, dau. of the late Robert Baird, esq. Heir, his son, Hon. James David, 6. 1839. (Castle Strathallan, Perthshire.]

BARONS. (20) lam. I. 1430. Kenelm Somerville, Lord SÓMERVILLE, a retired Rear.

Admiral, b. 1787; s. 1842; m. 1833, Frances, dau. of John Hayman, esq. Heir, his son, Hon. Hugh, 6. 1839. [The Pavilion, Ror.

burghshire; Somerville Aston, Gloucestershire.] Jam. II. 1440. Walter Forbes, Lord FORBES, 6. 1798 ; s.

1843 ; m. 1825, Horatia, dau. of the late Sir John Gregory Shaw, bt. Heir, his son, Hon. Horace Courtenay, b. 1829. (Castle-Forbes,

Aberdeenshire.] 1445. June 28. Alexander Fraser, Lord SALTOUN of Abernethy,

6. 1820; s. 1853 ; m. 1849, Charlotte, dau. of Thos. B. Evans, esq. Heir, his son, b. 1853. [Philorth-Castle, and Memsey-House, Aberdeenshire; Ness-Castle, Inverness-shire.]


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