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MORDEN COLLEGE, for the recep- shipwreck. Established March

tion of decayed Merchants, being 4th, 1824. Office, 14, John-street, Members of the Established Adelphi. Church, and widowers or bache- | Patron, The QUEEN. lors, of the age of fifty years or Vice-Patrons, Prince Albert, King upwards. They have 721, a year, of the Belgians. medical attendance, coals, candles, President, Duke of Northumberand washing, and the use of a land. Library. Elections vested in Chairman of the Committee of Vathe Trustees. Estab. 1695. Col. nagement, #Thos. Baring, esq. lege at Blackheath.

Dep. Chairman, Thos. Chapman,esq. Trustees, *T. Baring, esq., Sir J. Treasurer, Henry Willis, esq.

W. Lubbock, bt., Hon. J. T. L. Secretary, Richard Lewis, esq.
Melville, J. B. Heath, esq., K. D. Life-Boat Inspector, Capt. Ward,
Hodgson, esq., G. R. Smith, esq.,

T. M. Weguelin, esq.
Treasurer, Henry Smyth, esq.

Tue TRAVELLERS' Society, Es

tablished as Chaplain, Rev. Will. Marsh.

a point of reunion Solicitors, Messrs. Oliverson, Lavie,

for British Travellers and Diploand Peachey

matists. 106, Pall Mall.

Committee, Earl of Aberdeen, #T. ROYAL NAVAL BENEVOLENT So

Baring, esq., *C.L.G. Berkeley,

esq., *T. W. Bramston, esq., J. CIETY, late the Royal Naval Cha

Broadhurst, esq., J. Bushe, esq., ritable Society, to relieve indigent

Visct. Canning, S. P. Cockerell, Orphans,Widows, and Children, of Royal Naval Officers, and also

esq., Col. P. Dundas, H. F. ForsRoyal Naval Officers reduced by

ter, esq., Hon. J. W. Fortescue,

G. Hibbert, esq., Marquess of Misfortune to Indigence, with

Lansdowne, Ed. Marjoribanks, grants of from L5 to £25. Founded 1739. Revived 1791.

esq., *Earl of Mulgrave, Earl of

Sandwich, *R. B. Sheridan, esq., Incorporated 1838. Patroness, The QUEEN.

Visct. Strangford, *G. Tomline, President, V.-Adm. #Lord. Rad

Maj. Gen. Hon. A. Upton, #Rt.

Hon. J. A. S. Wortley. stock.

Treasurer, Edw. Marjoribanks, esq. Trustees.

Secretary, W. S. Quentery, esq.. V.-Adms. Lord Radstock, W.

Bowles. R.-ddm. Sir W.O. Pell. Hon. Solicitor, Nath. Overbury,esq. GRAND Lodge of Freemasons of Secretary.

England, Great Queen-st., LiiJ. T. Riccalton, esq., R.N., 18,

coln's Inn-fields. Adam-street, Adelphi.

Grand Master, Earl of Zetland.
Deputy G. M., Earl of Yarhorough.

Sen. Warden, #W. Stuart, esq.
ROYAL NATIONAL LIFE-BOAT IN. Jun. Do., H. W. Eaton, esq.

STITUTION, for the Preservation Treasurer, Sam. Tonikius, esq. of Life from Shipwreck, for sta- Chaplains, Rev. John E. Cox, Rev. tiuning life boats, with paid crews,

Edward Moore. and approved life-preserving ap- Registrar, Alex. Dobie, esq. paratus on the most dangerous parls Secretary, Wm. Henry White, esq. of the coasts of the United Kingdom, Secretary for German Correspond. and for conferring medals and pe- ence, Henry L. Crohn, esq. cuniary rewards on those who are Deacons, H. Lloyd, J. N. Tomkins, instrumental in saving life from esqrs.

ney, M.A.

Superin. of Works, P.Hardwick, esq. life. Instituted 1774. Office, 3, Director of Ceremonies, Rich. W. Trafalgar-square, Charing Cross, Jennings, esq.

Patron, The QUEEN. Assistant, Thory Chapman, esq. Vice-Patron, Duke of Cambridge. Sword Bearer, C. W. Elkington, esq. President, Duke of Norfolk. Assist. Sec., Mr. W. Farnfield. Treasurer, Benjamin Hawes, esq. Organist, Edwin Ransford, esq. Chaplains, Rev. J. S. M. AndersonPursuivant, Mr. Geo. G. Elkington. M.A., Rev. C. Lane, M.A., Rev.A. Tyler, Mr. Thos. Barton.

Williams, M.A., Rev. J. H. GurRoyal Freemasons' School, for Secretary, Joseph Charlier, esq.

maintaining, clothing, and edu- Collector, Mr. Abbott.
cating Female Children, of re-
duced. Freemasons. Candidates

STRANGERS' FRIEND SOCIETY, for must be between the ages of 8 and

visiting and relieving sick and dis11. Instituted 1788. St. John's

tressed Strangers, and other poor hill, Battersea-rise.

at their respective habitations in Patron 8. Pres., Earl of Zetland.

London and its vicinity. Comm. Treasurer, B. B. Cabbell, esq.

meet first Friday in every month. Secretary, Fras.Crew,esq.,3, Vernon

Estab. 1785. 7, Ereter-hall. Place, Bloomsbury.

Treasurer, Thos. Farmer, esq. Matron, Miss Jarwood.

Secretary, Mr. John Yatman. Schoolmistress, Miss Souter. Assist. Schoolmistress, Miss Kernot. Royal Literary Fund, for the Collector, Mr. J. Nicholls, 117, Dor

relief of Authors of publisked set-street, Fleet-street,

works of genius and learning, and Royal MasonIC INSTITUTION, for

their families who may be in Dis.

tress. Relief is granted by the Clothing, Educating, and up

General Committee, who meet to prenticing the Sons of indigent

consider applications on the second and deceased Freemasons. Candi

Wednesday in Jan., Feb., March, dates must be between the ages of

April, May, June, July, Nov., and 7 and 10 years. 70 boys ure now

Dec. Estab. 1790. Incorporated on the Charity. Estab. 1798.

1818. 73, Great Russell-street, Patron, The QUEEN.

Bloomsbury, where forms of appliPresident, Earl of Zetland.

cation may be obtained. Trustees, *B. B. Cabbell, John

Patron, The Queen. Henderson, Alex. Dobie, W. H.

President, Marq. of Lansdowne. Smith, esqrs. Treasurer, B. Bond Cabbell, esq.

Registrars,J.Bowver Nichols, W.H.

Harrison, J. Dickinson, esqrs. Secretary, Augustus U. Thiselton, Treasurers, Sir H. Ellis, W.Tooke, esq., at the Office, 34, Great

esq., Chas. Baldwin, esej. Queen-st.

Auditors, Edw. Foss, Jos. Gwilt, Collector, Mr. G. Paradise.

Bolton Corney, esqrs.

Hon. Solicitor, Will. Tooke, esq. ROYAL HUMANE SOCIETY, lo col- Hon.Physician, Patrick Fraser,M.D.

lect and circulate the most up- Hon. Architect, Jno. Newman, esq. proved method for the recovery Secretary, Octavian Blewitt, esq. of persons apparently drowned or Collector, Mr. H. S. Bristow. dead; to suggest and provide apparatus for, and bestow rewards Society OF SCHOOL MASTERS, for on those who assist in the pre- the relief of distressed Schoolservation or restoration of human masters and Ushers, and of their

Widows and Orphans. Forms of and Wales. Applicants to for. Petition to be had of the Secretary, ward printed petitions (which may 73, Great Russell-street, Blooms- be had of the respective keepers, bury, where the comm. meet on gratis), to the Office in Cravenor about the first Sat. in Feb. street. Debts exceediny 4001., or April, Oct. and Dec. at 2 o'clock. any one Debt exceeding 901., or Estab. 1798.

balance of Debts and credits exPresident, Archb. of Canterbury. ceeding 2001., not admissible for reTreasurer, Rev. John Russell, D.D. lief. Institu, in 1772. 7, CravenSecretary, Octavian Blewitt, esq. street, Strand. Collector, Mr.H.S.Bristow,Peckham. President, Earl of Romney.

Treasurer, Benj. B. Cabbell, esq. Society for the RELIEF of dis- Auditors, Capel Cure, esq., H. H. tressed Widows applying within

Harwood, esq. the first Month of their Widowhood. Secretary, Joseph Lunn, esq.

Office, 32, Sackville-st. Patronesses, The QUEEN, Duchess

of Kent, Duchess of Cloucester. FRIENDLY FEMALE SOCIETY, for V. Patronesses, Dowager Duchess relieving Poor, Infirm, and Aged

of Beaufort, Duchess of Rox- Widou's, and Single Women, of burgh, March. of Cholmondeley,

good Character, who have seen Dowager Countess of Morley,

better Days, not under 60 years Dowager Counts. of Listowel, of age, nor having eight shillings Dowager Lady Lyttleton, Lady per weck, and whose residence is Olivia Sparrow,

not more than five miles from St. President, Marq. of Cholmondeley.

Paul's. Candidates admitted by Treasurer, John Labouchere, esq.

recommendation of Subscribers. Secretury, Mr. W. Skinner.

Instituted in 1802. Under the Official Visitor anıl Secretary to the

Management of Ladies.
Ladies Committee, Mrs. Flood. Patronized by the King of the Bel-
Collector, Mr. Thos. Pitts, 8, Melina gians, and the Duchess of Kent.
Place, St. John's II'ood.

President, Marclis.of Cholmondeley.
Treasurer, Mrs. John Courthope,

Maida Hill.

Hon. Secretary, Mrs. Richardson, SION SOCIETY, for allowing

Gordon-square. Permanent Pensions to Decayed

Secretary and


Mrs. Artizans, Mechanics, Tradesmen,

Hunt, 14, Britton Rise, or 10, and their Widows, above 60 years

George-yard, Lombard-street, of age. Board meet

first Wednesday in every month, at 7 P.M., at the office, 8, Old Jewry.

Society FRIENDS OF FoPatrons, The QUEEN and Prince

REIGNERS in Distress, for the reAlbert.

lief of inligent Foreigners who President,

are not entitled to Parochial aid, Chairman, Jas. Thomson, esq.

and to furnish the means to those Treasurer, Will Kendle, esq.

desirous of returning to their Secretary, George Mence, esq.

oun country. Applicants are perCollector, Mr. Will. Rhodes.

sonally to present the recommen

dation of a Subscriber at 10, Society for the DiscHARGE and Finsbury Chambers, any Wednes

Relief of Persons imprisoned for day between 11 and 1. Estab. small Debts, throughout England 1806.


Patrons, The QUEEN and PRINCE Russia-and, also, to such ReleALBERT.

tives (not the widou's and orphars President, Earl of Carlisle,

--they being provided for by the Treasurer, John Labouchere, esq. Royal Patriotic Fund) as depended Secretary, W. C. Laurie, esq., 10, for support on those killed in action,

Finsbury Cham., London-wall. whose circumstances require relief. Collector, Mr. John Jeffery, 9, Sun Chambers,61, Threadneedle-st. Culthorpe-street, Gray's Inn-road. Trustees, G. R. Smith, esq., Willian

G. Sbedden, esq., Abel Smith, LONDON FEMALE PENITENTIARY, esq., Chas. R. Harford, jun., esą.

Pentonville Hill, affording an Chairman, W. George Shedden, esą. Asylum to Females who have de- Secretary, Mr. John P. Lines. viated from the paths of virtue, anil are desirous to reform. CORPORATION of the REFUGE FOR The Ladies' Committee meet every

The DESTITUTE, affording & Wednestlay at 12 o'clock, to re

place of reform for Criminal and ceive the personal applicution of

Destitute, but repentant femaks. those who wish for admission. Estab. 1207.

Applicants for admission to apPatron, The QuEEN.

pear before the Committee on Patroness, The Duchess of Kent.

Saturdays, at 1 P.W., at the EsPresiilent, Carl of Chichester.

tablishment, Manor-House, Dal

ston. Estab, 1804. Treasurer, Wm. A. Hankey, esq. Hon. Seos., * Apsley Pellatt, esq., President, Marq.

Patroness, The QUEEN.

Lansdowne. Rev. A. L. Courtenay, D.D.

| Treasurer, J. Gurney Hoare, esq. Secretary, Mr. Geo. Luckin.

Chaplain and Sec., Rev. W. Stone, Physicians, John T. Conquest,

M.A. M.D., Chas. Waller, M.D. Consult. Surgs., G. G. Babington, Surgeon, Edward D. Hacon, esq.

| Physician, R. B. Todd, M.D. F. Le Gros Clark, esqrs.

Clerk, Mr. James Searle. Surgeon and Apothecary, Mr. Walter

Matron, Mrs. Eliz. Molleson.

Collector, Mr. C. Buck.
Alatron, Mrs. Ward.
Collector, Mr. Thos, Pitts, 8, 11elina
Place, St. John's Wood.


servation of Public Morals, ly Patriotic Fund, Established by the reception and employment of

the Subscribers to Lloyd's by a vote Females who have deviated from in 1803 of 20,0001.; in 1809 of the paths of virtue. Applicants, if 5,0001.; and in 1812, of 10,0001. suitable, are admitted every Vonaided by public contributions, for day Evening Instituted 1812. the encouragement and relief of Asylum, 12, North side, Bethnal. those engaged in defence of this Green. country during the war, which Patroness, Duchess of Kent. communced in 1803, and termi. President, The Lord Maror. nated in 1815. Gratuities are now Treasurer, Jolin Labouchere, esq. in the course of being granted, out Chaplain, Rev. I. E. Keane, M.A. of the balance remaining of the Physiciun, J. T. Conquest, N.D. abore-named fund, to Soldiers, | Surgeon, Sam. Byles, esq. Seamen, and Marines in Her Hon. Secretary, Thos. Näit, esq. 44, Majesty's service, disabled from Canıbridge-terrare, Hyde Park. wounds received in action with the Assistant Secretary, Mr.Jno. Tucker, enemy in the present war with St. James's-villas, Holloway.


National BENEVOLENT INSTITU- Honor. Counsel, Wm. H. Bodkin, TION, for granting pensions of

Chas. F. F. Wordsworth, esqrs. from 301. per annum to aged Hon. Solicitor, Will. Tooke, esq. reduced persons of the middle Trustees, Lord Teignmouth, Sam. R. classes of Society of whatever Bosanquet, Edw. Penrhyn, esqrs. country or persuasion. Candidates Assistant Manager, Capt. J. F. L. elected by votes of Subscribers at Wood, R.N. annual elections in November. Ist Office Clerk, Mr. J. Hemment. Age, above 60. Founded 1812. 1st Clerk of the Begging Letter DeOffice, Southampton-row, Blooms- partment, Mr. R. Ferguson. bury-square.

Collector, Mr. J. Burningham. Under the Patronage of The QUEEN and Prince Albert.

Society for the SUPPRESSION of Patroness, The Duchess of Kent. Vice, by the suppression of BlasPatron, King of the Belgians. phemous publications, Obscene books President, Duke of Devonshire. and prints, disorderly houses, &c. Secretary, Fred. Latreille, esq. Established in 1802. 57, Lincoln's Collector, Mr. John Courtney.

Inn Fields.

President, Lord Teignmonth. METROPOLITAN


Secretary, Mr. Henry Prichard. Benefit Societies' ASYLUM, Royal Society FOR

THE PREfor the reception of the aged and

VENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIinfirm Members of all Friendly

MALS. Estub. 1824. Office, 12, Societies of both sexes, above the

Pall Mall. age of 55 years, or younger, if Patron, The Queen. incapacitated from earning subsistence. Ball's Pond, Isling- President, Marq. of Westminster.

Patroness, Duchess of Kent.
Institu. 1829.

Treasurer, Sam. Gurney, esq.
Patron, The QUEEN.

Sub Treasurer, Lewis Pocock, esq. Patroness, The Duchess of Kent. President, Will.T.Copeland, esq.,ald. Secretary, Mr. Geo. Middleton. Treasurer, * John Masterman, esq. Royal Society for THE PROSecretary, Mr. John Gilbert, 38,

TECTION OF LIFE FROM FIRE. Admiral-ter., Vau.chall-bdg.-rd.

Estab. 1836. 47, Ludgate-hill. Collector, Mr. W.J. Gilbert, 19, St. Patron, The QUEEN. Alban's-ter., Vauxhall-bdg.-rd.

President, Sir Fras. G. Moon, bt.

Treasurer, C. Jas. Bevan, esq. SOCIETY for the SUPPRESSION of Secretary, Mr. Sampson Low, jun.

MENDICITY, by providing to the Inspectors, Mr. T. Spencer, Mr. W. Subscribers tickets to distribute to Baddeley. street beggars, which will insure admission to the Suciety's Office, LONDON AGED CHRISTIAN Sowhere his or her case is examined. CIETY, for the permanent relief Estab. 1818. Red Lion-sq.

of the Christian poor of both Patron, The Queen.

sexes, who have attained the age President, Marq. of Westminster.

of 65, and who reside within five Treasurer, Sam. R. Bosanquet, esq. miles of St. Paul's. Candidates duditors, C. Elliott, esq., Rt. hon. relieved by recommendation of

Holt Mackenzie, Rich. Rams- Subscribers. Institu. 1826. 32,
den, esq., Lt.-Gen. Thomas Ke- Sackville-street.
nali, N. B. Edmonstone, esq., President, Marq. of Cholmondeley.
John Craufurd, esq.

Treasurer, Mr. W. Adeney.



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