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Britisa and FOREIGN School President, Duke of Buccleuch.

Society, for the scriptural edu- Treasurers, J. A. Simpson, H. cation of the Children of the Poor Hamilton Lindsay, esqrs.; Sir J. of every religious persuasion, both H. Maxwell, bt. at home and abroad. Estab. 1808. Physicians, Alex. Tweedie, M.D., Borough-road.

Geo. 0. Rees, M.D. Patron, The QUEEN.

Consulting Surgeons, J. M. Arnott, Patroness of the Female Department, Alex. Shaw, esqrs. Duchess of Kent.

Surgeon, C. L. Bradley, esq.
Vice-Patronesses, Duch. of Bedford, Surgeon Dentist, Will. Catlin, esq.

Count. of Jersey, Dowager Lady Secretary and Collector, Mr. Fras.
Ashburton, Lady J. Russell, Mrs. Crew,
H. Gurney:

Matron, Miss Cockburn.
President, Duke of Bedford. Schoolmaster, Mr. John Clark.
Treasurer, Samuel Gurney, esq. Schoulmistress, Miss Jobson.
Secretary, Henry Dunn, esq.
Accountant, Mr. Sam. Bradford. LONDON ORPHAN ASYLUM, for the
Depositary, Mr. G. A. Burbidge. Reception and Education of Desti-
Collector, Mr. Ehn.

tute Orphans, particularly those

descended from respectable PaYORKSHIRE SOCIETY's Schools, rents. Candidates, who are ad. for Boarding, Clothing, and Edu- mitted by the Votes of Subscribers, cuting Boys of respectable York- must be between the ages of 7 shire Parents, reduced by misfor- and 11, and are retained on the tune or death, resident within ten foundation till the age of 15. The miles of the Generul Post Office ; half-yearly elections occur on the age between 8 and 11. Retained fourth Mondays in Jan. and June. until 14. Estab. 1812. West- Institu. 1813. Incorp. 1845. Asyminster-road.

lum at Clapton. Office, l, St. Putroness, Duchess of Kent.

Helen's-place. Patron, Archbp. of York.

Patron, The QUEEN. Presidents, Earl of Carlisle, Earl Patroness, The Duchess of Kent.

Fitzwilliam, Earl of Harewood. Vice Patrons, Prince Albert, the Treasurer, Charles Bischoff, esq., King of the Belgians.

19, Coleman-street, City. Treasurer, James Capel, esq. Hon. Sec., J. R. Bailey, esq., 15, Physician, John T. Conquest, M.D. Old Jeury Chambers, City. Consulting Surgeon, Tbos. B. Cur

ling, esq. The CorPORATION of the Royal Surgeon, D. De Berdt Hovell, esq.

CALEDONIAN ASYLUM, for sup- Hon. Dentist, Hen. J. Barrett, esq. porting and educating the Children Chaplain, Rev. H. Beattie, M.A. of Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, Hon. Secretars., Rev. T. P. Wright, natives of Scotland, and of Indi - M.A., Rev. C. J. Daniel, M.A. gent Scotch Parents, resident in Secretary, James Rogers, esq. London, not entitled to parochial Collector, Mr. Edw. B. Boor. relief. The Children who are elected by the Votes of Subscribers Adult ORPHAN INSTITUTION, for must be between the ages of 7 and the Relief and Education of the 10, and are retained until 14. In- Friendless and Unprovided Orphan stituted 1813. Incorporated 1815. Daughters of Clergymen of the Caledonian-road.

Established Church, and of Milie Patrons, The Queen, PRINCE AL- tary and Naval Officers. CandiBERT

dates between the ages of 14 and 17 elected by ballot. Estab. 1818. President, The Lord Mayor. Regent's Park.

Treasurer, H. Sykes Thornton, esq. Patron, The Queen.

Physicians, Thomas Hodgkin, M.D., Patronesses, Duchess of Gloucester,

Rob. Dickson, M.D.
Duchess of Kent.
Visitor, Bishop of London.

Consulting Surgeons, Alf. M. RanTreasurer, 4V.-Adm. Bowles.

dall, esq., N. Ward, esq., Broad

street-buildings. Clerical Superintendents, Rev. J.S.

M. Anderson, M.A.; Rev. John Surgeon, Benj. Swete, esq.
Lawrell, M.A.

Architect, Thos. M. Nelson, esq. Secretary, Mr. J. Jesse, South-Sea- Hon. Secs., Rev. John Davis, B.A., House.

Rev. Chas. Kemble, M.A.
Governess, Miss Horden.
Collector, Mr. Henry Stretton, 67,

Secretary, Mr. Alf. Mackenzie.
Lincoln's-Inn Fields.

Collector, Mr. James Leach, 5,

Gainford-place, Barnsbury.


Patrick, for Clothing, educat- INFANT ORPHAN ASYLUM, for the ing, and Apprenticing the Chil- reception of Orphan Children, dren of the Irish Poor, who are

from the earliest period of life, admitted on the recommenda ion

und from all parts of the Empire. of a Governor. Instituted 1784. Elected by Votes of Subscribers,

Stamford-street, Blackfriars-road. half yearly, in May and NoPatron, The QUEEN.

vember, Institu. 1827. Incor. President, Earl of Eglinton.

1843. Asylum

at Wanstead. Treasurer, Ed. T. Bainbridge, esq.

Office, 46, Ludgate Hill. Secretary, Berkeley Will.King, esq.

Under the Patronage of 'The Queen,

Prince Albert, King of the BelInspector of Schools and Appren.

gians, &c. tices, Chas. H. La Touche, esq. Presidents, Archbs. of Canterbury Physician, Dr. Babington.

and York, Bishop of London, Surgeon, Fras. Kiernan, esq.

Earl Howe, &c., &c. Apothecary,

Treasurer, John Labouchere, esq. Superintendents of Schools, Mr. and Mrs. Umpelby.

Sub Treasurer, *Ben. Bond Cab.

Secretary, Mr. John Buckler. BRITISH ORPHAN ASYLUM, for

Educating, Boarding and Clothing destitute Orphans of both Royal NAVAL School, for educating sexes, whose parents have mored for any pursuit, the Sons of Naval in the middle and respectable

and Marine Officers, at the least Classes of Society. Candidates,

possible erpense, and in a limited who are admitted by election of

number of cases gratuitously, or on Subscribers on the third Monday

a small annual payment. A liin Jan. and July, must be between

mited number of the sons of genthe ages of 7 and 12. Institu. tlemen, not being Naval or Ma1827. Asylum at Clapham Rise.

rine Officers, are admitted at 501. Office, 12, Walbrook. Attend- per annum.

1833. New Cross. ance daily from 10 to 3.

Patron, The Queen. Patron, The QUEEN,

President, Vice-Adm. Bowles.

bell, esq.

Head Master, Rev. T. Chambers, reduction of cost practicable ; age D.D.

of admission, between 11 and 15. Secretary, A. J. S. Eames, esq. Estab. 1840. School, Richmond,

Surrey: Office, 32, Sackville-st. ROYAL NAVAL FEMALE School, Patron, The QUEEN.

for affording to the Daughters of President, Earl Manvers. necessitous Naval and Marine Treasurer, F. A. M'Geachy, esq. Officers, of and above ward-room Hon. Secs. Capt. Hon. F. Maude, rank, a good, virtuous, and reli- Capt. Geo. Hope, R.N. gious education, in conformity with Lady Governess, Miss Clifton. the principles and doctrine of the Sec., Arthur Ellis, esq. R.N. Church of England, at the lowest

BENEFIT SOCIETIES. ROYAL Society of Musicians, Pres. Sir Chapman Marshall, ald. for the relief of indigent Musi- Treasurer, Herbert Barnard, esq. cians, their widows and orphans Secretary, Mr. J. B. Jackson. Instituted in 1738. Incorp. 1790.

Lisle-street, Leicester-square. DRURY LANE THEATRICAL FUND, Patroness, The QUEEN. Patrons, The King of the Belgians,

for the support of decuyed Actors Prince Albert, Earl of Westmore

and Actresses, members of H. M. land, Earl Howe, Earl Cawdor,

Company of Comedians, their wi.

dows and children. Instituted by Earl of Carlisle, Bishop of Bath

David Garrick, 1766. Incorpo. and Wells.

rated 1775. Office, Stage Door, Chaplain, Rev.D.C.Delafosse,M.A. Hon. Counsel, T. H. Hall, esq.

Drury Lane Theatre.
Hon. Physns., Jn. Elliotson, M.D., President, Duke of Cambridge.

Patron, The QUEEN.
A. Billing, M.D., Sir Chas. M.
Clarke, bt., M.D., Jn. Hastings, Master Trea., Jno. Prett Harley,

Patroness, Miss Burdett Coutts. M.D.

esq. Hon. Oculist, Martin Ware, esq. Hon. Surgeons, Cæsar Hawkins, H. Sec., Mr. William Bennett.

Combe, W. H. B. Hawes, J.

Yearsley, Bernard Holt, esqrs. Society for the Relief of WiHon. Treasurer, G. F.Anderson, esq. Dows and ORPHANS of MEDICAL Secretary, Mr. John A. Ireland, Men in London and its Vicinity, 62, Newman-st., 0.xford-st.

1788. 53, Berners-st. Collector, Mr. G. Flower, 28, Can- Pres., Sir Chas. M. Clarke, bt. M.D. terbury-ter., St. Paul's, Walworth. Treasurers, Dr. Merriman, (Acting)

John Miles, esq., E. Tegart, esq. Royal Society of FEMALE Mu- Directors, Dr. Burrows, Dr. Dew,

SICIANS, for affording occasional Dr. C. B. Brown, Dr. MacIntyre, or annual relief to its Members, Sir Jas. Eyre, M.D., Dr. John who by misfortune or ill health Clarke, Dr. A. J. Sutherland, Dr. are reduced to a state of Indi- Jeffreson, Jas. Paget, J. T. Ware, gence. Instituted 1839.

W. Dickinson, J. Taunton, R. L. Patron, The QUEEN.

Thorn, G. Pilcher, G. J. Squibb, Hon. Physicians, Dr. Billing, Dr. John Hilton, J. C. Salisbury, R.

Seth Thompson, Dr. Power. C. Griffith, J. Propbet, H. BlenHon. Surgeons, Jas. Yearsley, John karne, W. Cathrow, Peter Hood,

Chappell, Joseph Toynbee, esqrs. A. M. Randal, H. Coombe, esqrs. Hon. Dentist, S.Cartwright, jun.,esq. Secretary, Hon. Solicitor, F. P. Chappell, esq. Hon, Treasurer, Miss Masson, 62, Collector, Mr. Chas. Tidbury, 11, Newman-street,

Great James's-st., Bedford-row. Secretary, Mr. J. W. Holland, 11, Cranmer-ril., Brixton.

ARMY MEDICAL Officers, FRIENDLY COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS' So. Society. Established in 1816.

CIETY, for the Relief of Sick and President, Sir James M'Grigor, bt. Infirm Members, their Widows and Trustees, Sir James M'Grigor, bt. Children, in distressed circum- Dr. J. R. Hume, Geo. J. stances. Instituted in 1800. 38, Guthrie, esq., Dr. Dan. MacLudgate-hill.


Secretary, G. S. Clarke, esq., Army | Governesses' BENEVOLENT INSTIMedical Board Office, Whitehall, TUTION. The oojects are-tempo

rary assistance to Governesses in ARMY Medical Officers, Benevo- distress-annuity and provident

LENT SOCIETY. Instituted 1820. funds -a home for Governesses President, Sir Chas. M. Clarke, bt. during the intervals between their Trustees, Geo. Jas. Guthrie, esq., engagements-a system of regis

Dr. Andrew Smith, Dr. A.Stewart. tration entirely free of expenseSecretary, G. S. Clarke, esq., Army an asylum for the aged. IncorMedical Board Office, Whitehall. porated by Royal Charter. 32,

Sackville st. Law Association, for the benefit Under the Patronage of the QUEEN,

of Widows and Families of pro. Prince Albert, Duchess of Gloufessional men in the Metropolis cester, Duch. of Kept, Duke of and Vicinity. Committee meet Cambridge, Grand Duchess of first Thursday in every month, Mecklenburgh Strelitz, the Prin

except Sept. and Oct. Estab. 1817. cess Mary Adelaide. President, Lord Lyndhurst.

President, Earl of Harrowby. Vice-Pres., The Lord Chancellor, Secretary, Chas. W. Klugh, esq.

The Master of the Rolls, Lord
Justice Knight Bruce, Kt. Hon.
Sir Geo. J. Turner, Rt. Hon. Sir Scottish HOSPITAL, Crane Couri,
James Wigram.

Fleet-street. Incorp. 1665, for the Treasurer's, Geo. H. Kinderley, Law- relief of aged and indigent Natives rence Desborough, esqrs.

of Scotland resident in London. Secretary, John Murray, esq., 7, Petitions of applicants for reliefare Whitehall-place.

reyuired to be in the Office, Trinity Collector, Mr. Thomas Pemeller, Church-passage, Fetter-lane, on the 20, Hemingford-villas, Islington. 1st Wednesday of the month. The

Kinloch BEQUEST, a TRUST to Artists'BENEVOLENT FUND, for the the Hospital for granting AnRelief-ftheir l'idows and Orphans. nuities to Seamen and Soldiers,

Incorporated by Charter, 1827. natives of Scotland, wounded and Patron, The QUEEN.

disabled in the Army or Navy, President, Sír J. E. Swinburne, bt. Committee meet on the lst ThursTreasurer, Sir Claude Edw. Scott, bt. day in March, June, Sept, and Secretary, Aug. U. Thiselton, esq., Dec.

34,Gt. Queen-st.,Lincoln.-inn-flus. President, Duke of Montrose. Collector, Mr. Thos. Brittain. Treasurer, The Chisholm.

Chaplains, Rev. John Cumming, ARTISTS' General Benevolent Insti- D.D., Archdeacon Sinclair.

tution, for the Relief of decayed Physicians, Jn. Webster, M.D., Artists whose works are known George Darling, M.D., Rob. Dickand esteemed, their Widows and son, M.D., John Scott, M.D. Orphans. Ins. 1814. Incorp. 1842. Surgs., J. Liddle, esq.,R.H.MackenProtectress, The QUEEN.

zie, M.D., Professor Fergusson. Patron, Prince Albert.

Secretary, James Adair, esq. President, Sir C. L, Eastlake. Solicitor, W. M. Webster, esq. Treasurer, C. R. Cockerell, esq. Surveyor, Thos. L. Donaldson, esq. Honorary Sec., H. W. Phillips, esq. Collector &. Visitor of the Poor, Geo. Assis'ani Sec., Mr. W. J. Koper, Anderson, 8, Canonbury-street,

19, Great Coram-st., Russell-sq. Islington. Collector, Mr. J. P. Wildsmith. Beadle, L. J. Wishart.

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