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Lenthall, W.J.

Pierce, J. P., 33, Camden-rd. Villas. Lillie, Sir J. S., knt., Union Club. Pierrepont, Hn. Phil. Sidney, BrackLong, G., Police Ct., Mary-le-bone. ley, Northamptonshire. Longdon, T. H., 4, Ennismore- Pilcher, Jeremiah, 34, Russell-sq. place, Princes-gate.

Platt, Samuel, 10, Hyde-park-gard. Lucan, Earl of, 20, Hanover-sq. Plowden, Will. Henry Chicheley, MʻGrigor, Sir J., bt., 3, Harley-st. 8, Devonshire-place.

Mackinnon, W.A., 4, Hyde-pk.-pl. Pollock, Rt. Hon. Sir Fred., QueenMackinnon, W.A., jun., 4, Glouces- square-house, Russell-square. ter-square, Hyde-park.

Porter, Thos. C. #Marjoribanks, Dudley C.,29, Upp. Portman, Lord, 20, Cavendish-sq. Brook-street.

Powell, Dav., Hampstead.
Marriott, T. W., East Dulwich. Pownall, Hen., 20, Ladbroke-sq.,
Mashiter, T., Hornch.-lodge, Essex. Notting-hill,
Maude, H. I., 14, Great George Pownall, John F., 19, Old-square,
street, Westminster.

Meux, Sir Henry, 16, Hill-street. Powys, Hen. Phil. Reading.
Meyer, James, Enfield.

Poynder, T.H.A., 9, Wimpole-st. Mills, Jn. Rm., Englefield-green. Pratt, J. Tidd, 12, Up. Grosv.-st. #Mills, T., Tolmers, near Hertford. Preston, Chas., Sewardstone, Essex. Mills, C., Hillingdon.

Proybin, Geo., 21, Bryanstone-sq. Mitcheson, W. A., Sunbury. Pryor, Marlb, Weston Stevenage, Montefiore, Sir Moses, bt., Grosve- Herts. nor-gate.

Purton, Will. Montgomrey, James, Brentford. Ranelagh, Visct., Park-pl., St.Jas. Moon, Fras. G., Ald., 28, Port-sq. Reed, Maj. W., Bedfont. Moore, Jobn A., 19, Portland-pl. Reed, Will., Hanworth. Morley, F. B., Sunbury.

Robinson, Augustin, 67, Eaton-sq. Morley, Samuel, Stamford-hill. Roe, Sir Fred. Adair, bt., 96, Piccad. Murray, Charles Knight.

*Rothschild, Baron L., GunnersMusgrove, Sir J., Ald., 32, Rus.-sq. bury. Myers, W. J., Shenley, nr. Barnet. Ryan, Rt. Hn. Sir Edw., Kensington. *Newdegate, C. N., Harefield. Salisbury, Marq. of, Arlington-st. Newsam, Fowler, Stamford Hill. Salomons, David, 3, Gt. CumberNicoll, Donald, 1 A, Albany.

land-place. Nixon, M. B. E. H., Bladen-lodge, Scoit, Montague D., Carlton Club. Brompton.

Scott, George, Hammersmith. *North, Lt.-Col.J.S., 16, Arling.-st. Scott, James. Norton, Hon. G. C., Lambeth P.C. Scott, William, Nurse, W.M., 9, Chester-pl., Reg--p. Seaman, B. C. P., 4, Up. Gower-st. Orkney, Earl of, Prince's-gate, Secker, I. O., Greenwich P. Ct. Hyde-park.

Sharp, Henry Jelf, Twickenham. Paterson, George, Colnbrook. Simpson, John, 9, Clement's-lane. Payne, Will., 26, Brunswick-sq. Smith, Fras. C., Hampstead. Paynter, Thos., Police Court, Ham-/ Smith, Arthur, Grove, Kent. Town. mersmith.

Somes, Jos., Blackwall. Paynter, Will., 21, Belgrave-sq. Somerset, A. P., Enfield. Pelly, Sir J. H., Bt., East Barnet Spearman, Sir A. Y., bt., 7(a), Penton, Hen.

Portman-sq. Perceval, F.J., Coleshill, Warwicks. Sperling, H.G.W.,10, Hyde-pk.-ter. Percival, S. O., South Mimms. Stillwell, J. G., 22, Arundel-st. Pepys, Edmund, 7, Upp. Harley-st. Stirling, SirW.G.,bt., 29, Portm.-sq. Phillimore, Will., Edgware. Storks, Serjeant, 3, Serj. Inn. Phillips, Stephen, Cheshunt. Strachan, Js, M. Teddington-grove.

Stutfield, Chs. Bradshaw, 18, Sussex- / #Walter, J. 40, Up. Grosvenor-st. place, Regent's-park.

Warner, Henry, Hornsey. Sullivan, Robert.

Wedgwood, Hensl. 17,Cumberl.-ter. Sutton, Daniel, Earl's-terrace. Wetherall, Capt. F. A., Ealing. Swabey, Maurice, University Club. Whiteman, John C., East India-ho. Tanqueray, John S., Hendon. Wigg, Geo., 61, Westbourne-ter. Tayler, H., Finchley.

Wilberforce, Will., 16, King-st. Teignmouth, Lord.

St. James's. Thiselton, Charles Alfred.

Williams, Edward, Enfield. Thomson, D. J., 15, Great Cumber- Williams, Edward Jones, Enfield. land-place, Hyde-park.

Williams, Capt. Ben., Hillingdon. Thrupp, J. W.,50, Upper Brook-st., Williams, Rev. Theo. Hendon. Grosvenor-square.

Williams, Robt. Wynne, Bedford-pl. Tower, Christopher, jun., Hunts. Williams, Rowland E. more-park, near Iver.

#Williams, Will., 12, Park-square. Townend, John, Stamford-bill. Wilson, Ald., 40, Ladgate-street. Traill, James, Woolwich Pol. Ct. Wilson, Josiah, Stamford-hill. Trimmer, rev. H. Scott, Heston. Wilson, Alexander, Bryanstone-sq. Trimmer, F. E., Heston.

Wilson, Henry, University Club, Trotter, John, Barnet, Herts.

Pall-mall Tubbs, Robert, 62, Harley-street. Wilson, Jas. H., 19, Onslow-sq. Tudor, Geo., 41, Portman-square. Witham, Henry, 36, Chancery-lane. Turner, Thos., Hampstead. Wix, Rev. Sam., St. Bartho. Hosp. Turnley. Jos., 19, Bedford-place. Wood, Col.T.,Littleton,nr.Chertsey. Twining, Thomas, Twickenham. Wood, Col. Thos., jun., 12, Cav.-sq. Twining, Rich. jun., Strand. Wood, Geo., Ealing. Twyford, Samuel.

Woodward, Chas., 10, ComptonTyler, Sir James, Holloway.

terrace, Islington. Tyrwhitt, Rob. P., Clerkenwell Po-Wormald, John, Highbury: lice Court.

Wyndham, Edward, Blandford-sq. Tyssen, W. G. T. D.

Yardley, Edw., Thames Police Ct. Villiers, Lt.-Col. Hon. F.

Yeats, Osborne, 24, Liverpool-st., Vincent, H. W. Campden-hill, Ken. King's-cross. Walesby, F. Pearson,

Young, Geo. Fred., Limehouse.

General Post-Office, St. Martin's-le-Grand. BRANCH OFFICES.-CHARING Cross; OLD CAVENDISH STREET;

LOMBARD STREET ; and STONE's End, Borough,

GENERAL REGULATIONS. Letters to pass by the Inland or Foreign Evening Mails can be posted at the Receiving Houses till 5 30 P. M., or with fee of one penny, which must be paid by stamp affixed to the letter, till 6 P.M. Inland letters paid by having the stamps affixed, with an additional one (as a late Postage fee), are received at the Branch Offices, Charing Cross, Old Cavendish Street, Stone's End, Borough, until 6 45. P.M., and Lombard Street till 7 P.M.; at the General Post Office, St. Martin's-le-Grand, till 7, and from 7 till half-past 7 upon payment of sixpence with each.

Newspapers must be put into the Receiving Houses before 5 P.M. ; at the Branch Post Offices, before half-past 5 P. M. ; or at the General Post Office, St. Martin's-le-Grand, before 6 P.M. ; or put into one of the “ Late Newspaper” windows, at St. Martin’s-le-Grand, from 6 until half-past 7 P. M.; with a halfpenny, will be despatched the same evening.

Letters and Newspapers are received at the Railway Station, Euston Square, to be despatched by the Day and Evening Mails, to all Towns, the correspondence of which is conveyed by the London and North Western Railway Company, or by the lines branching from it. A fee of 6d., in addition to the postage, both of which must be paid by stamps, is charged upon each letter or newspaper. For the morning dispatch from 7.30 till 9.5; for the evening dispatch, from 7.30 till 8.35.

All Receiving Houses are for the receipt of General, Foreign, Ship, and London District Post Letters, both paid and unpaid, with the exception of the Receiving Houses at 63, Cheapside, 25, Cornhill, 15, Charing Cross, and 152, Oxford Street, at which places General Post Letters cannot be received. From 63, Cheapside, 25, Cornhill, 15, Charing Cross, and 152, Oxford Street, General Post Letters are despatched half-an-hour later than from the other Receiving Houses.

General Post Letters for the Day Mails can be put into the Receiving Houses till a quarter before eight o'clock in the morning of the day on which the Mails are despatched.

Rates of Postage.- All Inland Letters or Packets, including those from the Channel Isles, and the Isle of Man, if PREPAID, are subject to the following rates :—Not exceeding Half an Ounce ld, One Ounce 2d, Two Ounces 4d; and so on, at the rate of twopence for every ounce, and every fractional part of an ounce. An Inland Letter to pass unpaid must not exceed four ounces. All above that weight must be prepaid either in money or by stamps. No Letter must exceed the dimensions of twentyfour inches in length, breadth, width, or depth.

The postage of Letters to Soldiers and Sailors, received from all parts beyond the sea, without the penny having been prepaid, is 2d. in addition to the Ship Letter gratuity, if received by Private Ship. Soldiers and Sailors can send and receive Letters to or from the East Indies, Hong Kong, and China, or other places in the Chinese or Indian Seas, by the Overland Mails, " via Southampton,” under the weight of half an ounce, on their own private concerns, only while they are employed on her Majesty's Service, or in the Service of the East India Company, for one penny.

REGISTRATION OF LETTERS. — Letters may be registered on payment of sixpence, which, together with the Postage, must be paid in advance. The postage of registered letters to parts abroad may be paid either in money or by stamps, but for places within the United Kingdom the postage must be paid by stamps; while the registration fee must, in all cases in London, be paid in money.

LETTERS from one part of TOWN to another ; if put into
The Receiving Houses by Or the Principal Office by They are sent out at
Morning.. 9 o'clock Morning . . 10 o'clock Morning .. 10 o'clock
Morning ..12

Morning ..12-
Aftern. bef. 1

Afternoon . 1
Afternoon. 1
Aftern. bef. 2

Afternoon. 2
Afternoon. 2
Aftern. I bef. 3

Afternoon. 3
Afternoon. 3
Aftern. bef. 4

Afternoon. 4
Afternoon. 4
Aftern.bef. 5

Afternoon. 5
Afternoon. 5
Aftern. bef. 6

Afternoon. 6
Afternoon. 6
Aftern. bef. 7

Afternoon. 8
Afternoon . 10
Afternoon. 10

Next Morn. 8




by virtue of an Act 31 | Knights Commanders Prince of Wales. Hen. VIII.

of the Bath. King's sons.

COMMONERS. Knights Commanders King's brothers. Speaker of the House of St. Michael and King's uncles. of Commons.

St. George. King's grandsons. Viscounts' eldest sons. Knights Bachelors. King's brothers'

or Earls' younger sons. Eldest sons of the younsisters' sons.

Barons' eldest sons. ger sons of Peers. Archb. of Canterbury. Knights of the Garter. Baronets' eldest sons. Lord High Chancellor. Privy Councillors. Knights of the Garter's Archbishop of York. Chancellor of the Ex- eldest sons. Lord High Treasurer.* chequer.

Bannerets' eldest sons. Lord President of the Chancellor of the Companions of the

Privy Council.* Duchy of Lancaster. Bath. Lord Privy Seal.* Lord Chief Justice of Companions of St. MiLord Great Chamber- the Queen's Bench. chael and St. Geo.

lain of England. I Master of the Rolls. Knights of the Bath's Lord High Constable. Lord Chief Justice of

eldest sons. Earl Marshal.t

the Common Pleas. Knights' eldest sons. Lord High Admiral.+ Lord Chief Baron of Baronets' younger sons. Lord Steward of H. the Exchequer. Esquires of the Queen's

M. Household.t The Lord Justices of body. Lord Chamberlain of Appeal, according to Gentlemen of the ditto.t

priority of appointm. Privy Chamber. Dukes according to The Vice-Chancellors Esquires of the Knights their patents.

according to priority of the Bath. Marquesses according of appointment. Esquires by creation.

to their patents. Judges and Barons of Esquires hy office or Dukes' eldest sons. the Exchequer ac- commission. Earls according cording to seniority. Younger

of their patents.

Bannerets, made by Knts. of the Garter. Marquesses'eldest sons. the Sovereign, under Younger sons of BanDukes' younger sons. the royal standard nerets of both kinds. Viscounts according in open war.


of to their patents. Viscts'. younger sons. Knights of the Bath. Earls' eldest sons. Barons' younger sons. Younger

of Marquesses' yngr.sons. Baronets.

Knights Bachelors. Bishop of London. Bannerets not made by Gentlemen entitled to Bishop of Durham. the Sovereign in per- bear arms. Bishop of Winchester. son.

Clergymen not dignitaBishops according to Knights of the Thistle.

their seniority of Knights Grand Crosses Barristers at Law.

of the Bath.

Officers in the Navy Barons according to Knights of St. Patrick, & Army not esquires their patents.

Knights Grand Cross by commission. All the above hold of St. Michael and Citizens, Burgesses,&c. their precedence of Rank St. George.

• If of the rank of Barons.
+ Above all of their own rank only, by stat. 31 Hen. VIII

When in actual office only, by 1 Geo. I. N.B. The priority of signing any treaty or public instrument by Ministers of State is taken by rank of ofice, and pot by title,





A 5


First Lord of the Treasury.

*Visct. Palmerston. Chancellor of the Exchequer

#Rt. hon. Sir G. Cornewall Lewis,

bt. Lord Chancellor

Lord Cranworth.
President of the Council.

Earl Granville.
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster *Rt. Hon. Matt. T. Baines.
Lord Privy-Seal

Earl of Harrowby.
Home Department. Rt. hon. Sir George Grey, bt.
Secretaries of Foreign

Earl of Clarendon.
State Colonial

#Rt. Hon. H. Labouchere.

Lord Panmure.
First Lord of the Admiralty

*Rt. hon. Sir Chas. Wood, bt. Postmaster-General ..

Duke of Argyll.
President of the Board of Trade Lord Stanley of Alderley.
President of the Board of Control *Rt. hon. R. Vernon Smith,

Marq. of Lansdowne.
The above form the CABINET.

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Lord Steward

Earl Spencer. Lord Chamberlain..

Marq. of Breadalbane. Earl Marshal

Duke of Norfolk. Master of the Horse

Duke of Wellington. Commander-in-Chief

Viscount Hardinge. Paymaster-General and Vice-President

of the Board of Trade......... #Rt. hon, Robert Lowe. First Commissioner of Parks, Palaces, &c......

*Rt. hon. Sir njamin Hall, bt. Attorney-General.

*Sir A. J. E. Cockburn. Solicitor-General

*Sir Rich. Bethell.

Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland... Earl of Carlisle.
Chief Secretary

Rt. hon. Edward Horsman.
Lord Chancellor..

Rt. hon. Maziere Brady. Commander of the Forces.

Gen. Lord Seaton. Attorney-General....

*Rt. hon. William Keogh. Solicitor-General

John D. Fitzgerald, esq.

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