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RUPTURE SOCIETY, for the Supply Caledonian-place, King's Cross;

of Trusses to the Indigent Poor Mr. L. B. Fox, 219, Shoreditch ;

of both Sexes. Instituted in 1804. Mr. W. H. Freeman, Charles-sl., Patron, H.R.H. Prince Albert. Westminster; W.J. Gaye, 14, 0xTreasurer, Hen. M. Hoare, esq. ford-ter., King's-road, Chelsea : Surg., Cæsar Hawkins, esq.

Mr. Geo. M. Leese, 50, Glouces Secretary, John Porter, esq., 22, ter place, Portman-sqnare: W. J. Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Lewis, Spital-square; Mr. R. H. Collector, Mr. J. Jeffery, !, Cal- Robertson,38,St. George's-rd.; Mr. thorpe-street, Gray's Inn Road. J. Rose, Trinidad-pl., Islington;

Mr. G. Simpson, Surrey Chapel, City of LONDON Truss-SOCIETY, Blackfriars-rd; Mr. S.H. Sterry, for the Relief of the Ruptured Poor. Alscot-place, Grange-road, BerCases recommended by a Governor mondsey: Mr. Nowell Stowers, examined on Wednesdays and Sa- 5, York-row, Kennington ; Mr. turdays at One o'clock, at the In- Rob. Wade, 68, Dean st. Soho; stitution, or any morning before Mr. N. B. Ward, 7, Wellclose-sq.; 9, at 48, Hatton Garden, Patients Mr. E. Wren, 101, Dorset-st., supplied with Trusses in all parts Fleet-st. of the Kingdom. Under the Patronage of the King of the Bel- METROPOLITAN Dispensary and gians and the Duchess of Kent.

Charitable Fund for relieving the Institut, 1807. 76, Queen-street,

Sick Poor at their own Habita. Cheapside.

tions with Medicines and pecuniary President,

Aid. Admission daily at half-past Treasurer, Samuel Cartwright, esq. 9 by Governor's letter. Instituted 32, Old Burlington-street.

1779. 9, Fore-street, Cripplegate. Surgeon, John C. Taunton, esg. 48, President, #Thos. Challis, esq. Halton Garden.

Treasurer, Ven. Arch. Hale. Secretary and Collector, Mr. Thos. Consulting Physician, Dr. Waller, Eglinton, 76, Queen-st., Cheapside. Finsb.-sq.

Phys., Dr. Winn, Finsbury-sq., Dr. National VACCINE Establishment, B. W. Richardson, 12, Hinde-st., Under the authority of Govern.

Manchester-square. ment for gratuitous Vaccination Surg., Mr. Luther Holden, Gower-st. and distribution of Vaccine Lymph, Visiting Surg. and Apothecary, Mr. daily, from 11 to 2 o'clock, at J. Southwood, at the Dispensary. the principal station, 8, Russell. Secretary, Mr. C. E. Strong, 44,

place, Fitzroy-sq. Estab. 1809. Jewin-strcet. President, The President of the Collector, Mr. D. Freeman, 41, GeeCollege of Physicians.

street, Goswell-street. Physician, The senior Censor of

the College of Physicians. Northern DISPENSARY for DisSurgeon, The President of the Col- EASES of the Eye, for the relief lege of Surgeons.

of the sick poor, including the Registrar, Clement Hue, M.D. servants of Governors, and lyingInspector und Vaccinator, J. Newton in women. Patients admitted by Tomkins, esq.

recommendation of a Governor Vuccinating Surgeons and Vaccine every day from 10 to 4. Instituted

Stations, Mr. C. A. Aikin, 49, in 1810. Somers-place West, New
Praed-st., Paddingto; Mr. A. Road.
Buchanan, Heath House, Com- President, Marq. Camden.
mercial-road; Mr. Geo. Cooper, Treasurer, John Salt, esq.

Consulting Phys. P. M. Roger, M.D. ROYAL JENNERIAN and LONDON Phys., R. H. Semple, M.D.

VACCINE INSTITUTION, for graConsulting Surgeon, Jn. Bishop, esq. tuitous vaccination, every day Surgeon, J. Z. Laurence, esq. except Friday and Saturday, at 18, Dentist, W. H. May, esq.

Providence-row, Finsbury, at 2 Resid. Med. Off., W. Turnbull, esq. o'clock. Hon. Secretary, John Casley, esq. Under the patronage of her Majesty, Collector, Mr. Rob. Farquharson, the Royal Family, the Lord 16, Gower-place, Gordon-square. Mayor, Aldermen, and Cummon

Council of the City of London, the ROYAL INFIRMARY , for the relief

East-India Company, &c. and cure of sick children, and

Treasurers and Bankers, Messrs. sick suckling mothers. Instituted

Barclay and Co. in 1816. Waterloo-bridge-road.

Medical Director, John Epps, M.D. Patron, The Queen.

Sec. and Sub-Treasurer, Mr. S. R.

President, The Lord Mayor.
Treasurer, Arthur K. Barclay, esq.

Col., Mr. David Hine.
Consulting Phys., J. Copland, M.D.
Physicians, William H. Willshire, St.Mark's HOSPITAL, for FISTULA

M.D., Chas. Hutton, M.D., S. W. and other diseases of the RECTUM, J. Merriman, M.D.

founded 1835. Patients admitte Surgeons, W. C. Dendy, J. Cooper with or without letters of recomForster, esqrs.

mendation. Malts, Tuesdays, 9 House Surgeon and Apothecary, o'clock; Females, Fridays, at the Mr. Besley.

same hour. City-road. Secretary, Mr. Edw. Meymott, 34, President, The Lord Mayor for the Stamford-street.

time being. Collector, Lieut. Flint, 87, Great Treasurer, John Masterman, esg. Portland-street.

Hon. Physician, J. Bampfylde Da

niel, M.D. ROYAL DISPENSARY for Diseases Hon. Surgeon, Fred. Salmon, esq.

of the Ear, and for supplying House Surgeon, Will. Noble, esq. Acoustic Instruments gratuitously Secretary, Mr. J. F. Whiskin. when requisite. Patients admit- Matron, Mrs. Wilson, ted by recommendation of sub- Collector, Mr. W. H. Harben, 6, scribers. Accidents, the Deaf and Wigmore-street. Dumb, and Soldiers, Sailors, and the Police, admitted without re- ROYAL SOUTH LONDON DISPENcommendation, Instituted 1816. SARY, for the relief of the sick Dean-street, Soho.

pour requiring Medical and SurPatron, The Queen.

gical aid. Patients admitted by Vice-Patronesses, Duch, of Kent, Governor's letter every day. InDuch. of Cambridge.

stituted 1821. St. Geurge's Cross, Vice Patrons, The Prince Albert, Opposile Bethlem Hospital.

The King of the Belgians. Patron, The Queen. President, Duke of Buccleuch. Patronesses, Duchess of Kent, Duch. Physician, Dr. Tattersall.

of Gloucester. Surgeon, Will. Harvey, esq., 2, Soho- President, #Jas. W. Freshfield, esq. square.

Treasurer, W. J. Meymott. Treasurer, #John Masterman, esq. Surgeons, F. C. Jones, esq., M.D., Secretary&Collector,Mr.H.S.Smyth, G. H. Watson, esq., C. W. Otat the Dispensary.

way, esq.

House Surgeon, W. Hentsch, esq. Western GENERAL DISPENSARY, Secretary, James Hooker, esq. for the relief of the sick poor in Collector, Mr. Jas. August.

the north-western parts of the

metropolis, at their own homes and St. George's and St. James's at the Dispensary, where beds are DISPENSARY, for supplying ad

provided for sufferers from accivice and medicine to the Poor, and

dents. Instituted 1830. Lisson delivering poor married women.

Grove, South. Patients admitted daily, by re

Patron, Prince Albert. commendation of subscribers. 60, President, Lord Portman. King Street, Golden-square.

Treasurer, Edgar Barker, esq. Patron, Duke of Cambridge.

Hon. Sec., Rev. S. C. H. Hansard. Patroness, Duchess of Gloucester. Consulting Physicians, C. J. B. President, Duke of Norfolk.

Williams, M.D., W. MacIntyre,

M.D. Treasurers, W. Yool, E. B. Hardisty, esqrs.

Consulting Surgeons, P. Le Gros Consulting Physicians, J. Webster,

Clarke, Jas. M. Arnott, esqrs. M.D., Sir Jas Eyre, M.D.

Medical Officers in Ordinary. Consulting Surgeons, Jn. Bacot,esq., Physicians, Dr. Mackenzie, Dr. SanJoseph Toynbee, esq.

derson, Dr. Van der Byl, Dr. Physicians, 1. Weber, M.D., W.

Wegg, MJ)., J. W. Ogle, M.D. Accoucheur, Dr. Merriman.
Physician dccoucheurs, C. Blakeley Surgs., A. Anderson, J. G. Forbes,

Brown, M.D., John Clarke,M.D., esqrs.
J. W. Anderson, esq.

Resident Surgeon and Apothecary, Surgeons, R. Blagden, J.B. Blackett,

Mr. D. Haffenden. H. Gray, esqrs.

Assist. Do., Mr. S. J. Felce. Honorary Cupper, J. Watkins, esq. Secretary, Mr. J. Martin. Honorary Dentist, Jos.Saunders, esq. Collector, Mr. Edward Herbert, 48, Res, Med. Officer, R. H. Wilbe, esq.

Lisson Grove North. Secretary, Mr.J. H. York.


the cure of Clubfout, Lateral CurFARRINGDON GENERAL DISPEN- vature of the Spine, and all other

SARY, for the relief of the sick Contractions and Deformities. poor, on application at the Insti- Applicants for relief must attend tution; and in cases of inability for eramination at the Hospital, to attend, patients, including poor on Thursdays, at one o'clock, with lying-in women, attended at their petition signed by a Governor. own homes, if within a mile of Founded 1838. 6, Bloomsbury-sq. the Dispensary. Founded 1828. Patron, The QUEEN.

17, Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn. Patron, Prince Albert. President, Lord Campbell.

President, Earl of Shaftesbury. Physicians, Dr. Tilt, Dr. Ballard, Chairman of the Committee of MaDr. Bealey.

nagement, Lord Abinger. Surgeons, T. Howell, R. Bianchi, Dep.Chairman, Quarles Harris,esq. esqrs.

Medical Officers. Physician Accoucheur, S. Griffith, Surgeons, R. W. Tamplin, E. F. esq.

Lonsdale, esqrs. Res. Med. Officer, Mr. Lowne. Assist. Surgeons, B. E. Brodhurst, Treasurer, S. F. Langham, esq., 10,

W. Adams, esqrs. Bartlett's Buildings.

Chaplain and Hon. Secretary, Rer. Hon, Sec., Mr. S. J. Jones.

Geo. Kemp, M.A. Collector, Mr. Blackburn.

Secretary, Mr. B. Maskell.

SCHOOL CHARITIES. ASKE's Hospital and EPISCOPAL years of age, and the girls 8.

CHAPEL, affording board, clothing Founded 1719. Incorp. 1780. and education for 20 boys, from Chairman, M. J. Rippingham, esq. the age of 8 to 15; alms-houses for Treasurer, James Richardson, esq. 20 men, who must be bachelors or Secretary, Mr. J. Verrall. widowers, and 16 shillings per Schoolmaster, J. Hilton. week each, with an additional al- Schoolmistress, Mrs. Louisa Trew. lowance in sickness. The govern- Matron, Mrs. Eliz. Flindell. ment is vested in the Masters and Wardens of the Haberdashers' ORPHAN WORKING-School, for Company, to whom belong the pre

Children, of both sexes, of all desentations to the school and alms

nominations, and from every part houses. Founded by Rub. Aske,

of the United Kingdom. Candi1690, Hoxton.

dates, who must be between the Chaplain, Rev. Alfred Jones,

ages of 7 & 11, admitted by votes M.A.

of Governors and Subscribers at School Master, Mr. Geo. Carterfield.

elections, or by payment of 1051. LADIES' CHARITY School, for

Elections occur on the last Friday wholly educating, clothing, and

in April and Nov. Institut. 1758.

Incorporated 1848. Haverstock maintaining 51 girls from all

Hill, Hampstead-Rd. Office, 32, parts of the United Kingdom, whether orphans or not, especially

Ludgate-kill. those whose parents have moved Patron, The Queen. in a respectable sphere. Children President, John R. Mills, esq. are admitted between the ages of Treasurer, Thomas M. Coombs, esq. 8 and 10, by the votes of suón Physician, J. R. Benuett, M.D. scribers at half yearly elections, Surgs., M.Ware, esq.,J.J. Ware,esq. in April and October, or by pur- Surg. & Apoth., H. C. Harris, esq. chase on payment of 100 Guis. Secretary, Mr. Jos. Soul, Boxworth Instituted 1702. 30, John-street,

Grove, Islington. Bedford-row.

Matron, Mrs. Baird. Patron, The Queen.

Principal Master, Mr.W.F.Tarlton. Patronesses, Duchess of Gloucester, Principal Mistress, Miss Salier. Duchess of Kent.

Collector, Mr. W. H. Chaplin, SebPatrons, Archbishops of Canterbury

bons-buildings, Islington. and York, Bishops of London, Winchester, and Lincoln.


HONOURABLE Treasurer, John Masterman, esq.

LOYAL SOCIETY OF ANCIENT Hon Surgeon, Alder Fisher, esq.

BRITONS; and their CHARITY Hon. Lady Sec., Miss Hoby.

School, for Educating, &c.

130 Boys and 70 Girls, children RAINE'S CHARITIES, Old Gravel of indigent Welsh parents who Lane, St. George's East, Mid

have been born within 10 miles dleser, for the Education and of the Royal Exchange. Can. Clothing of 50 Boys and 50 didates, who are admitted by Girls, and for the education and votes of Governors, must be beentire support of 40 Girls. Can- tween the ages of 7 and 10. Indidates for admission must be stitu. 1715. Gray's-inn-road. born in the Parish of St. George's Patron, The Queen. in the East. Boys must be 9 | President, Lord Dynevor.




Treasurer, Chas. Alex. Wood, esq. Physician, Benj. G. Babington, M.D.
Vice-Treasurers, Rev. Jennings, Surgeon, Edward Cock, esq.
M.A., Sir Thos. Phillips.

Oculist, Martin Ware, esq.
Chaplain, Rev.J. Evans.

Aural Surgeon, Jsph. Toynbee, esq. Physicians, Sam. Griffith, M.D., D. Apothecrs., Messrs. Castle & Turner. Lewis, M.D.

Collector, Mr. J. R. Hanbury, 83, Consulting Surgeon, J. Propert, esq. Gracechurch-street. Surgeon, W. Griffith, esq. Librarian and Secretary, Chas. PHILOLOGICAL School, for the Shaw, esq.

education of the Sons of ClergyMaster, Mr. Henry Davies.

men, Officers, Professional Men,

Merchants, Clerks in Public ASYLUM for Female Orphans, who

Offices, and the higher orders of receive a plain education, and are apprenticed at a proper age as

Tradesmen, who from misfortunes servants in private families. Ad

cannot afford a suitable education for

their Children. Admitted on the mitted by votes of Subscribers, at half-yearly elections in June and

presentation of Subscribers. InDecember. Westminster Bridge

stituted in 1792. School, Glorroad. Inst. 1758.

cester-place, New-road. Patron, The Queen.

Patron, The Queen.
Patroness, Duchess of Cambridge. President, Lord Portman.

Visitor, Bishop of London.
President, Duke of Cambridge.
Vice-Patron & Vice-Pres., Archbp. Treasurer, John Turner, esq.
of Canterbury.

Secretary and Head Master, Mr.

Edwin Abbott. Treasurer, Henry Hoare, esq.

Assist. Master, Mr. T. H. Walls. Chaplain, Rev S. R. Cattley, M.A. Morn Prea., Rev. J. Jessopp, M.A. Junior Do., Mr. W. Moore. Even. Preach. Rev. W. Curling, M.A. Writing-Master, Mr. W. Floyd.

French and German Master, Mr. S. Secretary, Will. Davies, esq.

Physicians, Charles Locock, M.D.,
George Cursham, M.D.

Drawing Master, Mr. Chas. ArSurgeons, John F. South, esq.,

mytage. Will. V. Pettigrew.

Collector, Mr. W. Whitmore. Apothecary, Charles Nairne, esq. Collector, Mr. W. H. Cotterell, SCHOOL FOR INDIGENT BLIND, who Holland-st., Brixton-road.

are instructed by oral information,

and by books in raised or emASYLUM for the Support and Edu- bossed letters; and are taught a

cation of the DEAF and DUMB trade, to enable them to procure CHILDREN of the Poor. Candi- their own liring. Candidates, whe dates, who are admitted by votes are admitted by votes of Subof Subscribers at half-yearly elec- scribers, must be between the ages tions, in Jan. and July, must be of 12 & 20. Established in 1799. above 8 and-a-half, and under 11 St. George's Fields. and-a-half years of age, and of Patron, The Queen. sound intellect. Instituted 1792. Pres., Archbp. of Canterbury. Old Kent-road.

Treasurer, Sam. R. Bosanquet, esq. Patroness, Duchess of Gloucester. Chaplain, Rev. B.J. Johns, M.A. President, Duke of Buccleuch. Secretary, Mr. Thos. Grueber, 5, Treasurer, Beriah Drew, esq.

Billiter-street. Secretary, Charles Nottidge, esq. Physician, Dr. Fuller. Principal, Thos. J. Watson, esq. Consulting-Surgeon, Mar. Ware, esq.


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