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5 Marquess of Breadalbane. 16 Lord Panmure. 6 Duke of Roxburghe.

Dean of the Order, Will. Muir, D.D. 7 Earl of Rosebery.

Sec., Sir J. Stewart Richardson, bt. 8 Earl of Mansfield.

Deputy, Albert Will. Woods, esq., 9 Duke of Montrose.

F.S.A., Lancuster Herald. 10 Earl of Elgin.

Lord Lyon King of Arms, Earl of 11 Marquess of Dalhousie.

Kipnoull. 12 Earl of Camperdown.

Gentleman Usher of the Green Rod, 13 Earl of Eglinton.

Frederic Peel Round, esq. 14 Earl of Haddington.

Ribbon of the Order, Green. 15 Duke of Athole.

Motto, Nemo me impune lacessit. KNIGHTS of the Most Illustrious Order of ST. PATRICK.

Instituted February 5, 1783.

The Lord Lieutenant, Grand Master.

H.R.H. The PRINCE ALBERT. 1 Duke of Cambridge.

17 Earl of Fingall. 2 Earl of Roden.

18 Visct. Magserene and Ferrard. 3 Marquess of Clanricarde. 19 Lord Carew. 4 Earl of Charlemont.

20 Lord Cremorne. 5 Marquess Conyngham.

21 Earl of Gosford. 6 Earl of Cork and Orrery. Prelate of the Order, the Ld. Primate. 7 Earl of Howth.

Chancellor, Archbishop of Dublin, 8 Visc. Southwell.

Registrar, Dean of St. Patrick's. 9 Marquess of Headfort.

Genealogist, Sir Will. Leeson. 10 Earl of Listowel.

Sec. Lowry Balfour, Esq. 11 Earl of Miltown.

Usher of the Black Rod, Lt.-Col. 12 Earl of Arran.

Sir George Morris. 13 Earl of Wicklow.

Ulster King of Arms, Attendant on 14 Earl of Rosse.

the Order, Sir J. Bernard Burke. 15 Marquess of Waterford. Ribbon of the Order, Sky-blue. 16 Lord Farnham.

Motto, Quis separabit?
KNIGHTS of the Most Honourable Order of the BATH.
Instituted 1399, revived 1725, enlarged 1815 and 1847.



FIRST Class.

Military Knights Grand Cross.
Princes of the Blood Royal, Knights Grand Cross, not included in the

Number to which the First Class of the Order is limited.
Field-Marshal HIS MAJESTY the King of the BELGIANS.

Lt.-Gen. H.R.H. the Duke of CAMBRIDGE 1 Field-Mar, visct. Combermere. 8 Adm. Sir Will. Parker, ht. 2 Field-Mar. Earl of Strafford. 9 Lt. gen. sir Geo. Pollock. E.I.C. 3 Gen. Sir T. M. Brisbane, bt. 10 Lt.-Gen. sir H. G. W. Smith, bt. 4 Gen. Lord Seaton.

11 Adm. earl of Dundonald. 5 Gen. sir J.L. Lushington, E.I.C. 12 Gen. sir Colin Halkett. 6 Gen. Sir Willoughby Cotton. 13 Lt.-gen. sir J. H. Littler, E.I.C. 7 Gen. Viscount Gough.

14 Gen. sir J.L.Caldwell, E.I.C.

15 Gen. rt. hon. sir E. Blakener. 14 Rt. Hon. Sir Geo. H. Seymour. 16 Lt.-gen. sir Jos. Thackwell. 15 Marq. of Normanby. 17 Gen. sir Alexander Woodford. 16 #Rt. hon. sir Geo. Grey, bt. 18 Lt.-gen, sir J. Fox Burgoyne. 17 Rt. hon. sir H. Lytton Bulwer. 19 Lt.-gen. sir George Brown. 18 Lord Broughton. 20 V.-Adm. sir J. W. D. Dundas. 19 Lord Cowley. 21 Lt.-gen. sir De Lacy Evans. 20 Rt. hon. Sir James R. G. 22 Lt.-gen. sir Richard England. Graham, bt. 23 Lt.-gen. sir Colin Campbell. 21 Lord Paninure. 24 R. Adm. Sir Edmund Lyons, bt. 25 Ad.sir Graham E. Hammond, bt. Honorary Knights Grand Cross. 26 Adm. sir Jas. Alex. Gordon. I King of Wurtemberg. 27 Gen. sir James Macdonell. 2 Gen. count Woronzow. 28 Gen, sir Hew D. Ross.

3 Duke Bernard of Saxe-Weimar. 29 Gen. sir Jaines Simpson.

4 Lieut.-gen, count Walmoden.

5 Prince Ernest of Hesse Philippa Civil Knights Grand Cross.

thal-Barchfeld. i Lord Heytesbury.

6 Prince Esterbazy. (Civil.) 2 Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe. 7 Dk. de la Victoria y de Morella. 3 *Viscount Palmerston.

8 The Hered. Grand Duke of 4 Earl of Minto.

Mecklenburgh Strelitz (Civil.) 5 Earl of Clarendon.

9 The Prince of Hohenlohe Lan. 6 Lord Howard de Walden.

genburg. (Civil.) 7 Sir John Mc Neill.

10 Field-marshal His highness 8 Gen. sir Howard Douglas, bt. Omar Lutfi Pacha. 9 Lt.-gen. rt. hon. sir H. Pottin. 11 Gen. His Imperial Higliness

Prince Napoleon. 10 Sir Arthur Aston.

12 General Canrobert. 11 Field-mar. visct. Hardinge. 13 Marshal Count Vaillant. 12 Earl of Ellenborough.

14 Gen. La Marmora. 13 Gen. earl of Westmoreland. 15 Marshal Pelissier.

SECOND Class. Military Knights Commanders. 1 Gen. sir H. F. Campbell. 22 Gen. Earl Cathcart. 2 Lt.-gen. sir H. Ed. Bunbury, bt. 23 M.-gen. sir J. G. Woodford. 3 Vice-adm. sir Edw. Tucker. 24 Gen. sir James Watson. 4 Gen, sir Alexander Leith. 25 Lt.-gen. sir Thos. Willshire, bt. 5 Gen. sir James Douglas. 26 Adm, sir John West. 6 Gen. sir G. H. F. Berkeley. 27 Adm. Lord Wm. Fitzroy. 7 Col. sir John M. Doyle. 28 #V.-adın. sir Chas. Napier. 8 Gen. sir George Scovell. 29 R.-adın. sir Thos. Herbert. 9 Gen. sir William M. Gomm. 30 M.-gen. sir James H. Schoedde. 10 Gen. Lord Downes.

31 Lt.-gen. sir Chas. Felix Smith. 11 Lt.-gen. sir James A. Hope. 32 Gen.sir John Grey. 12 Lt.-gen. sir Frederick Stovin. 33 V.-adm. sir E. Chetham Strode. 13 Gen. sir Robert W. Gardiner. 34 Capt. sir Chas. Hotham, R.N. 14 Gen. sir Thos. M‘Mahon, bt. 35 Lt.-gen. sir Chas. W. Pasley. 15 Gen. sir John W. Guisc, bt. 36 Adm. sir Hugh Pigot. 16 #Gen. sir Jn. F. Fitzgerald. 37 V.-adm. sir Thos. J. Cochrane, 17 Gen. sir John A. Wallace, bt. 38 Lt.-gen. sir John Rolt. 18 Gen. sir John Wilson.

39 Lt.-gen. sir Will. F. P. Napier. 19 Adm. sir F. W. Austen. 40 M.-gen. Visct. Melville. 20 Adm. sir George Mundy. 41 Sir Jas. M'Grigor, bt., late Dir.. 21 Gen. sir Arth. B. Clifton.

gen, med.-dep.

ger, bt.

42 Sir Will. Burnett, late Dir.-gen. 6 Gen. sir John Doveton. med.-dep.

7 M.-gen. sir John Cheape. 43 Lt.-gen. sir George Bowles. 8 M.-gen. sir Hugh Massey 44 Lt.-gen. sir John Owen.

Wheeler. 45 V.-adm. sir Geo. F. Seyinour. 9 M.-gen sir Scudamore W. Steel. 46 V.-adm. hon. sir A. Maitland.

Ciril Knights Commanders. 17 Gen. sir A. Maclaine. 48 Lt.-gen. sir John Bell.

I Rt. hon. sir Rich. Pakenham. 49 V.-adm. sir Phipps Hornby.

2 Sir James Brooke. 50 R.-adm. sir William F. Carroll.

3 Sir Geo. Russell Clerk. 51 M.-gen. sir Henry Somerset.

4 Sir Henry Light. 52 R.-adm. sir Geo, Rob. Lambert.

5 Sir Geo. Grey.

6 Sir Chas. E. Trevelyan. 53 M.-gen. earl of Lucan. 54 M.-gen, sir H. J. W. Bentinck. 7 Sir Randolph Isham Routh.

8 R.-adm. sir Fras. Beaufort. 55 M.-gen.sir John L. Pennefather. 36 R.-Adm. sir Houston Stewart.

9 Rt. hon. sir Jas. Stephen. 57 R.-Adm. sir James Hanway 10 Col, sir Hen. M. Lawrence,

H.E.I.C. Plumridge. 38 M.-gen. earl of Cardigan.

11 M.-gen. sir Duncan M'Gregor. 59 M.-gen. sir Will. J. Codrington.

12 Sir Thomas N. Redington. 60 M.-gen. sir Richard Airey.

13 Sir S. George Bonham, bt. 61 M.-gen. hon. sir Jas. Y. Scarlett. 14 Sir George W. Anderson. 62 M.-gen, sir Harry D. Jones.

15 Lord Bloomfield. 63 M.-gen. sir George Buller.

16 Sir George Nicholls. 64 M.-gen. sir William Lyre.

17 Rt.un.sir H. W. Williams Wynn. 65 M.-gen. sir Richard J. Dacres.

18 Hon. sir William Temple. 66 R.-Adm. hon. sir Montagu Stop- 20 Col. sir Will. Reid.

19 Hon. sir Ralph Abercromby. ford. 67 R.-Adm. sir Henry D. Chads.

21 Sir Richard Mayne. 68 R.-Adm. sir Michael Seymour. 22 M.-gen. Lord Howden.

23 Sir Will. Gore Ouseley. 69 R.-Adm. sir H. Byam Martin.

24 Sir Belford H. Wilson. 70 R.-Adm. sir Step. Lushington. 71 Gen. sir Edward Nicolls.

25 Sir Henry Barkly. 72 Adm. lord Aylmer.

26 Sir James Cosmo Melvill. 73 Lt.-gen. sir James Ferguson.

27 Sir Chas. Aug. Fitzroy. 74 Lt.-gen. sir Th. W. Brotherton. 28 Sir John Francis Davis, bt. 75 V.-Adm. sir Henry Hope.

29 Col. sir Proby T. Cautley. 76 V.-Adm. sir John Coode.

30 Lt.-col. sir Justin Sheil. 77 R.-Ad. Rt. hon. sir M. F. F. 31 Sir James Hudson. Berkeley.

Honorary Knights Commanders. 78 R.-Adm. sir Fairfax Moresby. I Lt.-yen. count Nugent. 79 M.-gen. sir Hugh Henry Rose. 2 Lt.-col. sir F. A. de Hertzberg.


Julius Hartman. of the East-India Service. 4 Gen. baron de Hügel. I Gep. sir Hopeton S. Scott. 5 Adm. count de Heyden. 2 Gen. sir David Leighton. 6 Capt. sir Bald. W. Walker, R.N. 3 Gen. sir James Russell.

7 Lieut.-general Sir Maximilian 4 Ged. sir Robert Houstoun.

Schreibershofer. 5 Gen. sir Will. Richards.

8 Count Alex. Mensdorf. (Civil.) Under the Statutes of the Order, the prefir, Sir," is not to be assumed

by the Knights Grand Cross, or Knights Commanders (unless otherwise entitled to that appellation), until they shall have been duly invested with the Insignia of the Order.

THIRD CLASS. Military Companions. Officers in the Service of the East-India Company denoted by E.I.C. Abbot, maj. Aug., E.I.C.

Brooke, maj. gen. George, E.I.C. Abbott, col. sir Fred., E.I.C. Brooke, col. Henry Vaughan Adams, col. Frank

Brown, licut. col. Gust. Adye, It.-col. John Miller

Browne, colonel Fielding Ainslie, It.-col. Will. Bernard Browne, maj. gen. Walter J., E.I.C. Airey, It.-col. James Talbot Browne, col. Thomas Gore Alexander, col. Jas., E.I.C. Brownrigg, col. Studholm Anderson, col. William, E.I.C. Buckle, capt. Claude H. M., R.N. Anderson, It. col. Joseph

Bunbury, lieut. col. Thomas Andrews, gen. A., E.I.C.

Bunbury, lieut. col. Henry Will. Anstruther, lieut. col. Philip, E.I.C. Burghersh, lieut. col. lord *Arbuthnot, hon. gen. Hugh Burlton, col. Will., E.I.C. Ashburnham, maj. gen. hon. Thus. Burnett, capt. William F., R.N. Auchmuty, lient. gen. S. B. Burton, maj. Adolphus W.D. Austin, capt. Horatio Thomas, R.N. Butterworth, m. gen. Wm.J., E.I.C. Backhouse, It. col. Julius B., E.I.C.Cadogan, vice adm. the Earl Bainbrigge, lieut. gen. Philip Catfin, capt. J. C., R.N. Baker, rear adm. sir H. L., bt. Calvert, lieut. gen. Felix Balders, col. Chas. Will. M. Cameron, lt. col. George Poulett, Barker, col. George Robert

E.I.C. Barlow, capt. Chas. A., R.N. Canieron, col. Duncan A. Barnard, maj. gen. Henry W. Campbell, maj. gen. Jobn, E.I.C. Basden, col, James L.

Campbell, lieut. col. Robert Parker Baynes, rear adm. R. L.

Capon, maj. gen. David, E.I.C. Beckwith, maj. gen. Charles Carmichael, m.gen. Chas. M., E.I.C. Belcher, capt. Sir Edw., R.N. Carnegie, capt. hon. S. W. T., R.N. Bell, lieut. col. Thomas.

Carnegy, maj. gen. Alex., E.I.C. Bell, col. George

Carruthers, lieut. col. Rich. Benson, maj. gen. Rich., E.I.C. Carter, capt. Thos. W., R.N. Bethune, rear adm. Chas. R. D. Cator, maj. gen. Will. Biddulph, col. Edw., E.I.C. Chalmers, lieut. gen. Sir William Birch, gen. John F.

Chapman, lieut. col. Frederick E. Birch, col. Rich. J.H., E.I.C. Church, lieut. col. sir Richard. Bisshopp, major gen. Cecil Claremont, lieut. col. Ed. Stopford Blair, major Charles D., E.I.C. Clarges, lieut. gen. Richard G. Blake, col. Wm. W.

Hare Blanshard, maj. gen. Thomas Clifford, vice-adm. sir A. W.J., bt. Blundell, maj. gen. Fred., E.I.C. Clifford, capt. W. I. C., R.N. Booth, Will., dep. com. gen. Cloete, maj. gen. sir Abraham J. Borlase, capt. John, R.N.

Cochrane, capt. hon. Arthur A., R.N. Borton, col. Arthur

Codrington, capt. Henry John, R.N. Bowles, rice adm. William

Colborne, lt. col. hon. Francis
Bradford, col. John F., E.L.C. Cole, lieu, col. Arthur Lowry
Brandling, maj. John James Collier, rear adm. Edward
Bray, col. Edw. Will.

Collinson, capt. Richard, R.N.
Brereton, maj. gen. William Colvin, col. John, E.I.C.
Brind, col. Frederick, E.I.C. Congreve, col. George
Brock, capt. Saumarez, R.N. Conway, lieut. col. Thos, S.
Broke, capt. sir George, bt., R.N. Cooke, lieut. col. Rich, H.

Corbett, col. Stuart, E.I.C.

Finch, lieut. gen. hon. John Couper, colonel sir George, bt. Fisher, lieut. col. George, E.I.C. Craigie, maj. gen. Peter E. Fitzgerald, lieut. col. Charles, E.I.C. Craigie, lieut. col. Jobo H., E.I.C. Fitzmayer, col. James William Caninghame, col. Arthur A. T. Fleming, lieut. gen. Edward Cunliffe, lient. gen. sir R. H., bt., Foley, lieut.col. hon. St. Geo. Gerald E.I.C.

Forster, lieut. col. Henry, E.1.c. Curry, admiral Richard

Franklin, Henry, insp. gen. of Curtis, It. col. Jas. G. W., E.I.C. hos. Curtis, admiral sir Lucius, bt. Franks, col. Thos. H. Corzon, rear-admiral Edward. Fraser, lieut. col. Jas., E.I.C. Dacres, capt. Sydney, C., R.N. Fraser, lieut. col. Hugh, E.I.C. Dalzel, lieut. col. hon. Rob. A.G. Frederick, lieut. gen. Edward, Damer, lieut. col. rt. hon.G. Lionel E.I.C. Dawson

French, Jas., inspector gen, of hos. Daubeney, lient. col. Henry C. B. Fuller, lt. col. Francis. Dary, gen. sir William G. Gairdner, maj. gen. Will, J., E.I.C. D'Aguilar, maj. Charles Lawrence Gambier, lieut. col. Gloucester Delamain, It. col. Chas. H., E.I.C. Geddes, col. Will., E.I.C. De la Motte, lient. gen. Peter, E.I.C. George, lieut. col. Fred. Darley Denniss, lt. col. George, E.I.C. Giffard, capl. George, R.N. Despard, maj. gen. Henry Godby, maj.gen. Christopher, E.I.C. Dickson, col. Collingwood Goldie, lieut. gen. George Leigh Dixon, It. col. George

Gordon, licut. gen. W. A. Doherty, col. Henry E.

Gordon, vice adm. Chas. Douglas, maj. gen. Robert, R.A. Gordon, col. hon. Alexander Donglas-Monteath, maj. gen. Thos., Gordon, col. John Will. E.I.C.

Gore, lieut. gen. the hon. Charles Douglas, lieut. col. Johu, 79 f. Gough, maj. gen. John B. Douglas, lieut. col. John, 11 hus. Gowan, maj. gen. Geo. Edw., E.I.C. Drummond, capt. hon. Jas. R., R.N. Grabam, capt. Charles, R.N. Dundas, maj. gen. Wm. Bolden Graham, col. Charles, E.I.C. Dundas, rear adm. hon. R.Saunders. Graham, col. Fortescue Dunmore, Thos., comm.

gen. Grant, col. James H. Dupuis, maj. gen. John Edward Grant, maj. gen. Patrick, E.I.C. Dyneley, maj. gen. Thomas Grant, lt. col. Charles, E.I.C. Eckford, maj. gen. James, E.I.C. Grant, Sir Jas.Rob,M.D., inspectorEden, maj. gen. John

general of hospitals. Eden, capt. Charles, R.N.

Grant, lieut, col. John Thornton Edwardes, major Herbert B., E.I.C. Grattan, col. John Edwards, col. Clement Alexander Green, lt. col. Edw., E.I.C. Ellicombe, lieut. gen. Ch. G. Greenwood, lieut.col. William Elliot, adm. hon. George

Greville, capt. Henry F., R.N. Ellis, maj. gen. Samuel B., R.M. Grey, rear adm. hon. Fred. W. Evans, gen. Thomas

Griffith, col. Henry Darby Everard, inajor gen. Mathias Gunning, John, insp. gen. of hos. Eyres, capt. Harry, R.N.

Halkett, lieut. col. Hugh Pair, gen. A., E.I.C.

Hall, maj. gen. Henry, E.I.C. Fanshawe, lieut. gen. Edward Hall, capt. William H., R.N. Fanshawe, rear adm. Arthur Hall, capt. W. King, R.N. Parren, lieut. col. Richard T. Haly, col. W. O'Grady Pesting, rear adm. Robert W.George Hamilton, maj. gen. Chas., E.I.C. Filder, Will., comm. gen.

Hamilton, col. Sir Chas. J. J., bt.

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