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Where chosen. Town Resilence. Vyvyan, sir R. R. bt..... Helstone

Grillion's Hotel. Waddington, David Hurwich

Blossom's Inn, Lawrence-l. Waddington, Harry S. Suffolk, W. 45, St. James's-place. Walcott, John Edw. .... Christchurch 7, Charles-st., St. James's. Walmsley, sir Joshua Leicester,

101, Westbourne-terrace. Walpole, rt. hon. S. H... Midhurst

9, Grafton-st. Walsh, sir Jobn B. Radnorshire 28, Berkeley-square. Walter, John

Nottingham 40, Upper Grosvenor-st. Warner, Erłward.. .... Norwich ...

49, Grosvenor-place. ŚWaterpark, lord........ Lichficld

Coburg-hot. Charles-st.

Gros.-sq. $Watkins, John L. V. Brecon ... 5, Suffolk-street. ŞWatson, Will. H.. Kingston-upon-Hull 38, Wilton-crescent. Welby, Sir Glynne E., bt. Grantham 8, Upper Belgrave-street. Wells, William


22, Brnon-st. West, Fred. Rich.


22, Pall-mall. Whatman, James Maidstone

6, Carlton-gardens. Whitbread, Samuel, jun.. Bedford .. 22, Eaton-place. Whiteside, James Enniskillen

21, Gloucester-st. Pimlico. Whitmore, Henry Bridgnorth

17, Eaton-terrace. Wickham, Henry W..... Bradford..... 3, Chapel-st., Grosv.--sq. Wigram, Loftus T....... Camb. University.. 38, Charles-st., Bkly.-sq. Wilkinson, William A... Lambeth ... 5, Bennet-st. Willcox, Brodie M'Ghie Southampton 23, Portman-square. Williams, William ...... Lambeth

12, Park-sq., Regent's-pk. Williams, Thomas Peers . Marlow

41, Berkeley-square. Williams, Michael...... Cornwall w. Stevens' Hotel. Willoughby, ir H. P., bt. Evesham

63, (a) Lower Brook-st. Wilson, James..


15, Hertford-street. Winnington, sir T. E., bt. Bewdley..

15, Suffolk-st. Wise, John d...


Reform Club. Wood,rt. lon.sir Chas., bt. Halifax

Admiralty. Voodd, Basil T.. Knaresborough 14, Great Cumberland-st. Wortley, rt. hon. J. A. S.. Buteshire

3, Carlton.gardens. Wrightsoa, Will. B. .... Northallerton

22, Upper Brook-street. Iyndham, Henry Cockermouth 66, Mount-street. Wyndham, Henry Sussex, H.

4, Grosvenor-place. Iyndham, IVilliam Wilts, S.... 69, Portland-place. Wynn, Herbert W. W... Montgomeryshire.. 18, St. James's-square. Wynn, sir W. W., bt..... Denbighshire 18, St. James's-square. Iynne, Hill. W. E..... Merionethshire Mr. Biggs, Parliament-st. Wyvill, Marmaduke, jun. Richmond .... 13, Chester-street. Yorke, hon. Elliot Thos. Cambridgeshire 124, Park-st., Grosven.-sq. CLERKS and Officers of THE HOUSE OF COMMONS. Clerk of The House of Commons, | Messengers, Mr. R. Baily, Mr.

Sir Denis Le Marchant, bt. (The Poingdestre, Mr. H. Mallan, Mr. Palace, Westminster.)

Inwood, Mr. Hortoo, Mr. Terry, Clerk Assistant, Will. Ley, esq.

Mr W. Forsyth, Mr. Morris, Mr. (15, Queen-street, May Fair.) G. Hartley, Mr. G. J. Circuit. Second Clerk Assistant, Henry Ley, Deliverer of Post Letters, Mr. Lawesq. (51, Chester-square.)

ford. Clerks on the Establishment of the Superintendent of Members' Waiting Office of the Clerk of the House of

Room, Mr. H. James Cove.
Commons :

Assistant, Mr. M. Rossiter.
Principal Clerks; viz.
Chief Clerk of the Public Bill Office, Porter, Mr. Purser.

and Clerk of the Fees, A. Jones,

esq. Chief Clerk of the Committee Clerks Chaplain to The House of Commons,

Rev. Thomas Garnier.
Office, G. Dyson, esq.
Clerk of the Journals, j. Gudge, esq. Secretary to the Speaker, Charles

Edward Lefroy, esq.
Chief Clerk of the Private Bill Office,
R. K. Gibbons, esq.

Counsel to the Speaker and Examiner Senior Clerks.-Charles Rowland,

of Election Recognizances, George

K. Rickards, esq. George Gunnell, Joseph L. Postlethwaite, John B. C. Rose, Charles Clerk, Mr. Brooksby. W. Pole, Frederick H. Gray, esqrs.

Librarian, T.Vardon,esq.-Assistant Assistant Clerks, - Charles Frere, Librarian, Hon. G. Waldegrave.

William Ginger, William Hodg- Distributor of Stamps and Clerk for kin, William Rose, Hen. Mayne,

posting Parliamentary proceedRobert Marriott, Henry H. Creed,

ings, Mr. W. Risdon. James Bull, S. B. Gunnell, Ed- Messenger, Mr. William Kay. ward Hay Ley, Augustus Palk, Charles Eales, esqrs.

Examiners of Petitions for private Junior Clerks.-W. D. Hawes, E. L.

Bills, Samuel Smith, T. Erskine
Dew, Maurice C. Conry, Charles May, esqrs.
Hay Ley, George J. Stone, F. Taxing Master of the House, T.
Eden, C. A. Leigh, J. E. Dorring-

Erskine May, esq.
ton, P. H. Webber, Reginald
Palgrave, A. Bonham Carter, R. Clerk, Mr. Edward Webster.
Fanshaw, esqrs.

Vote Office.
Accountant, John Wilkinson, esq.

Deliverer of Votes and Printed Papers, Assistant, George Broom, esq.

Charles Paskin, esq. Short-hand Writ., Joseph Gurney, Assistants, Mr. Collins, Mr. J. esq.

Collins, Mr. R. M. Baily.

Sergeant at Arms, Lord Charles J. F. Train-bearer, Mr. Robert Baily.

Russell. Deputy-Sergeant, R. A. Gosset, esq. Printer of the Journals, 8c. Henry Assist. Serg., Lt. Col.C.W. Forester. Hausard, esq. Door-keepers, Mr. William White, Printers of the Votes, Jolin Bowyer Mr. H. S. Pratt.

Nichols, esq., & Sons.


Adolphus Geo. Fred., 6. Sept. (Alexandrina) VICTORIA, Queen 21, 1845; Frederica Sophia, of the United Kingdom of Great 6. Jan. 9, 1848; Maria ErnesBritain and Ireland, born May tina, 6. Dec. 3, 1849. 24, 1819. Succeeded her Uncle Cousins of the Queen, issue of the William IV. June 20, 1837. Proclaimed June 21st. Crowned June

late Adolphus Frederick Duke of

Cambridge. 28, 1838. Married Feb. 10, 1840,

George Will. Fred. Charles, Duke her cousin, H.R.H. Prince

of Cambridge, born March 26, Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, K.G. born Aug. 26, 1819. Issue :

1819, succ, bis father July 8, Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa,

1850; Augusta Caroline, born Princess Royal, born Nov. 21,

July 19, 1822, married June 1840.

28, 1843, Fred. Hereditary ALBERT EDWARD, Prince of

Grand Duke of Mecklenburg Wales, born Nov. 9, 1841.

Strelitz, Mary Adelaide, born

Nov. 27, 1833. Alice Maud Mary, born April 25, 1843.

BELGIUM. Alfred Ernest Albert, boro Aug.

#LEOPOLD, King of the Bel6, 1844. Helena Augusta Victoria, born of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. Elected

gians, K.G., sonof Francis,late duke May 25, 1846. Louisa Caroline Alberta, born born Dec. 16, 1790, married I, May

in 1831. Inaugurated July 20,1831, March 18, 1848. Arthur William Patrick Albert, Wales, only child of George IV., of

2, 1816, to the Princess Charlotte of born May 1, 1850. Leopold George Duncan Albert, issue, November 6, 1817. II, Aug.

Great Britain, who died without born April 7, 1853.

9, 1832, Louisa, eldest daughter of Mother of the Queen. the late Louis Philippe, Ex-King Victoria Maria Louisa, Aunt of of the French, born April 3, 1812, the Duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha, died Oct. 10, 1850. Issue : Leoborn Aug. 17, 1786. Married May pold, born April 9, 1835, married 29, 1818, to the late Edward Duke Ang. 22, 1853, Archduchess Maria of Kent, and had issue Alexandrina of Austria. Philip, born March 24, Victoria, her present Majesty. The 1837. Charlotte, born June 7, 1840. Duke died Jan. 23, 1820.

Aunt to the Queen.

FREDERICK VII., King of DenMary, born Apr.25,1776, married mark, born Oct. 6, 1308 ; suc. his

July 22, 1816, to her cousin father Jan. 20, 1848, mar. I. 1828,
William Fred. Duke of Glou-Wilhelmina, dau. of Fred. VI. of

cester, who died Nov.30,1834. Denmark, from whom he was diCousin of the Queen, issue of late vorced, Sep. 1837; II June 10,1841, Ernest Augustus, King of Han- Caroline, dau. of George V., grand

duke of MecklenburghStrelitz.,from George Fred. Alex. Chas. Au- whom he was divorced, Sep. 30,

1846. gustus, King of Hanover, Duke of Cumberland, born May 27, Uncle and Heir Presumptive. 1819, succ. his father Nov. 19, Frederick Ferdinand, born 22 1851; m. Feb. 18, 1843, Prin- Nov. 1792; mar. Aug. 1, 1829, cess Mary of Saxe Altenburg. Caroline, dau. of Fred. VI. of Issue: Ernest Augustus Will. Denmark.



GERMANY. Caroline Amelia, daughter of the Confederated States. Duke of Holstein Augusten

AUSTRIA. burg, born June 28, 1796. FRANCIS JOSEPH, Emperor, FRANCE.

b. Aug. 18, 1830, succ. on the abdiNAPOLEON III.,

cation of his uncle Ferdinand, Dec.

Emperor of ibe French, K.G.,born April 20,18082, 1842 ; his father, Francis Charles son of the late Louis Napoleon, Ex- Joseph, having refused to accept King of Holland, proclaimed Pre

the crown; marr. April 24, 1854, sident of the French Republic Dec.

Princess Elizabeth of Bavaria, b. 20, 1848; re-elected for ten years March á, 1855.

Dec. 24, 1837. Issue : Sophia, b. Dec.3, 1851; declared Emperor Dec. 2,1852; married Jan. 29, 1853, Eu

Father of the Emperor. gèniè de Guzman, Countess de Téba, Francis Charles Joseph, b. Der. b. May 5, 1826.

7, 1802; m. Nov. 4,1824, PrinUncle of the Emperor.

cess Sophia, dau, of MaximiPrince Jerome Napoleon, b. Dec. lian,lateKing of Bararia. Issue : 15, 1784, Ex-King of Westphalia, Francis Joseph, the present married, 1st, Dec. 27, 1803, Eliz. Emperor; Ferdinand, b. July Patterson of New York, divorced 6, 1832 ; Charles, b. July, 30, 1805; 2ndly, Aug. 12, 1807, Prin- 1833 ; Louis, b. May 15, 1842. cess Frederica Catherine of Wur- Uncle and Aunts of the Emperor. temburg, who d. Nov. 28, 1835. Ferdinand, b. April 19, 1793. Issue : Napoleon, b. Sept. 9, 1322; Maria (Princess of Salerno), Matilda, b. May 27, 1820; m. 1841, born March 1, 1798. to Prince Demidoff.

Mary Ann Frances, b.June 8, 1804

Princes of the Blood. Louis Philippe, K.G., Ex-King of Archd. Jolin, born Jan. 20, 1782. the French, was born Oct. 6, 1773, Archd. Louis, born Dec. 13, 1784. elected King on the deposition of Charles X. August 9, 1830, and was

PRUSSIA. himself deposed Feb. 24, 1848 ; FREDERICK WILLIAM IV. married Nov. 25, 1809, Maria King of Prussia, K.G., born Oct. 15, AMELIA, sister of the King of Na- 1795, succeeded his father June 7, ples, born April 26, 1782. The Ex. 1840, married Nov. 29, 1823, King died Aug. 26, 1850. Issue : Louisa, aunt of the king of BaFerdinand, Duc d'Orléans, born varia.

Sept.3, 1810, married, May 30, Brothers and Sisters of the King. 1837, Princess Helen of Meck- William Louis, March 22, 1797 ; lenburgh Schwerin, and died mar. June 11, 1829, Augusta, July, 13, 1842. Issue : Louis, 2nd daughter of Charles Fred. born Aug. 24, 1838. Robert grand duke of Saxe Weimar. Louis, Nov. 9, 1840.

Charlotte (empress dowager of Louisa. Queen of the Belgians, b. Russia), July 13, 1798.

April 3, 1812, d. Oct. 11, 1850. Charles, June 29, 1801; mar. Louis Cha., Duc de Nemours, May 26, 1827, Mary, elder born Oct. 23, 1814.

daughter of Charles Frederick, Clementina, born June 3, 1817. grand-duke of Saxe Weimar. Francis, Prince de Joinville, born Alexandrina, Feb. 23, 1803, mar. Aug. 14, 1818.

Sept. 24, 1820, to the late Paul Henry, Duc d'Aumale, born Jan. Frederic, Grand Duke of Meck16, 1822.

lenburgh Schwerin. Anthony, Duc de Montpensier, Louisa, Feb. 1, 1808, wife of born July 31, 1824.

Prince Frederick of Orange.

Albert, Oct. 4, 1809, mar. Sept. II. April 15, 1820, Paulina,

14, 1830, Princess Marianne, daughter of his uncle Duke Lewis,
of Orange, divorced Mar. 28, born Sept. 4, 1800, Issue:

Catherine, b. August 24, 1821.

Charles, Prince royal, March 6, MAXIMILIAN II. King of Ba- 1823; marr. July 13, 1846, varia, born Nov. 28, 1811, succ. on Olga, sister of the Emperor of the abdication of his father Louis Russia. Charles, March 21, 1848; marr. Augusta, Oct. 4, 1826, Oct. 12, 1842, Mary, Princess of

BADEN. Prussia; issue : Louis, Prince Royal, FREDERICK, Grand Duke of born Aug. 25, 1845; Otho, born Baden, born Sept. 9, 1826, succ. April 27, 1848.

his father, April 24, 1852 (his elder Brothers and Sisters of the King. brother Louis having abdicated in Matilda, b. Aug. 30, 1813 (Graud his favour).

Duchess of Hesse Darmstadt). Brothers and Sisters of the Duke. Otho, June 1, 1815, King of Alexandrina, Duchess of Saxe CoGreece.

burg Gotha, born Dec. 6, 1820. Leopold, March 12, 1821.

Louis, Aug. 15, 1824. Adeline, March 19, 1823 (Du- William, Dec. 18, 1829. chess of Modena).

Charles, March 9, 1832.
Hildegarde, June 10, 1825. Maria, Nov. 20, 1834.
Alexandrina, August 26, 1826. Cecilia, Sep. 20, 1839.
Albert, July 19, 1828.

King's Father.

FREDERIC, Elector of Hesse, Louis Charles, born Aug. 25, born Aug. 20, 1802; succeeded his 1786; marr. Oct. 12, 1810, Theresa, father Nov. 20, 1847. dau. of Frederick, late Duke of

Sisters. Saxe Altenburg, whod.Oct.26,1854. Caroline, born July 29, 1799. SAXONY.

Maria (Duchess of Saxe MeininJOHN, King of Saxony, h. Dec. gen), Sept. 6i, 1804. 12, 1801; succ. his brother Frede- HESSE DARMSTADT. rick, July 9, 1854; marr. Nov. 21, LOUIS III., Grand Duke of Hesse 1822, Amelia, dau. of Maximilian, Darmstadt, born June 9, 1806, late King of Bavaria. Issue : Albert, succ. his father, Louis II., June 16, b. April 23, 1828 ; George, b. Aug. 1848; mar. Dec. 26, 1833, Matilda, 8, 1832 ; and six daughters. sister of the King of Bavaria. HANOVER.

Brothers and Sister. George V., King of Hanover, Charles, b. April23, 1809; m.Oct. succ. his father, Ernest Augustus, 22, 1836, Eliz., dau. of Prince Nov. 18, 1851. See Duke of Cum. William of Prussia, b. June 18, berland, Great Britain.

1815. Issue: Louis, b. Sep. 12, WUKTEMBERG.

1837 ; Henry, b. Nov. 28, * WILLIAM, King of Wurtem- 1838; Anne, b. May 25, 1843 ; berg, K.G. born Sep. 27, 1781; succ. William, b. Nor. 16, 1845. his father, Frederick I., Oct. 30, Alexander, July 15, 1823. 1816; m. I. Jan. 24, 1816, Ca. Maria, Aug. 8, 1824. tharine, sister of the Emperor of

HOLSTEIN. Russia, and widow of the Duke of FREDERICK, Grand Duke of Oldenbourg; b. May 21, 1788; d. Holstein, (King of Denmark.) Jan. 9, 1819. Issue :

LUXEMBERG. Maria Ch., born Oct. 30, 1816. WILLIAM, Grand Duke of Lus. Sophia (Queen of the Nether. I emberg, (King of the Netherlands.) lands).

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