Taplin's improved edition of Walkingame's Tutor's assistant. To which is added, an appendix on circulating decimals (by R.H. Nicholls).


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Seite 104 - A man is to travel from Boston to a certain place in 12 days, and to go but 3 miles the first day, increasing every day by an equal excess, so that the last day's journey may be 58 miles : what is the daily increase, and how many miles distant is that place from Boston ? Ans.
Seite 91 - EXAMPLES. 1. A schoolmaster, being asked how many scholars he had, said, If I had as many, half as many, and one quarter as many more, I should have 264: how many had he?
Seite 35 - Then multiply the second and third terms together, and divide the product by the first term: the quotient will be the fourth term, or answer.
Seite 80 - Fellowship is when different stocks are employed for any certain equal time. RULE.* — As the whole stock is to the whole gain or loss, so is each man's particular stock to his particular share of the gain or loss.t PROOF. — Add all the shares together, and the sum will be equal to the gain or loss, when the work is right.
Seite 7 - Square Measure 144 square inches = 1 square foot 9 square feet = 1 square yard...
Seite 147 - A ladder 40 feet long may be so placed that it shall reach a window 33 feet from the ground on one side of the street, and by turning it over, without moving the foot out of its place, it will do the same by a window 21 feet high on the other side. Required the breadth of the street.
Seite 110 - A man bought a horse, and by agreement was to give a farthing for the first nail, three for the second, &c. ; there were 4 shoes, and in each shoe 8 nails: what was the worth of the horse?
Seite 146 - The top of a castle from the ground is 45 yards high, and is surrounded with a ditch 60 yards broad ; what length must a ladder be to reach from the outside of the ditch to the top of the castle ? Ans.
Seite 91 - A person bought a chaise, horse, and harness for 60?.; the horse came to twice the price of the harness, and the chaise to twice the price of the horse and harness ; what did he give for each ? Ans. 13/.
Seite 110 - Ans. £-965114681693 13s. 4d. 3. A certain person married his daughter on new-jpar's day, and gave her husband one shilling towards her portion, promising to double it on the first day, of every month for one year: what was her portion ? Ans; £-204 15*. 4. A laceman...

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