Self-indulgence, a tale [by lady C.S.M. Bury].


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Seite 95 - That landscape ; and of pure, now purer air Meets his approach, and to the heart inspires Vernal delight and joy, able to drive All sadness but despair : now gentle gales, Fanning their odoriferous wings, dispense Native perfumes, and whisper whence they stole Those balmy spoils.
Seite 87 - ... wretchedness. A man of the lowest extraction, to whom I had rendered some service in the regiment of , though leagued with these blood hounds, still retained some sentiments of humanity, and laboured with incessant earnestness to obtain my liberty, while in the interim he restored me to valueless health. He effected my release about three weeks afterwards ; oh ! fatal kindness, the life of life was gone for ever, why was mere existence left ?" Again the Comte de Morienne paused, pressed his hand...
Seite 79 - The Comte de Morienne was persons who seemed designed for one of those persons that seemed another age than the present ; his high chivalrous sentiments, his noble dignity of mien and deportment, together with his wild romance of character, were ill calculated under any circumstances for the evanescent froth of senseless wit, and the heartless selfishness of modern philosophy. It...
Seite 85 - ... regularly every year to drink the waters. She was a woman whose virtues were an honour to humanity, and who is now assuredly a saint in heaven. She had two daughters and a son ; one of the daughters just entering on womanhood, the other an infant —Violante and Leonora. Violante was my betrothed wife : the day was fixed that was to unite us, but that sun of joy was never to rise for me : the troubles broke out, and the mere recollection of that tragedy which parted us. inspires me with all of...
Seite 236 - But never to me shall the summer renew The bowers where the days of my happiness flew ; Where my soul found her partner, and thought to bestow The colours of heaven on the dwellings of woe ! Too faithful recorders of times that are past, The Eden of Love that was ever to last ! Once more may soft accents your wild echoes fill, And the young and the happy be worshippers still.
Seite 151 - ... partaking of the general joy and congratulation, nor murmuring that, while such a scene engages and employs their faculties, the wheels of time do( not more rapidly bring on the promised period of translation to another and more enduring heaven. An anonymous modern writer has beautifully said, " There are moments in existence which comprise the power of years ; as thousands of roses are contained in a few drops of their essence.
Seite 14 - ... to which those laws degrade them, render the lives of some few in the higher, and of thousands in the lower ranks of life, one perpetual sati, or burning of the heart, from which they have no refuge but the grave, or the cap of liberty, — ie the widow's, and either is a sad consolation.
Seite 85 - ... to humanity, and who is surely rewarded in a better world for the indignities and misery she suffered in this. She had two daughters of exquisite beauty. Eliane, the eldest, was my betrothed wife : the other was some years younger. The day was fixed that was to unite us, but that sun of joy was...
Seite 80 - ... level with some particular instance of frailty, and to make it an excuse for such by proving it to be the portion of all; or to confuse and mislead the thoughtless, so that they forget the real boundaries which divide vice from virtue. ' But on the Conte Miguez there was a seal of pre-eminence set, and it was not in the power of the world to efface the heavenly impression. Misfortune had, indeed, somewhat tempered the enthusiastic flame which once shone in the expressive features of Rodriguez;...

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