The Nonnë Prestes Tale

University Press, 1914 - 44 Seiten

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Seite 34 - ... thou know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will.
Seite 9 - And tolde him every poynt how he was slayn, With a ful pitous face, pale of hewe. And truste wel, his dreem he...
Seite 16 - Or elles, if free choys be graunted me To do that same thyng, or do it noght, Though God forwoot it er that it was wroght; Or if his wityng streyneth never a deel But by necessitee condicioneel.
Seite 18 - He moste wynke, so loude he wolde cryen; And stonden on his tiptoon therwithal, And strecche forth his nekke, long and smal...
Seite 20 - Whan they had seyn of Chauntecleer the sighte. But sovereynly dame Pertelote shrighte Ful louder than dide Hasdrubales wyf, Whan that hir housbonde hadde lost his lyf, And that the Romayns...
Seite 24 - And, for to festne his hood under his chin, He hadde of gold y-wroght a curious pin : A love-knotte in the gretter ende ther was. His heed was balled, that shoon as any glas, And eek his face, as he had been anoint.
Seite 21 - In feith it shal be don ' ; And as he spak that word, al...
Seite 4 - Sevene hennes for to doon al his plesaunce, Whiche were his sustres and his paramours, And wonder lyk to hym, as of colours; Of whiche the faireste hewed on hir throte Was cleped faire damoysele Pertelote.
Seite 14 - And after wol I telle his aventure. Whan that the month in which the world bigan, That highte March, whan God first maked man...

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