The Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer: A New Text with Illustrative Notes, Band 3

Percy Society, 1851

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Seite 58 - Lo, swich it is for to be recchelees And necligent, and truste on flaterye. But ye that holden this tale a folye, As of a fox, or of a cok and hen, Taketh the moralite, goode men.
Seite 58 - And as he spak that word, al sodeinly This cok brak from his mouth deliverly, And heighe up-on a tree he fleigh anon. And whan the fox saugh that he was y-gon, 'Alias!' quod he, 'O Chauntecleer, alias! I have to yow...
Seite 37 - He loved hir so, that wel was him therwith. But such a joye was it to here hem singe, Whan that the brighte sonne gan to springe, In swete accord, "my lief is faren in londe.
Seite 38 - O herte dere, What eyleth yow, to grone in this manere? Ye been a verray sleper, fy for shame!' And he answerde and seyde thus, 'madame, I pray yow, that ye take it nat a-grief: By god, me mette...
Seite 48 - Thus royal, as a prince is in his halle, Leve I this Chauntecleer in his pasture; And after wol I telle his aventure. Whan that the...
Seite 57 - Lo, how fortune turneth sodeinly The hope and pryde eek of hir enemy ! This cok, that lay upon the foxes bak, In al his drede, un-to the fox he spak, And seyde, ' sire, if that I were as ye, Yet...
Seite 54 - I have wel rad in daun Burnel the Asse, Among his vers, how that ther was a cok, For that a preestes sone yaf...
Seite 36 - In pacience ladde a ful symple lyf, For litel was hir catel and hir rente. By housbondrie of swich as God hire sente She foond hirself and eek hir doghtren two.
Seite 44 - But to that oo man fil a greet mervaille. That oon of hem, in sleping as he lay, Him mette a wonder dreem, agayn the day; Him...
Seite 60 - Under the Ble, in Caunterbury way ? Ther gan our hoste for to jape and play, And sayde, " sires, what? Dun is in the myre.

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