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Operations in Italy-EXPEDITION TO

WALCHEREN-Capture of Flushing

Resumption of the Inquiry--Case of Cap -Abandonment of the further objects

tain Maling, and of Colonel French's of the Expedition-Disease among the
Levy-Mr.Dowler-Dr.O'Meara-Miss Troops-Evacuation of the Island. 157
Taylor's Evidence-Mr. Donvan's-Ge-
neral Clavering--Captain Tonyn's Case

-Captain Sandon committed to New-

gate--Evidence concluded-Inquiries, Expedition to the Isle of Aix-Exploits of

and Debates, resulting from the preceding Lord Cochrane-Danger and importance

Investigation Proceedings on Reform. of his EnterpriseHis singular Escape

-Destruction of the French Fleet-Mis-

understanding between bim and Lord


Gambier--The latter demands a Court

Martial, and is Aequitted-Admiral

Changes in Germany since the Treaty of Harvey also is tried by a Court Martial

Campo Formio- Preparations for War and sentenced to be dismissed, but is

· on the part of Austria-Commencement afterwards restored to his rank. 176

of Hostilities—Retreat of the Austrians

-Buonaparte appears before Vienna-


Capture of that City-Passage of the

Danube by the French--Battle of As- Revolution in Sweden.Deposition of

pern, (or Essling)-Misconduct of the Gustavus-Negotiations between Eng-

Archduke-Splendid Military move laod and America--Mr. Erskine violates

ments of BuonaparteBATTLE OF bis instructions, and is succeeded as

WAGRAM-Schill's Insurrection and Ambassador by Mr. Jackson-Surrender

Death---Perilous march of the Duke of of Martinique-Reduction of Sepegal

Brunswick-Insurrections in the Tyrol - -Disturbances in India--Conduct of

The Insurgents are sacrificed to the Sir George Barlow-The attention of

tears of the Cabinet of Vienna-France the English People diverted from Pe-

dictates terms of Peace to Austria litical events to the 0. P. riots at Covent

Death of Hoffer, the Tyrolean Leader. Garden Theatre-Dissensions in the


Cabinet-Lord Castlereagh and Mr.

Canning fight a Duel - Divorce of Jose British Officers-. Their Dismissal-Do-
phine, empress of France. Page 185 mestic affairs-Death of the Princess

Aurelia-Indisposition of the King-


Proceedings in Parliament on that oc-

casion--Establishment of a Regency.

Debates in Parliament-Resolutions on

Page 261

the Expedition to Walcheren-A Com-


mittee of Inquiry is appointed--Discus-

sions respecting the standing order of State of Parties-Mr. Perceval and his

the House of Commons--Mr. Gale Jones, friends retained in power-Parliamentary

for breach of privilege, is committed to transactions-- Disturbances at Notting-

Newgate-Letter of Sir Francis Bur ham-Affairs of the Peninsula-Retreat

dett to the Electors of Westminster. ` 193 of Massena--Cruelties of the French-

Battle of Fuentes d'Honor, or D'Donoro



TLE OF BAROSSA-Death of the

Resolutions voted by Mr. Lethbridge Duke of Albuquerque-Siege of Tarra-

respecting the Letter of Sir Francis g'ona - Movements of the various Armies

Burdett-Committal of Sir Francis to - Proceedings of the Cortes-Licen-

the Tower- Disturbances on that oc tiousness and rapacity of Joseph Buo.

casion-Infamy of the Newspaper Press naparte-He flies from Madrid 281

-Lord Cochrane's Speech on the Army

estimateso-Catholic Emancipation-Ex-
traordinary case of Captain Lake and

Jeffery, Liberation of Sir Francis Bur-
dett from the Tower-Attempted As- Naval operations off the Island of Lissa, at
sassination of the Duke of Cumberland Positano, near the Coast of Madagascar
-Arrival of Gustavus Adolphus and The Boulogne Flotilla defeated in the

Lucien Buonaparte in England-Death presence of Buonaparte-Action between

of Mr. A. Goldsmid.

210 Commodore Rogers in the President,

and the Little Belt, under Captain Bing-


ham-Negotiations with America-Con-

quest of Java--Disturbances in Spanish

Movement of Lord Wellington from Ba America, proceediugs of Miranda, and

dajoz to the North of Portugal-Capture Earthquake in the Caraccas--Policy of
of Ciudad Rodrigo by Massena-Retro Buonaparte-Effects of the Continental
grade movement of General Crawford System--Accouchement of Maria Louisa
Siege of Almeida- Battle of Busaco -Legislative Honors paid to the Baby
Lord Wellington's Retreat to Torres King of Rome-Revolutions in Sicilv.
Vedras--Advance of Massena, and his

Retreat to Santarem -Passage of the

French through the Sierra Morena-
Deposal of the Supreme Junta-Siege Opening of the Parliament- Regulations
of Cadiz-Progress of the Guarilla. War of domestic Policy and police-Debates
-Character of MARTIN or the EM upon the Emoluments and Offices con-
PECINADO, and of Espozy Minæ ferred on Colonel Mac Mahon-Case of
Atrocities of the French, and revengeful Mr. Walsh the Delinquent--ASSASSI.
enthusiasm of the Spaniards. 2:29 NATION OF MR. PERCEVAL-

Trial and Execution of Bellinghain-

Negotiations for a new Ministry -Dis.
Affairs of India resumed Tyranny of Sir: comfiture of the Whigs, and Tri.

George Barlow-Indignation of the umph of their Opponents -Repeal on.


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Government rescind them with respect Leipsic--Distresses and privations of
to America America still dissatisfied its inhabitants--BATTLE OF LEIP-
Declares war against England-Capture SIC-Bombardment of the Town-
of the Guerriere and Macedonian Frigates Flight of Buonaparte-Entrance of the
-Destruction of the Armies of General Allies into the Capital of Saxony-Their
Hull and Wadsworth. Page 533 Pursuit-Destruction of the French

- Army.

Page 637

Proceedings in Parliament-Declaration

respecting America-East India Bill Lord Wellington visits Cadiz-Positions of .
Catholic question-Miscellaneous busi-. 'the Armies--Advance to Burgos, and
ness-Military measures preparatory to then to Victoria, or Vittoria-BATTLE
the ensuing Campaign.

551 OF VITTORIA-Its important results

-Lord Wellington meditates the Inva-

sion of France Geographical detail of

the probable scene of action. 666
Campaigns of 1813-Memoirs of Blucher
1- Enters into the Swedish service, and

afterwards into the Prussian-His Cam-
paigns on the Rhine in 1793 and 1794– Continued advance of Lord Wellington
Campaigo of 1806– Battle of Jena Siege of St. Sebastian-Ineffectual at-
Capitulation of Lubeck-Armaments of tempts to relieve it-It is taken by Storm
Prussia in 1813-Opening of the Cam -Surrender of Pampeluna-Lord Wel-
paigo-Battle of Lutzen-Retreat to lington enters France-Disputes between


his Lordship and the Spanish Govern-

ment-Operations of Sir John Murray

and Lord William Bentinck-Failure of

their plans-Inactivity of the English
Battle of Bautzen-Retreat to Schweidnitz

- Blucher's ambuscade at Haynau
The Armistice-Denunciation of the

Armistice-Opening of the Campaign
Blucher's Victory on the Katzback. 592 ustice of the Allied Powers to Denmark

--Convention with respect to Denmark
CHAP. LxXxx.

-Memoirs of Bernadotte and Davoust-

The former pursues the latter to Ham-
Blucher's masterly Manœuvres in Silesia- ,. burgb-Siege of that City-Atrocities

BATTLE OF DRESDEN-DEATH and extortions to which it was subjected
OF MOREAU-His Character-Pro --Revolution in Holland–The Prince
gress of the Allied Armies- Blucher of Orange elected Sovereign-Italy~
crosses the Elbe-Battle of Wartenberg Further successes of the Allies-- Their
- Bulletins of Buonaparte-Numbers of Proclamation.

the opposing Armies-- Battle of Culm-
Victory near Mockern-Preparations for

the Battle of Leipsic.


State of Parties at the cominencement of

1813–History of the DELICATE IN-

VESTIGATION-Minutes of Council
Battle of Pobstheide and Liebertwal- Proceedings and enquiries connected

kowitz-Movements of Napoleon-Re with the conduct of the Princess of
Jative situatiou of the Armies - State of Wales.



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CHAP, Lxxxv.

tion of an extraordinary commission

Singular demeanor of Napoleon-Con-

Documents relating to the Delicate joves... duct of the Senate-State of Paris till

tigation--Testimony of Lady Douglas, the departure of Buonaparte for the

Bidgood, Cole, Mrs. Lisle, &c.-Obser- Army."

Page 822

vations on the evidence. The innocence
of the Princess asserted-Comments on

CHAP. xa.

the frailties and inadvertencies of the


Page 732 Plans of the Allies—Bubna captures Ge-

· neva-Passage of the Rhine by the Allies


Retreat of the French Marsbals—The

Confederates force the defile of the Vos-

Hostilities in America-Proceedings of ges-Arrival of the French National

the American Senate-Warlike opera Guards at Langres-Entry of Blucher

tions on the Lakes-Attack on Sackett's into Nancy-Unsuccessful attack of

Harbour-Exploits of Admiral Warren Count Bubna on Lyons--The Austrians

in the Chesapeake Hostilities in Lake enter Dijon-Arrival of the Allied

Ontario-Success of America on the Monarchs at Langres-Battle of Bar-sur-

Lakes-Naval occurrences-Loss of the Aube.

Java–Capture of the Chesapeake by the


Shannon-Minor events.

· 159

The Allied Armies enter Troyes-Situa


tion of Paris-All appears to be lost

Napoleon suddenly assumes the offensive

On the Character of the British Parliament towards the Marne-Defeat of the Rus-

-Speech of the Prince Regent-Argus - sian rear-guard at Champeaubert.Bat-

ments on the Address-Lord Castle- tle of Montmirail, and defeat of General

reagh's Military Plan-Discussions re- Sacken-Pursuit of the Russians and

specting Foreign Treaties--The Catholic Prussians to Chateau Thierry, They

question resumed—Financial situation i take refuge behind the Marne- March of

of the Country--The Systems of Mr. Blucher on Montmirail-Battle of Vau-

Pitt, Lord Grenville, and Mr. Vansittart cbamp-Blucher retreats.


considered-Budget for 1713. 778



Exultation of the Parisians The Russian

Lord Castlereagh's motion on Foreign and Prussian prisoners are marched in

Treaties—Speeches of Mr. Canning, Sir procession through Paris-Repulse of the

Gilbert Heathcote, and Mr. Whitbread Cossacks at Sens--They take Courtney,

Debates on the inotion of Adjournment Montargis, and Nemours-Capture of

-The Question decided in favor of Sens, Nogent, Bray,and Montereau--The

Ministers~ Financial situation of the Allies pass the Seine and are encountered

Country-Comparison of the Financial by Buonaparte-Battles of Nangis and

schemes of Lord Grenville, Mr. Pitt, and Mormant--Battleof Montereau-Retreat

Mr. Vansittart_The Budget.. 794 of the Allies—They request an Armistice

Sudden re-organization of Blucher's


Army, March of the French Army to-

wards Troyes-Sentence of death passed

Napoleon in Paris-Negotiations with the on the Marquis de Widranges, and M.

Allied Powers—Their termination-Sub- de Goudult--Monsieur the Count D'Ar-

servience of the Parisian Journals--Con tois enters France, and arrives at Vesoul.

rocation of the Legislative body-Elec-


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