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for Old Sarum,* call loudly for something to be said to them, though they are not dangerous enough for mankind to be put upon their guard against them. The utmost that the ablest of the two can arrive at is picking a pocket; and I will not put my rhymnes upon the same foot with John Trot's voice, who stands in the playhouse passage, and cries "Gentlemen take care of your pockets-Ladies take care of your watches;" but if you have a mind to give any of these gentlemen a scratch, I'll be ready at a week's warning. I am really concerned at Mr. Pelham's illness, his last letter to me has made me his steady, and unalterable friend and servant; if he orders it, I believe I could furnish a pretty good Pamphlet upon the Peace (in case it is made) for in conscience I think we have almost as much the better of France in our

* Arthur Viscount Doneraile, Lord of the Bed-chamber to Frederick Prince of Wales, and Charles Earl of Middlesex, Master of the Horse, to the same Prince.

negotiations at Aix, as the French had of us at Utrecht. I will never fail executing any commission you send me; but when it is for yourself, I go to the Fabrique and buy the china at the lowest price, and then get it set by the best and cheapest hand: for other people, I buy of the shopkeepers who will have their profit. Pray tell Ellis, that I can send him just such a box as he describes, with a flower-pot full of flowers in the insides admirably well painted and well set; but it will cost fifteen guineas, because it is quilted china and large; if he likes it at that price, I'll send it to Hanover directed to you. You seem to have quite forgot the small quantity of Hungary wine that I have for you; try if you cannot get somebody at Hanover, to send it over with the king's baggage, and I will immediately send to Hanover. I am sure the duke's stay cannot be long in England, because he is to be at the Hague by the 25th instant N.S. I have not to this day ever heard one word from the duke of Newcastle, and it is

now too late for me to be sent to Warsaw; if I go to Turin, I suppose I shall be sent for to Hanover to be instructed; though if I was to go to a more difficult court, I had rather feel out my way, than take it from most people's descriptions. I will draw upon you for what you owe me, when I know what the telescopes cost, and whether the duchess of Richmond keeps either of the watches.

I have nothing more to add, but that I am to yourself, Lady Caroline, &c.

A most devoted Servant,




Dresden, 29th Sept. N. S. 1748,

You receive by this post some more Polish History, which though I abridge it as much as possible will swell to a larger work than I at first imagined. Do not imagine from hence that I grow tired, I am much more afraid of your being so, but as you receive it by small parcels once a week, I flatter myself that you'll bear it better than if I had sent it all at once. The reign of Casimir the Great, begins to bring you out of the dark ages, and I hope to mend upon your hands every week. My daughters write me word that they have (by my order) been to wait upon Lady Caroline, and I hope to hear a good account of them from you. Thank God! Charlotte is better; As the Diet of Poland meets to morrow, it is impossible to send me there now, for the Diet will soon dis

solve itself, and the king of Poland will be at Dresden in six or seven weeks. The duke of Newcastle has not written me one word since he has been at Hanover; the duchess has never been out of her house, or received one visit from any body since she has been at Hanover.

The season here begins to be very cold, it freezes every night, and I hope, I shall not be obliged to undergo much more of the severe season. Sure what I ask is not a great deal (for I have not yet asked for the character of Plenipotentiary, nor will I till I know my fate about Turin), it amounts to a change of climate. They have given Mr. Keith a great deal more; but, if I am not removed, or at least have not leave to quit this place, my health requires that I should ask for my letters of revocation.

I shall this day write to Mr. Stone, to beg him to send me word, what he guesses will become of me: these thoughts put me into

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