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Written by Sir C. H. WILLIAMS, on seeing a Man with a heavy Load on his Back and an Oak Leaf in his Hat on the 29th of MayCommunicated by WM. COOMBES, Esq., Henley on Thames.

"POOR fellow, what is it to you,

"Or King, or Restoration? ""Twill make no difference to you, "Whoever rules the nation.

"Still must thy back support the load,
"Still bend thy back with toil;
"Still must thou trudge the self-same road,
"While great ones share the spoil."

[blocks in formation]

THE following Historical Sketch of the Kings of Poland, as well as several of the Letters preceding, have been communicated to the Publisher by the Grandson of the Person to whom they were originally addressed.

June 6, 1822.

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