The complete farrier, and British sportsman

Thomas Kelly, 17, Paternoster-Row, 1816 - 512 Seiten

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Seite 388 - And you, good yeomen, Whose limbs were made in England, show us here The mettle of your pasture ; let us swear That you are worth your breeding : which I doubt not; For there is none of you so mean and base, That hath not noble lustre in your eyes. I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,* Straining upon the start. The game's afoot ; Follow your spirit : and, upon this charge, Cry — God for Harry ! England ! and Saint George ! [Exeunt . Alarum, and Chambers go off.
Seite 377 - Wide-gaping, threatens death : the craggy steep, Where the poor dizzy shepherd crawls with care, And clings to every twig, gives us no pain ; But down we sweep, as stoops the falcon bold To pounce his prey : then up the opponent hill, By the swift motion slung, we mount aloft.
Seite 386 - The puzzling pack unravel wile by wile, Maze within maze. The covert's utmost bound Slily she skirts ; behind them, cautious, creeps, And, in that very track, so lately stain'd By all the steaming crowd, seems to pursue The foe she flies.
Seite 385 - And with the panting winds lag far behind. Huntsman ! her gait observe ; if in wide rings She wheel her mazy way, in the same round Persisting still, she'll foil the beaten track. But, if she fly, and with the favouring wind ^— Urge her bold course, less intricate thy task ; Push on thy pack.
Seite 470 - Gamekeeper, and empowered to kill Game for his own Use, or for the Use of any other Person...
Seite 379 - He is now in the very strongest part of the cover. What a crash! every hound is in, and every hound is running for him. That was a quick turn! Again another! he's put to his last shifts. Now Mischief is at his heels, and death is not far off.
Seite 493 - Highlanders, who accustom their children from the earliest infancy to endure the rigours of the climate. After traversing his pastures for some time, attended by his dog, the shepherd found himself under the necessity of ascending a summit at some distance, to have a more extensive view of his range. As the ascent was too fatiguing for the child, he left him...
Seite 470 - ... from henceforth, by writing under their hands and seals, authorize one or more gamekeeper or gamekeepers within their respective manors or royalties...
Seite 378 - Brusher takes it ! see, how he flings for the scent, and how impetuously he runs ! How eagerly he took the lead, and how he strives to keep it ! Yet Victor comes up apace ! — he reaches him ! — See what an excellent race it is between them ! It is doubtful which will reach the cover first...
Seite 302 - Thus he changes from the walk to the trot, and from the trot to the gallop, according to his inclination. In each of...

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