Intuitive Eating 101: You Will Never Diet Again

Books on Demand, 11.02.2021 - 52 Seiten
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Dieting doesn't work. We all know it, yet for those overweight, we still try every new diet and fad that comes around. The vague hope that maybe THIS one will work galvanizes us to change our food intake or attempt drastic changes that are temporary, and worse, unhealthy. But what if there was a way that you could avoid the yo-yo, and finally lose the weight you want, with no struggle and no deprivation? What if you could make this weight loss style a lasting habit and benefit from increased health every day? You can... if you listen to your own body. Our bodies are miraculous things, they know what we really need and can heal themselves, if we let them. Your body already knows how much food to eat, what to eat and when, your brain just may need to be reminded. Intuitive eating brings your body back to a state of food awareness and food acceptance. Also known as Mindful eating, this method of trusting your own body is truly the bed way to lose weight and gain health. This easy to understand guide will walk you through the steps needed to listen to your body and begin your journey back to Intuitive eating today.

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