Alternate-current Machinery

D. Van Nostrand Company, 1889 - 199 Seiten

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Seite 201 - FUEL, its Combustion and Economy ; consisting of an Abridgment of A Treatise on the Combustion of Coal and the Prevention of Smoke." By CW WILLIAMS, AICE With extensive additions on Recent Practice in the Combustion and Economy of Fuel— Coal, Coke, Wood, Peat, Petroleum, &c.
Seite 201 - CALDWELL, Prof. GEO. C., and BRENEMAN, Prof. AA Manual of Introductory Chemical Practice. For the use of Students in Colleges and Normal and High Schools. Third edition, revised and corrected. 8vo, cloth. Illustrated. New and enlarged edition $1.50 CAMPIN, FRANCIS.
Seite 200 - BLAKE (WP) Report upon the Precious Metals : Being Statistical Notices of the principal Gold and Silver producing regions of the World, represented at the Paris Universal Exposition. 8vo, cloth 2 oo Ceramic Art.
Seite 200 - BOWSER (Prof. EA). An Elementary Treatise on Analytic Geometry. Embracing Plane Geometry, and an Introduction to Geometry of three Dimensions.
Seite 199 - ALEXANDER, JH Universal Dictionary of Weights and Measures, Ancient and Modern, reduced to the Standards of the United States of America.

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