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Seite xxv - The objects of the Association are, by periodical and migratory meetings, to promote intercourse between those who are cultivating science in different parts of America, to give a stronger and more general impulse and more systematic direction to scientific research, and to procure for the labors of scientific men increased facilities and a wider usefuiness.
Seite 37 - Race" in which he shows by tables a series of generations of certain families in which the progenitors being deaf mutes this peculiarity becomes perpetuated in many of the descendants. Recognizing fully the laws of heredity, natural selection, etc., he shows that the establishment of deaf-mute schools, in which a visual language is taught which the pupils alone understand tends to bring them into close association...
Seite 33 - I speak as a man of science — the Roman Catholic Church, the one great spiritual organization which is able to resist, and must, as a matter of life and death, resist, the progress of science and modern civilization, manages her affairs much better.
Seite 24 - On Critical Periods in the History of the Earth and their Relation to Evolution; and On the Quaternary as Such a Period...
Seite 191 - There does not exist a world-wide system nor a world-wide group, but every system and every group is local. The classification developed in one place is perfectly applicable only there. At a short distance away some of its beds disappear and others are introduced ; farther on its stages cannot be recognized ; then its series fail and finally its systems and its groups.
Seite 254 - The effect of the collision between the cusplets would be to emphasize the relation still more; that is, the cusplets of the upper jaw would be wedged outward, while those of the lower jaw would be pressed inward, the major cusps retaining at first their original position. But with increase of the size of the teeth with all the cusps, the major cusps would soon assume in each jaw a position more or less transverse to that of the cusplet in both jaws, producing, as a result of the crowding, crowns...
Seite 61 - ... necessary to secure the assistance of the highest Scientific ability in the country, which was supplied through the cooperation of the professor of astronomy of the oldest and most noted institution of learning in the land. The man of science turned his attention from the planets and the measurements counted by millions of miles, to listen to the imprecation perhaps of the humble car repairer, lying on his back and swearing because a 5-8 nut a trine small would not screw on a bolt a trifle large.
Seite 206 - So we may say, in general, that the proper function of the Congress is the establishment of common means of expressing the facts of geology. It should not meddle with the facts themselves. It may regulate the art of the geologist, but it must not attempt to regulate his science.
Seite 192 - Button, a continuous rock system, dissevered by great unconformities from other systems, bears at top fossils resembling those of the lower Jurassic and lower down fossils of Triassic facies. To establish a Jurassic system in either of these countries it is necessary to divide a natural system, and a Jurassic system thus established would be necessarily artificial.
Seite 297 - These very ancient remains prove that in all important craniologic indicise the earliest Americans, those who were contemporaries of the fossil horse and other long since extinct quadrupeds, possessed the same racial character as the natives of the present day, with similar skulls and a like physiognomy. We reach therefore the momentous conclusion that the American race throughout the whole continent, and from its earliest appearance in time, is and has been one, as distinct in type as any other...

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