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Seite 144 - Christ and other Masters. A Historical Inquiry into some of the Chief Parallelisms and Contrasts between Christianity and the Religious Systems of the Ancient World.
Seite 270 - SHARPE (S.) The History of Egypt, from the Earliest Times till the Conquest by the Arabs, AD 640.
Seite 109 - PHRASIS: A TREATISE ON THE HISTORY AND STRUCTURE of the Different LANGUAGES OF THE WORLD, with a Comparative View of the Forms of their Words, and the Style of their Expressions. BY JACOB WILSON, AM 1 vol.
Seite 84 - A DICTIONARY, SANSKRIT AND ENGLISH, extended and improved from the Second Edition of the Dictionary of Professor HH WILSON, with his sanction and concurrence. Together with a Supplement, Grammatical Appendices, and an Index, serving as a Sanskrit- English Vocabulary.
Seite 102 - SURYA-SIDDHANTA (Translation of the): A Text-book of Hindu Astronomy, with Notes and an Appendix, containing additional Notes and Tables, Calculations of Eclipses, a Stellar Map, and Indexes. By WD WHITNEY.
Seite 162 - THE ORIGIN OF THE CHINESE; an Attempt to Trace the connection of the Chinese with Western Nations in their Religion, Superstitions, Arts, Language, and Traditions.
Seite 185 - HENRY FA PRATT, MD, MRCP THE GENEALOGY OF CREATION, newly Translated from the Unpointed Hebrew Text of the Book of Genesis, showing the General Scientific Accuracy of the Cosmogony of Moses and the Philosophy of Creation. 8vo. cloth, 14s.
Seite 87 - Vol. III. The Vedas: Opinions of their Authors, and of later Indian Writers, on their Origin, Inspiration, and Authority. Second Edition, revised and enlarged.
Seite 141 - La Magie et l'Astrologie dans l'antiquité et au moyen âge ou Étude sur les superstitions païennes qui se sont perpétuées jusqu'à nos jours, 4° édit.
Seite 131 - M oser (L.). The Caucasus and its People ; with a Brief History of their Wars, and a Sketch of the Achievements of the renowned Chief Schamyl. London (Nutt) 1859.

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